#17   Carlton

Age: 31yr 10mth Games: 83 Born: Nov 19, 1987
Height: 199cm Weight: 98kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Big-hearted player who’s become a reliable stopper down back. Team needs will see him log time in ruck and forward.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Took Riewoldt for large parts of the contest. Kept him to one goal so did his job. 5
2 Melb Kept Hogan goalless but struggled with his mobility and ability to get involved at ground level. 6
3 Ess Close to best game for the club. Spoiling was brilliant and when it was time to go he kept fighting to the wire. 8
4 GCS Smashed by Lynch early then sent forward. No impact really. 3
5 Port Battled tirelessly against Charlie Dixon and did well to contain him to two goals. 6
6 Syd Defended stoutly all day and when had to go to Franklin did that job to best of his ability. 7
7 Coll Too strong in the heavy conditions for Moore, although didn’t win much of the footy himself either. 6
8 StK Hardly put a foot wrong in his customary key defensive post. Kept both Bruce and Membrey in check. 6
9 Frem Injured his knee in the first term and didn’t return. 2
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
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16 Knee.
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23 Knee.

2016 Season

1 Rich Vickery got away from him in a burst but other than that, defended OK. 5
2 Syd Had his hands full with resting ruckman after being late replacement for Walker. 4
3 GCS Under the pump in defence but stuck to the task and spoilt well. 4
4 WB Played full back on variety of opponents and defensively OK although made some mistakes. 4
5 Frem Good battle with Pavlich. Kept him goalless. 5
6 Ess Took Daniher and kept him to a goal. Still looks shaky at times but no howling errors. 5
7 Coll Stood Moore and White at times and hand hands full with both. 4
8 Port Started on Dixon then thrown forward when Casboult went down, then into ruck. Important contributor. 7
9 NM Played forward to fill hole left by Casboult and was never a factor. 3
10 Geel After Hawkins got on top of him early he responded to win the battle in last three quarters. 7
11 Bris Serviceable in defence and then gave relief in the ruck when Kreuzer went down. 5
12 StK Started on Bruce then moved to quell Membrey. Honest toiler. 4
14 GWS Did a good job on Cameron for most of the game. Can hold his head up high. 6
15 Coll Beat Cox comprehensively and displayed plenty of courage and desperation. 6
16 Adel Did a pretty solid job on Walker given weight of ball against. Skills need work. 6
17 WCE Great battle with Kennedy whom he kept to 2.1 from five marks. 7
18 Syd Ended up losing the battle on Franklin, but tried hard all day. 5
19 Haw Battled gallantly at full back. Marshalled well. 5
20 StK Battled away in defence and took a nice grab in final term but that was about it. 4
21 Bris Lost tussle with Close but on the plus side no clangers or ineffective disposals. 4
22 Melb Stood Hogan and kept him to one goal, but the Demon’s inaccuracy helped. 6
23 Ess Had a shocker and torched by anyone he played on. Slow and cumbersome. 1

2015 Season

1 Rich Spent time at both ends and kicked a couple of goals. 5
2 WCE Had no clear match-up in defence and got pushed forward late. Ordinary. 2
3 Ess Took Carlisle for the most part and actually did a pretty solid job. 5
4 StK Tradesman-like job down back against Bruce. 4
5 Coll Kept close to Cloke and did good job till gates opened. 7
6 Bris McStay got off the chain too often and he struggled to hit targets. 3
7 GWS Tough outing on Cameron, who kicked five. 4
8 Geel On lower end of putrid scale as did OK on Clark. Zero tackles, mind you. 4
9 Syd Did well to keep Franklin to four goals after going to him in first quarter. 6
10 Adel Mixed good and bad but in the end Jenkins took him to the cleaners. 3
12 Port Towelled up Schulz and looked to work off him when he could. No mistakes. 8
13 GCS Took Dixon and then Lynch. Both worried him at times. Kicking not great. 3
14 Soreness.
15 Spent time in ruck and attack on return from injury. Fair.
16 Frem Tough night for all of Carlton’s talls. 4
17 Haw Rotated through a number of opponents but powerless to halt Hawks. 3
18 NM Used at both ends with any impact. 3
19 Coll Matched up on Reid who ended with four goals. Not his best day. 4
20 Bris Just three touches after half time and eight in total. 4
21 Melb Gave Dawes a bath in first half and likewise in second. Good effort. 7
22 GWS Stood Stewart and was fair but weight of ball told at times. 5
23 Haw Had Frawley for long periods and lowered colors. 4

2014 Season

1 PM OK down back. -
2 Rich Late inclusion in defence on Vickery and was beaten. 2
3 Ess Used forward then went back and had a run in the ruck. Tough night. 4
4 Melb Battled Dawes (two goals) but not the worst. Limited impact offensively. 3
5 WB Jones got away from him but then supply dried up. Did a bit of solid work. 3
6 WCE Barely noticed him. But you didn’t notice the Eagles tall forwards either. 4
7 Coll Defended grimly but didn’t direct ball. At times looked out of his depth. 3
8 StK Played pretty much all night on Riewoldt (four goals) but he still did OK. 5
10 Adel Kept Jenkins goalless in huge win for the team given the Crow’s recent form. 7
11 Bris Making too many mistakes and continues to get a game due to depleted stocks. 2
12 Geel Hawkins towelled him in first half then pushed forward in second for a goal. 3
13 Haw Roughead kicked three but held his own in many one-on-one contests. 6
14 GWS Used the ball at 92 per cent, but overshadowed by Patton. 5
15 Coll Did brilliantly in one-on-ones against White and took him to the cleaners. 7
16 StK Started on Stanley. Did a tradesman like job. 6
17 Syd Found some of the football in a quality duel with Goodes. 6
18 NM Had vital job on Petrie and did it well. 7
19 Frem Didn’t really have a match up in defence. Gifted a down field goal. 2
20 GCS Strong in key defensive post and continued his impressive form down back. 7
21 Geel Monster performance. Thrashed Kersten and intercepted the ball well all night. 8
22 Port If not for his intercept marking the carnage may have been much greater. 7
23 Ess Great battle with Daniher. Strong defensively. 6
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 PM Played a variety of role and competed strongly. -
2 Coll Worked very hard on debut and have Reid something to think about. 5
3 Geel Looked good. Took four marks for two goals and provided a target. 6
4 WCE Marked a few balls early and kept presenting – three contested marks. 5
5 Adel Provided a target in the forward line but couldn’t clunk them. Quiet night. 3
6 VFL Presented well up forward but had little to show for it. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Played down back and was OK until late shoulder injury. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Played down back and was handy but Pies talls proved a handful. -
11 VFL Competed well in defence and moved forward for two goals. -
12 Haw Marked the ball strongly on occasion and offered something as back-up ruck. 5
14 VFL Did well up forward after starting down back. Pressed his claims. -
15 VFL Beaten early by Daniher but regrouped and fought back. -
16 StK Marked well early but then went out of the game. 5
17 NM Apart from one mark had quiet first half. Occasional back-up ruck. 4
18 GCS Didn't really feature after being well held. 2
19 Frem Played forward and in ruck. OK without starring. 5
20 WB Struggled to make an impact up forward or in the ruck. 3
21 VFL Competed hard and took some good marks, but not his best day. -
22 VFL Took some strong marks and kicked two goals. Tried hard. -
23 -

2012 Season

1 VFL Struggled to get into the game up forward. -