Lindsay THOMAS

#48   Port Adelaide

Age: 31yr 8mth Games: 206 Born: Feb 29, 1988
Height: 181cm Weight: 81kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Veteran small forward has got through another summer. Form in JLT been so-so but is fit and ready to attack the season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 WCE Worked hard defensively in front half, but is paid to kick goals and he missed a few he should gobble up. 4
2 Geel Two goals from limited opportunities and for the most part he was well held by Mackie. 4
3 GWS Found it hard to shake clear of Shaw although kept himself in the game somewhat with pressure efforts. 4
4 WB Horror day hit rock bottom when his flying shot to win game in final five seconds missed. Not a 200th to remember. 2
5 Frem Quiet. Only six touches and not score. 3
6 VFL Proved to be one of the differences for the Tigers with four goals in win over Essendon. -
7 VFL Came to the fore in the final term in attack, but will be sidelined for a while after being booked for a crude bump. -
8 Suspended.
9 Suspended.
10 Suspended.
11 Suspended.
12 Suspended.
13 VFL Kicked two and had an impact, but looks set for another suspension. -
14 Suspended.
15 GCS Late inclusion and appeared to struggle with the tempo of the match. Swung between attack and defence. 3
16 Frem Used off half back – mostly opposed to Tucker. Worth persisting with as he was okay. 6
17 Port Playing as a defender since his return to the seniors, reads the drop of the footy well but he fumbled the footy too often. 4
18 VFL Lively throughout the day, providing plenty of chances despite the tough conditions. Two goals, three behinds. -
19 VFL Did little team things in the first half and showed he was a class above in second half. Got to the right spots at the right time. -
20 VFL Lacked impact overall with just eight touches and a couple of behinds. -
21 VFL On fire early with three goals, then wasn’t at his best. Finished with 3.4. -
22 VFL His only goal was a cracker. In and out of the game though. -
23 Bris In a possible career crossroads game he booted three goals and did his bit. 5

2016 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Touched ball four times after appearing to injured shoulder in second term. 4
2 Bris Mixed bag up forward and booted two goals. 5
3 Melb Missed one sitter but made match-saving spoil deep in defence to deny a certain Stretch mark. 4
4 Frem Kicked the first goal of the night, but then was a mere spectator. Got under Dockers’ skin a few times. 3
5 GCS Well held for the most part but managed to boot two goals. 4
6 WB Didn’t have much of an impact in attack. 3
7 Suspended.
8 Ess One goal but failed to impress. Faded like a 1970s pair of jeans after half time. 3
9 Carl Missed a few shots for goal but ended with three to be leading goalscorer on ground. 7
10 Syd Kicked side’s first three goals then touched the ball three times after half time. 5
11 Rich Kicked a couple of goals and should have had a third after week when spotlighted. 5
12 Geel One goal but for most part contained by Kolodjashnij. 4
13 Haw Volatile mix of brilliant goals and concession of ill-disciplined 50m penalties. 6
14 Adel Made up for a poor first term with three goals for the remainder of the match. 6
16 WCE His two goals came in the final term when the result was decided. 3
17 Port Kicked three goals and showed a good work-rate. 6
18 Coll Finished with five goals which was an excellent return. 7
19 StK Not a big night but nice gesture to hand Boomer a goal. 3
20 WB Matched on Johannissen. Couple of goals were handy, but not a big game. 4
21 Haw One goal from eight kicks but not a big factor in dangerous positions. 5
22 Syd Decent in patches up forward. Finished with 0.2. 4
23 GWS Shaw tracked him closely and unable to break free in front half. 4
EF Adel L Brown was able to quell his influence. Two goals and 10 kicks. 5

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Didn’t stop trying, produced two great goals. 6
2 Bris Goals at end of first and second quarters. Buzzing around. 5
3 Port Came alive in the final term with three team-lifting goals. 7
4 Geel Beaten by Bews. No goals and ended up playing for free kicks. 3
5 Haw Kicked two goals and was handy without starring in attack. 5
6 Rich Gave away a silly free kick and goal but buttered up with five of his own. 8
7 Ess Dragged down a screamer and booted two goals. Missed three gettable ones. 6
8 Frem Had a shocker. Just four touches and a goal from a lucky free kick. 3
9 Coll Roamed up the ground more to find the ball. One goal. 5
10 WCE One early goal. Staging for frees has become counter productive. 3
11 Syd Two goals were both fortuitous. Couldn’t get away from Smith/Rampe. 3
12 GWS Quiet afternoon despite North’s dominance. 3
14 GCS Played higher up the ground and failed to hit the scoreboard. 6
15 VFL Threatened but unable to hit scoreboard hard with 1.3. -
16 VFL Shadowed by Dalgleish but chipped in with two goals. -
17 Bris Did ok for being subbed-in in third term. 4
18 Carl Dangerous at stages in attack and looked to be back in touch. 6
19 Melb Any time a small forward snaffles five goals it's been a productive afternoon. 8
20 StK Looked frustrated with only three touches to half time, then cut loose. 5
21 Frem On Spurr initially and unsighted first half. Things didn’t improve. 2
22 Foot.
23 Foot.
EF Rich Sub. Kicked a crucial goal, but also gave away a silly 50. Does he hold his place? 1
SF Syd Had the desired effect when he came on and kicked goal. 2
PF WCE Sub. Couple of touches, but dye was cast when he came on. 2

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Little forward took big marks and was only prominent forward. Four goals. 8
2 WB Frustrated by close checking of Picken. Silly free as Currie lining up for goal. 2
3 Port Three big goals and gave one away without getting great supply into the forward line. 7
4 Syd Drifted in and out of the game and finished with 1.2. 5
5 Coll Looked lively (at times) despite limited opportunities to end with two goals. 5
6 Frem Held to just one goal by Sutcliffe. Not a big factor. 3
7 GCS Started on the bench and never got into the flow of the game. 3
9 Bris Always a menace in front of goals. Accuracy no longer a concern. 6
10 Geel Three goals but Bews actually did a reasonable job quelling him. 5
11 WCE Subbed off at three quarter time due to hamstring after quiet day. 3
12 Hamstring.
13 Adel Four goals from limited opportunities. 7
14 Melb Two goals but was pretty well held by Garland. Only one inside-50. 3
15 Bris Could not get into the game. Well held by Patful. 5
16 Haw Not a big night in attack 2
17 StK Had the better of Dempster but 2.4 was poor reward. 5
18 Carl With four goals made most of chances. Only dangerous Roo forward. 5
19 Geel Three goals but one was from a lucky free in which he took a dive. 5
20 GWS Held goalless but worked up the ground to get a bit of the ball. 4
21 WB Hurt knee in first quarter, but kept going. 4
22 Adel Only one goal and closely marked by Brown. 3
23 Knee.
EF Ess Three goals, including two in third quarter revival, were pivotal. 6
SF Geel On Kelly, brilliant start with three-goal first term then quelled. 5
PF Syd Well held by Smith and a couple of his chasing attempt early were horrible. 3
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Coll Brilliant with four goals to half time. Involved in incident with Reid and tapered. 5
2 Geel Kicked five goals and gave three different opponents the slip. 8
3 Syd Kicked a couple of brilliant goals early, but Smith kept him in check. 4
4 Bris Lively display with four goals. 7
5 Haw Five goals from six kicks was a terrific achievement. 8
6 Port Posed a constant threat and booted two important goals. 5
7 WB Always posed a threat with three goals. 6
8 WCE Glass a surprise match-up on him and he never let the Roo get in game. 2
9 Adel Kicked five goals in opening three quarters. Only one kick in final term. 7
10 StK Two goals from only a few touches in first half. Lifted a little. 4
11 GCS A mixed bag, couple of goals, an easy miss and dropped chest marks. 4
13 Frem Couldn’t shake clear of Spurr and chances limited. Subbed off with hamstring. 2
14 GWS Five kicks for three goals in opening half and ended with four goals. 8
15 Suspended.
16 Suspended.
17 Carl Three ripping goals in first term and finished with six. Fine game. 9
18 Melb Looked dangerous at times but played for too many free kicks. Off day. 4
19 Geel Well held by Guthrie-J Hunt and didn’t attack the ball as he could at times 4
20 Adel Not his fault that opportunities were limited but kicked two goals. 3
21 Ess Didn’t get it all his own way against close-checking Baguley. 4
22 Haw Cut out of game by Guerra. Brought up 50 goals for the year. 4
23 Coll Great battle against Shaw. Kicked three goals, two from stoppages. 6

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess First shot was a worrying miss from close in, but he recovered. 6
2 GWS Couldn’t get into it and was subbed off with shoulder problem. 3
3 Geel Kicked one goal but was pretty quiet given the side had 57 inside 50s. 3
4 Syd Flashed in and out of play and kicked two goals to be among best. 6
5 GCS Caused chaos at half forward, set up numerous attacks and kicked 3.0. 8
6 WCE Lively but didn’t hurt the Eagles with the footy. 5
7 WB Only forward to look dangerous throughout. Kicked 3.2 in steady effort. 6
8 Port Five-minute period in second term where he kicked two goals, one behind. 5
10 VFL Responded to his omission with a bag of six goals. -
12 GCS His forward pressure was good but as per usual had his goal kicking problems. 5
13 Adel Won ball well. Kicked crucial pressure goal in third term. Good for self belief. 6
14 StK Kicked three important goals and looked relieved by achieving accuracy. 6
15 WCE Lined up on Butler and effective with three goals. But theatrics creeping in. 5
16 Carl Brilliant goal in third. Always a menace with three goals limited from touches. 5
17 Rich Didn’t kick a goal and just the six effective disposals tells a story. 3
18 Melb A quiet day with just eight touches but kicked two smart goals. 4
21 Coll Three shots at goal for three goals. Worried O’Brien all night. 7
22 Frem Kicked three goals and made the most of his chances. 5
23 GWS Had a nice battle with Kennedy, kicking two late goals. 5
EF WCE Workrate good but didn’t finish his work and in the end beaten by Butler. 4