#22   Adelaide

Age: 30yr 5mth Games: 98 Born: May 15, 1989
Height: 192cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Hasn’t played senior football in two-and-a-half years but looked good in JLT and big chance to play Round 1.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS First game in 960 days and was up to the pace of the game. 6
2 Haw Played forward and back and was equally handy in both roles. Snagged a goal and laid five tackles. 6
3 Port The surprise packet up forward in the absence of Josh Jenkins with two goals. 6
4 Ess Got the party rolling with a great right foot snap for a goal in the first minute of the match. 5
5 GCS Really worked hard in attack and took nine marks and booted a goal. 6
6 Rich One of the many highlights for the Crows in 2017, remember he hadn’t played a senior game for over two years and is starring. 6
7 NM No real impact in opening hour as ruck support for Jacobs. Bit better in second half but not his day. 4
8 Melb Stopped Jack Watts from scoring, but often got caught as the last man in defence, not as mobile as he used to be. 5
9 Bris The perfect foil for Walker, who got plenty of attention, to snag two goals. 6
10 Frem Career high four goal performance, not as athletic as Mitch McGovern but just as deadly in front of goal, and a perfect foil in attack. 8
11 Geel Didn’t have a kick in the first half and six for the night for one goal. Not his night but season been strong. 2
12 StK Kicked a clever left foot snap in the first term, then shifted to defence to accommodate Jono Beech. 3
13 Bye.
14 Haw Got his hands to plenty of footy but couldn’t clunk any marks, did manage a goal in the last term. 2
15 SANFL Responded to his demotion with two fourth-quarter goals after a slow start. -
16 WB May have lost a yard in pace due to the knee injuries but his football smarts and intercept marking is exceptional. 7
17 Melb Followed Pedersen and had his measure all night. Versatile player. 6
18 Geel Went to Menzel and was able to give him a short back and sides. Played his role to a tee. 7
19 Coll Two goals in the last term after Don Pyke threw everything but the kitchen sink for victory. 6
20 SANFL Bye. -
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 SANFL Didn’t put a foot wrong in defence in return from injury. -
QF Senior emergency.
PF Geel Played his role without getting too aroused by his effort; 13 disposals and one goal. 4
GF Rich Defensive forward option but couldn’t do any damage offensively. Ended day with three effective touches. 1

2016 Season

1 SANFL Defended and intercept marked nicely in backlines. -
2 SANFL Stood firm in defence. Gave Magpies forwards nothing. -
3 SANFL Rebounded nicely at times and played his defensive role solidly. -
4 SANFL Bye. -
5 SANFL Had 25 touches in neat half-back display. Copped a heavy hit late. -
6 Suspended.
7 Suspended.
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 SANFL Had a huge first half and rarely put a foot wrong in defence. -
10 SANFL Bye. -
11 SANFL Acting captain piloted the backline. Kept dangerman Beard goalless. -
12 SANFL Won plenty of it at full-back and gave ex-Crow Johnston a bath. -
13 SANFL Bye. -
14 SANFL Had a decent crack in defence. Definitely not Adelaide's worst. -
15 SANFL Improved as the match wore on. Intercept marking was a treat. -
16 SANFL Sound if unspectacular afternoon at centre half-back. -
17 Thumb.
18 Thumb.
19 Thumb.
20 Thumb.
21 SANFL Unobtrusive in defence. Allowed little to pass and did little wrong. -
22 SANFL Quiet afternoon in Adelaide's massive victory. -
23 SANFL Accumulated plenty of it down back and didn't do much wrong. -
EF SANFL Had the job of minding Eddy who kicked three. Just broke even. -
SF SANFL Stand-in captain tried hard but arguably lowered his colours to Beard. -

2015 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 SANFL Worked his way into the game nicely in return from knee injury. -
16 SANFL Smart performance in defence. Chalked up 18 possessions. -
17 SANFL Wonderful and composed across half-back. 20 touches, 10 marks. -
18 SANFL Never really got into the contest. -
19 SANFL Controlled the half-back line with 20 disposals and nine marks. -
20 SANFL Steady in defence. -
21 SANFL Mopped up efficiently and marshalled the backline. -
22 SANFL Had a solid afternoon after a quiet start. -
23 -
EF -
SF -

2014 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 SANFL Boom return from injury, 24 touches, 11 marks as defender. -
6 SANFL Well below his best. -
7 SANFL Very good in defence. -
8 SANFL Certainly not disgraced in beaten defence. -
9 SANFL Had a blinding first half in defence, solid thereafter. -
10 Senior emergency.
11 GCS Played as the third tall defender and shut down Sam Day. 6
12 Frem Had the job on Mayne and started well, but the Docker ended up on top. 4
13 NM Kept Black goalless. 6
14 Ess Solid defensively. Did his job. 5
15 Port Good dual with Westhoff keeping him to one goal. 5
16 GWS Started briefly on Tomlinson then to Patton when Rutten injured. Solid. 6
17 Haw Struggled with Gunston and didn’t provide run from defence either. 3
18 Coll Had Reid covered and that was his main priority. 6
19 WCE Had his hands full with Darling, conceding three goals. 5
20 Bris Knee injury ended his game in second term. 3
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Ess Had Crameri covered so that was his main task. Not much on attacking side. 4
2 Bris Quiet second half but played the role required. 4
3 Port Struggled at times across half back but did sneak forward to score a goal. 5
4 WB Outstanding in defence, either marked or spoiled the footy on all occasions. 9
5 Carl Kicked three when moved forward after quarter time. Provided a useful target. 6
6 Haw Put his body on line time after time running back with the flight of the ball. 5
7 GWS Was against Tomlinson and had his hands full all day. 5
8 StK Prominent early across half back. 5
9 NM Had Black/Daw at times and had them covered. Not much offensively. 4
10 Frem Often the last line in defence and played his role down back. 5
11 Syd Could claim honours in defensive battles. 5
12 Rich Had A Edwards to mind for lot of the day and had him covered. 6
14 GCS Did what was required down back. 4
15 WCE Blanketed Darling completely out of the game. 9
16 Coll Minimal impact. 3
17 Geel Used forward to kick two goals that proved a handy return in tight game. 6
18 Frem Shadowed Mayne and stuck to the task but the Docker got the points. 5
19 Port Failed to keep his feet in a costly error allowing Butcher to goal. 4
20 NM Surprisingly started forward and booted first. Also had stints in ruck and back. 5
21 WB Used forward with success (three goals). Only tall forward who was dangerous. 6
22 Melb Playing more as a tall forward these days and shows plenty of footy smarts. 6
23 WCE Marked strongly and had edge over Brown then Glass to kick three goals. 7

2012 Season

1 GCS Kept Matera in check and provided some good run from down back. 6
2 WB Only the four disposals but was serviceable across half back. 5
3 Haw On Whitecross at start and had his problems. 4
4 SANFL Kept Ruory Kirkby to just the 10 touches. -
5 Port Late call up for Sam Shaw and had his hands full with Westhoff. 4
6 SANFL Had 24 possessions for South Adelaide. -
8 SANFL Solid effort at half back with 26 disposals. -
10 SANFL Among the better players for South against Norwood. -
11 SANFL Solid outing in defence for South with 20 touches. -
12 SANFL Solid with 21 touches in the midfield, across half back. -
14 SANFL Sturdy for South Adelaide. -
15 SANFL Serviceable effort at half back for South Adelaide. -
17 WCE Showed great commitment going back with the flight of the ball. 7
23 SANFL Returned from injury with 12 possessions for South. -
QF SANFL 17 possessions across half back for South Adelaide. -
PF Haw Six tackles first half helped set the tone. Shaky at times but tried hard. 6