#16   Richmond

Age: 31yr 7mth Games: 98 Born: Mar 21, 1988
Height: 201cm Weight: 104kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Back tightness has hampered him recently and looks to have lost his spot as the first-choice ruckman. Will need a big start to the season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Back.
2 Back.
3 Back.
4 Back.
5 Back.
6 Back.
7 Back.
8 Back.
9 Back.
10 Back.
11 Back.
12 Back.
13 VFL Back. -
14 Back.
15 Back.
16 Back.
17 Back.
18 Back.
19 Back.
20 Back.
21 VFL Back from injury and was pretty rusty. -
22 VFL Working his way back to full fitness. Played well with 20 hitouts and two goals. -
23 VFL Did the bulk of the ruckwork and was the dominant big man on the ground. -
QF VFL The best of the Tigers rucks with 44 hitouts, but tired as the game wore on. -
SF VFL Helped to double-team Pittonet in the ruck. 24 hitouts and was good. -
PF VFL Got the better of the ruck match-up and took seven marks. Up and down afternoon though. -
GF Senior emergency.

2016 Season

1 Carl Missed a sitter from 15m out, but ruckwork was serviceable in absence of Maric. 4
2 Coll Did OK in ruck duel with Grundy. Missed two set shots, but had a real dip. 6
3 Adel Possibly his best game at AFL level – certainly his best for the Tigers. Marked strongly and rucked well. 7
4 WCE Injured early. Fought on and then got benched for the second half. 2
5 Thigh.
6 Port Started in ruck and relieved by Maric. Won hit-outs but an ineffective game. 2
7 Haw Plenty of hit-outs in ruck, but didn’t feature around the ground. 4
8 Syd Took most of the ruck duties and tapwork very good when it mattered despite low general stats. 6
9 Frem Rucked well. Won 12 of the 20 centre bounce hit outs. 6
10 Ess Three kicks but did have 10 hit-outs to advantage. Team still lost clearances. 3
11 NM Dominated ruck duels with 51 taps, but North always won ball at his feet. 5
12 GCS Got the better of ruck duel with Nicholls and pressed forward for key mark and goal. 6
14 Bris Had the better of Martin in ruck early but the Lion got on top later. Injured knee in dying minutes. 6
15 Knee.
16 WB Won the ruck battle. Had 14 hit-outs to advantage and took four marks. 7
17 Ess Got the better of ruck duel with Leuenberger for 40 hit-outs but hampered at stages. 7
18 Haw Battled hard for his team. Had 16 hit-outs to advantage so did his job. 6
19 GWS Ruck work was solid (37 hit-outs) despite limited influence around the ground. 5
20 Coll Beaten early but recovered after half time in the ruck. Stats modest. 4
21 Geel Great game. Had 11 hit-outs to advantage and took some towering marks. 7
22 StK Worked hard but dropped marks, fumbled and lacked a dominant presence. 4
23 Syd Toiled hard in the ruck (29 hit-outs) but no impact around the ground (one mark). 4

2015 Season

1 Ankle.
2 Ankle.
3 VFL Dominated ruck (53 hitouts), but midfielders didn’t take advantage. -
4 VFL Had a mammoth 73 hitouts in romp against Frankston. -
5 VFL Smashed McIntosh – 54 hitouts but Cat was better on deck. -
6 VFL Had 40 hitouts and kicked a goal against Roosters. -
7 VFL Got on top after half time in ruck with 55 hitouts. -
8 VFL 48 hitouts but lowered colors to Gawn and Jamar. -
9 VFL Got the better of ruck duel with Jonathan Giles. -
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Carl Rucked well and grabbed some marks to provide a handy contribution. 6
16 StK Won the most hit-outs of anybody on ground. 6
17 Frem Going OK in ruck and attack until rolled ankle ended day. 3
18 Ankle.
19 Adel Played his part as second ruckman but did little else, gathering just one kick. 5
20 VFL 51 hitouts and took some good marks in contests. -
21 VFL Poor game in the ruck opposed to Magpie talls. -
22 VFL Gave Tigers’ first use with 40 hitouts in the middle. -
23 -
EF -

2014 Season

1 GCS Got the better of Nicholls in the ruck in a promising start to his Tiger career. 6
2 Carl Did more around ground than Warnock in first half. Steady. 4
3 Knee.
4 Coll Shaded the Pies’ tall duo in the air but had zero effect at ground level. 5
5 Bris With 52 hit-outs clearly the best ruckman on the ground. 6
6 Haw OK in taps but not much input around the ground. 3
7 Geel Battled Cat duo and did OK but no big man played a key role in the wet. 4
9 Melb Well beaten in the ruck and then subbed off. 3
10 GWS More than held his own in the ruck against Mumford. Best game for the club. 7
11 Ess Not able to get involved and subbed out in third term. Will he hold place? 2
12 VFL Bye. -
13 Frem Ruckwork OK (nine hit-outs to advantage) but couldn’t catch a cold up forward. 3
14 Syd Rolled ankle in third quarter but did kick first goal as a Tiger. 5
15 VFL Had 29 hitouts but missed a few gettable shots. -
16 VFL Had 31 hitouts rotating through ruck against Fitzpatrick. -
17 VFL Even ruck duel with Simpson in tight win over the Cats. -
18 VFL Started well but drifted from the game. 40 hitouts. -
19 Rib.
20 VFL Spent more time forward. Kicked 2.1 and had 39 hitouts. -
21 VFL 29 hitouts and a goal to help control the ruck. -
22 VFL Took some string marks and did well against Minson. -
23 -
QF -
EF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Moved/marked well but kicking let him down – 1.2 and one out on the full. 6
2 Appendix.
3 Geel Assumed No. 1 ruck role when Kreuzer went off but struggled. 3
4 WCE Took it up to Cox and broke even, a big victory for the Blues. 6
5 Adel Poor night. Couldn’t catch a cold and had no influence at all. 2
6 Melb Took five contested marks and eight in total. Kicking still a worry. 6
7 StK Stationed forward but apart from rare occasion he failed to deliver. 4
8 VFL Competed hard in the ruck and took a few nice marks. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Rotated between the ruck and forward. Wayward in front of goal. -
11 VFL OK in the ruck but was frozen for chances up front. -
12 VFL Won the ruck battle and was a handful up forward. -
13 VFL Competed well against Campbell and Wood in the ruck. Solid outing. -
14 Rested.
15 VFL Injured his knee early and took no further part. -
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.
QF Knee.
EF Knee.

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Handy with three goals and ruckwork. Again didn’t hold all marks. 6
2 Bris Shared ruckwork equally with Kreuzer and was OK. 5
3 Coll Opposed by Keefe. Strong in aerial contests and also forced ball down. 6
4 Ess Battled manfully for 22 hit-outs but took only 2 marks 4
5 Frem Nice mark and goal early but generally battled in terms of influence. 3
6 GWS Great game. Kicked three goals, including two beauties – 31 hit outs. 8
7 StK Great first term then went right out game – 31 hitouts (six to advantage). 3
8 Adel Hammered by Jacobs who outworked and completely outplayed him. 1
9 Melb Kicked two goals and provided a target in Waite’s absence – nine marks. 6
10 Port Looked dangerous at times with his strong aerial ability. 5
11 Geel Struggled up forward and fared marginally better in ruck – one kick all night. 3
14 Haw Didn’t hold a few marks and had a flat night. 4
15 Coll Injured knee in marking contest 10 minutes in and night was done. 0