Age: 30yr 10mth Games: 151 Born: Aug 17, 1988
Height: 197cm Weight: 98kg Position: DEF

2017 Digest:   Quad injury caused slight interruption to pre-season but back for second JLT game and on track. Needs a big year.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 WCE Started on former teammate Petrie and generally took the resting ruckman.okay without starring. 6
2 Geel Chimed in with a few handy marks and was steady rather than spectacular. Not winning as much ball as he sometimes can. 4
3 GWS Torrid afternoon on Cameron but held up well in the aerial contests. 6
4 WB Defensively had Cloke covered and that was his main task. One great mark but quiet offensively. 3
5 Frem Silly downfield free kick cost the team late. 5
6 GCS Started in defence but made a difference when shifted to attack. Drive-by elbow on Miller a cause for concern. 5
7 Adel Rotated as a spare in back half with Thompson and Tarrant. Worked the angles well to halt Crows’ momentum. 6
8 Syd Started in attack and couldn’t hold marks early. Shifted out of attack later but that left a smallish forward line. 4
9 Melb Battled away in defence on a variety of players. Only eight touches so just a minor role. 3
10 Carl Made a howler in the third term but drifted forward and bobbed up with two super goals, including the sealer. 6
11 Rich Never a factor playing in defence. Not sure what his role is but he seems a little lost in the team at the moment. 3
12 Bye.
13 StK Matched up on Membrey and lowered his colours overall. 4
14 VFL 14 possessions and four marks. Okay, but needs to lift to regain senior place. -
15 VFL Okay without being at his absolute best. -
16 Didn’t play for Werribee.
17 VFL Gave very little playing both back and forward. -
18 Hamstring.
19 VFL Looked dangerous at both ends. Got a lot of the ball down back and went forward in second half after he twinged hamstring. -
20 VFL Kicked three goals in first half, then was thrown into defence. Okay. -
21 VFL Involved in a few firey incidents and had no impact on the game. -
22 VFL Kicked a goal and did a few good things, but not a massive influence. -
23 Bris First senior game for two months and marked well late in day. 4

2016 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Senior emergency.
2 Bris Late inclusion and looked underdone. 1
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Read the flight of the ball well in defence to help keep the Dollies’ at bay. -
5 VFL Bye. -
6 VFL Took seven marks in defence to consistently repel Dogs’ attacks. -
7 VFL Copped an early knock and played no further part in the game. -
8 Concussion.
9 Concussion.
10 Concussion.
11 VFL Did well down back after missing with concussion. Took seven marks. -
12 VFL Very good down back before shifting forward to kick three final term goals. -
13 VFL OK in first half before going off and watching the second half from the bench. -
14 Didn’t play for Werribee.
15 VFL Bye. -
16 Concussion.
17 VFL Veteran has lost any semblance of form. Two marks, five kicks. -
18 Injured.
19 VFL Copped a beauty of a shiner but soldiered on down back. -
20 VFL Spent time in attack and defence and was handy as the extra defender. -
21 Haw Solid game down back where he intercepted well. Six marks and 15 disposals. 7
22 Syd Did well as the loose man in defence. Made good decisions when he got it. 5
23 GWS Plus one in defence then had to go to Lobb after McMillan injury. Fair. 5
EF Adel Hardly sighted down back. Fumbled marks he normally takes. 3

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Hips.
2 Hip.
3 Hip.
4 VFL Managed through the game but pulled up OK. -
5 VFL Nearing full match fitness in defence. Ready to return. -
6 Rich When Griffiths went off had no match-up. Subbed out in first game back. 3
7 Ess Brilliant game at half back. Got in the way all night and took 14 marks. 8
8 Frem Wasn’t allowed to play his own game. Still took two contested marks. 5
9 Coll Did OK down back on Grundy/Witts but didn’t intercept like he can. 5
10 WCE Got in the way at times down back and provided a steadying influence. 6
11 Syd Got going in third term to provide an aerial presence. Handy. 7
12 GWS Nine marks in defence and consistently positioned himself in right spot. 7
14 GCS Forced to man up and unable to take intercept marks as usual. Struggled. 3
15 Hip.
16 Hip.
17 VFL Got through three quarters but had slight calf knock. -
18 VFL Started back but shifted forward and negated Fitzpatrick’s impact. -
19 Melb Beat Watts, but then that's hardly a scalp of note. Played a role. 6
20 StK Dropped across backline but not a big say in proceedings. 3
21 Frem Spare in defence early then to a forward role for a while. 5
22 WB Very quiet down back and subbed off in third quarter. 3
23 Rich Ranged across half-back line to pluck marks at will. 7
EF Rich Freed up behind ball and read the play extremely well. A thorn in Tigers’ side. 7
SF Syd Handy again with marking in defence that cut off Swan attacks. 6
PF WCE Freed up behind ball again and was handy until weight of ball told tale. 5

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess In defence he had some strange match-ups and wasn’t prominent. 3
2 WB Had hands full on Stringer at times. Hard attack on footy and man. 5
3 Port Had a good battle with Butcher and eventually came out on top taking 13 marks. 7
4 Syd Battled Roberts-Thomson in the terrible conditions and did well. 5
5 Coll Kept White out of game for the most part but did zilch offensively. 3
6 Frem Matched up on Mayne and enjoyed an even battle. 6
7 GCS Hurt knee early, but returned as loose man and starred in defence. 17 marks. 8
9 Bris Matched on Paine at start. Had an easy day. 5
10 Geel Used on McIntosh among others. Not his best effort this year. 5
11 WCE Unobtrusive game down back. 3
12 Rich Solid defensively on Riewoldt/Vickery/Griffiths. Has really found a groove. 7
13 Adel Good battle with the J Pod, conceded two goals but got one too. 5
14 Melb Steady in opening half then injured groin in third term and faded. 5
15 Soreness.
16 Haw Made good interceptions and rarely outmarked. 7
17 StK Dropped like stone when concussed by Hickey’s shoulder. Had done well. 5
18 Carl Matched on Casboult. OK without impact 4
19 Geel Without tall forward to match-up he was successful being third up at times. 6
20 Hip.
21 Hip.
22 Hip.
23 Melb Drifted across half back in first half then subbed with a hip issue. 2
QF Hip.
EF Hip.
SF Hip.
PF Hip.
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Coll Started at centre half forward on Reid. Solid job. 3
2 Geel Struggled. Couldn’t shake Taylor early then Corey/Lonergan later. 2
3 Syd Led well early and looked good, then ball was constantly at other end. 5
4 Bris Kicked a goal, but struggled. 3
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 WB Had back problems in third term and couldn’t complete the game. 5
8 WCE Marked superbly in defence against resting talls. 6
9 Adel Took seven marks (two contested) and was steady across half. 5
10 StK Ran off backline and assisted Thompson against Riewoldt. 6
11 GCS Subbed off after having zero impact in the wet. 0
13 Frem Marked OK and made sure resting tall forwards didn’t make an impact. 6
14 GWS Used down back and did what he had to – mostly in an uncontested fashion. 6
15 Rich Played loose down back for long periods and chopped off plenty of Tiger attacks. 8
16 Bris Concussed in the fourth minute. Took no real part. 0
17 Carl Started on Rowe then to Henderson. Strongest mark on the ground. Tapered. 6
18 Melb Looks to have found his niche as a key position defender. Excellent game. 8
19 Geel Huge in defence against Hawkins and Vardy and won plenty of the ball 8
20 Adel Had minimal impact. 3
21 Ess Marked well dropping back at half back. Had bruised ribs in second term 7
22 Haw Blossoming as a leader. Threw weight around in push-and-shove with Franklin. 6
23 Coll Plugged himself in front of Cloke for the second half. 5

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

2 VFL Kicked four goals and took 10 marks. Nice effort. -
4 VFL Used up the ground on a wing. OK without starring. -
5 VFL Kicked three goals in narrow seven-point loss to Willy. -
6 VFL Presented well in tough conditions and competed hard. -
7 VFL Presented well up forward. Ended with two goals. -
8 VFL Kicked four goals and took 13 marks up forward. -
12 VFL Kicked two goals on return. Looked re-invigorated. -
13 Adel Very strong mark for early goal. Missed a couple of simple shots. 3
14 StK Opening goal a good start and marking was what North has waited for. 6
15 WCE Like last week started with a goal. Then copped heavy knock. Later subbed off. 4
16 Carl Showing long awaited qualities in attack that Roos have been waiting for. 5
17 Rich Just two marks and a goal in a quiet performance. 3
18 Melb Found it hard with Petrie and Tarrant plucking everything up forward. 2
19 WB Part of three-pronged attack and grabbed seven marks and a goal. OK. 6
20 Ess Down early after bad head clash with Lovett-Murray. Bravely came back on. 5
21 Coll Out-marked Shaw in goalsquare in second to give North a big lift. 6
22 Frem Kicked three goals from few chances as only forward target to pose threat. 5
23 GWS Subbed out of the game in the second term after a head knock. 1
EF WCE Couple of marks but didn’t convert early and was never really a factor. 3