#19   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 1mth Games: 86 Born: Sep 02, 1991
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Pushed down the pecking order by his foot issues and the addition of young talent. Enjoyed a mostly issue-free summer.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 VFL Had 30+ touches in midfield and looked to be back to his ball winning best. Just can't cover the ground like he once could. -
5 VFL Laid eight tackles to keep the Roosters honest. Not a massive possession winner, but did his bit. -
6 VFL Led the way in midfield with 27 possessions and five clearances. -
7 VFL Strong contributor in midfield with 23 possessions and four clearances. Solid effort. -
8 VFL One of the few winners on the day for Casey. 25 possessions and provided good leadership. -
9 VFL Rotated through midfield and across half back. Had 20 touches and was solid again. -
10 Bye.
11 VFL Worked into the game after half time to help Casey fend off Coburg's challenge. 28 possessions. -
12 VFL Good again in midfield. Not massive numbers, but plays like a coach out on the ground. A leader. -
13 VFL Used at half back and was a good distributor by hand and foot. 29 possessions. -
14 VFL Diligently went about his business across half back. Played his part. -
15 VFL Another solid effort at half back and through the middle, although he missed a few targets by foot. -
16 VFL Steady game again at half back and up on a wing. 26 possessions. -
17 Senior emergency.
18 Port A welcome return to the seniors and was okay early on. Fumbled a bit later and looked to tire. 4
19 NM Slow to cover the ground and a few basic turnovers were punished. 3
20 VFL Good once again with 24 possessions in the come-from-behind win. -
21 VFL Excellent distributing the footy off half back. Had 32 touches and kicked it well. -
22 VFL Steady game at half back despite being crook during the week. -
23 VFL One of the Demons best in tight win over Werribee. 25 possessions. -

2016 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Played in Casey intra-club.
2 Played in VFL trial against Box Hill.
3 VFL Knocked out early on and didn’t return. Can’t take a trick! -
4 VFL 20 possessions and a goal to go with eight tackles. Going well finally. -
5 VFL Won plenty of ball in midfield and is progressing nicely. Looks like he’ll make it back. -
6 VFL Accumulated possessions in midfield. Especially good in close. -
7 VFL Steady game in midfield without starring. Getting valuable miles in the legs. -
8 VFL Starting to put genuine pressure on selectors with another polished display. -
9 VFL Ready to return to senior lineup. Another 30 possessions and was very good in close. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 Haw Warm applause when he came on and played a steady game on return from foot injury. 6
12 Coll Kicked a goal to delight of teammates. Pretty quiet but worked away from half forward. 4
13 Syd Unable to get going in midfield battle in wet conditions that many would think suited. 5
15 VFL Slow start but worked into game as it wore on. 15 touches in midfield. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Ploughed away in midfield but wasn’t his best outing. Not covering the ground well. -
18 VFL Did his bit in midfield battle to amass 29 possessions. -
19 VFL Won ball well in middle of the ground – 29 touches. Laid 13 tackles too. -
20 VFL Controlled the midfield in close and was OK on the spread. One of the best. -
21 VFL Played his part in midfield smashing of Werribee with 29 possessions. -
22 VFL Trucked away in midfield but unable to quell Cats’ momentum after half time. -
23 Senior emergency.

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Foot.
2 Foot.
3 Foot.
4 Foot.
5 Foot.
6 Foot.
7 Foot.
8 Foot.
9 Foot.
10 Foot.
11 Foot.
12 Foot.
13 Foot.
14 Foot.
15 Foot.
16 Foot.
17 Foot.
18 Foot.
19 Foot.
20 Foot.
21 Foot.
22 Foot.
23 Hamstring.

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Handy game and had a lot of the ball without causing damage. 5
2 WCE Slightly quicker than Toumpas, but struggled to cover the ground. 5
3 VFL Didn’t set the world on fire. Lacked zip even at VFL level. -
4 Just the 15 touches in VFL. Struggling.
5 Foot.
6 Foot.
7 Foot.
8 Foot.
9 Foot.
10 Foot.
11 Foot.
12 Foot.
13 Foot.
14 Foot.
15 Foot.
16 Foot.
17 Foot.
18 Foot.
19 Foot.
20 Foot.
21 Foot.
22 Foot.
23 Foot.
QF -
SF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 PM Quiet game rehabbing from foot injury. -
2 Ess Underdone and played like it. Not sure where he is at right now. 2
3 WCE Kicked two and did some nice things but more is needed from the co-captain. 5
4 GWS Worked into the game well and was at his best in the final quarter. 6
5 Bris Smashed by Moloney who showed him how to hunt the footy. Slow as treacle. 3
6 Carl Horror day. Only four effective disposals simply not good enough from co-skipper. 1
7 Foot.
8 Rich Sluggish start but worked into game with 10 second-half disposals. 5
9 Frem Battled extremely hard and took a few steps forward. 5
10 Haw Hopefully he is injured because he was slower than a slug with a limp. 4
11 Coll Eight disposals first quarter then ran out of gas – did kick two goals. 5
13 StK OK without setting the world on fire. 5
14 WB Impressive performance from young captain. Five inside 50s and seven tackles. 7
15 Syd Working into season OK. Only 11 effective disposals but covering ground better. 5
16 Geel Battled away but effectiveness dampened by poor ball use. Kept trying. 5
17 Bris Still getting there in an attacking sense but defensive skills superb – 12 tackles. 6
18 NM Played the game as if stuck in quicksand. Only four kicks. 5
19 GWS After a solid month of form, struggled to cover the ground and get involved. 4
20 GCS Found it hard to chase runners but toiled manfully. 5
21 Frem Worked into the game and numbers will be pleasing. Covered ground better. 6
22 Adel Continues to struggle with the weight of expectation on his shoulders. 6
23 WB Led charge early in game before fading. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris Led from front with workrate and attack. Showed up some teammates. 7
2 WCE Won seven clearances. Had a crack. 6
3 Rich Horrible first half but to his credit he lifted to kick two late goals. 4
4 WB No influence at all. Needs to be better 2
5 StK Steadfast in his role on Dal Santo and did OK. 5
6 Geel Quiet first half but lifted his rating to run out the game pretty well. 6
7 Haw Worked and tackled hard but had no great influence. 4
8 Syd Co-captain had a dirty game and little went right for him. 3
9 Carl Headed for disaster with two first-half possessions but lifted. 4
10 Ess Solid game from co-captain. 6
11 Coll Lack of speed and fumbles were costly at times but form slowly on upswing. 5
13 GWS OK but just one clearance and three inside-50s not enough from him. 5
14 Bris Trudged around for 17 possessions and had a minimal impact. 4
15 Rich Still searching for some form and didn’t get a whole lot closer – quiet. 4
16 Frem Worked hard but still lacking polish with the footy to hurt opponents. 5
17 Port Generally matched on Brad Ebert. Doesn’t seem to be used well. 5
18 NM Given a run with role but struggled to curtail North’s playmakers. 4
19 GCS Starting to find form. Highlight a contested mark and goal in second term. 6
20 StK Worked hard. 5
21 GWS Had at least three opponents, but still returned 23 touches and two goals. 7
22 Adel Got more involved as the game went on. 6
23 Frem Won the ball at both ends. Ran hard all night. 6