#14   Geelong

Age: 31yr 5mth Games: 250 Born: May 26, 1988
Height: 183cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Thriving after a solid summer – missed all of 2016 pre-season. Quiet versus Crows and will look to sharpen up this weekend.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Monster effort highlighted by 11 contested possessions, eight clearances, five tackles and 28 disposals. 8
2 NM Skipper was Cats’ best. Nine inside-50s eight tackles and took a courageous mark in final term that proved pivotal. 8
3 Melb Skipper busted a boiler all day to be Cats’ best; 16 of his 35 disposals were collected in contested fashion. 9
4 Haw Great again with his workrate around the ball was enormous. Laid 11 tackles and grabbed six clearances and six inside-50s. 8
5 StK After reasonably quiet first half he exploded in second half to end with 43 disposals, 9 clearances, 9 tackles and a goal. 9
6 Coll After 43 possessions last week was held to 17 by Greenwood who wore him cheap suit style from start to finish. Unusual quiet one. 3
7 GCS Skipped battles hard and was among best until an injury severely hampered him from midway through the third term. 6
8 Ess Skipped tried hard but it wasn’t his best game. Only laid one tackle which is staggering for him. Six clearances. 6
9 WB Huge again, particularly in early part of final quarter when the side needed an injection of life; 11 clearances. 8
10 Port Huge effort highlighted by 19 contested possessions, eight inside-50s and six clearances. 9
11 Adel Monster effort highlighted by 34 disposals, nine clearances, 20 contested possessions, one goal and 10 score involvements. 9
12 Bye.
13 WCE Tagged by Hutchings and only managed 13 effective disposals. Nothing went right for him all night. 5
14 Frem Knocked out in opening minute (after head clash with Ballantyne) and was done for the day. 0
15 Concussion.
16 Bris Troubled at times by the close-checking of Berry (and Rockliff). Still easily among Cats best though. 7
17 Haw Skipper lifted when it counted for 30 disposals and seven clearances. Grabbed seven disposals in tense final term. 8
18 Adel First quarter very quiet and then to his credit he lifted in second half to at least walk off with head held high. 6
19 Carl Started well and did okay but certainly not his best game; 16 effective disposals but interestingly didn’t lay a tackle. 6
20 Syd Skipper tagged by Hewett and just going until rolled ankle in second term. Returned but was hampered and sat out most of last term. 5
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.
QF Rich Skipped rotated midfield/forward. Looked well off and had a quiet one by his standards; 15 effective disposals. 5
SF Syd Skipper busted in big time and while stats modest (9 effective disposals) he gave something. 5
PF Adel Plugged away as best he could but was he could without huge support. Looked sore by the end of the game. 6

2016 Season

1 Haw Underdone but still contributed to the effort – seven clearances, 12 cont poss. 7
2 GWS Tried as hard as he could but looked rusty. Last term he was lifting to try to get team over the line. 6
3 Bris Huge game. Equalled career-high 13 clearances and won 19 contested possessions. 8
4 Ess Led team with eight inside-50s and four clearances plus 17 contested possessions. 7
5 Port Lifted team with a brilliant skipper’s performance. Eleven clearances, five inside-50s. 9
6 GCS Monster night highlighted by seven clearances, five tackles, good ball use and presence. 8
7 WCE First half out of this world (24 disp, six clearances). Hutchings slowed him a little but Cats’ best. 9
8 Adel By his standards quiet first half (10 disp) and theme continued. 5
9 Coll Greenwood frustrated the life out of him. Six tackles, seven inside-50s so work-rate there. 5
10 Carl Tagged out of the game by Curnow. Tried super hard but influence was well down. 5
11 GWS Second half was one out of the box. Ended with eight clearances, six inside-50s and seven tackles. 9
12 NM Went wingman to Dangerfield in a fine effort highlighted by eight clearances and 17 cont poss. 9
13 WB Huge first half (20 disp, seven clearances) set the tone for the victory. Wallis quietened him. 8
14 StK Turned himself inside out to lift side in second half. Six clearances, seven tackles. 8
16 Syd Battled hard to grab 10 clearances and 14 contested possessions. Didn’t star. 6
17 Frem Six clearances, nine tackles and 16 contested possessions had him in best. 8
18 Adel Huge night highlighted by six inside-50s, five clearances and 18 CPs. 8
19 WB Possession-wise not his night but led team with 10 tackles. Work-rate huge. 6
20 Ess Battled hard for four clearances, four inside-50s and four tackles. Handy. 6
21 Rich Battled hard to keep side in it. Three inside-50s and four clearances. 7
22 Bris Led team with nine tackles and burrowed in. Not his best game but handy. 7
23 Melb Huge game. Set tempo from the get-go. Eight inside-50s and six clearances. 8
QF Haw Huge. Seven inside-50s, four clearances, four tackles and a goal. 9
PF Syd Nine clearances, 25 contested possessions, eight inside-50s and 13 tackles. 9

2015 Season

1 Haw Won plenty of contested possessions but influence was dulled by the Hawks. 5
2 Frem Tried his guts out (16 contested possessions, eight tackles) in a solid effort. 7
3 GCS Three Brownlow votes all but assured after carrying team over the line. 9
4 NM Typical busy effort highlighted by 15 contested possessions and 10 clearances. 8
5 Rich Quiet first half then turned it on in final term to get side home. 7
6 Coll Not his best game but tough when it mattered. Injured hand a concern. 7
7 Syd Quiet early then lifted. Must be injured though as played mainly up forward 6
8 Carl Frustrated by Curnow but still laid eight tackles and kicked two goals. 5
9 WCE Struggling for form. By his standards 14 effective disposals not enough. 5
10 Ess Despite attention ended with 18 CPs, nine clearances and two goals. 8
11 Port Hartlett niggled him and while stats down he still managed seven clearances. 5
12 Melb Beaten by Viney in a true head-to-head battle. Great running goal late. 4
15 NM Gave all he could despite Jacobs tag. Nine clearances and 17 contested poss. 8
16 Suspended.
17 GWS Six clearances, 14 contested possessions and a goal put him in best three. 8
18 Bris Warming up. Four inside-50s, 11 tackles, five clearances and two goals. 8
19 Syd Led from front in 200th game - 20 CPs, eight clearances and six inside-50s. 9
20 Haw Huge again. Won 19 CPs to go with 12 clearances, two goals. 8
21 StK Struggled. Only 11 effective disposals and two clearances. 4
22 Coll Greenwood wrestled, tackled, harassed and frustrated him. Quiet. 3
23 Adel Skipper led well with 14 CPs , seven clearances and eight tackles. 8

2014 Season

1 Adel Huge. Won 20 cont poss, nine clearances, six inside-50s and six tackles. 9
2 Bris Led from front again with 17 cont poss, seven inside-50s, seven tackles, one goal. 8
3 Coll Made a few uncharacteristic errors but still among the best. Eight clearances. 7
4 WCE Set team on path with first goal and ended with three. Another big one. 8
5 Haw Langford nullified his influence but got into game late when it mattered. 6
6 Port Didn’t like Cornes attention and appeared to get frustrated. 4
7 Rich Subdued by Grigg in first half then Deledio in second. Inspirational goal late. 5
9 Frem Gave all to grab 18 contested possessions, nine clearances, four inside-50s. 8
10 NM Quiet forward for much of three quarters then a key when released late. 6
11 Syd Work-rate first class but lacked support. Only one inside-50. 7
12 Carl Well held but managed to find way to kick winning goal and 10 clearances. 6
13 StK Played forward most of day and kicked three goals despite Weller attention. 6
14 GCS Workrate enormous but not impact we are accustomed to – seven clearances. 6
15 Ess Still tad shy of best but found way to contribute two goals and 13 cont poss. 7
16 WB Tagged out of game by Wallis but contributed 11 tackles. 4
17 Melb Huge first half netted 23 disposals then McKenzie shut him out a little. 7
18 GWS Brownlow charge? Huge game then helped seal win with key late goal from 50. 8
19 NM Back to his best for third match in a row. Seven inside-50s, five clearances. 8
20 Frem Laid 11 tackles, won 13 contested possessions and worked his butt off. 7
21 Carl Massive first half (17 disposals) then Carrazzo shut him out brilliantly. 6
22 Haw Huge first half (17 disposals) then went right out of the game after half time. 6
23 Bris Three Brownlow votes? Two goals, 16 cont poss, nine tackles, six clearances. 8
QF Haw Three goals, seven inside-50s, nine clearances and 16 contested possessions. 8
SF NM Battled manfully but as in previous week output dropped after half time. 7
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Haw Workrate again first class. Never stops trying regardless of the scoreboard. 9
2 NM Last term enormous – 11 effective disposals, 4 I50s, six cont poss, two tackles. 7
3 Carl Barring injury games was held to second lowest tally of kicks in career. OK late. 4
4 Syd Enormous. Hard to enhance your reputation at his level but he did. 10
5 WB Tagged heavily by Lower and not as effective as he can be. Did kick two goals. 6
6 Rich Not his best night but lifted after half time to grab 14 possessions. 6
7 Ess Tagged by Hocking but kept battling – eight tackles, five inside-50s. 6
8 Coll Shut out by Macaffer in first half then had huge third term. Only six kicks. 6
9 Port Tagged heavily by Cornes and handy with five clearances then subbed out. 6
10 GCS Hasn’t been his best month but contributed six inside-50s and four clearances. 6
11 GWS Cats’ best – 12 cont poss, two goals, seven tackles, five clearances. 8
13 Bris Won 17 cont poss, seven clearances, seven inside-50s and five tackles. Never stopped. 8
14 Frem Crowley held him very well. Always under pressure but kept on battling. 4
15 Haw Huge – eight clearances, 19 cont poss, seven tackles, three inside-50s and a goal. 8
16 Melb Celebrated 150 with nine clearances, 10 tackles, eight inside-50s, 13 contested poss. 8
17 Adel Three goals in first half a career high. Cats’ best – 14 cont poss, eight tackles. 8
18 StK Superb again. Three goals to go with 10 cont poss and five inside-50s. 8
19 NM Work-rate good but didn’t have impact he can. Didn’t hit the scoreboard. 7
20 Port Four goals to go with 14 cont poss, five tackles, six clearances and 11 marks. 9
21 WCE Produced second four-goal haul in as many weeks as well as five tackles, 11 cont poss. 9
22 Syd Despite Jack/Hannebery attention he kicked two goals from 13 cont poss. 8
23 Bris Golby had him at times and nullified him to a degree. Key goal in final term. 7
QF Frem Suban tagged him early and struggled first half. Workrate lifted after half time. 6
SF Port Got side going in third term and ended with 15 cont poss, 6 clearances and a goal. 7
PF Haw Battled super hard and solid enough without playing one of his blinders. 7

2012 Season

1 Frem Cats’ best. Won hard footy, never stopped running and was relentless. 9
2 Haw His ferocity was second to none – 24 touches. Massive. 8
3 NM Had 29 touches, eight inside 50s, 86% efficiency to be Cats’ best mid. 8
4 Rich Aggression and ferocity again a key to a super performance – 27 disposals. 8
5 Bris Got away from Raines tag to be a factor and kicked one great goal. 6
7 Adel Coached praised him after 10 clearances, five tackles and a great goal. 8
8 Coll Massive: 20 cont. possessions, six clearances, 11 inside 50s, five brutal tackles. 9
9 WB Tagged by Picken who curbed his influence but he kept on working as always. 6
10 GWS Injured knee early but returned. Out of sorts but got going in second half. 5
11 Carl Huge: 14 cont poss, six tackles, eight inside-50s, two goals, two goal assists. 9
13 Syd Efficiency down a little but his leadership and attack on the ball was first rate. 7
14 Port Among best again highlighted by two quick goals in second term. 7
15 GCS Sloppy early but lifted his team out of the mire with a great third term. 8
16 Coll One of his quieter games despite five clearances and two goals. 6
17 Ess Quelled by Heppell/Howlett. Nice to see team perform without his influence. 5
18 Adel Huge last quarter iced his seven clearance, six tackle and eight inside-50 effort. 8
19 Haw Nine clearances, eight inside-50s, 11 tackle and set up winning goal. 9
20 WCE Had one of his quiet nights despite huge workrate – only four clearances. 6
21 StK By his lofty standards had a quiet one but 7 disp and 3 clearances in last term. 5
23 Syd His eight second-half clearances and nine for game were a key. Huge. 8
EF Frem Cats’ best by length of Flemington straight – nine clearances, used ball well. 8