#21   Melbourne

Age: 32yr 3mth Games: 77 Born: Mar 17, 1987
Height: 193cm Weight: 95kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Has the opportunity to play as a marking forward who can take spells in the ruck. Another Demon to have shed a bit of weight.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Was everywhere in a number of roles. Did all he could to push his case for a senior call up. -
5 VFL Spent time rotating through the ruck, as well as attack. Kicked two goal and was involved in a number of scores. -
6 Ess Welcome return to the team as a follower, rather than a ruckman. Made Bellchambers defend, and kicked a goal. Good. 7
7 Haw Played ruck/forward and at least competed against McEvoy. One goal and 16 possessions were a handy return without starring. 5
8 Adel Who needs a genuine ruckman when your make shift ruckman can provide a contest and push forward for three goals. 7
9 NM Beaten in ruck but kicked two goals and had 18 possessions roaming around the ground. Gave all he could. 6
10 GCS Battled against Witts in ruck, and didn’t hit the scoreboard. Competed though. 4
11 Bye.
12 Coll Grundy smashed him in the ruck contests but tried hard. Thrown forward and competed in air. 4
13 WB Did well in the ruck again and was a handful when moving ground the ground. 24 touches at 82 percent. 7
14 WCE Played forward and found it tough early. Came into the game in the second half. 5
15 Syd Unable to really get into the game after a good patch of form. 4
16 Carl Couldn’t get into the game at all playing forward. Struggling to find role now he can’t go into the ruck. 3
17 Adel Struggled to get into the game and hasn’t coped well since Gawn’s return. 3
18 VFL Most dominant big man on the ground. Ability to bring the ball to ground and apply pressure was really good. -
19 VFL Big influence on the game. Played as a key forward, worked up the ground and helped out around stoppages. -
20 GWS In to replace Hogan and battled hard in attack with little supply. A few stints in ruck. 4
21 StK One of his best games for the Dees in attack and the ruck. 26 possessions, eight marks and two goals. 8
22 Bris Developing into one of the first players picked at present. Another 24 possessions and three goals – should have kicked five. 8
23 Coll Quiet for much of the game in ruck and attack, but showed courage in third term to back into the pack. 3

2016 Season

1 GWS Didn’t have a great day in attack. Moved back in the final term after O.McDonald injury. 3
2 Ess Floated between the arcs. Lumbered to the ball a few times and made some ordinary decisions. 3
3 VFL Wasn’t as impactful as one would like considering the opposition. Rucked a bit. -
4 Coll Worked up and down the ground and among the best. Marking a feature of his game. 7
5 Rich Presented well, took some nice marks and played a nice supporting role. 6
6 StK Spent time at both ends and was an honest performer. 6
7 GCS Booted three goals in the fourth quarter after a quiet evening. 6
8 WB Made a few mistakes and didn’t take care of the ball at times. Six marks, four inside-50s. 4
9 Ill.
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Conditions didn’t suit but worked hard in a number of roles. -
12 VFL Battled hard in attack but muddy conditions made life tough. -
14 VFL Bye. -
15 Didn’t play for Casey.
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Spent time in ruck and attack and was fair. Did he do enough for a recall? -
18 VFL Took over ruck duties with Spencer injury and did well around ground. -
19 VFL Excellent in attack with 21 touches, 16 hit-outs, 13 tackles and 1.4. -
20 Haw Presented pretty well from half forward. Stats not huge but did his job. 5
21 Port Laid a heavy bump on Impey in the second term. 4
22 VFL Unlucky omission from seniors and was just fair against Cats. -
23 VFL Excellent in attack with three goals. Used his strong body very well. -

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Strong effort with 2.2 and nine marks in attack. -
4 VFL The most dangerous Casey tall with three goals. -
5 Frem Late inclusion for Dawes. Just fair in attack but obliterate in ruck stints. 5
6 Syd Backed up Spencer in ruck but wasn’t much of a factor in attack. 4
7 Haw Late inclusion for Hogan and well and earned another game. Very good. 7
8 WB For second week in a row he was among the best. Three goals and seven marks. 7
9 Port Unable to hit the scoreboard like has the past fortnight. 5
10 Coll Used across half forward and workrate was high but effectiveness not huge. 4
11 StK Unable to get into game then subbed with wrist injury. 2
12 VFL Wrist. -
13 VFL Wrist. -
14 VFL Wrist. -
15 Wrist.
16 Wrist.
17 Wrist.
18 Wrist.
19 Wrist.
20 Wrist.
21 Wrist.
22 Wrist.
23 Wrist.

2014 Season

1 StK Left as Melbourne’s only marking target up forward. Not a huge game. 3
2 WCE No impact at either end. 1
3 GWS Battled along in deep defensive role. Not the worst. 5
4 Carl Had Casboult in parts and OK on him. Kicked a freak goal in final term. 5
5 GCS Dropped a few marks and lacked confidence in a variety of roles. 4
6 Syd Workrate very good as back-up ruck. Made a few errors but a step forward. 6
7 Adel Four inside-50s and 12 hit-outs as the second ruckman. 6
8 WB Rotated through the ruck at times and got on his bike to get involved. 5
9 Rich Maybe his best AFL game: 2.2, eight tackles and four contested marks. 8
11 Port Continued his good form by getting the better of Hombsch. 7
12 Coll Started well again and took plenty marks. Tired late but continued good form. 7
13 Ess Carlisle had the better of him early, but worked hard to end with two valuable goals. 6
14 NM Presented well against former club and continues to play a role in Dees structure. 5
15 WB Early goal, but then was well held until have some handy touches late. 5
16 Frem Quietest game in many weeks. Dawson was his master. 2
17 Geel Well held by Rivers and didn’t get into the game to any degree. 4
18 Port Provided ruck support for Jamar and kicked a goal. Solid afternoon. 5
19 Bris Hands of stone in first half then copped a heavy knock from Merrett elbow. 2
20 Nose.
21 VFL Worked hard in attack to be main avenue to goal with three. -
22 WCE Back in team and tried hard for minimal return. 5
23 Senior emergency.
QF -
SF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Port Less than memorable debut for new club. Won’t be seeking out a replay of game. 1
2 VFL Played down back and was assured. Better effort. -
3 WCE Started on the pine and should have stayed there. An afternoon to forget. 2
4 GWS Kicked two first-quarter goals but then didn’t get into the game at all. 4
5 Bris No real impact at centre half forward. 3
6 Senior emergency.
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Worked into the game after main break against old team. -
9 VFL The best of the Dees defenders and played with real aggression. -
10 Haw Used in defence and tried hard but his spoiling needs a bit of work. 4
11 Coll Battled Lynch and was pretty good in that role. Best game as a Demon. 6
13 StK Nothing out of the ordinary. 3
14 VFL Resolute down back and constantly drove the ball out of the back 50. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 VFL Shifted into the ruck and did well around the ground. -
17 Rested.
18 NM Started well but faded badly against his former club. 4
19 GWS Played down back and took the resting ruckman. Battled hard under immense pressure. 6
20 Ill.
21 Ill.
22 Adel Started up forward before playing as the plus-one in defence. 4
23 VFL Had 29 touches in defence to be among Casey’s best. -

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 VFL OK in the end but had a tough first half. -
2 VFL Kept bobbing up with the ball. Strong game. -
4 VFL Spent time down back and in the ruck. OK. -
5 VFL Had 24 touches playing at both ends of the ground. -
6 WCE Didn’t have much of an impact until late. 3
7 VFL Booted two goals and played all over the ground. -
8 Port Late replacement for Edwards and kicked one nice goal. 4
10 VFL Did a great job playing as an undersized ruck. -
12 VFL Gave the Tigers a lift whenever he was near the ball. -
13 VFL Strong effort. 18 possessions and 30 hitouts. -
14 VFL 29 disposals to be among the Tigers best in big win. -
16 VFL Strong game again as a follower. -
17 VFL Key performer in Tigers narrow defeat. 20 possessions. -
18 VFL Good again and is knocking on the door. Big role late. -
20 VFL Did well in a variety of roles. Played mostly forward though. -
21 VFL Tried hard but not as best. 13 possessions, two goals. -
SF VFL One of the Tigers’ best in narrow loss to the Cats. -