#8   Sydney Swans

Age: 32yr 1mth Games: 179 Born: May 08, 1987
Height: 202cm Weight: 106kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Is he a forward or a ruck? That’s what Longmire will have to decide. Has split time between both in the JLT series.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Had to rewind to check he was even playing in first half. A little better after main break. One goal. 3
2 WB Rolled ankle in first term and night was over after one possession. 0
3 Ankle.
4 Ankle.
5 GWS Right in the thick of Swans’ big start but then disappeared altogether. 3
6 Hip.
7 Hip.
8 NEAFL Far too good for Canberra big men. 34 hitouts, 23 possessions and four goals. Ready to return. -
9 StK Looked rusty ,but did manage a quality goal from deep on the boundary line. 4
10 Haw Shared time in ruck with Sinclair and was okay in rucking duels, but little impact around the ground. 5
11 Bye.
12 NEAFL Too big and strong for much of the day for the Giants. 28 hitouts, 21 possessions and three goals. -
13 NEAFL Dominated the ruck against Aspley. 20 possessions, 41 hitouts, but was inaccurate with 0.3. -
14 Ankle.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 NEAFL Injured during the game, which is a shame because he was one of the Swans' best to that point. -
18 NEAFL Kicked two opening term goals and did his bid for AFL recall no issues. -
19 Bye.
20 Geel Played ruck/forward but struggled. Six kicks and no goals playing forward/ruck. 1
21 Frem Built confidence in the forward half as the game wore on. Looked as mobile and quick as he has all season. 6
22 Adel Took a strong contested mark to boot his only goal for the game. 5
23 Carl Kicked the first goal of the game and looked to be in for a productive game until a twisted ankle soured his afternoon. 3
EF NEAFL Good in the ruck, but just the three marks and didn’t kick a goal. -
SF -

2016 Season

1 Coll Rotated between the forward half and ruck where he got the better of Witts. 6
2 Carl Has found a new lease of life rotating in the ruck and up forward. Massive game. 8
3 GWS Worked immensely hard in the ruck and was handy when rested up forward. 5
4 Adel Despite boos from the crowd was impressive with 35 hit-outs and two goals. 7
5 WCE Workhorse effort in ruck and up forward. 6
6 Bris Was more useful in the ruck than as a key forward in tough conditions. 7
7 Ess Rucked well and was dangerous when he went forward with 2.1. 5
8 Rich Started in ruck and had better of Hampson around ground, especially pushing forward. 6
9 Haw Main ruckman at start and best ruck on the ground across four quarters. 7
10 NM Not only Goldstein’s impact in ruck but provided a bit around ground. Good night’s work. 7
11 GCS Colossus in the ruck and dominated the stoppages. 9
12 GWS Started superbly in ruck before going off with a hamstring injury in second term. 3
13 Hamstring.
14 Hamstring.
15 Hamstring.
16 Hamstring.
17 Hamstring.
18 Hamstring.
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 Hamstring.
22 NM Decent return from hamstring injury with 17 hit-outs and three strong contested marks. 5
23 Rich Limited impact in forward half, but ruck work was quite solid. 4
QF GWS Off with jaw issue in first term, then dazed in Mumford tackle. Returned but not 100%. 4
SF Jaw.
PF Geel Started forward and two early goals good for confidence. Secondary ruck role. 5
GF WB Couple of strong marks but in the end his influence petered out. 3

2015 Season

1 Ess Held for three quarters, but became a major factor in final term. 4
2 Port Worked well in tandem with Pyke in ruck and with Franklin up forward. 7
3 GWS Couldn’t get away from Davis and looked well short of best—0 goals, 3 marks. 3
4 Frem Two goals but only nine touches. 5
5 WB Two goals but generally pretty well held by Roughead and others. 5
6 Melb Two early goals put Dees on the back foot. Ended night with four. 7
7 Geel Struggled. Only two marks and one goal with Rivers as his master. 3
8 Haw Two first-term goals then hardly sighted with Lake on his wheel. 4
9 Carl Ended with two goals but far from a convincing performance. 4
10 GCS Well held but was efficient – four kicks for three goals. 4
11 NM Got better of Tarrant in first half then struggled after half time. Two goals. 5
13 Rich Couldn’t shake Chaplin and reported for stray elbow. Struggling. 3
14 Suspended.
15 Bris Two goals, one from a 50-metre penalty then thrown into ruck in final term. 4
16 Haw Long stints in the ruck and did absolutely nothing. Injured hand to boot. 1
17 Hand.
18 Adel Three first quarter goals and then spent extra time in ruck. Delivered. 7
19 Geel Horrid forward or ruck. Two marks, one goal and average in ruck. 2
20 Coll Swans making him sing for his supper as first ruck. Did a solid job. 5
21 GWS Imposing in both the ruck and attack. Five goals and 20 hitouts. 8
22 StK Strong contributor in ruck and up forward with three goals. 7
23 GCS Marked strongly and moved freely. Best game of the year came at good time. 8
QF Frem Worked his tail off to provide an option in ruck and forward. Great effort. 7
SF NM Battled hard. Goals to start third and fourth quarters. 7

2014 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 NEAFL Got through well in return, kicking three. -
6 Ribs.
7 Back.
8 Haw First game for season netted four goals from five marks to be a key player. 7
9 Ess Booted three goals, but Hooker had his measure for long periods. 5
11 Geel A force: five goals and could have kicked seven. 8
12 GCS Held goalless by Thompson until a knee injury ended his day. 1
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 GWS Showed a little rust upon return from knee surgery, but still kicked 2.3. 5
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Haw Too big and strong for Schoenmakers in the one on ones and always dangerous. 6
19 Ess Hooker stuck close but he still kicked two goals. 3
20 Port Two goals in a tough night for key forwards. 5
21 StK Kicked three as second banana to Buddy. Fisher matched him. 5
22 WB Three first-half goals on Roughead to end with four. Subbed at three quarter time. 7
23 Rich Minus Franklin in the forward line, he had more success when in the ruck. 4
QF Frem Had an impact up the field after being crowded inside 50. 6
SF -
PF NM Ended with four goals and played a key role after a shaky start. 7
GF Haw Tried hard but things didn’t go his way. Five marks, one goal. 5

2013 Season

1 Suspended.
2 Suspended.
3 Suspended.
4 Suspended.
5 Suspended.
6 Suspended.
7 Suspended.
8 Suspended.
9 Suspended.
10 Suspended.
11 Suspended.
12 Suspended.
13 Port Two goals in his Sydney debut, the first after only 15 seconds. 4
14 Carl Belied his lack of match fitness and showed great hands in the wet. Valuable addition. 7
15 Melb Kicked 2.4 but held by Frawley until he went off. Got better of McDonald. 5
16 GWS If not for inaccuracy, could have kicked a bag. Marking and competing first-class. 7
17 WCE A focal point up forward and brought many balls to ground for crumbing goals. 7
18 Rich Kicked three nice goals and continues to shape up well in attack. 6
19 WB Strong target up forward and created spills. Six straight goals. 7
20 Coll Dominant forward on the ground as he continues to settle into life as a Swan. 8
21 StK Despite strong opposition from Blake and double teaming kicked five goals. 7
22 Geel Kicked first goal then only touched ball three more times after quarter time. 2
23 Hamstring.
QF Haw Looked dangerous early with two goals but then Lake worked him up field. 4
SF Carl Subbed out after five minutes with a fibula injury. 0

2012 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 GCS Four first half goals before spending more time rucking in the second half. 7
2 WB Rotated between half forward and supported Sam Jacobs in the ruck. 6
3 Haw On Schoenmakers at start and his marking gave him the edge. 7
4 GWS Great rebound game from the big man, kicked four goals. 8
5 Port Kicked one goal and four behinds, a thorn in the opposition side. 5
6 Syd Had little influence on game apart from one goal. 3
7 Geel His height caused all sorts of problems for Taylor. 7
8 Carl Kicked three and could easily have had six despite best efforts of Jamison. 6
9 Coll Did his best to get Crows over the line, used brute strength when necessary. 6
10 Frem Held goalless. Still worked hard as a target though. 4
12 StK Three goals and a miss in first term when too big for Blake, five for night. 7
13 NM Some terrible early misses then concussed and subbed off at half time. 2
14 Rich Started slowly but ended kicking three goals. 5
15 Port Suffered another head injury and looks doubtful for the trip against GWS. 1
17 WCE Suffered his third concussion in four weeks and subbed out. 1
21 Bris Tipped as a future Lion but did his reputation harm with only seven touches. 3
22 Melb Will gain a lot of confidence from an encouraging performance in his 100th. 7
23 GCS Only the one goal from three attempts. 4
QF Syd Made a minimal contribution, which was disappointing. 2
SF Frem Very quiet first half and only goal for day came from Walker’s generosity. 2
PF Haw Last game for the Crows a beauty which only added salt to fans’ wounds. 8