Matthew BOYD


Age: 36yr 10mth Games: 293 Born: Aug 27, 1982
Height: 184cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Relished the move to defence last season and will look to form a veteran partnership with the returning Bob Murphy.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Coll In the wars after a poke in the eye early. Didn't stop him earning 26 touches and kicking a goal. 6
2 Syd Didn’t have a touch until second term then settled into his rhythm. Calming influence when game got tight. 5
3 Frem Had 21 touches and kicked one goal. Reasonable performance. 5
4 NM Well below his best. Hardly sighted early doors then found a bit of it late to at least contribute. 4
5 Bris Did what was asked from defence and was solid enough without starring. Ball use solid enough to help teammates. 6
6 Back.
7 Rich Hard and always resolute down back. 6
8 WCE Good job off half-back. Worked the ball from the defensive 50. 6
9 Shoulder.
10 Shoulder.
11 Shoulder.
12 Syd Back from injury and was handy enough at half back, but came under increasing pressure. 5
13 VFL Wasn’t as efficient as he'd like to be, but got a bit of the ball. -
14 VFL Controlled the back half expertly as expected with 34 possessions. -
15 VFL One of the Dogs best with 22 possessions and four rebounds off half back. -
16 Adel Won his fair share of footy across halfback but like Scott Thompson looks like the game may have passed him. 4
17 Achilles.
18 Way too good for this level with 38 disposals.
19 Achilles.
20 VFL Controlled the back half with 25 touches and seven rebounds. -
21 Achilles.
22 VFL Very good at half back with 26 possessions and seven rebounds. -
23 Haw Last game was solid enough from defence. Ended the night with 33 possessions in what was a fitting finale. 8

2016 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Frem Cruised across the half back line and teamed well with fellow veteran Murphy. Did his bit. 6
2 StK Racked up good numbers across half back and midfield but many came when game was over. 6
3 Haw Linked up well with 16 uncontested possessions from 20 touches. 6
4 Carl Veteran mopped up at back half with aplomb and used the ball to advantage of teammates. 7
5 Bris Mopped up well in the back half, which was the basis of many attacks. One of the best. 7
6 NM Worked hard down back and got involved forward as well. 6
7 Adel Led way off half back with his hard running and steady delivery. Key player in a tight game. 8
8 Melb Controlled the game from half-back at times and a constant source of frustration for Demons. 8
9 Suspended.
10 Coll Often pitted against the taller Moore and always up for the challenge. 5
11 WCE Ball use from half back a feature of another solid display. Got great ability to get in the way. 7
12 Port Took Jarman Impey out of the game, started several counter attacks from defence. 8
13 Geel Turned the ball over far too often early for a player of his calibre and experience. 4
15 Syd Relentless in doing the one-percenters and a bulwark of the team. 7
16 Rich Poor night. Kicking efficiency well down and sold teammates into trouble. 4
17 GCS Gave side a lot of run and carry out of back half. Eight marks, four rebounds. 7
18 StK Good in defence on Gresham and Wright early. Toiled hard. 6
19 Achilles.
20 NM Experience crucial in strong first half. Underrated player. 7
21 Coll Dogs’ best in first half off half back and was solid all night. 7
22 Ess Resolute in defence and mopped up constantly effectively at start. Showed iron will. 7
23 Frem A high disposal game. Much like his career. Worked hard all day. 7
EF WCE A steadying influence across half back. Used the ball well and helped keep the Eagles at bay. 7
SF Haw Iron-willed veteran continues to keep ticking over in defence. 6
PF GWS Battle-hardened warrior typically unrelenting and immovable. 7
GF Syd Typically unrelenting and never conceded an inch. Deserved reward. 6

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Veteran stepped up to collected a heap of the pill. Played his role well. 7
2 Rich Thwarted many Tiger forward forays courtesy of astute play reading. A key. 8
3 Ankle.
4 Adel Ranged across half back and proved hard to pass. 6
5 Syd In tough conditions his ball use was first class. Gave some nice rebound. 7
6 Soreness.
7 Frem Came on across half back on Suban early. Steadied team after shaky start. 6
8 Melb Probably Dogs’ best. Worked hard to repel the Dees. 8
9 GWS Diligent and hard-edged running off half back was a stumbling block. 7
10 Port As reliable as ever, very rarely beaten. 7
12 Bris Reliable game at half back. 6
13 StK Hardened veteran who was in his element in tight contest. 7
14 Carl 14 marks across half back to go with 31 possessions. Superb. 8
15 GCS Mopped up across half back to orchestrate Bulldogs’ attacks. 7
16 Geel Not allowed to control the game from half back but remained steady. 5
17 Coll Controlled back flank with aplomb. 12 marks to go with 38 possessions. 8
18 Ess Mopped up everything at half back. Kicking did let him down at times. 6
19 Port Excellent in Murphy's absence, had plenty of it and showed class. 9
20 Melb Marshalled back half and even took a hanger – that’s how well the Dogs are going! 7
21 Soreness.
22 NM Worked on Ziebell on first half. Notched up plenty of touches out of defence. 7
23 Soreness.
EF Adel Busy night and had work cut out chasing small forwards 4

2014 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Played on Priddis and struggled to stop him. Racked up ball himself. 6
2 NM Worked diligently enough, but unable to get into the thick of the action. Six tackles. 5
3 Rich Head down, bum up game as usual. 7
4 GWS Gave the young buck – Treloar a lesson in ball accumulation. Starred. 9
5 Carl Slow start but gathered momentum. 6
6 Adel Led from the front in midfield and helped set up the early lead. Good effort. 7
7 Ess Won 28 possessions and was the game’s leading contested player. 7
8 Melb Quiet and butchered the footy at times. Kept trying. 4
10 GCS Again found a lot of the ball but disposal lets him down. 6
11 VFL Bye. -
12 Hamstring.
13 Hamstring.
14 Port Seven tackles, four clearances and three inside-50s for the former captain. 7
15 Melb 21 first half touches set the game up. Slowed late but a powerful effort. 8
16 Geel Battled away around the ball but only one tackle and no inside-50s. 4
17 GCS Strong worker in midfield and led by example for young pups. 7
18 Ess Plugged away in the middle. Laid just the one tackle which is hard to fathom 5
19 Haw Went with Lewis and shaded but not disgraced. 5
20 StK Kept close to Hayes and blunted the champ’s output. 5
21 NM Diligent and single minded approach to tagging Dal Santo and limited him. 7
22 Syd Kicked Dogs first and worked industriously in midfield. 7
23 GWS Worked hard in midfield for his 27 touches, but GWS pace was an issue. 7
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Calf.
2 Calf.
3 Calf.
4 Adel Courageous captain returned for his first game for 2013 and was at his usual best. 7
5 Geel Typical in and under effort netted 14 cont poss, six tackles and three inside-50s. 7
6 WCE Went with Kerr and took the honours. 6
7 NM Quiet start but then won a share of it. 5
8 GCS Put the ball inside 50 six times and worked tirelessly as usual. 7
9 StK On Steven and exceptional in second term. Missed some targets. 7
10 Calf.
11 Calf.
12 Coll Early stats early belied lack of influence. Tried hard but not damaging. 6
13 Rich Racked up big numbers but made some errors and not damaging. Nine tackles. 7
14 Melb Outstanding last quarter to help inspire comeback. Massive heart. 7
15 Cheekbone.
16 Cheekbone.
17 Cheekbone.
18 WCE Not as prolific as he can be but contributed one goal and three clearances. 6
19 Calf.
20 Calf.
21 Adel Racked up the numbers again and importantly used the ball well pretty much all match. 7
22 Bris Racked stats in typical fashion and one of few Dogs to play a reasonable first half. 7
23 Melb Magnificent four-quarter performance from the captain with 40 possessions. 8

2012 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Had 38 disposals but only 20 effective. Impact didn’t match stat numbers. 7
2 Adel Fantastic, 28 disposals including seven clearances and two goals. 8
3 StK Ran himself ragged with 40 touches trying to lift side, but efficiency down. 7
4 Melb Quiet first half by his standards. Not usual influence. 5
5 GWS Fantastic topped off with nine clearances. 8
6 Coll Won 18 touches to half time and was in the vanguard of Dogs’ start. 7
7 NM Won 19 contested possessions and 10 clearances. Work horse. 8
8 GCS The Dogs’ major ball winner with 29. Lead from the front. 7
9 Geel Racked up the stats and used most of them wisely; served his side well. 8
10 Syd Tried hard as always and was a rare bright spark among a beaten side. 7
12 Port Had it 22 times by half time to help set up victory – seven inside 50s. 8
13 Bris Stat numbers down and well nullified around the contests by Redden. 5
14 Ess As ever, was a prodigious ball winner in first half with 19 touches. Battled on. 6
15 Frem His team’s best player with 35 touches and six clearances. 8
16 Haw Could not have worked harder in 200th – eight clearances, seven inside-50s. 8
17 Carl Worked tirelessly to collect 25 disposals, including eight clearances. 7
18 StK Racked up the numbers again but was swamped by the Saints’ midfield. 6
19 NM Typical dogged game. Nine clearances, 18 cont. possessions, eight tackles. 8
20 Rich Battled away manfully all day – four clearances and four inside-50s. 7
21 Syd Workhorse performance but Kennedy was more damaging. 6
22 Geel Racked up the stats again plus added eight clearances, 16 contested disposals. 9
23 Bris With 37 touches, one of a few Dogs’ that could hold their head high. 7