#23   Sydney Swans

Age: 32yr 5mth Games: 272 Born: Jan 30, 1987
Height: 199cm Weight: 106kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The superstar forward had surgery on left shoulder but has had a run in the JLT series to get some touch.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Clurey match-up enticing for star and ended with four goals. Buddy-centric forward set-up looks predictable. 8
2 WB Forced up the ground a lot to get a touch then came to life late with three final-term goals that charged Swans back into it. 8
3 Coll 250th game celebration turned sour. Failed to kick a goal for only fourth time in past 38 matches. Gave a few away. 4
4 WCE Hampered by early well-timed bump from Hurn but ended up with a couple of goals and was always threatening. 5
5 GWS Started well on Davis but then supply lines dried up. 5
6 Carl Had a bad day. Looked a little lazy at times and as a result fumbled and was under pressure. One goal from 19 disposals. 4
7 Bris Had his full trick bag out with five first-half goals. Should have had 10+ but he missed a few shots. Ended with eight snags. 9
8 NM Tarrant did a good job in him, but he still had 21 disposals. 6
9 StK Always a handful for Brown, but was kept within reasonable limits. Kicked most of his goals late. 6
10 Haw Threatened to roll his old side by himself at times opposed to Gibson. Booted five and couldn’t have done much more. 8
11 Bye.
12 WB Hit post twice in first half but also rammed home three vital sausage rolls, including one on half time. Two behinds in second half. 6
13 Rich Quiet by his standards with 16 disposals and one goal but chimed in with a couple of handy touches late. 5
14 Ess Held goalless by Hartley thanks to his own inaccuracy – booted 0.6. Still won his fair share of ball and looked a threat. 5
15 Melb Benefitted from midfield dominance to get the better of match-up with Frost. Booted four goals. 7
16 GCS Inaccuracy again plagued the big bud with a 3.4 return. Imposing as ever with 20 touches 8
17 GWS Two goals in three minutes ripped the game open late in the second quarter. Beat nemesis Davis, finished with 4.4. 8
18 StK Quiet start but came into it from second term and was too much for Brown to handle. 6
19 Haw Probably his worst outing against his former club despite a goal to his name. Out of sorts. 3
20 Geel One goal and five kicks. Well beaten by Lonergan on the night. 3
21 Frem Super game. Four first half goals and presented up the ground all day, which is evident by his 10 inside 50s. 8
22 Adel Three goals including one which was reminiscent of his run and carry down the wing against Essendon in 2010. 8
23 Carl 10 goals, 10 marks and 25 disposals. As good a forward performance one will witness. Made it look too easy. 10
EF Ess Exploded in the second term to kick four goals after copping corky early. Rested late in the game. 6
SF Geel Big Buddy caused little buddy troubles for the Cats and Harry Taylor who played him like a fiddle. Missed chances. 3

2016 Season

1 Coll Copped knock on shoulder and looked sore, but four goals to half time. Quiet second half. 6
2 Carl Kicked four and could have had more. Fantastic work-rate ensured a good day. 7
3 GWS Always made a contest in the Swans’ attacking half and was rewarded with four goals. 6
4 Adel Another game, another four goals despite the close attention of Talia. 7
5 WCE Up and about all day. Booted 2.5 and was one of best. 7
6 Bris His five goals was the difference between winning and losing. 8
7 Ess Kicked three of his six goals in a dominant last-quarter effort. 8
8 Rich Had Rance for company but shrugged him off to boot five goals. Not the reason Sydney lost. 7
9 Haw Picked up by Frawley at the start. Looked sharp early. Kicked three and set up others. 7
10 NM Two early goals but missed a few that he would normally nail. Ended with 3.4 to play big role. 7
11 GCS Had a really even battle with May and booted a goal. 5
12 GWS Did his best work in the second half after quiet start. Disposal needed to be better. 5
13 Melb Booted 750th career goal in second term ended with four in good battle with T. McDonald. 7
15 WB Quiet for first 15 minutes then took charge with 5.4. In Dazzling form. 7
16 Geel Kicked one early goal but well held by Lonergan. Six kicks. 4
17 Haw Forced up the ground to get a kick. Goalless for first time in over a year. 5
18 Carl Got in the right spots to finish with 4.2. Tested at times by Rowe. 6
19 Frem Pushed up the field, kicked two goals. Good but not dominant. 6
20 Port Kicked the first goal of the game, but found Clurey tough to shake thereafter. Still OK. 5
21 StK Took Saints apart and was Lomu-like in the way he barrelled through for six goals. 8
22 NM Knock to hip in first term hindered his output. Well beaten by Tarrant in the end. 3
23 Rich Unstoppable inside attacking 50. Clunked 11 marks and finished with 7.4. 9
QF GWS Pushed up high with Davis shadowing him. Huge influence in first half, quiet later. Goalless. 6
SF Adel Started deep against fellow All-Australian Talia, and on fire early. Ended with four. 7
PF Geel As usual Lonergan matched up. Great start. Copped corkie early but kept going. 6
GF WB Match-up against Hamling was enticing but struggled after early ankle injury. 4

2015 Season

1 Ess Contained by Hurley for most of the game but broke clear late in day. 6
2 Port Eight tackles, four inside-50s and three goals. Great day at the office. 7
3 GWS Broke free of Patfull to kick 5.5. Looked dangerous every time he went near it. 8
4 Frem Kicked 2.2 but most of his work was done up the field. 5
5 WB Three goals despite Talia’s best effort. OK but certainly didn’t star. 6
6 Melb Great battle with McDonald who made him work for every touch. Goalless. 6
7 Geel Ended night with 4.5 and probably should have kicked seven. 8
8 Haw Frawley was his master. For second time in three weeks failed to kick a goal. 2
9 Carl Three goals in opening 14 minutes and ended night with seven. 9
10 GCS Booted early goals before playing further up the field. 5
11 NM Booted four goals and looked dangerous in spurts from half forward. 7
13 Rich Good early with Rance his man in marquee match-up. Quiet after reported. 5
14 Suspended.
15 Bris Horrid first half then kicked two goals in third term. Ended with three. 5
16 Haw Three goals in two minutes in second term his only impact. 5
17 Back.
18 Adel On Talia. Started with booming goal and bagged three despite back issues. 5
19 Back.
20 Back.
21 Back.
22 StK Had a bit of a gallop but subbed off by middle of third term. Looked rusty. 3
23 GCS Moved freely but quiet throughout. Only goal came in final minute. 4
QF Ill.
SF Ill.

2014 Season

1 GWS Opponent Davis and others in his face. Limited touches good but not enough. 4
2 Coll Took a step forward, kicking two goals and showed good tackling pressure. 5
3 Adel A return to form in a big way with four goals, and six inside-50s. 8
4 NM Never stopped trying, but he couldn't escape Thompson's clutches. 5
5 Frem Guilty of some poor turnovers early, lifted to prove critical after half time. 7
6 Melb One goal and a couple of misses until knee injury ended night in third term. 3
7 Knee.
8 Haw Bizarre night. Followed seven straight points with two goals in final term. 7
9 Ess Made Hurley look like a C-Grader. Had four goals to half time and broke the game open. 8
11 Geel Kicked 4.3 and grabbed seven marks in a great battle with Taylor. 8
12 GCS Just the one mark opposed to May who did well, but still managed three goals. 6
13 Port Well held by Carlile early but then exploded after half time to be the matchwinner. 8
14 Rich Although Rance did a manful job on him Buddy was the difference between teams. 7
15 GWS Added five more goals to his growing tally in a pivotal display. 8
16 WCE Just the one goal, but Mackenzie draped all over him. Took eight marks though. 5
17 Carl Keep his head up after a quiet first half and had another big influence. 8
18 Haw Had former housemate Gibson done cold most of the night but inaccuracy (3.5) hurt. 7
19 Knee.
20 Port Two goals but well held by Hombsch. 5
21 StK Only Swan not to give a handball, but with 9.4 who needs to do that? 9
22 WB Booted five goals to press Brownlow claims. Morris tried hard but was outgunned. 8
23 Knee.
QF Frem Double-teamed forward so moved to the wing and won Swans the game. 8
SF -
PF NM Put Thompson to the sword. Five goals, five score assists says it all. 9
GF Haw Four goals a solid return given limited chances he had playing deep forward. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Kicked two, one from a downfield free. OK in patches, held by Lonergan. 5
2 WCE Kicked five goals and was second only to Cyril for effectiveness. 7
3 Coll First goal came late in second term but caught fire in second to end with four. 7
4 Frem Kicked four goals and was always a threat inside the forward half. 7
5 NM Looked frustrated by North tactics and ready to boil over. Kicked 0.5. 5
6 Adel Had his hands full with Talia all game and didn’t register a goal. 4
7 Syd Three early goals set the tone then only two kicks in the second half. 5
8 GWS Comparatively quiet and managed just two goals on Mohr. 5
9 GCS Totally controlled by Thompson in first half, but cut loose later on. 6
10 Melb Ended with 2.3 but well held for most of the day by Frawley. 5
12 Carl Somehow found a way to scrounge four goals despite best efforts of Jamison. 7
13 WCE Kicked 2.3 and had two goals assists in great battle with Mackenzie. 6
14 Bris Maguire contained him for most of first half but he ended with four goals. 6
15 Geel First goal came 11 mins into final term after four effective disposals in first half. 4
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Ess Three goals in first quarter, one in second, one in third and three in the last. 9
19 Rich Kicked first goal then towelled up by Rance in a pivotal duel. 3
20 Hamstring.
21 Coll Too quick for the gallant young Keeffe and three first half goals were vital. 6
22 NM Funny display from champ. Well held by Firrito but slotted five goals. 7
23 Syd High shoulder bump on Malceski got him reported. Chipped in two goals. 5
QF Suspended.
PF Geel Hurt elbow first term. Came into game late in second, but otherwise quiet. 4
GF Frem Not allowed to set game alight, but kept working away. 4

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Coll Had first kick 10 mins into second term but still ended with 5.3. A freak. 8
2 Geel Too tall for Mackie. On the end of a few lucky ones. 2.4 scoreline costly. 5
3 Adel Picked up lots of touches through midfield in second term. Handy day. 7
4 WCE Kicked 1.6 and also conceded seven free kicks. Could have had a big game. 5
5 Syd Menace early as covered lots of ground. Richards kept with him. 5
6 StK Unstoppable with 5.6 on surprise opponent Dempster. Back in business. 8
7 Melb Kicking for goal even more erratic than normal with a wasteful 3.7. 5
8 Frem Never had it easy against McPharlin but still contributed. 5
9 Rich Beaten by Rance and often was forced way up the ground. Selfish at times. 3
10 NM Virtuoso performance with 13.4 from 22 kicks. Breathtaking to watch. 10
11 Port Spoilt his strong game (4.4) by being reported late for a sling tackle. 7
12 Bris Won a lot of the ball in first half but often well up field. Kicked three in last q. 6
14 Carl Gave Jamieson heaps of headaches. Hurt hamstring in last quarter. 7
15 GWS Gave his `dodgey’ hamstring a good work out until subbed out in third term. 6
22 Syd First game back from injury netted four critical goals. Menacing at times. 6
23 WCE Four goals by quarter time a monster start. Added three goal assists. 7
QF Coll Kicked a key goal on stroke of half time then ended with four. Dangerous. 7
PF Adel Rutten never conceded an inch but he got enough of it in second half. 6
GF Syd Great battle with Richards. Brilliant early and led fightback but inaccurate. 8