Nathan BROWN

#22   St Kilda

Age: 30yr 6mth Games: 153 Born: Dec 17, 1988
Height: 196cm Weight: 99kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Recruited due to chronic lack of defensive talls. Saints think he and Carlisle can play together and has not put a foot wrong.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Not a memorable first game in defence with his second club and was outmarked and outrun. 2
2 WCE Fantastic for three quarters. Kept Kennedy to three touches and one goal. Then the Eagle kicked three goals in the final term. 6
3 Bris Fine defensive job in the back half opposed to tall young Lions’ forwards. 7
4 Coll OK against former side, picking up some possessions in the defensive chip-around and keeping Moore in check. 3
5 Geel Actually did a good job on Hawkins who only got his goals late in game when Saints were folding Chinese deckchair style. 6
6 Haw Flipped between a few forward including Gunston. Knee hyperextension in third term but finished game off. 6
7 GWS Thrown task on Patton and was able to do the job on him. Patton kicked one goal from six kicks. 8
8 Carl Another no fuss performance. Did the job on the Casboult. 6
9 Syd Had the big job on Buddy and gave an honest performance which ensured the Swan start didn’t wreak havoc. 5
10 WB Couldn’t keep pace with Stringer and against a small attack couldn’t find a logical match-up. 3
11 Bye.
12 Adel Had his hands full with Josh Jenkins who returned to form with three goals. 4
13 NM On his namesake Ben Brown and stuck to task but North made it easier for him. 4
14 GCS Lined up on Lynch and stuck to the task against taller opponent. Kept him goalless. 7
15 Frem Kept Fremantle’s key forwards quiet again. Going well. 6
16 Rich Had a fairly easy night because Richmond couldn't deliver to Jack Riewoldt. 6
17 Ess Honest effort in defence against Hooker and wasn't the worst. 4
18 Syd Had the big job on Buddy and was never going to contain him all night, but kept at it. 4
19 Port Kept tabs on Dixon in first there quarters then couldn’t stay with him in last half hour. 3
20 WCE Had plenty of trouble keeping up with Kennedy and was outclassed for much of the day. 2
21 Melb Did his job fairly well down back, but Pedersen did get away from him at stages. 5
22 NM Was on Ben Brown for most of the day and did a capable job. 6
23 Rich Had Townsend at times but was without a true tall forward match up. Offensive work never been his strong suit. 3

2016 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Syd Not beaten one on one at full back; one of the few Magpies to win his position. 7
2 Rich Defended stoutly on Griffiths and Vickery at times. Played his role well. 6
3 StK Showed little respect to McCartin early and got caught a few times. Took Bruce in second half in a good battle. 5
4 Melb Thrown task on Hogan and battled him pretty well for the most part. 5
5 Ess Took Mitch Brown for long periods and quelled him all match. 6
6 WCE Had no real answer to Kennedy but to battle on. Pushed him wide for marks though. 5
7 VFL OK down back before injuring hamstring in the third term. -
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 Hamstring.
11 VFL Did well down back and stuck close to Werribee opponents all day. -
12 VFL Fair down back and made some good spoils but wasn’t his best outing. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 Frem Began on Pavlich. Tried hard and did the little negating things well. 5
15 Carl Solid as a rock at full back. Didn’t put a foot wrong and worked superbly with Reid. 6
16 GWS Low key in defence initially on Cameron but overhead strength was handy. 3
17 Adel Great job on Walker, restricting him to one goal. 6
18 NM Had his moments with B. Brown and dropped marks. Fought on late. 3
19 WCE Had trouble at times with Kennedy but stuck to his task and did a fair job. 5
20 Rich Battled Griffiths at times and had him covered from start to finish. 5
21 WB Picked up Roughead and Boyd when they rested in attack. Solid and efficient. 5
22 GCS Big job opposed to Lynch and was troubled when the ball came in without pressure. 4
23 Haw Had restung ruckman at times and OK defensively. Rarely sighted going other way. 3

2015 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Bris Struggled to make an impact despite Collingwood’s early dominance. 4
2 Adel Beat Jenkins in a typical dour display. 6
3 StK Solid job on key Saint forward Bruce. 6
4 Ess Battled Carlisle and took the points in a key win for the team. 6
5 Carl On Jones and wasn’t troubled at all. 7
6 Geel Moved to rampant Hawkins late first quarter and won the duel. 8
7 Rich Battled hard against the key forwards. Not much offensively, though. 4
8 GCS Hands full with Dixon but did some good things. 3
9 NM Had hands full with Petrie, especially early but the Roo let him off the hook. 4
10 Melb Took Pedersen for most part and was able to shut him out of the game. 5
11 GWS Had Cameron’s measure all afternoon. Solid and dependable down back. 7
13 Frem Beat Pavlich across the night in a fine disciplined performance. 7
14 Haw Took on job of minding Hale and Ceglar when they went forward. 6
15 Port Rotated between Paddy Ryder and Jay Schulz. 5
16 WCE Contested well with Kennedy and kept him within reasonable bounds. 6
17 WB Stuck close to Redpath who proved to be an admirable opponent. 6
18 Melb Moved onto Hogan in second quarter and enjoyed a good contest. 5
19 Carl Had Henderson and worked hard throughout. 6
20 Syd Reported for big hit on Parker and ended up limping. 3
21 Suspended.
22 Geel Took Hawkins and able to restrict his influence in a key win. 7
23 Ess Battled Hooker in a great duel. Gave as good as he got. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Frem Had the task on Pavlich who helped him out with inaccurate kicking (1.4). Zero rebound. 4
2 Syd Solid in defence before sustaining another worrying shoulder dislocation. 5
3 Shoulder.
4 Shoulder.
5 VFL Pressed claims for an Anzac Day recall in defence. -
6 VFL Slow start but was better in second half down back. -
7 VFL Defended stoutly under pressure at Williamstown. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Rarely beaten in defence in huge VFL win. -
10 WCE Re-injured shoulder late in opening term and subbed out. 0
11 Shoulder.
12 Shoulder.
13 Shoulder.
14 Shoulder.
15 Shoulder.
16 Shoulder.
17 Knee.
18 Shoulder.
19 Shoulder.
20 Shoulder.
21 Shoulder.
22 Shoulder.
23 Shoulder.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 NM Did a great job on Petrie, which helped materially towards the win. 8
2 Carl Took Casboult and although the Blue took some good marks, was solid. 5
3 Haw Should consider himself stiff to have Roughead kick three on him. 6
4 Rich Battled Vickery for a lot of the day and solid in that stopping role. Tweaked groin late. 6
5 Ess Battled Crameri and did a reasonable job but weight of ball told. 6
6 StK Shared duties with Reid on Riewoldt, played well but found the going tough. 5
7 Frem Had Hannath early but left without an obvious match-up when he went into ruck. 4
8 Geel Battled Podsiadly who got away on him in third term. OK apart from that. 6
9 Syd On Pyke initially. Not a factor in the game. 3
10 Bris Did what was required in defence but not put under a great deal of pressure. 6
11 Melb Battled Dawes but when went off injured he no match-up and was subbed. 3
12 WB On Jones and did the job. 6
14 Port Often caught out of position, conceding space out the back. Spoiled well, little more. 4
15 Carl Had Casboult covered when forward and enjoyed a pretty easy night. 5
16 Adel On Jenkins and neither had a big impact. 6
17 Groin.
18 GWS Taken to cleaners by Cameron early before being shifted. Settled after that. 4
19 Ess Had the better of Gumbleton and made some emphatic spoils. 7
20 Syd One of few Pies to have a dreadful night, belted by Tippett then subbed out. 2
21 Haw Kept Roughead to just one goal and was fair down back, but limited with his attack. 6
22 WCE Kept Kennedy goalless which was a win for the team in context of result. 6
23 NM Had Petrie until injured knee in first term and subbed out. 1
EF Port Had his hands full with Schulz but the delivery was spot on. 4

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

2 VFL Got through his first game back from injury well. -
3 VFL Strong game in the back half. A senior return awaits. -
4 VFL Slightly down on recent weeks. A chance for ANZAC Day. -
5 Ess Super effort first up from long lay-off. Beat Crameri hands down. 7
6 WB Did what he had to down back without standing out. 6
7 Bris Had been holding Brown capably until knee injury in second term. 4
10 GCS Didn’t have a whole lot to do down back but did what he had to. 6
11 Melb Did his bit defensively. 5
13 WCE Disposal rusty but his height was important. 5
14 Frem Battled Pavlich/Clarke and did well on former in first half. 5
15 VFL Injured ankle early and appeared slightly hampered. -
16 Geel Only Hawkins’s inaccuracy saved him from a poor night. 3
17 Haw Battled on Gunston and without a better match-up subbed off in third term. 3
18 GWS Dominated his duel with young GWS forward Jon Patton. 5
19 StK Had Koschitzke covered pretty much all night but limited offensively. 5
20 Syd Very quiet night, picking up just three touches. 2
21 NM Solid enough, but had hands full with North’s tall timber forwards on song. 3
22 WCE No tall forward kicked more than one goal. Defence worked hard. 6
23 Ess Started on dangerous Crameri. Got on top as game wore on. 6
QF Haw Matched on Roughead. Subbed off in third quarter. 3
SF WCE Battled resting ruckmen at times and did a fine job quelling their influence. 6
PF Syd Had the biggest of jobs on Goodes for significant time. Couldn’t contain him. 4