Age: 28yr 10mth Games: 28 Born: Aug 06, 1990
Height: 204cm Weight: 99kg Position: FWD/RUC
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Surprised some by retaining a spot on the list despite playing 20 games in six years. Spent all bar one game languishing in the VFL last year and if he can’t make a statement in the NAB Challenge then its hard to see a future at the Dogs.

2015 NAB Cup:   Encouraging signs against Demons and again versus Collingwood. VFL start still the likely option.

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 -
2 Rich Only two touches then subbed out in third term. Should set GPS for VFL. 1
3 Haw Couldn’t get into it. 1
4 Adel Had main ruck role and comprehensively out-rucked by Jacobs. 3
5 Syd Subbed out of the game when it became a genuine slog. No influence. 1
6 StK Did a bit around ground but was smacked by Longer in ruck contests. 5
7 Frem Just three hitouts to Sandilands’ 50. Tried hard, but outmatched. 3
8 Melb Hammered by Spencer and banished to forward line where did zilch. 1
9 VFL Spent more time in attack and ended with four goals. -
10 VFL Kicked a goal and rucked steadily but not a big day. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL The difference in the end with six goals in attack. -
13 VFL 19 hitouts and a goal in ruck/forward role. -
14 VFL Two goals in attack and 17 hitouts rotating in the ruck. -
15 VFL 24 hitouts, two goals sharing ruck duties with Campbell. -
16 VFL 28 hitouts but zero impact when ball his deck. -
17 VFL 10 hitouts to go with 11 touches and a goal. Fair. -
18 VFL Good in ruck against McKernan and Browne. 32 hitouts. -
19 VFL Rucked well and took a crucial late mark to save Dogs' bacon. -
20 VFL Unable to get into the game at all. -
21 VFL Used in defence and was OK in a foreign role. -
22 VFL Held up well under pressure in new role. -
23 VFL Started back then went forward. Minimal impact. -
EF VFL A spectator for much of game. Days are numbered. -

2014 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Senior emergency.
2 PM Spent time in both the ruck and up forward. Better. -
3 VFL Kicked five goals and played in the ruck. Best effort in ages. -
4 VFL Spent most of his day in the ruck and did OK. -
5 VFL Struggled to get into the game in attack. Beaten hands down. -
6 VFL Played ruck and forward. OK in middle and kicked a goal. -
7 VFL Shared ruck duties with Campbell and played in attack. OK. -
8 VFL Had 21 hitouts and kicked a goal. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Six marks and a goal to go with 12 hitouts in forward/ruck role. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Kicked three goals and took some good marks in attack. -
13 VFL Rotated between ruck and forward. 31 hitouts, one goal. -
14 VFL Kicked a goal and spent time in the ruck. OK. -
15 VFL Showed plenty in ruck rotation with 30 hitouts. -
16 VFL Kicked 1.2 and had 16 hitouts in dual role. -
17 VFL Took on Hale and Lowden on his own and did well. 41 hitouts. -
18 VFL Quiet day in attack and running through the ruck. -
19 VFL Rucked well and kicked two goals in either half to end with four. -
20 VFL Got the better of Currie in the ruck. 43 hitouts, two goals. -
21 VFL Did well in the ruck and drifting forward. -
22 Syd Started forward with spurts in ruck. Tried hard but beaten by Pyke. 4
23 VFL Took on ruck duties and did well with 34 hitouts, three goals. -
QF -
SF VFL Shared ruck duties (30 hitouts) and kicked a vital late goal. -
PF VFL Outside of 16 hitouts, was barely sighted. -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Bris Gaining confidence at this level. A few nice efforts. 4
2 Frem Just two handballs in the first half. Downfield goal his only impact. 2
3 Back.
4 Adel Totally outplayed by wily veteran Ben Rutten. 3
5 VFL Provided a strong marking target with three goals. -
6 Soreness.
7 Leg.
8 Foot.
9 Leg.
10 Leg.
11 Leg.
12 Leg.
13 VFL First game back and kicked 1.3. Took some nice marks. -
14 Melb Kicked first and last goals of game, but quiet in between. 4
15 GWS Took a terrific one-handed grab early, rarely sighted from that point on. 3
16 VFL Taken to the cleaners by Blake and only kicked the one goal. -
17 VFL Tough day for forwards and he had a shocker. -
18 VFL Battled to get into the game in the front half. -
19 VFL Had a tough task trying to impact the game in ordinary conditions. -
20 VFL Kicked two goals in an improved performance. -
21 VFL Goalless up forward but did attack the ball well in the air. -
22 VFL Well held again. In a horror patch of form. -
23 VFL Better than recent weeks but again went goalless. -

2012 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 VFL Kicked four first half goals on Jamison. Promising. -
2 VFL Was forced to ruck more this week. Just OK. -
3 StK Still looks very raw and has a fair way to go. 3
4 Melb Rivers countered him. Subbed off at three quarter time. 2
5 GWS Dangerous in the first half then hardly sited. 4
7 NM Plucked a few nice marks and played a nice cameo role. 5
8 GCS Kicked 1.2 and presented well in tough conditions. 5
10 Syd Faded in and out of the game and kicked a goal in the final term. 3
12 Port Didn’t mark them all but one-on-one he looked dangerous in the air. 6
13 Bris Couldn’t catch a cold. Only two marks and no goals. 2
15 Frem Struggled. Just five touches but took two contested marks. 3
16 Haw Got into a few good spots but couldn’t mark the football – one goal. 3
17 Carl Struggled to have any impact on forward-line. Kicking remains a worry. 3
20 VFL Prominent performance for the Seagulls in the ruck. -
21 Syd Gave nothing and was then subbed out in the third term. 1