Age: 29yr 1mth Games: 157 Born: May 09, 1990
Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Finished 2016 in the WAFL and needs to stake a claim to regain a regular spot, which won’t be easy.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Geel Tried to play defensive on Tuohy and for a brief period early it worked. Nice if he won more of the ball. 3
2 Port Didn’t impact the contest either inside or outside. 4
3 WAFL Steady outing in midfield, mostly off a wing. 20 possessions and four inside-50s. -
4 WAFL Head knock early ended his game. Sat out with concussion. -
5 WAFL Bye. -
6 Senior emergency.
7 WAFL Good contributor for Peel with 26 possessions five inside-50s and three score assists. -
8 Senior emergency.
9 WAFL Used the ball well and had a good balance between attack and defence. -
10 Bye.
11 WAFL Worked into the game after a slow start. Just 14 touches, but pressure was at a decent level. -
12 WAFL Drifted in and out but is another veteran Docker who seems to be just paddling. -
13 Bye.
14 Geel Kicked a long goal in third term and was a steady contributor. Five tackles and four clearances. 6
15 StK Tagged Jack Steven and kept him to 17 touches. 6
16 NM Tagged Higgins and stuck very close to the Roos star. Just 10 touches, but laid 10 tackles. 6
17 WCE Kicked one goal and was hard at the ball. Can hold his head high. 6
18 Haw Blocked for his teammates and generally played a role. 4
19 GWS Didn’t play as much midfield minutes today. Didn’t do much at all up forward. 3
20 GCS Set up two early goals and laid 10 tackles. He’s doing his job. 6
21 Syd No influence on the flow of the game. Big body had just five contested possessions. 2
22 Rich Laid eight tackles which was important but didn’t get the ball. 4
23 Ess Had to go to Merrett after half time when he was running amok. Tried hard, but wasn't his best. 4

2016 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WB One of Freo’s five goalkickers but rarely impact the contest when it was up for grabs. 4
2 GCS Followed Ablett at times. Did well to stop him from dominating. 6
3 WCE Won’t enjoy looking back on the match. Nothing went right. 3
4 NM Just two kicks and had next to no impact. 3
5 WAFL Another player dropped and had a limited impact with 16 touches, five tackles. -
6 WAFL Strong showing with 22 possessions, eight tackles, three goals. -
7 GWS Tried to close down Shiel. The Giants’ midfield slowly got on top. 4
8 Haw Not a big say in the game. 3
9 Rich Improved game. Won the hard ball in tough conditions. 6
10 StK Prominent early but then tapered considerably in second half. 4
11 Ess Not much of the ball but laid nine tackles. 5
12 Bris Used his penetrating left boot to provide plenty of attacking thrusts. 7
13 Port Did his job without having a massive impact. 5
14 Coll Tackled hard but had no offensive impact. 3
16 Melb Spun on a dime to kick great early goal but then in and out – like many teammates. 5
17 Geel Came to life in the final term but to that point was pretty stinky. 3
18 GCS Just six touches with little impact. 2
19 WAFL Good numbers with 22 touches, seven tackles but no real impact. -
20 WAFL Battled away to finish with 20 possessions, nine marks. -
21 WAFL Bye. -
22 Senior emergency.
23 WAFL Found some impressive form with 25 possessions, seven inside 50s. -

2015 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Port Tried to quell Gray for a while. Kicked poorly. 4
2 Geel Lippy customer was dishing it all day as team got on top. Had Selwood at times. 5
3 WCE Didn’t have big numbers but worked very hard defensively – eight tackles. 6
4 Syd Kicked an early goal and had four inside 50s. His run is important. 6
5 Melb Found space forward or centre to be one of the many thorns in Dees’ side. 7
6 Ess Not as prominent this week. Didn’t unleash his left foot kicking. 4
7 WB Rolled in off half forward to contribute well. Subbed out at three-quarter time. 5
8 NM Damaging with the ball. Almost knocked himself out in a strong tackle attempt. 6
9 Adel Six clearances, five inside-50s and a superb goal. 7
10 Rich Unsighted for much of the night after starting in the middle. 3
11 GCS Starting sub who booted match sealing goal. 3
13 Coll Sub. Given a crack early in third term but found it tough to adjust to tempo. 1
14 Bris Got involved from time to time and gained vital yardage. 5
15 Haw Sub. Blazed away when on for C.Pearce. 2
16 Carl Moved onto Murphy when de Boer went forward. Six tackles after half time. 5
17 Rich Won a fair bit of footy in tight early and looked to gain yardage with left foot. 6
18 GWS In and out of the game. 4
19 StK Went about hiss business in strong style. 5
20 WCE Restricted some of Shuey’s influence but it wasn’t a close tag. 5
21 NM Had defensive roles and wasn’t a factor. 4
22 Melb Feisty game. Won 25 possessions in the midfield. 7
23 Port Tough as nails midfielder loves the rough stuff. 6
QF Syd Subbed out of contest after two kicks. Did apply one great tackle. 2
PF Haw Did some handy things – fought hard to keep Freo afloat. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Attacked the ball hard and used his kicking skills to advantage. -
2 GCS Not a big day. Just had the five kicks and ineffective between the arcs. 2
3 Haw Minimal involvement. 3
4 Ess Did well in patches and put his head over the ball. 6
5 Syd Introduced as half-time sub, he had little impact. 3
6 NM Just 11 touches and failed to kick a goal. Needs to do more. 3
7 WCE Came on for Dawson and had an impact with three goal assists. 7
8 Port Incredible courage to kick two goals after almost getting knocked out. 6
9 Geel Pesky conveyance likes to give lip. Not sure he’s good enough for that. 6
11 WB Kicked a goal but not a big game. 4
12 Adel Low-key contributor. 4
13 Rich Turned the ball over at times but kept plodding. 4
14 Bris Used as counter to Adcock and did well. 5
15 WCE Played his role well and stuck to his guns around the ball. 6
16 Melb Used the ball brilliantly at times and was one of the most damaging Dockers. 7
17 GWS Three goals from nine kicks kept him at the forefront of the win. 6
18 StK Quiet but had some tangles with Armitage. 3
19 Carl Defensive role on Simpson at times. Always under pressure, efficiency down. 4
20 Geel Rotated through a variety of opponents and Ok defensively. Not much else. 4
21 Senior emergency.
22 Bris OK early but only three disposals in second half. 5
23 Port Quiet game and subbed off late third term. 3
QF -
SF Port Just 10 touches and missed a key shot for goal. Not his best night. 3
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WCE Stood up when the going was tough early to help stem the flow. Important effort. 4
2 WB Gives midfield another set of legs and was a handy contributor. 6
3 Ess Used as a half forward but didn’t get enough ball to be a factor. 3
4 Haw Totally ineffective and subbed out. A shocker. 0
5 Rich Sub came on early in third term for Bradley and big goal lifted confidence. 5
6 GCS Along with Mundy was another to get seven clearances, and kicked a goal. 6
7 Coll Battled on well. Laid six tackles and rebounded well at times. 6
8 Syd Another Docker who couldn't quite get his teeth into the contest. 4
9 Melb Came on as the sub and got involved. 2
10 Adel Kicked two important goals including the match opener in the context of the win. 6
12 Bris Generally quiet. One of the few Freo players to lack impact. 3
13 NM Matched on Adams and had the better of the duel. 5
14 Geel Touched the ball only four times after the main break – five clearances. 4
15 StK Only flashed in and out of it. 3
16 WAFL Bye. -
17 Calf.
18 Adel Back after a week off and was a solid contributor despite an early leg knock. 6
19 Carl Played wide of Judd in midfield and two long goals proved vital. Nice outing. 6
20 GWS Ran hard to be a factor for his team – two goals, four clearances. 7
21 Melb Played on Sylvia and fought out an even contest despite the Dee’s bigger numbers. 5
22 Port Hurt hamstring, which puts him in doubt for first final. 2
23 Hamstring.
QF Geel Shadowed Selwood and doing great job until went off with injured leg late in third. 5
PF Syd Provided another avenue to goal with two majors and linked well through midfield. 6
GF Haw Needs to get to Sexyland after fish-hooking Mitchell. That was about it from him. 3

2012 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Geel Tough at contests and spent time in the midfield too. 6
2 Syd Had a quiet 50th AFL game with just 11 possessions. 4
3 Bris Got the job done. Damaging with the ball. 6
4 StK Started on Milera and did little before being subbed off. 2
6 WAFL 11 possessions in limited game time with Claremont. -
7 WAFL 17 possessions in big Claremont victory. -
8 WAFL 19 possessions as he finds form, fitness with Claremont. -
10 WAFL Solid for Claremont with 20 possessions and a goal. -
11 Rich Used the ball well from his limited opportunities – only one inside 50. 4
13 Ess His kicking in defence is so important. You’d like him to have the ball more. 5
14 Coll OK but often under pressure and didn’t hurt Pies – six rebounds, five tackles. 5
15 WAFL Good outing with 22 touches for Claremont. -
17 GWS Quiet and not damaging with his kicking, which is unusual. 3
20 Adel Had four inside 50s from 10 possessions. 4
21 Rich The sub. Gave the team energy late. 2
22 NM Sub came on in third term for Bradley. Did a couple of things. 3
23 Melb Showed he can seriously kick at times. Should hold his spot now. 5
EF Geel Sub came on and had a few touches. 1
SF Adel Sub came on at start of last term and instantly goaled. 2
PF WAFL 12 touches but shut down Brad Dick in defence in Claremont premiership. -