#35   Carlton

Age: 29yr 10mth Games: 123 Born: Nov 07, 1989
Height: 181cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Workhorse who needs to hold up if shallow midfield is to break even. Averaged seven tackles a game in 2016.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Battled hard all night but impact not huge. Four tackles and five clearances. 5
2 Melb Attached himself to Jordan Lewis’ back like a Kathmandu hiking back-pack. Limited his impact and won his own ball. 7
3 Ess Tagged Merrett who had 29 disposals but he worked hard himself. Kicked critical goal in final term. 7
4 GCS Spent time shadowing Hall and battled away, but wasn’t able to limit the Suns’ ball accumulation. 5
5 Port Laid five tackles and had three inside-50’s but couldn’t stop the hard bodied midfielders of the Power. 5
6 Syd Dour midfield type put in typical effort highlighted by nine tackles, six inside-50s and five clearances. 7
7 Coll Busy first term with nine disposals. Did his best to foil Pendlebury at stoppages (nine tackles) and came out on top. 7
8 StK Ran hard as always and left nothing in the tank. 6
9 Frem Good job following Brad Hill. Won 31 disposals of his own. 7
10 NM Lacked some polish but worked his backside off as usual and finished with 32 touches and seven tackles. 7
11 Bye.
12 GWS Worked against Scully and did well in restricting the Giants’ ability to link and bring others into the game. 6
13 GCS Shut down Ablett's influence when moved to him halfway through first quarter. 8
14 Rich Spent time running with Dusty, but wasn’t overly effective. 4
15 Throat.
16 Throat.
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23 Throat.

2016 Season

1 Rich Ran wide of McIntosh on a wing then went to Cotchin. Did well in both roles. 6
2 Syd Ten tackles and 24 touches. Ran and worked tirelessly as always. 7
3 GCS Solid through four quarters and led possession count for the team. 7
4 WB Tagged Bontempelli at times and successful in that role. Five clearances. 6
5 Frem Found plenty of the footy and tackled well. 6
6 Ess Huge first half and then went to Zaharkis at times in second half. Always gives his all. 5
7 Coll Good around stoppages in first half opposed to Treloar and won plenty of own ball. 13 tackles too. 8
8 Port Started on Polec on a wing and was too loose early. Tightened up and ended up winning lots of ball. 6
9 NM No clear run-with task in midfield. Did some handy work but not a massive factor. 5
10 Geel Huge effort to tag Selwood out of game and grab 29 disposals himself. Nine tackles. 9
11 Bris Had the better of Rich and laid a game high 12 tackles. 8
12 StK Lined up on old foe Montagna and others and gave an honest account of himself. 6
14 GWS Consistent four-quarter performance in midfield. Helped defence out with six rebounds. 6
15 Coll Nullified influence of Treloar and worked tirelessly with a game-high 12 tackles. 7
16 Adel Made mistakes with ball in hand. Laid 10 tackles but offensively struggled. 4
17 WCE Shadowed Priddis at times and able to nullify his influence. Quiet himself. 4
18 Syd Clearance work at stoppages was exceptional. Eight clearances, six tackles. 7
19 Haw Made some errors by foot but couldn’t fault his work ethic. Four-quarter effort. 6
20 StK Numbers look OK but bely true influence on the game. Not his best outing. 6
21 Bris Helped drag Carlton into the game when all seemed lost. Big effort. 8
22 Melb Did a good job on Viney around ground in first half and won his own ball. 7
23 Knee.

2015 Season

1 Rich Started OK then tapered, but fought back again. 6
2 WCE Shadowed Gaff then Masten and did that well but it mattered little. 4
3 Ess Shadowed Zaharakis at times but failed to impact defensively or offensively. 2
4 StK Did an important job in blanketing Steven. 6
5 Coll Matched on Swan at start and went to Seedsman in second term. 4
6 Bris Did a fine job on Zorko in a win for team on a night there were few. 6
7 GWS Did a good job curtailing Smith at half back. One of Blues’ few winners. 6
8 Geel Harassed and ultimately nullified Selwood. Laid six of team’s 34 tackles. 8
9 Syd Went to Hannebery and did a reasonable job given weight of ball against. 5
10 Adel Didn’t appear to have a hard tag all day and used space to find plenty of ball. 7
12 Port Won plenty of hard ball, four tackles and four clearances. Solid. 7
13 GCS Not prolific through midfield playing a defensive role. 5
14 WB Got lots of the ball and ran himself into the ground in midfield role. 7
15 Rich Work-rate first class but just gives the ball away too often. Four tackles. 5
16 Frem The game’s highest possession winner. Also had six clearances. 7
17 Haw One chase and tackle a highlight. Never stopped trying. 4
18 NM Ran with Harvey who kicked two but didn’t have a massive night. 5
19 Coll Not a big factor in midfield battle but kept clamp on Sidebottom. 5
20 Bris Another who had a below par game. 4
21 Melb Pressure and work-rate first class. Laid seven tackles and three inside-50s. 7
22 GWS Carlton’s best in midfield and was still competing hard when game was gone. 7
23 Haw One of his better games this year. 31 touches in midfield role. 7

2014 Season

1 Port Hard worker in tight early and snagged a couple of nice goals. Quiet end. 6
2 Rich High work ethic. Hard tackler and had a solid game. 6
3 Ess Shadowed a variety of Bombers without a lot of success. No impact himself. 4
4 Melb Work-rate first class and at least looked interested in taking the opponent on. 6
5 WB Lined up on Libba and held his own. Hurt knee when crashed into post. 6
6 Leg.
7 Leg.
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9 Leg.
10 Leg.
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13 Leg.
14 GWS Tried to shut down Shaw, a task he managed after half time. 6
15 Coll Tried hard but let himself down in final term with one horror ball that cost a goal. 6
16 StK Tagged potentially dangerous Steven and totally shut him down 7
17 Syd A little wasteful with ball in hand, he was unable to limit Jack's influence. 5
18 NM Had the job on Harvey and did well early then to Cunnington briefly. 7
19 Frem Thrown task on Hill and superb in blanketing him. Disciplined effort. 7
20 GCS Ran with Bennell who was busy after half time. Found 22 disposals himself. 6
21 Geel Kept Mackie under wraps in a solid defensive job. Heaps of ball himself. 7
22 Port Won plenty of his own footy while playing a run-with role. 6
23 Ess Broke even with Zaharakis and a real goer for four quarters. 6
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 PM Battled on strongly without having a big influence. -
2 VFL Good in the midfield and helped break the game open. -
3 VFL Big contributor around the clearances with smart hands. -
4 WCE Worked on Gaff all night and did a fine job restricting him. 7
5 Adel Did well on Sloane and was hard at the contest. Disposal a concern. 6
6 Melb Ran hard and handy enough as part of the midfield rotation. 6
7 StK Four effective disposals in first half then lifted slightly but rarely a factor. 4
8 Port Kept Boak in-check with another dour run with role. 6
9 Bris Worked tirelessly throughout the night to contribute well. 6
10 GWS Shut out Scully early and provided some run throughout. 6
11 Ess Worked hard in negating role in first half on Stanton. 4
12 Haw Priority for a lot of night was to shut out run of Smith and did it pretty well. 6
14 Syd Led the Blues in tackles (10) in lock down role on Hannebery. Battled on well. 6
15 Coll Shadowed Sidebottom and after bright start lost his compass and struggled. 3
16 StK Tagged Montagna and they continued their somewhat bitter rivalry. 5
17 NM Had the job on the dangerous Harvey and couldn’t totally blanket him. 5
18 GCS Spent time on Ablett but did go about winning his own footy. 5
19 Frem Kept Hill to 14 possessions, but the Docker’s disposals cut Carlton open. 3
20 WB Tagged Cooney and was fair, but the Dog was instrumental as the game wore on. 6
21 Rich Outpointed Cotchin and ran his backside into the ground. 7
22 Ess Had some big moments against Stanton and could hold his head high. 7
23 Port Started on Boak before switching to the damaging Ebert. 7
EF Rich Worked hard in tagging role on Cotchin, but disposal was ordinary. 6
SF Syd Had an important role on Jack, but hurt knee in second term and subbed off. 1

2012 Season

1 Rich Good in tight contests but often hacked ball out with kicks. 6
2 Bris Played his part as support midfielder. Hacks ball out of packs, but effective. 5
3 Coll Solid contribution gave good support. 5
4 Ess Gathered 17 possessions. Solid without doing any damage. 5
5 Frem Not the prettiest conveyance but bullocked his way to 20 disposals. 6
7 StK Won 11 contested possessions but a lack of pace hurts him. 6
8 Adel Ran with Thompson for a lot of the match but simply no match. 3
9 Melb Took up midfield slack with 11 contested possessions and six clearances. 6
10 Port Subbed out of game in third quarter after no real impact on proceedings. 3
12 VFL Pivotal in the Blues’ charge, amassing 33 disposals. -
13 VFL Worked hard, tried to stem the tide going the other way. -
14 VFL One of the few Blues to continue his good form. -
15 Coll Limited but played within those limitations perfectly around the midfield. 6
16 NM Hardly seen until last quarter. 3
17 WB Flashed in and out of play with 17 possessions. Laid six tackles. 5
18 Rich Toiled away inside packs. 5
19 Syd Went to Jack in general play. Couldn’t pin him down. 4
20 Bris Had Rich for a lot of the night and successfully shut him out. 6
21 Ess Tagged Stanton and did a solid job quelling the dangerous Bomber. 6
22 GCS Was not really a factor. 3
23 StK Late inclusion was serviceable. 4