#27   Adelaide

Age: 29yr 1mth Games: 107 Born: Sep 15, 1990
Height: 191cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Post-season knee surgery kept him off the track early in pre-season but has returned and primed to play.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS Quiet game from the lofty standards he reached last season, still managed four goal assists. 5
2 Haw Work-rate huge and close to best afield. Ability to work up and down the ground was a feature of his effort. 8
3 Port Started slowly but hit the scoreboard when it mattered in the last term. 6
4 Ess Two goals from three attempts, but never stopped gut running. 6
5 GCS Ever present option across half forward and pushed hard all night. Finished with 3.3. 8
6 Rich Six inside-50’s, three goals and three scoring assists, was on fire when the game was still a contest. 8
7 NM One of the few Crows to start well. Hit head on the ground in tackle by Waite in second term and looked unwell. 3
8 Melb Well held by Michael Hibberd, and was still feeling the effects of that heavy tackle from last week’s performance. 4
9 Bris Lions could find no match for Lynch who finished with three goals including a blinder from 45m hard up against the boundary line. 8
10 Frem Played more as high midfielder more than a high half forward with three clearances and three inside-50’s. 7
11 Geel Workrate first class and easily the side’s best forward. Two goals, four inside-50s and 12 score involvements. 7
12 StK Crows best player with three goals, five inside-50’s and plenty of gut running. 8
13 Bye.
14 Haw Always tries hard, never stops running and always presents makes himself available to teammates with his gut running. 7
15 Ill.
16 Ill.
17 Melb At times used off a wing on return from illness and continued to find space in attack as the game wore on. Very smart. 7
18 Geel Henderson and later Kolodjashnij; 19 possessions and many of them early when the game was at its hottest. 7
19 Coll Got the Crows first goal of the game then proceeded to work his back off for the rest of it. 6
20 Port Ran Tom Clurey into the ground and was instrumental in keeping the footy inside the Crows forward 50. 8
21 Ess Inexplicably missed a simple goal, but the rest of his game was solid. 6
22 Syd Kicked the goal to put the Crows ahead in the third term, was good without being great. 6
23 WCE No goals and only four marks. Needed to do more. 4
QF GWS Continues to get the job done as a hard working forward. Took double-digit marks and was the link between defence and attack. 8
PF Geel Can’t miss him with that hair but Cats seemed to all night as he racked up 20 touches and two goals. 7
GF Rich Worked hard to link but was beaten by Broad. Ball use out of back half didn’t help him. 14 effective disposals. 4

2016 Season

1 NM Ran McDonald into the ground early but faded as the game wore on. 4
2 Port Deserving winner of the Showdown Medal with six goals and five inside-50s. 9
3 Personal leave.
4 Syd Six inside-50s and three goals, an integral part of the team and its structures. 7
5 Haw Everywhere in a big second half when he was unstoppable. 7
6 Frem Six inside-50s, two goals and one of the misses of the season to start the game. 7
7 WB Three goals and great work-rate kept him involved for the most part. Equal leader in disposals. 7
8 Geel Three inside-50s but no goals this week. 6
9 GCS Roamed the half forward line and helped himself to a couple of goals. 8
10 GWS Missed three chances at goals he would normally bury. 6
11 StK Worked hard up and down the ground, always an outlet for his teammates. 6
12 WCE A presence in attack. Took 10 marks. 6
14 NM Worked extremely hard as the link man between defence and attack. 7
15 Melb Worked hard for six inside-50s and a goal. Typical consistent effort. 7
16 Carl One goal but not his best game. Eight marks and three inside-50s. 5
17 Coll Two goals from three attempts and two scoring assists. 7
18 Geel Two goals from limited chances. Mackie wore him pretty tight for much of the game. 5
19 Ess Not his typical game, never stopped running, but not as influential as normal. 5
20 Bris Returned to form with four goals and six inside-50s. 8
21 Frem Kicked two late goals. Took 10 marks too. 6
22 Port Could have had five goals, left his kicking boots at home. Ended with two. 6
23 WCE Well held by Sheppard. 4
EF NM Snagged a goal in each quarter and ended with 12 kicks and five marks. 8
SF Syd Kicked two goals but shown a clean pair of heels by Aliir. 5

2015 Season

1 NM His presence as the lead-up forward was not as prominent. 4
2 Coll Good foil for Walker. Had it 21 times, took six marks and kicked two goals. 7
3 Melb Seven inside-50s and put the Crows back in the game with their first goal. 6
4 WB Not the greatest day. 3
5 Port Finished off the game strongly with two goals, and four scoring assists. 7
6 GCS Booted two goals but played higher up the ground to open up forward line. 6
7 StK Three goals from limited opportunities, working well in tandem with Walker and Betts. 7
8 GWS Worked hard to get into the game but wasn’t a big factor. 5
9 Frem One goal and three scoring assists. 6
10 Carl Roamed all over the field for two goals, four inside-50s and six marks. 7
12 Haw Needs to tidy up his disposal efficiency. 7
13 Bris Showed his worth in the air with seven marks (three contested). 6
15 WCE Had four score assists and booted a goal. Good effort. 6
16 Port Two goals and three scoring assists. 6
17 GCS Quiet game from the link-up forward. 5
18 Syd Marked well and gave Laidler the runaround to finish with three goals. 7
19 Rich One goal, four tackles and four inside-50s. 5
20 Ess Work-rate first class at half forward. Two goals and 10 marks. 8
21 Bris Played his best game of the year and deserves a three year extension. 8
22 WCE In career best form. Can’t understand delay in offering him a three-year deal. 7
23 Geel Two goals and moved well up the ground. Shaping as finals wildcard. 6
EF WB Dangerous early on Wood then Boyd. Strong work-rate. 7
SF Haw On Gibson. For first three quarters was only Adelaide forward up to par. 6

2014 Season

1 Shoulder.
2 Shoulder
3 Shoulder.
4 SANFL Wonderful return from injury, 31 touches and a goal. -
5 GWS Came on as the sub at start of fourth term with minimal impact. 3
6 WB Worked hard up from the forward where his big tank came to the fore. Superb. 8
7 Melb Left the game with a broken jaw and will miss six weeks. 0
8 Jaw.
9 Jaw.
10 Jaw.
11 Jaw.
12 Jaw.
13 Jaw.
14 SANFL Magnificent in return from broken jaw. 31 possessions. -
15 Port A welcome return to the senior side after breaking his jaw. 6
16 GWS Had 20 touches but that inflated his actual impact. 5
17 Haw Three inside-50s and two goals. 5
18 Coll Great second term (seven disposals) roaming up ground. Quiet for remainder. 4
19 SANFL Fine response to AFL axe. 26 touches, seven inside 50s and a goal. -
20 Bris Was going well (two goals) until he jarred neck in second term. 4
21 Neck.
22 Neck.
23 Neck.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 SANFL Minimal impact for the Bays in trial outing. -
2 Senior emergency.
3 SANFL Worked hard for Glenelg with 23 possessions, five clearances. -
4 WB Ran hard all day, presented well and rewarded with a goal. 6
5 Carl Kicked a goal in the last quarter and was ok up forward. 5
6 Haw Played his best game for the club as the lead-up tall forward, taking 11 marks. 7
7 GWS Had a 10 goal game he will never forget. Kicked six in third term. 10
8 StK Played higher up than last week but still kicked two goals and took 11 marks. 6
9 NM Didn’t kick a goal but work-rate good and worked up and down the ground. 6
10 Frem Worked tirelessly all afternoon for little reward. 5
11 Syd Battled on in attack and had to travel a long way up field for touches. 5
12 Rich Battled manfully but didn’t have a huge impact despite number of disposals. 5
14 GCS Worked hard across half forward and also kicked two goals. 5
15 WCE Kicked two goals from limited opportunities. 7
16 Coll Despatched Reid and Maxwell in three goal first half. Covered lots of ground. 8
17 Geel After quiet first half kicked three goals in third term to spark side. 6
18 Frem The Crows’ main avenue to goal but was slightly inaccurate. Great work ethic. 7
19 Port Well restricted by O’Shea who kept him goalless. 5
20 NM Started well then had reduced impact. 4
21 WB Kicked three goals and looked lively at times with six marks and five inside-50s. 7
22 Foot.
23 Foot.

2012 Season

1 GCS Kicked the last goal of the match in a promising debut for the club. 3
2 WB Came into the game earlier than expected and kicked two critical goals. 6
3 Haw Seized opportunities for a couple of goals. Subbed off three-quarter time. 3
4 SANFL Spent time both and forward and back. Just fair. -
5 SANFL Played mostly down back this week and was much better. -
6 SANFL Mostly played back but also went forward. OK. -
7 SANFL A shining light for Glenelg with 24 possessions. -
8 Carl Came on late for of touches – half of which missed the target. 1
10 SANFL Very good in defence. 33 touches, 11 marks. -
11 SANFL Played the quarterback role in defence perfectly. -
12 SANFL The top ball winner for Glenelg but they were belted. -
14 SANFL Not at his best for Glenelg but still contributed. -
16 GWS Replaced Tippett, kicking two third-term goals and taking seven marks. 4
17 SANFL Racked up a heap of junk stats in back half. 35 disposals. -
19 SANFL Good at half back but the state leagues look his level. -
20 SANFL 24 touches across half back. Same as his 2011 VFL form. -
21 SANFL Mopped up well at half back again. 27 possessions. -
23 GCS Late inclusion for Walker and presented well. 4