#7   Hawthorn

Age: 29yr 11mth Games: 168 Born: Jul 11, 1989
Height: 200cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Facing a challenge from Vickery as No. 1 ruckman. At the moment it’s his but landscape could change.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Even battle in ruck with McKernan, whose athleticism troubled him at stages. Pushed forward for two handy goals though. 6
2 Adel Big man couldn’t get near it in opening stanza and was well beaten by Jacobs in the head-to-head duel. 3
3 GCS Out rucked by Witts. Not a massive presence around the ground either. 4
4 Geel Game 150 ended badly. Actually one of the Hawks’ best but the effort mattered little as side crumbled around him. 7
5 WCE Sensational in third term and ran the game out well opposed to Vardy. Marking was back to its best. 8
6 StK Snuck forward a couple of times on Longer to kick two goals. One of the few Hawks who can hold head high. 7
7 Melb Able to use his height to create havoc up forward with two first half goals that proved crucial; 11 hit-outs to advantage. 6
8 Bris Beaten in the ruck by Martin but as always, made himself a target inside 50. 5
9 Coll Continued his good season. Only two kicks but got involved tackling (seven) and managed a goal. 5
10 Syd Continued fine season in the ruck with 40-odd hitouts and helped get team off to a fast start. 7
11 Port Got hammered in the ruck by Ryder and just battled. Couple of nice marks but that was about it. 3
12 GCS Struggled early but last 45 minutes was really solid. Kicked a goal and had 32 hit-outs and two clearances. 6
13 Shoulder.
14 Adel Came out even with Jacobs, neither ruckman dominated. 5
15 Coll Inform ruckman took it to Grundy. Won some key taps to set up team early in final term; 9 possessions. 6
16 GWS 53 hitouts, five marks and a couple grassed. Missed a set shot in the fourth quarter he should have nailed. Beat Mummy though. 8
17 Geel Rucked well in what was a great battle with Smith; 14 hit-outs to advantage and 10 possessions. Did his job. 6
18 Frem Would have liked a better performance against Darcy. But kicked a goal. 6
19 Syd A good night for Big Ben who was also in the physical wars, 23 hit outs and 16 disposals. 7
20 Rich Quiet early and theme continued for the day in what was one of his few bad ones for the year. 2
21 NM Directly assisted Bruest for three of his goals and kicked one of his own. Solid in the middle. 6
22 Carl Great battle with Kreuzer. Worked hard around the ground and kicked a goal when drifting forward. 7
23 WB Rucked pretty much all night and took some timely marks all over the ground. Won the centre clearance battle. 7

2016 Season

1 Geel The better of the two rucks, but unable to go with Smith around the ground. 4
2 WCE Started in ruck and kicked first goal. Naitanui had his measure in hitouts but battled hard. 5
3 WB His two goals, including one late, put the cream on a good game in the ruck. 7
4 StK Steady ruck effort against former club. Strong body in contest at times was handy. 5
5 Adel Strong game in ruck and chipped in with a goal. 5
6 GWS Found the ball well in early passages and ruckwork was just fair. 5
7 Rich Good in the ruck, but Ceglar did more in attack. 5
8 Frem Did plenty of heavy work in packs and generated moves. 6
9 Syd No impact in first quarter but clawed his way back into contest. 5
10 Bris Played his role up forward and in the ruck. Took three marks inside 50 and kicked 3.0. 6
11 Melb Took one strong mark but that was about it. Not a day for big men. 3
13 NM Stats don’t show it but his bullocking work around the ground was useful. 6
14 GCS Rotated ruck/forward but was hardly sighted. Two kicks, three marks. 3
16 Port Great double act with Ceglar, combined the ruck duties with resting up forward well. 6
17 Syd Thrashed by Swan duo. Didn’t take a mark and managed two kicks. 2
18 Rich Seven marks and one goal. Handy without going overboard. 5
19 Carl Clunked some telling marks and kicked an important goal late in the game. 5
20 Melb Got out under Gawn spell and struggled to impact. Two marks and four kicks. 2
21 NM Couldn’t get into the game to any great degree in ruck or up forward. 3
22 WCE Couldn’t stop Naitanui from giving the Eagles first use. 4
23 Back.
QF Geel On top in ruck duels and brought ball to ground but not as influential around field. 5
SF WB Nine hit-outs to advantage, took a few marks and roved his own work at times. 6

2015 Season

1 Geel Goal late in second term and kicked another which was a highlight. 4
2 Ess Rotated through ruck/forward then shifted to defence to mind Carlisle. Did OK. 5
3 WB Played his role in ruck with time in attack and also prepared to work back. 5
4 Port Got caught out on Schulz when Lake was subbed out. 4
5 NM Deputised for Ceglar in ruck and spent time in a few other roles. Solid. 5
6 GWS Found it tough to get into the game and was subbed out late in the third quarter. 3
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 VFL Spent time in ruck and attack. 21 hitouts and a goal. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL 31 hitouts and a goal. Had a big impact in first half. -
13 VFL Hawks’ best in ruck/forward. 16 possessions, 49 hitouts. -
14 VFL 43 hitouts and a goal but didn’t totally dominate as expected. -
15 Frem Strong return to senior lineup. Solid in ruck and pressed forward to be a target. 6
16 Syd Used ruck/forward and rewarded with two goals. Ball use brilliant. 6
17 Carl Two goals and some handy work all over ground. Working well with Hale. 6
18 Rich Two marks and one kick not enough for the big man. Didn’t hit scoreboard. 3
19 WCE Rucked strongly. Gave Hawthorn first use of the ball. 7
20 Geel Not as good as Hale in the ruck but better around the ground. 5
21 Port Comprehensively beaten by Ryder in ruck but took a few grabs. 4
22 Bris The best of the Hawks’ rucks and pushed forward for a good mark and goal. 7
23 Carl Did some good work in ruck but wasn’t a big factor around ground. 5
QF WCE Tried hard to counter Naitanui. Gave all he could and not the worst. 4
SF Adel Modest stats but in context of the game it mattered little. Needs to lift. 3
PF Frem Solid and stood up late when the game was on the line. One critical goal. 6
GF WCE Honest reliable display in ruck and plucked a couple of telling marks. 6

2014 Season

1 Bris Shaded Leuenberger in his Hawk debut. A good start to the season. 6
2 Ess Looked a little out of touch at times but had eight hit-outs to advantage. 4
3 Calf.
4 Calf.
5 Geel Subbed out at three-quarter time after one goal. Beaten in the ruck. 3
6 Rich Toiled honestly and fired out plenty of handballs from inside packs. 6
7 StK Solid game without dominating. 5
8 Syd Worked into contest after slow start – eight hit-outs to advantage. 5
10 Port Subbed out of the game with a corked leg. 2
11 Hamstring.
12 Hamstring.
13 VFL Struggled early but had a hand in things late. -
14 VFL Beaten in the ruck but drifted forward to kick five goals. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 VFL Dominated the ruck against Bellchambers in return to form. -
17 Adel Two goals, 24 hit-outs and three clearances. 7
18 Syd Rucked solidly opposed to Pyke and got involved in transition from defence. 6
19 WB Terrific first half and marking was excellent. 6
20 Melb Had 22 hitouts working in tandem with Hale. OK but not yet at his best. 5
21 Frem Beaten by Sandilands. Not much around the ground. 4
22 VFL Even battle with Warnock in ruck, but two goals in attack. -
23 VFL Controlled the ruck and pushed forward for four handy goals. -
QF VFL Bye. -
SF VFL Came to the fore when team needed after a controversial week. -
PF Senior emergency.
GF Syd Used experience to great effect and work around the ground excellent. 6

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 GCS Big bloke won ruck duels but had huge workload when Hickey went off. 5
2 Rich Took the honours over Maric in one of his best games for Saints. 8
3 GWS Dominated ruck early and set the tone. 7
4 Ess Continue good form in the ruck and ran himself to a standstill. 6
5 Syd Handled all ruckwork on his own early and was outnumbered. 5
6 Coll Solid in the ruck. Seemed to have trouble with handling early, but OK. 6
7 Carl Strong around the ground and took telling marks all night. Big presence. 8
8 Adel Beaten by Jacobs but entitled to a downer after good recent form. 3
9 WB He and Hickey were conclusively outpointed by Minson in ruck duels. 4
10 NM Started in attack. Not the usual aerial force. 4
11 WCE Just going at the moment but battled on. 5
13 Melb On top in ruck taps early until concussed from with Spencer and subbed off. 2
14 Rich Struggling and looks like he is carrying an injury. 3
15 Frem Marked strongly and regained some form. 6
16 Carl Solid toiling game but shaded overall by Kreuzer. 5
17 Port Marked strongly in the ruck and kicked three goals. 6
18 Geel Didn’t impact the game as coach would have wanted given Simpson went off. 3
19 Bris Beaten overall by Leuenberger. 4
20 Haw Solid night pitted mainly against Hale. 5
21 Syd Struggled and lacked zip. Looked injured and was subbed out. 2
22 GCS Most of his best work was in ruck duels, 5
23 Frem Battled on valiantly against Sandilands. 5

2012 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Port Saints timed his use with others doing early ruck work. 6
2 GCS Strong work in the ruck all day. 6
3 WB Lowered his colours to Minson in ruck. 4
4 Frem Tough task against monolithic Sandilands. 4
5 Melb Beaten by Jamar in ruck contests but did a few things around ground. 4
12 Adel Rusty after a long absence and will be better for the run. 2
14 NM Marked strongly although beaten in ruck contests by Goldstein. 6
15 Ess Great anticipation of where to place himself around the field. 6
16 Bris Took important marks and read play well around the ground. 6
17 Syd Strong game overall but Pyke didn’t let him dominate after Mumford went off. 6
18 WB Durable effort in the ruck. 5
19 Coll Jolly beat him and was better equipped on the big ground. 3
20 Melb Had the upper hand in ruck duels without big influence around ground. 6
21 Geel Marked strongly around ground but didn’t make enough of ruck work. 6
22 GWS Giles outdid him in ruck duels. Took a spectacular mark. 5
23 Carl Worked hard around ground but beaten in ruck contests. 5