#23   Western Bulldogs

Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 127 Born: Nov 03, 1990
Height: 200cm Weight: 100kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Premiership ruckman had hamstring surgery following incident in JLT opener and will miss first month of the season, at least.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Hamstring.
2 Hamstring.
3 Hamstring.
4 Hamstring.
5 Hamstring.
6 Hamstring.
7 Hamstring.
8 VFL Back from injury and was steady in the ruck. Might need another week in VFL, but got through okay. -
9 VFL Controlled the ruck and looks ready to return. 41 hitouts and 11 touches. Just one mark though. -
10 StK Late inclusion for Smith and combined with Boyd in ruck battles. Will be better for the run. 4
11 Bye.
12 Syd Couldn’t get much going in ruck opposed to Naismith and Sinclair. The die was cast early. 4
13 Melb One of few positives for team. Tried super hard and was always at the coalface in third game back from injury layoff. 6
14 NM Used as a key defender on Brown/Daw and solid enough in that role. Only one kick but that wasn’t his focus. 5
15 WCE Key defender’s third-quarter turnover cost a goal but atoned with one of his own in the fourth. Not involved enough. 4
16 Adel Toiled manfully in ruck against Jacobs, didn’t get his hands on the footy often enough to give his midfielders first use. 6
17 Carl Rucked for the most part and provided a presence despite being beaten in the end by Kreuzer. 4
18 GCS Witts had the better of the ruck battle, but tried hard throughout. 5
19 Ess Rucked solo and did a fine job. Beat Bellchambers and kicked a crucial goal from a free kick right before three-quarter time. 7
20 Bris Big battle with Martin. Had only about half the hit-outs of his opponent and needed to have more of an impact. 5
21 GWS Rucked for the majority night and wasn’t significant against Simpson. 4
22 Port Torched by Ryder in the air and on the deck around the ground in ruck battle. 3
23 Haw Hardly sighted in the first half (one kick) and theme continued in second half in what was a disappointing effort. 2

2016 Season

1 Frem May have found his permanent home in the ruck – where he played most of his junior footy. 6
2 StK Got the better of Hickey in the ruck. Working back into good form in new role. 6
3 Haw Battled well in the ruck. Helped his team win the clearances. 22 hit-outs. 7
4 Carl Rucked for most of the night until had a spell in defence late. Beaten in ruck but midfield made up for it. 4
5 Bris Started in the middle as the first ruck and was fair. Pressed forward for a mark and goal. 5
6 NM Not a big game. Missed a sitter late in the game. 4
7 Adel Rotated ruck and forward and did a reasonable job. Seems to be working into season nicely. 6
8 Melb Rotated ruck/forward without setting the world on fire. Played a minor role. 4
9 GWS Even effort playing mostly in the forward line and helping Campbell out in the ruck. 4
10 Coll Handy as back-up ruckman and forward. 5
11 WCE Very solid in support of Campbell in the ruck. Stats modest but certainly had an influence. 5
12 Port Won 29 hit-outs, the most of any ruckman on the ground. 6
13 Geel Marked it well early then disappeared from the game. 3
15 Syd His development and versatility has been underrated in the Bulldog advance. 7
16 Rich Beaten in ruck but did provide some support around the ground. Four marks. 5
17 GCS OK in ruck and did well around the ground. 5
18 StK Solid game; won a fair bit of the ball and used it efficiently. 7
19 Geel Copped a big knock from Menegola but kept battling. Impact minimal. 3
20 NM Did a few things around the field but conclusively beaten in ruck duels. 4
21 Coll Well beaten by Grundy in ruck duels but tried hard around the ground. 5
22 Ess Kicked a goal, but other than that was mostly unsighted. 3
23 Calf.
EF WCE Held his own when in the ruck and bobbed up with a big goal to break Eagles’ back. 6
SF Haw More important role than stats indicated. Also bagged vital goal from big mark. 7
PF GWS Felled by the ball kicked at close range into his head and left field. 2
GF Syd No hint of hesitation after eye injury previous week. Worked well in tandem with T. Boyd 7

2015 Season

1 WCE Took resting ruckman and kept them to two goals. OK without starring. 4
2 Rich Thrown task on Griffiths and did that reasonably well. Still can improve. 5
3 Haw Started on McEvoy and shared time on Ceglar. 4
4 Adel On Jenkins and neither had an impact. 4
5 Syd Had job on Tippett and did that well in favourable conditions for a defender. 6
6 StK Defended well on resting ruck then forced to spend time as back up ruck. Fair. 5
7 Frem Beaten by Clarke early but stuck to task admirably. 5
8 Melb OK on Hogan then had to play ruck after Cordy removed from the position. 6
9 GWS Mighty job in ruck tandem with Minson against Mumford 7
10 Port Two goals and 19 hit-outs from the back-up ruckman. 5
12 Bris Used as main ruck and beaten by Martin. Minimal touches around ground. 4
13 StK As No.1 ruckman beaten by Longer. 3
14 Carl OK in ruck but then injured back and was subbed out. 3
15 Back.
16 Geel Battled Hawkins (three goals) but failed to impact the contest. 3
17 VFL Back. -
18 Foot.
19 Foot.
20 VFL Solid return from injury with 22 hitouts in ruck role. -
21 VFL Involved in solid collision. Appeared hampered thereafter. -
22 NM Versatility made him prominent early. Hurt ankle in last minute. 4
23 Bris Clearly out-gunned in the ruck. 5
EF Finger.

2014 Season

1 WCE Battled Cox/Naitanui/Sinclair at times but under siege all night. 4
2 NM Blanketed Black until last quarter. 5
3 Rich Started on Vickery but then hurt shoulder. Subbed out. 3
4 Shoulder.
5 Shoulder.
6 Shoulder.
7 Shoulder.
8 Shoulder.
9 Shoulder.
10 GCS Good on Lynch early but the Sun got away after half time. 4
11 Frem Took six marks. Had his moments. 5
12 Bris Got the big job on Brown and stuck to his guns despite slick Lions ball movement. 6
13 Coll Moved onto Cloke and did well until late in the match. 6
14 Port Stood helpless as Schulz goaled from everywhere in the forward 50. 3
15 Shoulder.
16 Geel Battled Hawkins and kept him from finding being dangerous in the arc. 6
17 GCS Lynch troubled him at times but fought back well when game was hot. 6
18 Ess Horrid day. Moved off Carlisle early and in end was used as third defender. 2
19 Haw Troubled by his cousin and others in first half. Just battled. 3
20 StK On Bruce at first then had problems with Gwilt. 3
21 NM Good job on Petrie until injured. 5
22 Syd Had Tippett and was beaten again. Consistently out marked or infringed. 2
23 Shoulder.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Bris Matched up on Brown and did great job on the champ. 7
2 Frem Thrown job on Pavlich and then went to Bradley in second half. Battled well. 6
3 Rich Kept Vickery goalless and continued his good start to 2013. 7
4 Adel Great duel with Jenkins and was efficient in defence. 6
5 Geel Battled Taylor who got away at times but great learning experience for him. 4
6 WCE Dour role at centre half back on Kennedy and was OK. 6
7 NM Went to Daw in third quarter. Not a great game overall. 3
8 GCS Should be well pleased with his defensive efforts, took five contested marks. 6
9 StK Picked up Maister and did the job required. Swung forward for crucial late goal. 6
10 Port Given the task on Schulz and kept him goalless. The Port forward was inaccurate. 7
12 Coll Couldn’t stop Cloke. 3
13 Rich Took some fine marks and continues to look a player of the future down back. 6
14 Melb Found it difficult to keep the likes of Watts under control. 4
15 GWS Took seven marks and did plenty of grunt work. 5
16 Ess Had Carlisle as a defender then had him again when he went forward. OK. 4
17 Haw Great battle on his cousin, although conceded 3 goals can hold his head high. 6
18 WCE Had resting ruckman in defence and kept them quiet. Solid when required. 6
19 Syd Good first half but Tippett powered away later. 5
20 Carl Did a nice job curtailing an in-form Henderson. Emerging player. 7
21 Adel Great battle with Otten/Johnston and battled both well in a solid effort. 6
22 Bris Struggled down back then pushed forward later and provided a target. 5
23 Melb Reading the game superbly in the last line of defence. Typically disciplined performance. 7

2012 Season

1 WCE Offered very little support to Minson and struggled for most of the game. 3
2 Adel Good double act with Will Minson in ruck and kicked a goal. 5
3 StK Did a couple of things but quiet overall. 3
4 Melb Surprise match-up on Clark. After initial worries marked well. Forward late. 5
5 GWS No influence at all, subbed off. 1
6 Coll Did some nice things without being influential. 4
7 NM Subbed out in final term after limited impact. Not enough touches. 3
9 Geel Took some nice marks but let himself down by kicking three behinds. 4
10 Syd Like many teammates had a tough old day against the miserly Sydney defence. 3
12 Port Kicked a fantastic goal and was handy giving Minson a chop-out in the ruck. 5
13 Bris Kicked 1.1 but rarely was allowed to get dangerous inside forward 50 by Lions. 4
14 Ess Sub. Came on at half time. Did a couple of things. 2
17 VFL Kicked a goal and battled hard in his time in the ruck. -
18 StK Defensively had Koschitzke covered for the most part. Not the worst. 4
19 NM Had Tarrant covered until final term when he kicked three. OK given score. 6
20 Rich Riewoldt kicked five on him but to his credit he kept on battling. 4
21 Syd Won his battle with Reid. Is showing something as a defender. 7
22 Geel Great battle with Hawkins. Stuck at task well despite conceding four goals. 5
23 Bris Serviceable. 5