Age: 30yr 5mth Games: 174 Born: Jan 19, 1989
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Has been a solid pick-up after leaving the Bulldogs, but nature of position means he can ill afford any form lulls.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 NM In and out of the game, but bobbed up a few times in the right spot. 5
2 StK With three goals, he had an impact. Gave the team some life inside 50. 5
3 Rich Goalless as a small forward, and didn’t hurt with any of his 12 touches. 4
4 Syd Other than one bit of fancy footwork, unsighted in first hour. Smart third-term goal but missed quite a few chances. 4
5 Haw Two goals, but little to no impact otherwise. Has to find a way to get more of the ball on the road. 3
6 Frem Seems to like derbies. Kicked two first term goals and finished with three 7
7 Port Two goals and two scoring assists from limited disposals. 4
8 WB Quiet. Didn’t look dangerous. 3
9 Senior emergency.
10 GWS Quiet. Didn’t have enough contests. 4
11 GCS Bobbed up with two last quarter goals, though prior to that was ineffective. 4
12 Bye.
13 WAFL Kicked two goals and did some good things. May have earned a recall. -
14 Melb Booted two goals but needs to have more than eight disposals. 5
15 Ill.
16 WAFL Bye. -
17 WAFL Not his best and not sure how he gets back into the AFL. 14 disposals – but at 35.7 per cent, one goal. -
18 WAFL Solid with 13 possessions, six marks and four inside 50s, but not enough to earn AFL recall. -
19 WAFL Was a thorn in Claremont's side all day with 19 disposals, five marks and five tackles. -
20 WAFL Kicked two goals and missed a few other chances. Lively. -
21 Senior emergency.
22 GWS Some good chase down tackles early, but overall, he was poor. Just doesn’t look interested. 3
23 WAFL Goalless and lacked impact in the Royals loss. -
EF -
SF -

2016 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Bris Always in the game, whether it was setting up goals or kicking them himself. 6
2 Haw Poor defensively at half forward to let Gibson roam unattended. No goals. 2
3 Frem His goal gave the Eagles a break. Lively at times. 4
4 Rich An early goal was his main contribution to the contest. 3
5 Syd Apart from long goal didn’t have much of a say. 3
6 Coll Had five score assists. That was the game-high. 5
7 Geel One goal in third term but for the most part he was an onlooker. 3
8 StK Didn’t bob up much after a lively start. 3
9 Port Capitalised on Gaff’s misfortune by kicking goal from the ensuing 50m penalty. 5
10 GCS Booted a late goal. Not a big contributor. 4
11 WB Started well but faded out pretty quickly. Goals came in first and third quarters. 5
12 Adel Played in defence. Did well in the new role. 6
13 Bris Played in patches and possibly beaten by Mayes. 4
15 Ill.
16 NM Quiet. Couldn’t get into the match. 3
17 Carl One goal from seven kicks but certainly not a big factor across half forward. 4
18 Melb Had little impact until he booted a late goal. 4
19 Coll Drifted higher up the ground than normal but still hit the scoreboard with two majors. 6
20 Frem Booted three goals from limited disposals. Did his job. 6
21 GWS Unsighted for long periods in the front half. Not his best. 3
22 Haw Barely touched the ball. 1
23 Adel One goal in the second term but little else. 4
EF WB Failed to flatter against his former side. One goal but generally well held. 3

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Two goals in team that won by 64 points. -
2 WAFL Bye. -
3 Frem Two goals but came when game was well and truly over. 4
4 Bris Low on disposals but made up for it with three goals. 6
5 GWS Booted four goals as a potent small forward. 7
6 Port Two goals and instrumental in the second half comeback. 6
7 GCS Booted another three goals to continue his good form inside 50. 6
8 StK Made most of his chances with four goals. 6
9 Geel Got on the end of some good work to contribute two goals. 5
10 NM Firrito kept him from getting dangerous. Didn’t hit the scoreboard. 3
11 Ess Eight inside 50s, a goal and 18 touches. Quality effort. 7
12 Rich Pitted against the bigger Chaplin early. No impact. 2
14 Melb Not his best night but still found a way to get involved. 4
15 Adel Barely seen until the final term. 2
16 Coll Oxley kept him in reasonable check. Soccered terrific goal. Troubled by shoulder. 5
17 Syd Two disposals in first half and six (one goal) in the second. Quiet day. 3
18 GCS Subbed out after an extremely quiet night. 2
19 Senior emergency.
20 Frem Best on ground with four goals and 20 touches. Saved the game in the last term. 8
21 WB Booted four goals and set up some more. Dangerous all game. 7
22 Adel Another key forward who went missing in action. 3
23 StK Lively in attack with three goals and some others handed off. 6
QF Haw Great run of form continued with three goals, including a ripping soccer goal. 7
PF NM Three touches first half not enough. Only goal was a ripper in final term. 3
GF Haw One freak goal in second term but for the most part well held. 2

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Senior emergency.
2 Senior emergency.
3 WAFL Three goals from 10 kicks in massive win. -
4 Geel Magic goal early but then Hunt shut him down. Four disposals after quarter time. 3
5 Port Blanketed by Jonas and wasn’t able to hit the scoreboard. 3
6 WAFL Little impact with just 13 touches and the one goal. -
7 WAFL Lively up forward with three goals. -
8 WAFL Quiet with 12 possessions and a goal in dominant team. -
9 WAFL Bye. -
10 Coll Nice running goal but when whips were cracking he was nowhere to be seen. 4
11 NM Sub had no impact. 0
12 WAFL Quiet with 11 possessions and a goal. -
13 WAFL 19 possessions and two goals as part of potent forward-line. -
14 WAFL Better showing up forward with two goals from 12 possessions. -
15 WAFL Bye. -
16 WAFL Worked a bit harder for 21 touches, eight marks and a goal. -
17 WAFL 14 possessions, five tackles and two goals. -
18 WAFL Couldn’t have an impact with 12 possessions and no goals. -
19 Adel Returned to the side but failed to trouble the scoreboard. 3
20 Coll One goal, four inside-50s from half forward. Probably could have done more. 5
21 Ess In and out of the game. 3
22 Melb Had Jetta for company and was too elusive in front half. Good contributor. 5
23 GCS Pushed up ground to get involved but not a big day. One inside-50, one goal. 5
QF WAFL Well held up forward to just 10 disposals and one goal. -
SF -
PF WAFL Terribly disappointing with just nine touches and was held goalless -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Frem Finished with two goals and did some nice things, but not enough. 5
2 Haw Kicked three goals and got away from Stratton. 6
3 Melb Floated in and out and provided another dangerous option up forward. 6
4 Carl One effective disposal in opening 60 minutes. Struggled all night to get into the game. 2
5 Port Another who could have iced the game but too casual in approach on goal. 5
6 WB Minor input until he kicked goal after final siren. 3
7 Bris Bobbed up late with two goals in the final term. Made things happen. 6
8 NM Massive final term paved the way for the win. Ended with three goals. 7
9 GWS Bobbed up at different times during the game to contribute to the win. 5
10 Rich Couldn’t get a foothold in first half. Lifted in third term 4
11 StK Very quiet day. 3
13 Hamstring.
14 Hamstring.
15 Adel Wonderful soccer goal before the quarter time siren in his 100th game. 3
16 Frem Couldn’t get a foothold on the game. 2
17 Syd Showed a few bright moments but had little space among the Swans defence. 4
18 WB Two first-quarter goals then another in final term. Very little in between. 5
19 GCS Made the most of his chances with three goals, 6
20 Ess Wasn’t a major player but got on the end of a few passages to end with two important goals. 5
21 Geel Only kick was a goal so he made it count. Thrashed by Mackie/Enright. 1
22 Coll Horrid again. Had five effective disposals and kicked 0.3. WAFL for last round? 2
23 Adel With future under the spotlight he hardly gave a whimper. 2

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Three goals from seven possessions against old side pleased him no end. 6
2 Melb Booted 3.2 and set up some other shots. Was busy. 6
3 GWS Just the one goal playing as a half forward. 3
4 Haw Only seven disposals but kicked a goal and set one up. 5
5 Rich Goals in opening two terms and another one late. 7
6 NM Influential inside 50 with four goals and three contested marks. 7
7 Ess OK early but then disappeared until a late goal. 4
8 StK Only seven possessions. Had three shots and set up another though. 5
9 Frem Gave Freo plenty of problems in a forward pocket with 3.4. 7
10 Bris A goal is not enough to save his skin after just eight touches 4
12 Carl Looked dangerous in first half then disappeared. 4
13 Coll Didn’t rise to occasion early. Kicked one pressure goal and missed another. 4
14 GCS Had five score assists and kicked two majors. Hurt the Suns. 7
15 NM No input in first half but then helped out. Key goal in last quarter. 4
18 Bris Kicked 4.1 from eight possessions. Made the most of his chances. 6
19 Frem Battled. Only seven possessions and no goals. 3
20 Geel Looked all at sea with Enright as his master. Not impact at all. 2
21 Port Kicked the goal of the game with his blistering pace in the second term. 5
22 Coll Battled. Only five disposals and a goal. Has to find form soon. 2
23 Haw Early goal then hardly sighted with Stratton his shadow. 3
EF NM Early goal and gave a few off. Gave something across half forward. 6
SF Coll Nice early goal and bobbed up a couple of times. 5