#8   Western Bulldogs

Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 154 Born: Nov 02, 1990
Height: 197cm Weight: 97kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Forced into ruck last year and did an admirable job but Port plans on using him as a forward who can give support to Ryder.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Syd Bearded unit had the odd run in the ruck and defended stoutly when it was required. 5
2 Frem Back in defence to quell the threat of Jonathon Griffin. 5
3 Adel Took Mitch McGovern right out of the game. 6
4 GWS Battled manfully against Mumford in the ruck. 27 hitouts and kicked a goal, but tired late. 6
5 Carl Pushed forward in the second half and made the most of it with three goals. 7
6 Bris Snuck under the radar up forward and booted three goals. 6
7 WCE No goals from Trengove today as he played permanently up forward. Did provide a contest and bring the footy to ground. 5
8 GCS Out-muscled Brooksby a few times as a forward then had stints in the ruck. Steady effort. 5
9 Bye.
10 Geel Played forward but struggled to impact the flow of the game with four effective touches and no goals. 3
11 Haw Used in variety of roles but majority spent up forward. Two kicks and seven effective disposals for the night. 3
12 Ess Got a goal in second term and competed hard enough in a few different roles. 5
13 Bris Deputised well for Paddy Ryder in ruck for most of the second half. 6
14 Coll Dragged down a couple of nice contested marks and gave something to the effort as a tall forward. 5
15 Rich Fantastic job to make Alex Rance accountable in the first half, unfortunately couldn’t keep it up for the entire match. 6
16 WCE Did his job as the back up ruck and kicked two goals. 6
17 NM Capped off his 150th game with a shank of a kick in the last term which resulted in a goal. 6
18 Melb Kicked a goal and did some work in the ruck. Not his best outing. 4
19 StK In the forward line was matched on Carlisle who generally read it better. Did sneak a goal. 4
20 Adel Started in defence on Josh Jenkins kept him quiet for a half before JJ kicked four goals in the second half. 5
21 SANFL Brilliant response following Showdown shocker. Tough around the contest in attack and ruck with two goals and 23 touches. -
22 SANFL Simply sensational. Snagged four majors, grabbed 13 marks and basically tore Norwood to shreds. -
23 SANFL Aggressive and versatile. Had two goals and 20 touches, plus 19 hitouts when thrown into ruck. Doing everything right. -
EF Senior emergency.

2016 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 StK Gave Lobbe a chop-out in ruck when the big man needed a breather. 7
2 Adel Lost in the shuffle between playing as a tall defender and back-up ruckman. 3
3 Ess Had the difficult task to contend with Daniher and kept him to two goals. 6
4 GWS Found the going tough on Lobb in the backline. 3
5 Geel Took resting ruckman and battled hard but he’s not a great offensive threat. 4
6 Suspended.
7 Bris Won 13 clearances playing as the No.1 ruckman, amazing. 8
8 Carl Lion-hearted in the ruck with his second efforts but kicking was horrible. Gave forwards no chance. 6
9 WCE Came up against a man mountain in Naitanui, and clearly outplayed in ruck. 6
10 Melb Tried hard in ruck opposed to Gawn but was beaten. At least gave a contest. 4
11 Coll Competed hard in ruck and in attack. Kicked a goal and used the ball better than he has in past. 6
12 WB Did all he could to combat the ruck duo of Roughead and Campbell. 7
13 Frem Fought against the odds in the ruck. Won seven clearances. 6
15 Rich Lost the ruck battles but won his fair share of clearances. 7
16 Haw Workmanlike performance to combat McEvoy and Ceglar. 6
17 NM Terrific game in the ruck and a major catalyst to first quarter burst. 8
18 GWS Battled tirelessly against Mumford, never stops trying. 7
19 Bris Beaten by first gamer in the ruck but made up for it in general play. 7
20 Syd Lowered colors to Naismith and Nankervis in ruck. Unable to match last week’s efforts. 4
21 Melb Relieved not to be the battering ram and back in his normal spot in defence. 6
22 Adel Had the better of Jenkins despite his two goals. 6
23 GCS Mostly used in defence and did his role well. 5

2015 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Frem The back-up ruckman had 21 disposals. Worked around the ground. 7
2 Syd Playing his 100th game did his best to contain Tippett to one goal. 5
3 NM Hand hands full with Brown and made a few blues. Still looks rusty. 4
4 Haw Inconspicuous display from the rugged defender. 4
5 Adel The plus-one in defence and took some strong contested marks. 5
6 WCE Nullified tall forward McInnes out of the game. 5
7 Bris Light-on on stats, but OK minding Leuenberger. 5
8 Rich Left the game with a bad ankle injury. 3
9 Ankle.
10 Ankle.
11 Ankle.
12 Carl Battled hard against Carlton talls. Not huge stats but solid defensively. 5
14 Ill.
15 Coll The team’s barometer, when he plays the Power usually win. 5
16 Adel Jenkins got the better of him with three goals. 4
17 Ess Well on top of Daniher for most of the night. 6
18 StK Took on the resting ruckmen when they drifted forward and beat them both. 6
19 WB Part of a defensive group that was well beaten. Managed just two tackles. 3
20 GWS Had his jumper ripped twice and forced to wear No.23. 5
21 Shoulder.
22 Shoulder.
23 Shoulder.

2014 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Carl Saw off Henderson and was handy source of drive with 15 disp from def. 6
2 Adel Totally nullified McKernan, keeping him scoreless. 6
3 NM Took care of Currie when he went forward and had his measure. 7
4 Bris Played loose across half back and chimed in as the second ruckman. 6
5 WCE Had the resting ruckman and spent time in the ruck. OK. 5
6 Geel Did the business from centre half back in a steady performance. 6
7 GWS Has enjoyed a consistent season – more steady stuff in defence. 5
8 Frem His work to nullify Sandilands in the final term was important. 6
10 Haw Ran in the ruck when required. 5
11 Melb Got the better of Gawn and Jamar as the resting rucks in Dees front half. 6
12 StK Unusually started up forward due to match-ups and rewarded with a goal. 6
13 Syd Copped a knock early and Goodes caught fire in second, but responded well. 6
14 WB Took Liam Jones out of the game and pinched hit in ruck. 6
15 Adel Did not play in the second half due to an ankle injury. 3
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Syd Back in the side after a lengthy lay off, started brightly before subbed out. 4
21 Ankle.
22 Carl Heart and soul in defence restricted Casboult to one goal. 7
23 Frem Had to stay in defence to mind talls, which limited ruck assistance. 5
EF Rich All over Griffiths keeping him to a handful of touches and one goal. 7
SF Frem Took Clarke and had him covered. Marking a key and went forward late. 7
PF Haw Played down back and some time in ruck. Not a big factor then subbed out. 4
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Melb Tracked Clark and had job made easier due to Dees’ inept disposal. 7
2 GWS Stuck to his task and did a fine job on Patton. 7
3 Adel Started the game on Walker and had his hands full. 4
4 GCS Had Day's measure and broke even with Thompson. 5
5 WCE Substituted in the third term having made little impact on proceedings. 3
6 Foot.
7 Foot.
8 Foot.
9 Foot.
10 Foot.
11 Foot.
12 Foot.
13 Foot.
14 Coll First game back in two months and surprisingly started up forward. 4
15 Ess Started forward and presented strongly. Kicked a goal then swung back. 5
16 Haw Had the tough task on Roughead and came off second best. 4
17 StK Good job on Riewoldt early but Saint skipper got away later. 4
18 Bris Had the tough task on trying to stop Brown and kept him to two goals. 6
19 Adel Lined up on Johnston and conceded four goals. 4
20 Geel Battled Podsiadly/Taylor and found the going tough at times. Limited offensively. 5
21 GCS Quelled many Suns attacks with great intercepting marks in defence. 7
22 Frem Stood Pavlich and was OK to an extent. 4
23 Carl Drifted forward on several occasions to catch out the opposition. 6
EF Coll Started on Reid. Low key but effective in what he did. 6
SF Geel Matched on Podsiadly and didn’t let him have a say. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

2 Ess Battled away against variety of opponents down back. Average type game. 5
3 Syd Rebounded the football six times out of defensive 50. 7
4 Coll Showed aggression down back but he didn’t stand out to any degree. 4
5 Adel Suffered an early knock and not an influential figure on proceedings. 4
6 Rich Had the better of Tyrone Vickery who was substituted. 6
7 Frem Had a lot of the ball and took three contested marks. 7
8 NM Took on Cameron Pederson and kept him to just the one goal. 5
9 GCS Shifted off Day early and had better luck on Lynch. Not his best game though. 4
10 Carl Had the better of Paul Bower and had him shifted back to defence. 5
11 Haw Struggling at the minute with what role he is playing in the side. 4
12 WB Had Roughead most of the night in a great battle. Did OK defensively. 4
15 Adel Declared fit to play and was honest in his performance around the ground. 4
16 Ess Although Gumbleton kicked three goals Trengove was strong in defence. 7
17 Melb Matched with Rivers and tested at times. 4
18 Frem Was substituted early in the last term after no real impact on proceedings. 4
19 GWS Lined up on Jeremy Cameron, who broke free when the game was on the line. 4
20 Haw Beaten too often one on one for a player of his calibre. 3
21 WCE Stuck to his guns and kept Lynch goalless. 7
22 Bris Spent some time on Brown in the third term. 4
23 Rich Tracked McGuane most of the day and did that pretty well. 5