Age: 30yr 1mth Games: 101 Born: May 11, 1989
Height: 187cm Weight: 85kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   The former co-captain fell out of favour at times in 2015 and again faces a battle to regain his place in the best 22. Has been tried in a few roles, but not with any great success. Has given himself every opportunity to succeed with a big pre-season.

2016 NAB Cup:   Featured in all three games in new role as wing/half forward. Wouldn’t have forced his way back into best 22 yet.

2016 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Played in Casey intra-club.
2 Played in VFL trial against Box Hill.
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Drifted all over the ground on way to 27 touches, seven marks and two goals. -
5 VFL Unable to get anything going on a disappointing night against the Seagulls. -
6 VFL Won his fair share of the ball without being a standout. -
7 VFL One of Casey’s best in thumping win over the Blues. -
8 Senior emergency.
9 VFL Slow start but worked into game to be one of the best in final three terms. 35 touches. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Did well again, especially around the stoppages where Casey got on top. -
12 VFL In and out of the game, but did well in patches. 15 disposals. -
13 VFL Gave forwards plenty of supply with seven inside-50s. -
14 VFL Bye. -
15 VFL Another impressive showing that should lead to a belated call-up. 28 touches. -
16 Frem Back in team and racked up great numbers but needs to move the ball on quicker at times. 7
17 StK Indecisive with ball in hand, hesitant at the contest and looked to be running on a treadmill. 2
18 VFL Relishes this level and again was strong on a wing. 31 touches. -
19 VFL Another big showing and will have impressed potential suitors. 40 touches. -
20 VFL Again big numbers in VFL. Won own ball and was good on outside. -
21 VFL Continued VFL domination on a wing with another 42 touches. -
22 VFL Big numbers again on a wing in defeat to Geelong. 36 possessions. -
23 VFL 28 possessions again and might be a value Liston Trophy bet. -

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Put up hand for a recall with 20 touches and 0.3. -
4 VFL In line for senior recall after sturdy display at half back. -
5 Frem Did a decent job on Ballantyne on return to team. Still made the odd basic error. 5
6 VFL 31 possessions and a goal into the wind. Battled hard. -
7 Haw A lot of the ball in the end but spent most of the day chasing his opponent. 4
8 WB Battled well on Dahlhaus. After getting beaten early he responded well. 6
9 Port Trailed opponent a few times but used ball better than he has done. 5
10 Senior emergency.
11 StK Caught behind too often in important stages. 3
12 Thumb.
13 Thumb.
14 Thumb.
15 VFL Good effort with 13 touches, one goal and 15 tackles. -
16 VFL One of Casey’s best at half back and through midfield. -
17 StK Plenty of footy but still lacks substance when going forward. 5
18 Coll Did his job solidly down back, closed down Fasolo in the second half. 6
19 NM Not a huge game off half back. No mistakes but not huge impact. 4
20 WB Sub. On in third term and was OK in surge but drifted out late. 3
21 Carl Started forward and kicked Dees first, then went back. Not the worst. 6
22 Frem The sub. Ended up the team’s fourth highest possession winner. 6
23 GWS An early error that cost a goal but kicked a ripper later on and was handy. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Everywhere in defence early and put in a solid effort. 6
2 WCE Not the best, nor the worst. Battled hard most of the day. 5
3 GWS Drifted across half back and did basically nothing. 2
4 Carl Best game for the year. Six rebound 50s, used the ball well, work-rate huge. 8
5 GCS Up and down afternoon. Beaten too easily at times, but courageous at others. 4
6 Syd Improved ball use off half back this week and solid defensively. 6
7 Adel Along with Howe kept intercepting marks in the back 50. 6
8 WB Ran with Griffen and wore him. Didn’t get a lot of own ball but battled hard. 6
9 Rich Moved onto Martin and quelled his domination. 6
11 Port Tried hard but made some monumentally poor decisions with ball in hand. 4
12 Coll Defended well and was better with ball in hand than previous weeks 5
13 Ess Spent time on Zaharakis when forward and pushed into attack for a handy goal. 6
14 NM Continues to make head-scratching decisions and was led a merry dance by Harvey. 4
15 WB Kicked two team-lifting goals and was resilient in defence. One of his best this year. 7
16 Frem Form runs hot and cold from week to week. Error riddled evening. 4
17 Geel OK without setting the world on fire down back. Didn’t influence game. 5
18 Port A trier, but kicking lets him and the team down. Late ‘out on the full’ was a killer. 4
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 GWS Made some poor errors before being subbed off with a hamstring injury. 2
22 Hamstring.
23 Hamstring.
QF -
SF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port Spent more time directing teammates than anything else. Plenty of junk touches. 4
2 Ess Overburdened by the captaincy. Had a go but accountability was poor again. 3
3 WCE Tried valiantly in the back half and provided some dash early. 6
4 GWS A key around the footy with 12 cont poss, seven tackles and five clearances. 7
5 Bris OK without being a standout. Better defensively and used the ball fairly well. 6
6 Carl Going well until badly damaged a shoulder late in the first term and day done. 1
7 Shoulder.
8 Shoulder.
9 Shoulder.
10 Shoulder.
11 Shoulder.
12 Shoulder.
13 Shoulder.
14 Shoulder.
15 Syd Did enough without starring. Form heading in the right direction. 5
16 Geel Laid team-high 12 tackles but didn’t offer much offensively – one inside-50. 4
17 Bris Ran with Rich and beaten on the night. Where is his best position? 4
18 NM Tried to go with Wells but beaten comprehensively. 4
19 GWS Tagged opposing skipper Ward and was shown up. Needs to step up as a leader. 2
20 GCS Had the job on O’Meara and had to work hard. 4
21 Frem Where is he at? Accountability poor and disposal efficiency under par. Must lift. 3
22 Adel Rebounded the footy out of defensive 50 on five occasions. 6
23 WB Worked hard to gather team-high 23 possessions. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris Did a few good things but weight of ball against started to tell. 5
2 WCE Got flattened but came back on and kept working hard. 5
3 Rich Made a bad blue early and then knocked out after a tackle. Just battled. 4
5 StK Wilkes caused him some problems. 7
6 Geel Close to Demons’ best. Worked hard off half back and used ball well. 7
7 Haw Began on the wing opposed to Young. Tried valiantly all night. 6
8 Syd Like a good leader kept his head when others seemed to chuck in the towel. 6
9 Carl Stepped up with a good effort across half back – 10 contested possessions. 7
10 Ess Went to Watson in second term and won a lot of the ball in his own right. 6
11 Coll Used in midfield where his tried his guts out. Effort first class which was a key. 7
13 GWS Won plenty of ball but let himself down at times with disposal. 6
14 Bris Worked hard to stem the tide of Lions possession. 6
15 Rich No influence on contest when side desperately needed him – one inside-50. 4
16 Frem Won his share of ball but didn’t hurt the Dockers with too many of them. 6
17 Port Unrelenting game and tried to show the way to others. 7
18 NM The co-captain had a good first and final terms, okay in between. 5
19 GCS Copped a couple of heavy knocks early but battled on. Intensity great. 7
20 StK Co-captain played a strong game across four quarters. 7
21 GWS Added nine tackles and seven marks to 24 touches in a strong performance. 7
22 Adel Ran the game out strong with nine touches in the final term. 7
23 Frem Worked hard all night with 23 possessions and six tackles. 7