#3   St Kilda

Age: 29yr 3mth Games: 155 Born: Mar 28, 1990
Height: 180cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Three-time club champion showed great form in JLT comp and is a pivotal part of St Kilda’s advance.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb St Kilda's spark plug was never allowed to seize the initiative and couldn't wreak any damage. 5
2 WCE Laid six tackles and won 20 possessions. Also won six clearances. 7
3 Punctured lung.
4 Punctured lung.
5 Geel Massive first half (21 disposals) then Cats able to keep him to nine after half time. Might have run out of puff after injury. 8
6 Haw Had the pistons pumping from the outset. Sprayed a few kicks, but speed from the contest troubled Hawks all day. 8
7 GWS Despite Coniglio tag he was still an effective player all night. Won 14 contested possessions and two goals. Great game. 8
8 Carl Collected a game high nine clearances and torched the blues with his speed and spread from the contest. 8
9 Syd Ran hard all day and was one of Saints better men. 7
10 WB Completely blanketed by Hunter after quarter time. Quietest game for ages. 3
11 Bye.
12 Adel Never stopped running or trying to get the Saints moving forward. 7
13 NM Irritated by Mountford's tagging early, but back to back goals in second term broke shackles briefly. 4
14 GCS Like Ross had a quiet first half , but he cut through at the end to set up the win. 6
15 Frem Tagged by Fremantle and had his output restricted. Had number taken for hit on Ballantyne. 5
16 Rich Spent time down back to confuse tags early then cut loose in big game. Had it on a string in first half. 8
17 Ess Shared best Saint honours with Roberton. 7
18 Syd Was the obviously the 'target' player of Swans' attention and although he tried hard could not break clear often enough. 5
19 Port Couldn’t break clear but kept at the task. 5
20 WCE Frustrated by close checking Hutchings and was never allowed to seize initiative. 5
21 Melb Quiet first half, then burst to life in the third term. Drifted out again late. Has to be better. 4
22 NM Racked up 40 disposals and North had no answer to him. 8
23 Rich Star playmaker rarely got the ball in space and hardly penetrated the Tigers; 26 possessions. 6

2016 Season

1 Port Eight inside-50s, seven clearances and a goal rounded out a superb centreman’s game. 8
2 WB Tried hard in midfield to end with 29 touches. Efficiency not always great, but battled away. 7
3 Coll Key player with seven inside-50s, two goals, six tackles and double-figure contested possessions. 8
4 Haw Toiled away in midfield and effective at stoppages with five clearances. Never gave in. 7
5 GWS Won a lot of the ball but not as damaging as he can be. 6
6 Melb Non-stop running in midfield. A solid contributor. 7
7 NM Jacobs tagged him and didn’t let him dictate terms. 4
8 WCE Lots of touches but not incisive with his possessions outside of first-term goal. 6
9 Ess Right back to absolute best with breakaway pace and 40 touches. 9
10 Frem Consistently drove Saints through middle and his acceleration crucial to the win. 8
11 Adel Tried to hustle and bustle his way into the contest but lacked support. 7
12 Carl Carlton focused attention on him, but he kept running through lines and creating. 9
14 Geel Enjoying a rich vein of form and pace was crucial. Fittingly soccered winner. 8
15 GCS By late second term had only had six touches. After recent stellar form well down. 4
16 Ess Won a dozen clearances and had a huge last term which got his side over the line. 8
17 Melb Melbourne tracked him closely and he didn’t cut loose until second half. 6
18 WB Super game. Hit the 30-possession mark by early in third term. Dynamic runner. 9
19 NM Kept well in check by Dumont in a rare quiet game. 4
20 Carl Hard tags from Curnow then Kerridge made life tough, but he absorbed it for team. 4
21 Syd Fair return in stats but didn’t do normal damage. 6
22 Rich Got away from Lambert in first half, then blanketed in third as Saints struggled. 7
23 Bris Broke the shackles applied by Robinson and others. Better as the game went on. 7

2015 Season

1 GWS Matched with Ward but both ran own race. Strong game. 7
2 GCS As usual kept running and running. Excellent in midfield. 7
3 Coll Led the way in St Kilda’s early burst and a hard runner all night. 7
4 Carl Tackled strongly but fairly well contained after quarter time. 5
5 Ess Pace and determination caused constant headaches to Essendon. 8
6 WB Plenty of footy – especially in second half to assist Armitage in midfield battle. 7
7 Adel A whopping 10 inside 50s, five tackles and a goal from the speedy midfielder. 7
8 WCE Tackled, contested and won the ball consistently in excellent game. 8
9 Bris Pace and willingness to contest made him one of Saints’ best. 8
10 Haw Constant ball winner in his 100th game and had a big afternoon. 8
11 Melb Matched on Viney and earned every touch. Crucial in setting up final goal. 7
13 WB Continued his strong form with some electric bursts of pace. 7
14 Ess Pace was too much for Bombers. Continued strong formline. 8
15 GWS Matched against Ward and clamped on plenty of tackles. Never stopped running. 7
16 Rich Prolific ball winner all day. 7
17 Melb Viney kept him in check in first half but he came back to an extent. 5
18 Port Good in a midfield unit that was generally outpointed. 7
19 Frem Freo always found him hard to stop. 7
20 NM Huge first quarter but reined in after that. 6
21 Geel Lightning fast in middle although sometimes hurried disposals. 7
22 Syd With great pace clearly St Kilda’s most prolific ball winner, but often sprayed. 7
23 WCE Worked hard and managed to break clear a bit. 5

2014 Season

1 Foot.
2 Foot.
3 Foot.
4 Adel Welcome return included spectacular goal. Benefits from the run. 5
5 Ess Solid display in second game back. 5
6 Bris Good in the middle and Brisbane had trouble stopping him. 7
7 Haw Started well then had a flat spot but kept going all day. 6
8 Carl Very quiet night and lacked normal breakaway speed. 3
9 GCS Best game for a few weeks and could be getting back to best. 6
11 Coll Never got an easy possession against Macaffer. 4
12 Port Had plenty of it but frequently under the pump. 5
13 Geel One Saint who looked capable of breaking the lines but reeled in by Guthrie. 4
14 WCE Used pace to good advantage and effective in midfield. 6
15 Rich Worked and ran hard but delivery and options weren’t great. 5
16 Carl Quiet day and couldn’t escape the tagging of Curnow. 4
17 Thigh.
18 Thigh.
19 GCS Sub. Came on at half time. Strangely began in attack but then did a few things. 3
20 WB Matched with Liberatore and had one of his better games this year. 6
21 Syd Continual ball-winner who had one of his better games for the year. 6
22 Rich Good ball winner without making trademark breakaways. 5
23 Adel Saints’ best and covered a lot of ground to keep pumping ball forward. 8
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 GCS On Ablett early and played OK without starring. 6
2 Rich Busy and strong running game. 6
3 GWS Industrious tough and quick all through. 8
4 Ess Tough and quick in middle, didn’t get enough of it but was solid. 6
5 Syd Very big first quarter and remained steady after that. 6
6 Coll First half was terrific and although he tapered he was one of the best. 7
7 Carl Prominent in first half then powered on to huge night. Career high numbers. 8
8 Adel After prolific game against Carlton found Crows mids more combative. 6
9 WB Often in contests with Boyd. Kicked up a gear late and almost pinched game. 7
10 NM Slow start but battled away and fought the game out. 6
11 WCE Tackled hard, but just solid game without being a major player. 6
13 Melb Racked up touches mostly playing wing without being as incisive as he can be. 6
14 Rich Ran hard and quickly and kicked a fine goal. 6
15 Frem Saints’ best as he burnt off Crowley and was excellent around the clearances. 8
16 Carl Did OK despite Armfield’s tag and corkie in third term. 5
17 Port Didn’t have very big impact in first three quarters but had a terrific final term. 6
18 Geel Willingness to take game on first rate. Disposal requires work. 7
19 Bris Brilliant four-bounce goal but Raines kept him well tied down. 4
20 Haw Prime mover in first quarter and won a lot of the ball. 6
21 Syd Brilliant first quarter and was among Saints’ best three. 7
22 GCS Stats not as big as recent weeks but still made some telling moves. 5
23 Frem His 47 touches was equal to Montagna as best ever by a St Kilda player. 9

2012 Season

1 Port Won a lot of the ball, but kicking was variable. 6
2 GCS Hard in the contest and won clearances strongly. 7
3 WB Prolific ball-winner and kicked terrific goal but general kicking needs work. 7
4 Frem Developing consistency in midfield with pace and tenacity. Kicking a worry. 6
5 Melb Industrious and hard in packs but short kicking still wayward. 6
6 Haw Silly to soccer a behind after Goddard free in front in first. Good otherwise. 6
7 Carl Big first half with electric pace. Went hard against Blues mids. 8
8 WCE Busy but had two flat quarters. 4
9 Syd Pace and ball winning were important in the win. 7
10 Rich Said to have been carrying a heel injury. Down on recent form 4
11 GCS Constant runner whose second half was better than first. 6
12 Adel Covered a heap of ground and did pretty well. 7
14 NM Stats belied a patchy type of game. 5
15 Ess OK without being at his best. 5
17 Syd Worked hard but not a big impact on game. 5
18 WB Very active early. 5
19 Coll Won a lot of the ball but too often didn’t think before disposing of it. 5
20 Melb Quiet in first half. Lifted and was potent in the third quarter. 6
21 Geel Edge has gone off his game after long season. 4
22 GWS Fair game without dominating. 5
23 Carl Strong running in closing stages made a difference. 6