#4   Carlton

Age: 28yr 3mth Games: 222 Born: Mar 15, 1989
Height: 187cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Trade period drama in rear-view mirror. An output matching 2016 will reaffirm why club was reluctant to let him go.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Started like a house on fire and kept battling - seven clearances and four inside-50s. 7
2 Melb Strong game again through midfield with five inside-50s. Usually much cleaner though with his disposals. 7
3 Ess Looked a class above when others were fumbling; eight clearances, six inside-50s, nine tackles and 35 disposals. 9
4 GCS Drifted in and out of the game in midfield for his 22 touches. Had five clearances, but lacked impact at times. 6
5 Port Bobbed up for a great goal from a tight angle late in the match, won plenty of footy without hurting Port. 6
6 Syd Won 23 disposals but not at his best. Did have seven inside-50s and five clearances so play his part in the victory. 6
7 Coll Usual strange mix of lackadaisical early acts (two-touch first quarter) and later incisive contributions. 6
8 StK Lifted in the third term after a quiet first half. A big reason why the Blues gained momentum before the last break. 7
9 Frem Led the way in the midfield. Won nine clearances among 34 possessions and one goal. 8
10 NM A huge four-quarter effort. Kept his side in it when the Kangaroos were on top, and finished with 38 possessions and three goals. 9
11 Bye.
12 GWS Star midfielder’s disposal was off at times but lifted when it counted in final term with eight disposals; 27 possessions. 7
13 GCS Head and shoulders above everyone. 43 possessions, 10 tackles and two clutch late goals. Amazing. 10

2016 Season

1 Rich In everything in first term and continued it on throughout the night. Good start to the year. 8
2 Syd Made some errors but not alone. OK without setting the world on fire. 6
3 GCS Good four-quarter effort in midfield. 7
4 WB Had seven of his total touches in the final term and overall disappointing. 4
5 Frem Booted a key goal and his skill was a level above most players. 7
6 Ess Snap goal in third term was a beauty and led team in disposals. Ten clearances were huge. 8
7 Coll Two goals in all-important third term set Blues on their way. Ended with three and showed class. 8
8 Port Added a harder edge to his game with work in and around the ball. One of the Blues’ best. 8
9 NM Head to head with Cunnington at stages and was a decent ball winner but not at his best. 6
10 Geel Went head-to-head with Dangerfield and torched him. Nine clearances and seven tackles. 9
11 Bris Beaten by his former teammate Mitch Robinson. An afternoon to forget. 3
12 StK Delivery of the ball was well below normal standard which reduced his threat. 5
14 GWS Magnificent from start to finish – 14 contested possessions, 10 clearances and nine tackles. 8
15 Coll Two goals and five inside 50s but well held by Greenwood. 6
16 Adel Led team in disposals but many were wasted (15 ineffective). Seven inside-50s. 6
17 WCE Got going in second half. Ended with five inside-50s and four clearances. 6
18 Syd Superb all afternoon with 15 contested possessions, 11 tackles and eight inside-50s. 8
19 Haw Never stopped trying. Laid a game high 9 tackles and worked in tandem with Cripps 7
20 StK Kicked a classy goal and had some good touches, but was a little way from his best. 6
21 Bris One of only a few Blues who put in before half time. 7
22 Melb Dominated the first half with 26 touches. Brayshaw slowed him a touch, but a monster on the day. 9
23 Ess Lifted after a quiet start. Used the ball well and was one of his team’s best. 7

2015 Season

1 Rich Won a lot of possessions but his disposal was well below par. 5
2 WCE Won his share of the ball, including six clearances, so work-rate up to standard. 7
3 Ess Well off his best. One inside-50s simply not enough for a frontline playmaker. 5
4 StK OK but didn’t do enough damage on a day when he had the chance. 5
5 Coll Reasonable stats belied ordinary first half and things got worse. Bronx cheers. 3
6 Bris Started well, clearance work OK but can’t help but think he can offer more. 6
7 GWS Tried hard with 10 clearances but didn’t have much support. 6
8 Geel Came off with sore back. A shadow of the player of last year. 3
9 Back.
10 Back.
11 Back.
12 Port Laid tackle that ended Gray’s day. Ball use well off normal efficiency. 5
13 Suspended.
14 Suspended.
15 Rich Injured shoulder and had very little impact despite stats. 5
16 Pectoral.
17 Pectoral.
18 Pectoral.
19 Pectoral.
20 Pectoral.
21 Pectoral.
22 Pectoral.
23 Pectoral.

2014 Season

1 Port Strong first half and kept going but like other leaders finished quietly. 5
2 Rich Little impact in the game and missed important shot on three-quarter time. 3
3 Ess Worked hard but fact he had just one inside-50 and two rebounds was telling. 6
4 Melb Total disposal numbers overstate his influence. No urgency in his game. 4
5 WB Hard, constant running a feature early and had a good game. 8
6 WCE Laid 11 tackles and won nine clearances. Got down and dirty. 8
7 Coll Ran hard without being able to lift the side in any way. 4
8 StK Racked up some big numbers in the middle highlighted by 17 contested possessions. 8
10 Adel Won a lot of ball but some of his defensive efforts were abysmal. 5
11 Bris Very quiet start and while he improved he wasn’t influential. 5
12 Geel Played game of his life. Huge stats in all categories, including four goals. 9
13 Haw Rich vein of form continues with team-high nine clearances, 15 cont poss. 8
14 GWS Continued his rich vein of form in an excellent all-round display. 8
15 Coll Effectiveness down on previous weeks and not a huge influence forward of centre. 6
16 StK Weller tracked him and did a good negating job. 4
17 Syd Filled out the stat sheet in another excellent display. Just needed more help. 8
18 NM Good start with smart goal and strong in first half. Maintained output. 7
19 Frem Avoided a hard tag but only flitted in and out of contest. Not his best effort. 6
20 GCS Creative throughout and drifted forward for a telling goal in second term. 8
21 Geel Seven inside-50s, six clearances, two goals. Hard to believe he got under guard. 8
22 Port The Blues’ best with six clearances, five inside-50s and a goal. 7
23 Ess Had the better of Hocking. Could have been the hero in the final seconds. 7
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Rich Racked up the stats and won 16 contested possessions. Big start to season. 8
2 Coll Not as influential as previous week but played his part and used ball well. 6
3 Geel For a game of 20 disposals his impact was minimal. Not enough grunt. 5
4 WCE Stout game highlighted by a couple of nice tackles and nine contested possessions. 6
5 Adel Subbed off with hamstring tightness after a classy 15 disposal first half. 5
6 Hamstring.
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Bris A nine disposal last term gave him respectable stats. Otherwise a little quiet. 6
10 GWS Played usual sweeping role without breaking the game open. Eight inside -50s. 6
11 Ess Head to head with Goddard. Neither had a major influence on the game. 6
12 Haw Solid throughout – 10 cont poss, six inside-50s, eight tackles, five clearances. 8
14 Syd Driving force in getting the Blues back into the game. Added some grunt to class. 7
15 Coll Numbers OK but impact limited. Failed to stand up in terms of intensity. 4
16 StK Stats were bigger than his impact on the game. 5
17 NM Head to head with Ziebell who took the honours. 5
18 GCS Relished having plenty of space and racked up getting the footy. 7
19 Frem Played deep back on Mayne and did a fair job, but Blues missed his drive in middle. 6
20 WB Used in defence again and wasn’t able to influence the game as much as he’d like. 5
21 Rich Looked dangerous when moved forward and kicked two big goals in the second 7
22 Ess Went missing late when the game needed to be won. Disappointing. 5
23 Port A whopping nine clearances and nine inside 50s plus a crucial goal. 9
EF Rich Big second half was crucial to Blues’ lift. 7
SF Syd Again had a good final but was swamped in third term along with many others. 6

2012 Season

1 Rich Solid input which tapered at the end. 6
2 Bris Bewick played negating tag on him, but he still managed to be productive. 6
3 Coll Lined up on resting mids. Strong game and ran hard to create. 7
4 Ess Poised and polished as usual, but 11 kicks is not enough. 5
5 Frem Quarter-back as the plus one in defence for periods – 25 disposals. 7
6 GWS Stats suggest an OK effort but pretty sure he can deliver better than that. 6
7 StK When game was there to be won he had seven disposals after half time. 4
8 Adel Horrendous. Only five kicks earned him bronx cheers of Blues fans. 3
9 Melb Did well but fans want him to do it in a big game against quality opposition. 6
10 Port Needs to find the footy across half back or it’s time for the midfield. 5
11 Geel Used on Johnson and kept him goalless. Only six kicks so offensively down. 6
12 WCE Played with a fraction more grunt and held Shuey in second half; 10 cont poss. 6
14 Haw Picked up plenty of kicks in first half and was influential at half back. 6
15 Coll Lifted his intensity playing at half back in one of his better games for the year. 7
16 NM Went to forward line in second half. Not prominent at either end. 5
17 WB Helped break open game with two goals in last quarter. 6
18 Rich Matched with Deledio and beaten early 5
19 Syd Initially given main role on Goodes then moved elsewhere. 5
20 Bris One of his better games. Used footy well and kicked a nice long goal. 7
21 Ess His sort of game with everything going Blues’ way – just three contested poss. 5
22 GCS Needed more from him. 4
23 StK Responded well to more responsibility when Judd went off. 7