#22   North Melbourne

Age: 30yr 11mth Games: 191 Born: Jul 01, 1988
Height: 201cm Weight: 103kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Ankle injury has sidelined the ruckman in recent weeks but made it back for the second JLT match.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WCE Got the better of his ruck duel with Vardy and Petrie, but was also dangerous pushing forward – three goals. 8
2 Ankle.
3 GWS Started forward and produced the opening goal. Not sure how well it works with him sharing the ruck duties. 4
4 WB Effort first class from the big man and was able to influence the game around the ground with 21 disposals. 7
5 Frem Battled hard against Sandilands despite getting numerous big whacks. 5
6 GCS Big second quarter helped lift side and he got better as game progressed with his stamina and experience giving edge over Witts. 7
7 Adel Even duel with Jacobs in ruck. Didn’t get as much of the ball as normal, but did his bit. 6
8 Syd Clear-cut best ruckman on the field and also posed problems in attack in the first half. 7
9 Melb Rucked solo all day and was able to set up clearance work for likes of Cunnington and Ziebell. 8
10 Carl Lowered his colours to Kreuzer but still had 36 hit-outs and created a contest. 5
11 Rich Beaten by Nankervis in the ruck. Appears to have lost his zip and jump in marking contests. Five kicks, no marks. 3
12 Bye.
13 StK Controlled ruck duels and also won the ball around the ground. 7
14 WB Rucked against Campbell and mixed good and bad. Didn’t dominate but was much better than previous weeks; 17 disposals. 6
15 GCS Ruck honours went Witts way for the night. Struggling to recapture form of two seasons ago. 4
16 Frem Missed the chance to win the game with set shot. Got on top of Darcy the longer the game went. 6
17 Port Was okay when playing against Paddy Ryder in the ruck but didn’t show enough urgency around the ground. 4
18 VFL Battled strongly all day in conditions that weren't ideal for someone his size. -
19 VFL Undoubtedly best on ground. Did as he pleased in the ruck with 58 hitouts. Pushing AFL recall. -
20 Coll Nothing special but wasn’t horrible. Almost halved the contest with Grundy. Enough to keep his spot? Probably. 5
21 Haw Looks a shadow of himself. Only one kick and fumbled a lot. Cannot play him and Pruess in the same side. 2
22 StK Had a difficult day being poked in eye early and later limping off with knee pain. Beaten by Longer in taps. 6
23 Bris Fairly even contest with Martin. Had treatment on adductor in second term but kept going 5

2016 Season

1 Adel Horrid first half (three disposals) then found top gear to be pivotal after the main break. 6
2 Bris Even battle with Martin throughout. 5
3 Melb Mammoth first term with three goals. Ended with five but lowered colors in ruck to Gawn. 8
4 Frem Got the better of duel with Griffin but balance between running forward and back could be better. 6
5 GCS Put on another clinic in the ruck and booted two goals. 8
6 WB Lacked a bit of normal touch and didn’t hold marks. 5
7 StK Had the edge over Hickey in hit-outs but less of an influence around ground. 5
8 Ess Beat Leuenberger and while not at his best still influenced the contest. 6
9 Carl Ruckwork immense early then three third-term goals. Best afield again in an easy North win. 9
10 Syd Kicked goal in second term and had hands full in ruck with Tippett. Iced up knee in final term. 5
11 Knee.
12 Geel Not same player he was last year. Well beaten by Smith and impact limited. 5
13 Haw Probably not 100 per cent fit and although not usual force around ground, won taps. 5
14 Adel Won the hit-outs against Jacobs, but lost out on overall play around the ground. 6
16 WCE Dominated the hit outs but didn’t have the impact from those taps. 5
17 Port Battling manfully but clearly labouring under some injury concerns. 5
18 Coll Lowered his colours to Grundy but obviously carrying an injury. 5
19 StK Definite edge over Hickey in ruck and around field. 6
20 WB Beat ruckman on ground and starting to regain early season touch. 6
21 Haw Moved better than he has in previous weeks but overall impact still down. 4
22 Syd OK in the ruck (25 hit-outs) against Naismith and Tippett. 5
23 GWS Not really a factor around the ground and beaten in ruck duels by Mumford. Not travelling well. 5
EF Adel Tried hard with 13 hit-outs to advantage and two goals, three marks. 6

2015 Season

1 Adel Won the battle of the ruckmen with 35 hit-outs. 7
2 Bris Commanding and athletic big man who constantly gave North first use. 8
3 Port Had every one of North’s 46 hit-outs so played a lone hand. Battled hard. 7
4 Geel Stamped himself in second half when game was there to be won. 8
5 Haw Had the better of the ruck duel but midfielders didn’t make most of it. 7
6 Rich Huge battle with Maric. Split the points but not a massive factor. 5
7 Ess Zero marks first half and only three for game. 15 hit-outs to advantage. 5
8 Frem Fantastic effort to win 31 hit outs against Sandilands. Showed his skill. 6
9 Coll Clearly North’s best with 51 hitouts and 19 possessions. A tower of strength. 8
10 WCE Naitanui got on top in the ruck but really lifted in the final term. 5
11 Syd After half time he thrashed Pyke. Roos won centre clearances 16-3. 8
12 GWS A record 80 hitouts opposed to young Lobb. Got it going in middle. 9
14 GCS Tried heart out and controlled the ruck. 8
15 Geel Dominated the game and his opponent to be the game’s star. 9
16 Ess Best player on field by panels. 56 hit-outs, eight marks, three Brownlow votes. 10
17 Bris Huge solo first ruck effort and productive in general play. 6
18 Carl Came to the fore after half time to have big say in Roos’ surge. Two goals. 7
19 Melb Great battle with Gawn who gave as good as he got. Solid performance. 7
20 StK Dominant in ruck duels but not as telling around ground as usual. 7
21 Frem Sandilands held sway early but the Goldstein started winning his share. 6
22 WB Totally dominant in ruck. Copped hard knock to hip in third term 7
23 Rested.
EF Rich Gradually wore down Maric and was important getting around ground to link up. 7
SF Syd With 34 hit-outs dominated ruck taps, especially at the end. 7
PF WCE Dominated Naitanui early but cooled a touch. Still shaded contest. 7

2014 Season

1 Ess Hurt his arm in second term but bravely kept going as no alternative rucks. 6
2 WB Displayed courage to battle hard with Minson after shoulder injury last week. 5
3 Port Definitely won the battle in the ruck and even bobbed up to crumb a crucial goal. 6
4 Syd Dominated the hit-outs in another tireless display from the big ruckman. 6
5 Coll Won ruck battle against Grundy and solid enough around the ground. 6
6 Frem Beaten in the ruck by Sandilands, and didn’t get around ground as well he’s like. 4
7 GCS Won the ruck duel with Nicholls, but the Suns whipped the ball way, esp. early. 6
9 Bris Good battle with West and neither had the edge. 5
10 Geel Nine hit-outs to advantage but only one kick and three marks. 4
11 WCE Battled against Eagle ruck tandem, and had little impact around ground. 4
12 Rich 16 hit-outs to advantage , 14 contested possessions and a goal. Huge. 8
13 Adel Great tussle with Jacobs and won the hit-outs 38 to 33. 5
14 Melb Rucked solo pretty much all night and had the better of Jamar. 6
15 Bris Won ruck contest but did not do enough (one mark) in general play. 5
16 Haw Controlled ruck hit outs for first three quarters. Best ruck afield. 6
17 StK Out-rucked Hickey in tap outs and far more resourceful around ground. 8
18 Carl Had upper hand in hit-outs but not usual effectiveness around ground. 4
19 Geel Opened with flurry and kept battling. Nine hit-outs to ad and 12 cont poss. 7
20 GWS Controlled the ruck against Mumford and did well around the ground. 7
21 WB Had the better of Minson around ground in first half, quiet later. 6
22 Adel Hard to split he and Jacobs in ruck battle. 5
23 Soreness.
EF Ess 13 hit-outs to advantage but only one mark. Not his best game. 6
SF Geel Ruck domination got North off to start and took match saving mark. 8
PF Syd Went from chocolates to boiled lollies. Took one mark for the night. 2
GF -

2013 Season

1 Coll Good around the ground in first half and ended up on top of Jolly. 7
2 Geel Best ruckman on the ground – 15 hit-outs to advantage helped midfielders. 7
3 Syd Brave effort in solo ruck effort against Mumford/Pyke. 7
4 Bris Shaded Leuenberger in high-class match-up. 7
5 Haw Continued good form as a No.1 ruckman. 7
6 Port Strong in the ruck all day. 6
7 WB Good duel with Minson in first half. 6
8 WCE Quality performance and best ruckman afield despite being outnumbered. 6
9 Adel Down somewhat and nowhere to be seen at the death. 4
10 StK Best ruckman on the field. 7
11 GCS Had control in the hit-outs but probably beaten around the ground. 5
13 Frem Won most hit-outs of any ruckman but not his usual force in general play 6
14 GWS Won battle with Giles but wasn’t a dominant player by any means. 6
15 Rich Dominated ruck duels against Stephenson to get the ball going North’s way. 8
16 Bris Other than ruckwork, hardly noticed around the ground. 5
17 Carl Most ruck taps but little impact around the ground against pacy Blues. 5
18 Melb Rucked tirelessly with 49 hit outs, 20 touches and two goals. Mighty game. 9
19 Geel Had 10 hit-outs to advantage and gave onballers first use. 7
20 Adel Shaded by Jacobs in the ruck, but battled on. 4
21 Ess Had the upper hand on Bellchambers in the ruck. 6
22 Haw Best on ground in first half (with two goals). Has lacked support all year. 7
23 Coll Kicked two goals and had an influence in a great battle with Grundy. 6

2012 Season

1 Ess He and McIntosh were under the pump against Ryder and Hille. 5
2 GWS Lowered colours to Giles overall. 5
3 Geel One of few Roos to struggle. Only five touches but ruckwork OK. 3
4 Syd Used as the number two ruckman and eventually substituted. 4
5 VFL Amassed a remarkable 64 hit-out and 22 possessions. -
7 WB Struggled again playing forward/ruck. What will coach do with him? 2
8 Port Had a great tussle with Brent Renouf with 38 hit-outs. 7
9 Bris Well on top around ground. Taps with Longer halved for three terms. 8
10 Haw Toiled hard against Hale. 31 hit-outs but midfielders couldn’t capitalise. 6
12 GCS Big effort rucking all night, giving his midfielders first use. 8
13 Adel Halved the battle with Jacobs, but did better around the field. 6
14 StK Won most taps of any ruckman but game punctuated by handling errors. 6
15 WCE Terrific early in ruck contests. Then copped big knock. Stayed on but quieter. 5
16 Carl Halved ruck duels with Kreuzer but neither had big influence around ground. 5
17 Rich Nullified Maric but not a huge amount to offer around the ground. 4
18 Melb Celebrated becoming a father for the second time with 48 hit-outs. 8
19 WB Had a mountain of hits outs but only a few to advantage. Little around ground. 5
20 Ess Bellchambers won out in ruck contests and around the ground. 4
21 Coll Brilliant performance in ruck. Five clearances were invaluable. 8
22 Frem Had his work cut out on Sandilands and soundly beaten. 1
23 GWS Had 30 hit-outs but otherwise rarely sighted. 3
EF WCE No match for Eagle duo and he picked a bad day to have a bad day. 2