#23   West Coast

Age: 30yr 1mth Games: 155 Born: May 04, 1989
Height: 182cm Weight: 80kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A make or break year looms for the former Swan, whose first season back in the west was ordinary. Looks more settled now.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM Just the nine touches and a joe-the-goose goal. Eagles would want more out of him. 4
2 WAFL Dropped back to the WAFL (despite glue injury claims) and was okay without starring. 19 possessions and eight marks. -
3 Rich Not damaging at all. 4
4 WAFL Won plenty of the ball on the outside and pressed claims for a recall in a heavy defeat. -
5 WAFL Steady without starring in win. 19 possessions and four inside-50s for the Royals. -
6 WAFL Drifted in and out of the game, but is a million miles off the player he was at times with the Swans. -
7 WAFL Bye. -
8 WAFL Missed a couple of shots for goal, but was a handy contributor on the day. -
9 WAFL One of his best outings in a while Strong late when the game was on the line. 10 inside 50s. -
10 GWS His best game for the club. Ran, worked, won the ball 28 times and kicked two goals. 7
11 GCS Quite good for the most part, and booted a goal to get things started in the last quarter. 7
12 Bye.
13 Geel Found some form with 20 possessions, two goals and a good workrate. Importantly hit targets with his touches. 7
14 Melb His kicking is vital. Would like his set shot again in the final term. 6
15 WB Provided some drive out of defence and disposal efficiency (12 of 16 hit target) better than most. 5
16 Port West Coast need him with the ball in his hands and 12 disposals wasn’t enough. 4
17 Frem Didn’t have his usual run and his kicking game wasn’t prominent. 4
18 Coll Little defensive effort…almost plays too cool on the field. 4
19 Calf.
20 Calf.
21 Carl The Eagles needed more of his break away speed. Only 15 touches. 5
22 GWS Missing person notice posted for him at halftime, but worked his way into it. Needs to use his pace more often. 3
23 Adel His final term was outstanding. The key reason why the Eagles held on to play finals. 7
EF Port Work off back of square in extra time was telling. Just fair before that. 5
SF GWS The SES were readying a search party until he made one run down the wing. Part of the problem for the Eagles list managers. 2

2016 Season

1 Calf.
2 Haw Another poor outing on the MCG. Hardly saw it, and when he did kicked it horribly. 1
3 Frem Showed why he was recruited with two goals. His work in attack was good. 6
4 Rich Took another step forward. His fitness is improving and he kicked a goal. 5
5 Syd Ordinary day against old team and a shocker miss was greeted with delight. 3
6 Coll Barely touched the footy. 2
7 Geel Horrible. Has to be playing WAFL this week. Six effective disposals. 1
8 WAFL Plenty of the ball with 29 disposals but wasteful highlighted by three behinds. -
9 WAFL Struggled in the stormy conditions for just 13 touches. -
10 GCS Had some good running moments that contributed to the team’s scoring. 4
11 WAFL Couldn’t get into the game on a wing after coming on at quarter time. -
12 WAFL Bye. -
13 Bris Played his role on a wing and outpointed Bewick. 6
15 Ess Had some better signs. Still needs to break the lines and get more disposals. 5
16 NM Only nine touches and wasn’t in a position to win the footy enough. 3
17 Senior emergency.
18 WAFL No impact again on the wing with 16 touches and outpointed by opponent. -
19 WAFL Bye. -
20 WAFL Better performance with 23 disposals and looked more engaged. -
21 WAFL Better showing again finishing with 24 possessions. -
22 Haw His best game this year. Aggressive and chased hard. 6
23 Adel Started strongly with a goal in the second term but faded quickly. 5
EF -

2015 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Ess On Goddard initially. Slippery conditions didn’t suit defender’s game at all. 4
2 Port His speed and spread caused the Power many headaches. 7
3 GWS Kicked a key goal to halt GWS momentum and dangerous at times. 6
4 Frem Kicked one goal but really quiet. 3
5 WB Five inside-50s and ball use pretty good in tough conditions. 6
6 Melb Unbelievable snap goal from outside 50 thrilled fans. Created all night. 7
7 Geel Gave some great drive off a wing and troubled the Cats throughout. 7
8 Haw Flitted in and out of game. Key chase and tackle would have pleased coach. 6
9 Carl Had it 16 times in the first half to be a damaging player then kept it going. 8
10 GCS Set up plenty of attack with incisive running out of defence. 7
11 NM Field kicking brilliant and set up teammates for scoring opportunities. 8
13 Rich Started well linking up and kicking long, but he drifted out. 5
14 Port Found space off a wing and kicked critical goal midway through final term. 6
15 Bris Six effective disposals and a goal in first half. Not his best game but found space. 6
16 Haw Not a game for outside receivers but chimed in when he could. 5
17 WCE Got a lot of his touches deep in defence. Did not have an inside-50. One goal. 5
18 Adel Opening goal went to the script and was effective. 5
19 Geel Huge first half (15 disposals, two goals) then struggled when not fed the ball. 6
20 Coll Matched on Sidebottom and showed trademark pace and run. 5
21 GWS Just 11 touches but Swans will be happy with his seven tackles. 4
22 StK Brilliant opening goal but not a major factor after that. 4
23 GCS Sub. On to start second term replacing Jack. Didn’t extend himself overly. 5
QF Frem Only 11 disposals in the first three quarters then lifted in final term. 5
SF NM Tagged by Gibson and zero impact. Subbed out at three-quarter time. 1

2014 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Broke clear occasionally but not a major influence. 4
2 Coll One of his better games in recent memory in an encouraging display. 7
3 Adel Used the afterburners to torch his opponents on many occasions. 6
4 NM Threatened but never able to break free in a frustrating game. 5
5 Frem Steadily building his form, producing seven inside-50s and a goal. 6
6 Melb Run and carry a feature early then slowed by a calf injury. 6
7 Bris Used his speed to great effect and wasted opportunities in front of goal. 6
8 Haw Found space off a wing and a key player linking defence and attack. 7
9 Ess Long kicking a feature and played a strong role with his improved workrate. 6
11 Geel One of few Swans to not overly impact game. One goal from limited touches. 4
12 GCS Glided along the wing and pushed forward to kick two handy majors. 6
13 Port Gave run as usual and kicked a goal to do his bit. 5
14 Rich Provided outside run and drove the ball inside 50 six times. Solid. 6
15 GWS As he has been for much of this year, he was solid but unspectacular. 5
16 WCE Provided good outside run on a wet, wintery Perth afternoon. 6
17 Carl His form has been building, but a little down on his recent form. 5
18 Haw Got the better of his speed duel with Hill on a wing. Drove the ball forward well. 7
19 Ess Rolled ankle before half time but kept going and added zip. 5
20 Port Six inside-50s, three clearances and four crunching tackles. 6
21 StK Not a big day but was handy. 4
22 WB Brilliant early goal and attacked ball hard. Pace on the outside exciting. 6
23 Rich Some decent moments but seven clangers demonstrated his troubles. 5
QF Frem Damaging with his run through the midfield. Hurt the Dockers. 7
SF -
PF NM One goal but generally quiet. Only two inside-50s. Will need to lift on Saturday. 4
GF Haw Will never want to see game again. Copped hit to head early from McEvoy. 1

2013 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Not sighted all day off a wing and will want to improve quickly on that. 4
2 GCS Made a step up from previous week. 5
3 NM Showed glimpses late in game but needs to regain last year’s form. 3
4 Geel Did not impact the game whatsoever – disappointing. 2
5 StK Sub after slow start to year. Came on and was keen to show pace. 2
6 Bris Kicked two special goals to add the cherry to the pie. Much better. 7
7 Haw Head-to-head with Hill most of the night. Didn’t hot the scoreboard. 5
8 Frem Floated in and out of the game, but his confidence is on the rise. 6
9 Coll Brilliant running goal in third quarter. Getting back towards his best. 6
10 Ess Melksham held him early but he fought back and contributed. 5
11 Shin.
12 Shin.
13 Shin.
14 Shin.
15 Shin.
16 Shin.
17 Shin.
18 Shin.
19 Shin.
20 Shin.
21 Shin.
22 Shin.
23 NEAFL Worked into the game well and was a strong performer by the end. -
QF Haw Sub came on in third and kicked goal from handball in square. Needed run. 2
SF Carl Sub. On early to replace Tippett and kicked a goal. Couple of darting runs a positive. 4
PF Frem Kicked first goal then was hardly sighted for rest of the night – 4 effective disposals. 1

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS His speed and run stood out. Among the best with 20 touches. 7
2 Frem Used his pace to perfection and capped off good work with three goals. 7
3 Port His pace was electrifying at times as he ran in kicking three goals. 7
4 NM Used pace and guile to kick three superb goals. Getting better and better. 7
5 Haw Got away a few times without big scoring impact. 4
6 Adel His best game for the Swans and was a constant menace with his pace. 7
7 Rich Very lively in the first half but faded out of the game. 5
8 Melb Lightning pace constantly had Demons on alert and one long goal was a gem. 7
9 StK Occasional bursts were threatening. 4
10 WB Kicked a career-high four goals, including two contenders for goal of the year. 7
11 Ess His pace worried Dons all night. 7
13 Geel Kicked a great running goal but not a huge factor thereafter – four inside-50s. 5
14 GWS Kicked three more goals to take his tally to 31 for the season. 7
15 Bris Didn’t quite break free but kicked another goal to take his tally to 32. 5
16 WCE Classy game. Kicked four goals and several were magic. 8
17 StK Kept on a tight leash by Jones but made occasional incisive moves. 4
18 GCS Reasonably well contained, finishing with just the one goal. 4
19 Carl Great bursts of pace created moves. 6
20 Coll Couldn’t quite generate usual impact on the scoreboard, well held by Toovey. 5
21 WB Tagged by Picken and not his most effective outing – one great goal a highlight. 4
22 Haw Had five inside-50s but limited disposals meant limited impact. 4
23 Geel Four inside-50s but that was about it. Didn’t worry Cats at all. 3
QF Adel Nice mix contained two goals and some great bursts of pace. 5
PF Coll Three-bounce goal first term a highlight and a nuisance all night – 3 goals. 7
GF Haw Got off the chain to set up two goals in first half. Quiet late but good cameos. 5