Age: 33yr 5mth Games: 167 Born: Jan 14, 1986
Height: 187cm Weight: 87kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Written off by many over the past few years entering each season but finds a way to play the majority of games.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Had 21 touches in the back half. Steady outing as expected. -
2 WAFL Did his job well in the back half but also got a fair bit of ball himself. -
3 Senior emergency.
4 Syd Stationed in the back half and was handy on return to the senior line-up. 21 possessions and should keep his spot. 6
5 Haw Mixed and matched on a few different Hawthorn smalls and had a handful with each one. 4
6 Frem Strong defensive job on the Freo small forwards. 6
7 Port Serviceable across halfback without being damaging. 4
8 WB Didn’t have a key role on the big name small forwards like previous weeks. 4
9 Ess Took Fantasia as well as other Bomber smalls. Had hands full throughout. 4
10 GWS Worked hard in defence and had 24 disposals. Had a go. 5
11 GCS Did not have a major influence, and perhaps the end is approaching? 2
12 Bye.
13 WAFL Spent time on Liam Ryan and found him slippery – the Lion booted four after half time. -
14 WAFL Struggled a touch and looked off the pace at times in loss to Swans. -
15 WB Lined up on Wallis in back pocket. Strained a hamstring in third term and joined the long injury list. 2
16 Hamstring.
17 Hamstring.
18 Hamstring.
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 Hamstring.
22 Hamstring.
23 Hamstring.
EF Hamstring.
SF Hamstring.

2016 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Bris A link ma, but mainly in the second half. Didn’t do much early. 4
2 Haw Rough day as a small defender. Hawks’ dangerous forwards gave them fits. 3
3 Frem Didn’t have a lot to do in defence. The ball wasn’t down there a lot. 5
4 Rich Worked down the ground to find the ball because it wasn’t in the defensive 50. 5
5 Syd Veteran worked hard in trying conditions. 5
6 Coll Laid a crunching tackle early. That was about it though. 3
7 Groin.
8 StK Solid four quarter game and used ball well. 6
9 Port Did his best work within the 50-metre arcs. 5
10 GCS Didn’t see a lot of action because the ball wasn’t in his area enough. 4
11 WB Battled hard down back but got caught a few times on unsuitable match-ups. 5
12 WAFL Bye. -
13 Bris Reliable in defence and collected about half of his 13 disposals in last term when under siege. 5
15 Ess Solid but didn’t have a lot to worry about. 4
16 NM Shut down Harvey early. Kept him quiet. 6
17 Carl Unobtrusive performance despite 15 disposals. Played a minor role. 4
18 Melb The defence was under pressure all day. Stood up well. 5
19 Coll Took on a number of roles and was only fair. Just nine possessions. 4
20 Groin.
21 GWS Battled away down back opposed to Johnson. 4
22 Haw Played a role instead of chasing the footy. 5
23 Adel Great job on Betts, keeping him to one goal. 7
EF WB Had task on Dickson for parts of night and certainly not the worst. 5

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Non-descript sort of effort down back. Didn’t provide a lot of run. 4
2 Groin.
3 Frem Had hands full with Walters from the get go. 3
4 Bris Two late goals capped off a great day. 8
5 GWS Composed in defence with 24 disposals. In really good form. 6
6 Port Played well between the 50 metre arcs. 6
7 GCS Composed. Used the ball well around the ground. 5
8 StK Had a fair share of ball but opponent Sinclair also won plenty of touches. 5
9 Geel Didn’t have to do much down back and worked up the ground to get involved. 6
10 NM Unobtrusive performance down back. Not a damaging player. 5
11 Ess Composed in defence. Just got his job done. 5
12 Concussion.
13 Concussion.
14 Melb Used down back on Neal-Bullen and was fair on return to team. 5
15 Hip.
16 Hip.
17 WAFL Solid return from injury with 19 possessions. -
18 WAFL Played well off half-back with 24 possessions and six marks. -
19 Haw No real impact in defence on the dangerous small forwards. 4
20 Frem Was composed under pressure and the Eagles lacked height in defence. 5
21 Hamstring.
22 Hamstring.
23 StK No fuss in defence. Just got a job done. 5
QF Haw Veteran defender played a small role from the back half. 4
PF NM Veteran did what he had to with minimal fuss. Steady without starring. 6
GF Haw Had Puopolo at times and was one of the better Eagles. 7

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Veteran had 17 possessions in first game for new club. -
2 WAFL Nice outing at half back with 24 possessions. -
3 WAFL Outstanding with 32 disposals and a goal. -
4 Geel Only two rebound 50s and had his hands full with Cat mid-sized forwards. 3
5 WAFL Worked hard for 27 possessions. -
6 WAFL Continued his good form with 27 possessions. -
7 Senior emergency.
8 WAFL Superb again in midfield with 28 disposals, two goals. -
9 WAFL Bye. -
10 WAFL Bye. -
11 WAFL Played his part in a number of roles. -
12 Senior emergency.
13 GCS Sub came on mid third term and had time on Ablett who cut loose late. Hurt late. 1
14 StK Matched on Minchington and neither did much. 5
15 Frem Sub. Eight touches after coming on in second half. Fair. 2
16 Syd Sub. On in third term and got involved much more than the man he replaced. 3
17 Bris Improved as the game unfolded. 6
18 Rich Won plenty of ball out of the back half and used it well. Among the best. 7
19 Adel Complemented the big four in midfield with three inside-50s. 6
20 Coll Huge game highlighted by five rebound 50s and 14 marks. Career best? 8
21 Ess Excellent first half in defence but went off with facial injury in third term. 6
22 Melb Got the job down without much fuss. Dependable type. 6
23 GCS Veteran played off a wing. Did what game required without setting it alight. 6
QF WAFL Terrific in midfield with 29 disposals. -
SF -
PF WAFL Tried hard in beaten midfield with 22 touches, eight tackles. -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Terrific for Perth with 29 possessions. -
2 Haw On Lewis initially and also had tough job on Rioli for a while. 3
3 Melb Solid as a rock on the small forwards. Used it well. 5
4 Carl Didn’t know he was out there most of the night. Gave very little. 3
5 Port Found plenty of the footy but couldn’t keep up with Neade in the later stages. 6
6 Calf.
7 Calf.
8 Calf.
9 GWS Enjoyed a solid performance, snapping a goal late in the first term. 5
10 Rich On King who posed a threat from second term 3
11 StK Did a good job on Saad but made a couple of errors in final term. 4
13 Haw Had Breust and for the most part OK but he got away to kick three goals. 4
14 Ess Winderlich got away from him but he stuck to task. 6
15 Back.
16 Back.
17 WAFL Strong return with Perth finishing with 31 possessions. -
18 WB Thrown role on Giansiracusa and stuck to that pretty well. Rebounded when he could. 6
19 GCS Picked up touches but didn’t always use the ball well. 5
20 Ess Played his role well. Provided good defensive pressure and solid ball use. 6
21 Geel Duncan fried him early. Got better as game dragged on but not his night. 5
22 Coll Battled away in defence but had little impact moving the ball forward. Six tackles. 5
23 Adel Had a fair bit of the ball but so did his opponent Greig. 4

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL 13 possessions for Perth. -
2 WAFL Good game with 22 possessions and seven marks. -
3 WAFL 24 possessions and a goal for Perth. -
4 WAFL Outstanding for Perth with 33 possessions. -
5 Rich Never a factor down back and had a quiet one by his standards. 3
6 NM Not as effective with his disposal as usual. 5
7 Ess Low key in defence. 4
8 StK Won his share of the ball and kept the St Kilda crumbers quiet. 6
9 Frem Subbed out after performing well. Was calm in defence. 5
14 WAFL Terrific for Perth with 32 possessions and two goals. -
15 NM Big start to the game then handy overall. Missed vital shot in closing stages. 5
16 Syd Didn’t have a big impact with the ball. 5
17 Adel Did run with Bernie Vince on occasions and won plenty of his own footy. 6
18 Bris Started well. Didn’t have much to worry about as the team took over. 5
19 Frem Played mainly on Walters. Did well with the ball but conceded goals. 5
21 WAFL 21 possessions in Perth team hammered by 149 pts. -
22 Coll An important link player with Hurn and Waters not getting big numbers. 6
23 Haw Quiet one from the normally productive defender/wingman. 4
EF NM Had job on Thomas and kept him goalless and out of the game. 7
SF Coll Solid without having significant impact 6