#6   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 136 Born: Mar 12, 1991
Height: 185cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Returned to pre-season in shape that club hopes is catalyst for a big season. JLT form has been average at best.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Mixed defence and attack well and was rewarded with three goals. Unselfish at times as well. 8
2 NM Didn’t have some intensity offensively or defensively as he did last week. Couple of key touches late but struggled. 3
3 Melb One goal a ripper and kicked two plus two goal assists. Still not at best but handy enough playing half-forward/midfield. 6
4 Haw First half was close to best he’s played (18, disposals, three tackles) and went on with it to be Cats’ best. Three goals. 9
5 StK Started well but drifted out of the game. Only 12 disposals in final three terms and didn’t hit the scoreboard. 5
6 Coll One great goals only highlight of an error-filled performance ion which his inability to make correct decisions is diabolical. 3
7 GCS Pulled out of one contest that didn’t look great and was never a factor; 11 effective disposals, one goal and four inside-50s. 3
8 Ess For three quarters he was horrible then came to life in the final term to grab 12 disposals. Where was urgency early in game? 4
9 WB Stats sheet suggest okay (18 disposals) but reality was he had very little impact on the game. Better than previous weeks. 4
10 Port Two kicks to half time but did lift to provide something in push to wire. Three inside-50s in final term were handy. 5
11 Adel Played more through the midfield and was solid with his run and link play from behind the ball; 24 disposals. 7
12 Bye.
13 WCE Three effective possessions in opening half in another frustrating display. Ended with 12 effective disposals. 3
14 Frem Workrate was at least strong and while rewards not huge he kept working. One goal, three inside-50s and three tackles. 6
15 GWS Only 13 effective disposals and no goals. Effort was there at times but not a huge influence. 4
16 Bris Busy first half. Collected a hard-working second quarter goal and unselfishly passed one off to Parsons. One of his best for the year. 7
17 Haw Quiet. Had to push down back to get a kick. Two inside-50s but was rarely sighted forward of centre. 3
18 Adel Fumbled, made poor decisions and basically was never a factor. Hard to believe he can survive the selection axe this week. 2
19 Groin.
20 Groin.
21 Rich Showed glimpses of his class. Broke the lines with blistering speed and made a significant impact with superb disposal. 7
22 Coll Struggled. One howler of a clanger resulted in Collingwood goal; 10 effective disposals. 3
23 GWS Couple of bursts and was involved enough to be a factor without setting the world alight. One goal from 16 touches. 6
QF Rich Couple of bursts equalled by a couple of costly clangers in another horror finals performance. 3
SF Syd Best game for the year? Chased and tackled, won the ball and used it well. Can he replicate the form? 8
PF Adel Ironic he played last game for Cats and was one of their best in a beaten side. At least looked dangerous when he got it. 6

2016 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Made mistakes at times. One goal but efficiency well down overall. 3
2 GWS Started well but effort petered out. Fumbled at times and didn’t hit the scoreboard. 3
3 Bris Best game for year netted 10 inside-50s, two goals and five clearances. Handy return to form. 7
4 Ess Two goals and buzzed around. Four inside-50s but failed to lay tackle. 5
5 Port Even performance. One goal and set up a couple of others. Handy without starring. 6
6 GCS Three goals, great ball use and seven inside-50s a highlight of a solid and steady performance. 7
7 WCE Huge effort. Three goals in second term put a gap on Eagles. Ended with four and six inside-50s. 8
8 Adel Huge again with four goals, four inside-50s and creative ball use. 8
9 Coll One goal from three effective disposals in first half and ended with five for game. Horror day. 1
10 Carl Blues attacked him physically and he couldn’t handle it. Only Cat not to lay a tackle. 1
11 GWS Chipped in for two goal assists but was up and down. No goals or inside-50s. 4
12 NM Celebrated 100th game with a freak soccer goal. Not huge stats but work-rate good. 4
13 WB Scrounged two goals in second term and ended with a heap of possessions. Work-rate strong. 7
14 StK Horrible. Invented new ways to perform clangers. Back to VFL? 1
16 Syd Edging closer to a spell in the VFL after failing to fire for fifth straight match. 3
17 Frem Despite healthy stats impact not enormous but work-rate looked much better. 6
18 Adel Impact not huge but fact he had seven tackles suggested work-rate first class. 6
19 WB Three goals and two goal assists but importantly tackle pressure again good. 7
20 Ess Wasted some ball and was one of two Cats not to lay a tackle. One goal. 5
21 Rich Hammered for three quarters then got on the bandwagon late. Kicked 1.4. 4
22 Bris Career-high five goals and set a few up. Close to Cats’ best along with Menegola. 8
23 Melb Two goals but for most part was pretty well held by Jetta. Seven tackles. 5
QF Haw Quiet first half but lifted in second with two goals. Eight effective disposals. 5
PF Syd When it was his time to go he didn’t. Trade talk to commence. 1

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw One of the Cats better performers because was willing to take the game on. 7
2 Suspended.
3 GCS Returned after club suspension to kick two goals and be a presence around ball. 7
4 NM Five inside-50s and some hard running but didn’t hit the scoreboard. 6
5 Rich Five inside-50s, a goal and some hard running kept him involved. 6
6 Coll Three goals, three inside-50s and some hard running. 7
7 Syd Two first-half goals but faded later. One horrible skill error stood out. 5
8 Carl Tagged out of the game by Armfield. Didn’t hit the scoreboard. 3
9 WCE Has to get better with defensive work, which is non-existent at times. 5
10 Ess Bounced back with a four-goal, four-tackle performance. That is his benchmark. 7
11 Port Well held but got off the chain to kick two goals from limited chances. 5
12 Melb Cats’ best. Two goals, seven inside-50s and five clearances. 8
15 NM Could not get into the game at all. Three kicks not enough. 1
16 WB Returned to form with three goals and seven tackles. Easily among best. 8
17 GWS Best afield performance. Looked dangerous every time he went near it. 8
18 Bris Good form continued with eight inside-50s, a goal and two goal assists. 8
19 Syd Run and creativity again helped side to victory. Five-inside-50s, one goal. 7
20 Haw Not a great night. Didn’t kick a goal and rarely a factor forward of centre. 3
21 StK Among best with 14 CPs, eight inside-50s and seven clearances. 8
22 Coll Three kicks in first half. A cold performance in his hot and cold season. 3
23 Adel On day contract signing was made public didn’t have best game. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 VFL Got through first game back OK with limited game time. -
6 VFL Shadowed by Max Warren and was only fair. -
7 Rich First game back was solid enough without setting game alight. Six inside-50s. 4
9 Frem Looked well short of a gallop and lacked zip until final term with a goal. 4
10 NM Getting closer to full fitness and ran hard for seven inside-50s and a goal. 6
11 Syd Smith kept him goalless and from doing any real damage. Quiet. 3
12 Carl Snagged a brilliant goal but forced to work into defence to get a kick. 5
13 StK Best game of year. There was a real spark about his footy all day. 7
14 GCS Positive for Cats. Three goals, five inside-50s and some dash through the middle. 7
15 Ess Dangerous then stepped it up in final term with two brilliant goals. 7
16 WB Picken tag did little to halt his run and carry. Won a lot of footy between arcs. 8
17 Melb Back to his best. Zip and work-rate up and down the field was a highlight. 8
18 GWS Ran hard and won a lot of footy to pump in eight inside-50s. 7
19 NM Kicked 2.1 and missed a sitter. Busy despite a knee scare. 7
20 Frem Ran Duffield around but wasted some chances going forward. One goal. 6
21 Carl Three goals a handy return but Yarran also did damage for the Blues. 7
22 Haw Langford able to keep him on a tight leash. One goal but no inside-50s. 4
23 Rested.
QF Haw Couldn’t get into the contest. Touched ball eight times in last 100 minutes. 3
SF NM Couldn’t get into the game at all and played some selfish footy at times. 3
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Struggled early then found a way to work into the game. 6
2 NM Gut running through middle a feature of his game – two goals, six inside-50s. 7
3 Carl Getting better each week. Gut running a feature and rewarded with two goals. 7
4 Syd Kicked three first-half goals, which were critical. Speed was a factor. 7
5 WB Kicked three goals and made some incisive runs despite Picken’s attention. 7
6 Rich Quiet night with Morris his master. Didn’t get into the game at all. 3
7 Ess Once he starts playing percentages he can be better than Cyril Rioli. 8
8 Coll Had eight of his disposals in third term. Has to find a level of consistency. 5
9 Port Pace and creativity worried O’Shea. Super damaging with every disposal. 8
10 GCS Kicked 2.2 but well held by Wilkinson in a spiteful battle at times. 4
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Bris What he did was great – two brilliant goals – but probably beaten by Yeo. 5
14 Frem When Duffield went off he started to win more ball – two goals and great work-rate. 6
15 Haw Great battle with Stratton. Kicked 1.2 and set up another. OK. 5
16 Melb Great front-and-square goal in third term his highlight. Kept working all day. 6
17 Adel Kicked two goals but faded late in the game when side needed him. 6
18 StK Gut running brilliant and racked up a career-high disposal count – four goals. 9
19 NM Started with a bang then quietened right off. Three goals, six inside-50s. 7
20 Port Two third-term goals including one ripper after a huge first term set team up. 7
21 WCE Electrifying first half netted 16 disp and two goals then subbed out at the half. 5
22 Syd Saved party tricks for late with a screamer and goal. Kicked three in good effort. 7
23 Bris Couldn’t get into the game. Subbed out after one kick. 1
QF Frem Had a bit of the ball but much of it was backward of centre. Only one goal. 5
SF Port Broke the lines but didn’t always play percentages. Ended with two goals. 5
PF Haw One brilliant goal but and two for game. Reasonably well held by Burgoyne/Stratton. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Kicked two goals and kicking skills a highlight. Good start to season. 6
2 Haw Great first term then faded a little. Ended with eight touches. 4
3 NM Among the best. Speed and skill stood out and kicked 2.2. 7
4 Rich Speed and willingness to run a feature of his best game as a Cat. 7
5 Bris Key goal in first term and dangerous at times. Faded second half. 4
6 Melb Surely he’ll earn the Rising Star nom after another forward showing. 7
7 Adel Crashed back to earth with a thud after Rising Star previous week. 2
8 Coll Kicked an early goal but generally well held by O’Brien. 3
9 WB Three goals crucial in tight contest and dangerous every time he went near it. 7
11 Carl Kicked three of four goals in second term in a pivotal display. 7
13 Syd Kicked a nice early goal but in and out. His man (Shaw) got away too often. 4
14 Port Kicked 1.2 and made a few slicing runs but not often enough. 5
15 GCS Missed a couple of chances early and was never a factor. Needs to lift. 3
16 Coll Kicked two goals but generally well held by Magpie defenders. 5
17 Ess Only one goal but worked hard up the ground to provide another number. 6
18 Adel Quiet game from the kid who got muscled off the ball a lot. 2
19 Haw Subbed on just before three-quarter time for three touches. 1
20 WCE Kicked one fine running goal but generally not a factor. Two goals. 3
21 StK Best game for a month without getting too excited. Two goals, two assists. 6
22 WB Had plenty of the ball through the middle as a link player. 6
23 Syd Subbed on late in game and only time for two effective disposals. 1
EF Frem More and more tired as season went on. Apart from one goal offered zero. 2