Age: 35yr 7mth Games: 276 Born: Nov 27, 1983
Height: 189cm Weight: 93kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Veteran defender signed a one-year deal in the hope he can be part of premiership glory. A bit player (didn’t finish top 10 in best and fairest despite playing 23 games) but adds some muscle and presence to the back half.

2016 NAB Cup:   Old stager negotiated way through umpteenth pre-season and while form nothing special he should be there to tackle Adelaide.

2016 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Struggled with Jenkins’ size at times down back but was strong late in the contest. 6
2 Bris Gave his all and rebound was useful. 4
3 Melb Stood tall at stages in defence to thwart Demon attacks but also caught a few times. 5
4 Frem Followed Taberner but also dropped off to support fellow defenders. Solid. 6
5 GCS Focussed on defensive play without being an attacking force. 3
6 WB Matched up against Bontempelli and others. Did his job. 5
7 StK Had plenty of work on his hands against tall Saint forwards but weathered the storm. 5
8 Rested.
9 Carl Took Walker to start with and kept him under wraps. Keeps getting job done. 6
10 Syd Steady in defence but ball use horrible. Defensively did his job. 5
11 Rich Low-key night down back and never troubled. 5
12 Geel Veteran had a quiet one down back. Couldn’t get involved in any phase. 4
13 Haw In the vanguard of North’s fiery start and scrapped hard all night with everyone. 4
14 Adel Did the job on Jenkins, restricting to him to one goal. 5
16 WCE Worked hard defensively to assist the other talls. 5
17 Port Horror start when penalised. On Schulz, at least dug in as North was under siege. 6
18 Coll Lined up on Moore. Tackled, pressured and took game up to Magpies. 6
19 StK Overall did a solid job on Membrey in an interesting battle. 5
20 WB In blue with Bontempelli before first bounce. Antagonised Bulldogs. 5
21 Haw Spends a lot of his time wrestling and niggling. Better bet would be to win the ball. 2
22 Syd Respectable on a range of opponents, including the lively Heeney in first half. 5
23 GWS Troubled by Patton’s height all night. A week to forget. 3
EF Adel Battled Jenkins and did pretty well to keep him to two goals in final game. 5

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Struggled in defence with the tidal wave of footy coming in. 3
2 Bris Low-key defensive game. 5
3 Port North’s loose man behind the footy but didn’t impact game like Broadbent did. 4
4 Geel Struggled early opposed to bigger Clark but found his feet after quarter time. 6
5 Haw Had a rough night in defence. 3
6 Rich Quiet first half then got better as the side started to get on top. 5
7 Ess Watson kicked two goals on him early but he fought back well. Steady late. 5
8 Frem Really good job on Taberner. Didn’t let him into the game. 6
9 Coll Controlled back half early but then was swamped by Magpie surge. 5
10 WCE Took Hill and kept him from hitting the scoreboard. Solid effort. 7
11 Syd Battled Franklin at times and certainly not the worst despite modest stats. 5
12 GWS Fine effort on McCarthy. Used experience with reading play. 7
14 GCS Serviceable in defence. 4
15 Geel Geelong’s wayward disposal made him look like David Dench. 7
16 Ess Fairly steady down back and provided run on occasions. 6
17 Bris Kept Staker in check. 6
18 Carl Tracked Casboult at times and drove the ball forward. 5
19 Suspended.
20 StK Troubled by Hickey early but kept ticking along. 5
21 Frem Played majority of game on Mayne and had his moments 5
22 WB Started on Crameri and was steady. 5
23 Knee.
EF Rich Gets better with age down back. Did his job in one-on-ones and when loose. 7
SF Syd Dogged job on resting talls and others. 5
PF WCE Part of back six and was resolute under pressure for most of night. 6

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 PM Solid yet unspectacular for the Tigers. -
2 PM Solid down back with 20 disposals and eight marks. -
3 VFL Strong game marshalling the defence. -
4 Syd Used on O'Keefe, Jetta and Cunningham, he found plenty of his own ball. 6
5 Coll Worked hard as a rebounding defender and not the worst. 6
6 Frem Battled on after a hit on the hip. Played a solid role. 5
7 GCS Found wanting for speed a few times down back but soldiered on. 4
9 Senior emergency.
10 Geel Slow start but got going playing loose role at times at half back. 5
11 WCE Rotation of resting talls gave him headaches early, but he came out in top. 5
12 Rich Went to Martin in second half and shut him down in important win for team 6
13 Adel Played loose off Jenkins and created plenty of drive off half back. 6
14 Melb Great game. Kept Dawes under wraps and rebounded steadily all night. 8
15 Bris Won the key battle with Merrett. 6
16 Haw Gave Hale nothing in first half and had strong game. 6
17 StK Did well against Stanley after some early concerns. 6
18 Carl Not prominent in first half and stretched by Carlton tall forwards. 3
19 Geel Beat Kersten then later had no match-up. No rebound. 5
20 GWS Stuck close enough to hard working Tomlinson. Did his job. 6
21 WB Had the task on dangerous Stringer and on top most of the day. 6
22 Adel Picked up touches at will as extra defender. Strong later on Podsiadly. 6
23 Soreness.
EF Ess Struggled for most of the night down back. Will look to bounce back. 3
SF Geel Caddy gave him headaches with pace but he stuck to task. Crucial spoils. 5
PF Syd Under-sized down back and in the end Goodes got right on top. Kept trying. 5
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Coll Rebounded well and was sturdy in defence. 4
2 Geel Solid down back. Used ball well, defended stoutly and ran when he could. 6
3 Syd On Goodes in first half and did it well, but swamped in third quarter like rest. 6
4 Bris Solid as a rock across half-back. 6
5 Haw Began next to Roughead and did a fair defensive job overall. 5
6 Port Marked and tackled strongly down back. 6
7 WB Solid in his 200th game. 5
8 WCE Matched against Hill. Worked hard off half back. 5
9 Adel Coach was not pleased with some of his efforts. Struggled. 2
10 StK Started on Stanley who was moved away early. Had a comfortable game. 6
11 GCS Battled away in defence to try to stem the tide. 5
13 Frem Had several roles down back and worked solidly. 5
14 GWS Couple of blues down back and limited rebound. Just going. 4
15 Rich Tracked former teammate Edwards and did a solid job in the end. 6
16 Bris Broke even with Staker, but the Lion was influential late. 5
17 VFL Displayed a good attitude in defence after shock axing. -
18 Rested.
19 Injured.
20 VFL Solid in defence with 20 possessions and four marks. -
21 VFL Had 18 possessions down back and stood tall on occasions. -
22 Haw Superb job on Franklin, but will be cursing his rotten luck that Buddy kicked five. 6
23 Coll Cloke kicked four on him in the first half then he got on top with less to do. 5

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Did a superb job on the potential match-winner Hurley 8
2 GWS Too much footy know-how for Folau and never troubled. 7
3 Geel Had three inside 50s and two rebounds playing off half back. Steady. 6
4 Syd Made a couple of mistakes, but strong in the Roos’ defence. 6
5 GCS Solid game. Defended strongly and provided customary dash. 7
6 WCE Competed strongly but turned the ball over. 5
7 WB Lost his feet too often and didn’t play with any real confidence. 4
8 Port Played as a loose man in defence and also popped up for three inside 50s. 6
9 Bris Played as extra in defence early and picked up touches at will. Had a man later. 6
10 Haw No real impact at half back and powerless to stop the Hawks’ surge. 3
12 GCS Kicked a long goal and that was his night really. 3
13 Adel Low key and steady backman’s role. 5
14 StK Revelled in the tough contest. 7
15 WCE Started on Lynch and after a sound first half had his problems with forwards. 5
16 Carl Sturdy in defence all night. 6
17 Rich OK but made a couple of blues coming off half back. 4
18 Melb Did his job in defence with a lot of support. 6
19 WB Only eight of his total touches were kicks. Did what he had to but down back. 6
20 Ess Matched on Hurley at start. Had demanding workload but did it well. 6
21 Coll Tough across half-back line, especially in last as Kangas won comfortably. 6
22 Frem Troubled by Mayne’s leading early then shifted away and did better 5
23 GWS A solid performance from the 192-game veteran. 5
EF WCE Horrid early on Darling and had to be moved. Under siege and didn’t cope. 3