#19   St Kilda

Age: 32yr 10mth Games: 197 Born: Aug 19, 1986
Height: 196cm Weight: 95kg Position:

2017 Digest:   With tall additions to defence he should revert to his normal role without being faced with outsized opponents.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Wasn't the worst and kept plugging away, mainly on Weideman. 5
2 WCE Played forward, had 16 touches but didn’t kick a goal. Pushed up the ground to provide a target. 5
3 Bris Broke the lines at times to give some much needed run, but also had a few rough patches. Not the worst. 5
4 Coll Came off the bench to take up a post at half back; a few marks to the experienced campaigner turned back the clock. 4
5 Geel Struggled down back then went into the midfield to try to generate something out of the middle. Struggled. 4
6 Haw Used a back-up ruckman at times then as a floating utility. Not a major influence but didn’t do much wrong. 5
7 GWS Pinch-hit in the ruck but wasn’t able to influence the game. Spent most of second half in defence and looked better. 4
8 Carl 21 effective disposals. Crucial in the Saints last quarter fight back. 7
9 Syd Apart from a couple of minor errors had a terrific game against the odds. 7
10 WB Was good at the start and continued his recent form. Went to Stringer in third term in pure defensive role. 6
11 Bye.
12 Adel Took some telling intercept marks roaming across halfback. 6
13 NM Started brilliantly down back and apart from a couple of wild kicks was effective overall. 6
14 GCS Okay when he was in the action. 4
15 Frem Knocked out in a tackle during the third term, but prior was just fair. 4
16 Rich Good recovery after last week's hit and played his part in defence. 6
17 Ess Did a couple of good things but badly injured finger. 3
18 Hand.
19 Hand.
20 Hand.
21 Melb Effort was excellent and continued to drive the Saints forward. Kicked at just 50 percent though. 6
22 NM Did plenty of good things but suffered abdominal injury and was forced off. 5
23 Abdomen.

2016 Season

1 Port Played where needed, snuck forward for a goal in the second quarter. 7
2 WB No impact on a dirty night at the office. 3
3 Coll Steady down back then went forward to help fill void left by Riewoldt. Big impact on the game. 7
4 Haw Laid 10 tackles and dangerous pushing forward. Third term shank for goal the only blip. 6
5 GWS Mixed bag. Sent to defence early to track Cameron but that didn’t really work. 5
6 Melb Used down back in his old role at back end. OK 5
7 NM Most of his time spent on Brown who was energetic, but contained to two goals. 6
8 WCE Like rest of defence was left shell-shocked by early blitz. Moved off Kennedy. 3
9 Ess Quiet day and had minimal influence on the game. 3
10 Frem OK in defence without being exceptional. 5
11 Adel Extremely quiet down back. 3
12 Carl Good match-up on Walker and relished chance to lead young restructured defence. 6
14 Geel Worked hard against Kersten, Dangerfield and McCarthy down back. One howler. 4
15 GCS Had plenty of attacks to fend off and tried to stand up to onslaught. 4
16 Ess Took a long time to get first kick, but made some handy contributions late in day. 4
17 Melb Good game in defence and marked strongly. 6
18 WB Good game in defence and was prepared to take the game on. 6
19 NM Had his hands full with the taller Brown. 4
20 Carl Solid game in defence and was assured in use of the ball. 5
21 Syd Spent most of second half trying to contain rampant Franklin. 4
22 Rich Lined up on bigger Elton at the start. Lots of the ball but constantly turned it over. 3
23 Bris Spent more time in middle than defence and sent St Kilda forward continually. 6

2015 Season

1 Foot.
2 Foot.
3 Foot.
4 Foot.
5 Foot.
6 VFL Got through game OK it seemed after foot injury. -
7 Rested.
8 Quad.
9 VFL Got through the game OK. 12 possessions. -
10 VFL Got through game well and ended with 20 disposals. -
11 Melb Welcome return after long absence. OK but tired at the end. 5
13 WB Lined up on resting talls. Some good work marred by two terrible turnovers. 4
14 Ess Lined up in defence on Hooker and did OK. 5
15 GWS Could not contain Cameron early and well beaten. 3
16 Rich Got his hands on the ball a lot in first term, but many turnovers. 4
17 Melb Plenty of touches in first three quarters but off with quad strain late. 6
18 Groin.
19 Frem Useful game but nothing more. 5
20 NM Began well on Cunnington but then had lessened impact. 5
21 Geel Made an impact on game as a midfielder. 6
22 Syd Started in attack and not the worst. 4
23 WCE Started well enough but overrun like others. 4

2014 Season

1 Melb In surprisingly quick return from foot injury played his part down back. 6
2 GWS OK without starring. A worry that he ended with injury. 5
3 WCE Off early with recurrent ankle injury. 0
4 Foot.
5 Foot.
6 Foot.
7 Foot.
8 Foot.
9 Foot.
10 Foot.
11 Foot.
12 Foot.
13 Foot.
14 Foot.
15 Foot.
16 Foot.
17 Foot.
18 Foot.
19 VFL Played a strong role at half back with 19 possessions. -
20 WB In return game started on Crameri. Positive run from defence. 6
21 Syd Had first quarter on Franklin and was burnt off and shifted. Fair after that. 4
22 Rich On Riewoldt early then other defensive roles. Looked to re-injure foot late. 3
23 Foot.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 GCS A horror night was topped off when he went to Ablett. 2
2 Rich A mixedbag as he won the ball but often torched it. 4
3 GWS Worked hard. 5
4 Ess Picked up Watson when he was in attack. Not a big game. 4
5 Syd Kept it tight on Reid and had a strong game. 7
6 Coll Hadn’t had much of it before injuring knee in third term. 3
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Knee.
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Syd Excellent return after long lay-off with spoils and run from defence. 6
22 GCS Constantly on the move off half back. 7
23 Frem Matched up on Pavlich at start and had a good game. 6

2012 Season

1 Port Read play well but didn’t deliver it efficiently. 5
2 GCS Started game well but tapered. 5
3 WB Hurt back and was subbed off. 3
4 Frem Solid game alternating between midfield sand defence. 6
5 Melb Struggled with only one kick in first half, but chipped in a bit at the end. 3
6 Haw Sluggish display from a key player for Saints. 3
7 Carl Started centre half back. Made early howler then straightened up. 5
8 WCE Prominent early then had diminished impact. 4
9 Syd Effective in negating job on Reid. 5
10 Rich Conceded five goals in first half. Spent time in the ruck late. VFL-bound. 2
11 GCS Better than last week but hardly under any pressure. 6
12 Adel Good first half and ran hard. 5
14 NM Low key but solid in defence. 5
15 Ess Low key, but did what was required in defence. 5
16 Bris Good in closing stages. 5
17 Syd Had a good game running off less mobile opposition. 6
18 WB Extremely good early then tapered. 6
19 Coll Started down forward to make Maxwell accountable and began well. 5
20 Melb Started on Howe. Not a big impact. 5
21 Geel Prominent in the third term, but otherwise quiet. 5
22 GWS Did his bit without being exceptional. 5