#11   Port Adelaide

Age: 29yr 6mth Games: 155 Born: Feb 22, 1990
Height: 185cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Surprised new coach Chris Fagan in all facets. In a side needing leadership he will need to stand up.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 GCS Leading possession getter on the night, although impact of possessions not hurtful to opposition. 7
2 Ess Gutsy in and under work that goes sight unseen a lot. Could still have been more punishing with his disposals. 7
3 StK Took time to work into the game, but found his normal amount of ball, both inside and out. OK without starring. 6
4 Rich Led Lions' disposal count all game. Started in midfield and went forward in third term where he had an influence 7
5 WB Worked hard around the footy to be a contributor. Gets a few cheapies but he did what he could as a forward/midfielder. 6
6 Port Wasteful with the footy, though did manage six tackles. 5
7 Syd Industrious as always in a well-beaten midfield. Led Lions in disposals, tackles and inside-50s. Booted two goals too. 8
8 Haw Massive effort with 21 contested possessions, 29 pressure acts, 13 tackles and 16 clearances. Injured shoulder in dying minutes. 8
9 Shoulder.
10 Shoulder.
11 Shoulder.
12 Frem Lined-up on S. Hill and from the outset won the battle, underlined by his game opening goal. 7
13 Port Didn’t get his hands on the footy enough, hit the scoreboard in the first quarter but hardly sighted. 4
14 GWS In and under all game for 27 disposals but his touches didn’t really hurt the opposition. 7
15 Ess Workmanlike game in midfield and built a solid possession tally. 6
16 Geel Even though 22 touches, it was slightly down on his 26.93 per game. Struggled when directly against Selwood or Dangerfield. 6
17 Rich One of his quieter games in the past few seasons. Wasn’t able to exert his influence at any stage. 4
18 Carl Don’t be fooled by his 10 disposals. Used as a tagger and brilliantly shut-down Gibbs. Is tagging his new role? 7
19 WCE Allowed to roam free after his tagging job last week. Only had 18 disposals though. 5
20 WB Used in the midfield and in attack. Notched two goals in an even effort across four quarters. 7
21 GCS Back-up his hard work in the midfield by also contributing on the scoreboard (three goals) when resting in attack. 7
22 Melb Struggled early then got going to contribute late in game. Two goals and 16 touches as well as three tackles. 5
23 NM Started well but tapered and didn’t have as big an impact as Lions would have wanted. 5

2016 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WCE Looked hurt. Persisted and still kicked two goals. 6
2 NM Copped a late injury to cap off a dirty day. 2
3 Calf.
4 Calf.
5 WB Battled away for his 26 possessions but not at his best. At least ran the game out hard. 7
6 Syd In among the action and a dozen touches in last quarter when Lions surged. 8
7 Port Left the game in the second term after injuring his hamstring. 3
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 Hamstring.
11 Carl Brilliant on return with a staggering 48 disposals and nine tackles. 9
12 Frem Got plenty of possessions and tried to lead by example. 7
13 WCE Captain’s knock. Had equal game-high 38 disposals and a team-high nine tackles. 7
14 Rich Plenty of the ball but lacked impact through midfield. Too many handballs to hurt the Tigers. 6
16 GCS Racked up the footy but Miller quelled his impact greatly. 6
17 GWS Usual high disposal rate but impact minimal. Two goals more notable. 7
18 Ess Racked up the touches again and more damaging forward of centre than he has been. 8
19 Port Led Lions’ disposal count on the back of eight touches in last term yet laid just one tackle. 6
20 Adel Lions’ best player with nine tackles, three clearances and a goal. 7
21 Carl Capped off 39 his disposals with two goals. One of his more influential games. 7
22 Geel Skipper used ball short all day. Six tackles, six inside-50s and one goal. 6
23 StK Won a big share of the ball but didn’t always hit targets. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Coll A third quarter casualty with ribs after being easily among the best. 5
2 Ribs.
3 Ribs.
4 WCE Came back from injury one week too early. Not his usual in-and- under effort. 5
5 GCS KO'd by Steven May in opening exchanges and took no part. 0
6 Carl Not his best day but 19 disposals and a final-term goal handy. 6
7 Port Had trouble shaking Ebert and at times Cornes. 5
8 Ess Very good first half but then was reined in to an extent. 7
9 StK Clocked up greats stats but didn’t hurt opposition enough with them. 7
10 Ribs.
11 Ribs.
12 Ribs.
13 Ribs.
14 Ribs.
15 Syd Five inside-50s, five clearances and 13 contested possessions. Tried hard. 7
16 Melb Held to six touches in first half and only 14 for the game. Five clearances. 4
17 NM Hardly sighted in first two quarters (seven disposals) Only marginally second half. 5
18 Geel 30-odd touches and nine tackles to be among the Lions better performers. 7
19 GCS Racked-up game high 32 touches, but that overstated his impact. 7
20 Carl Racked-up a game high 36 touches although didn’t hurt opposition near enough. 7
21 Adel Big game by the skipper with a game-high tackles (12) and clearances (10). 8
22 Haw In everything in first term with 17 touches. Continued rage despite Hawk dominance. 9
23 WB Had a game-high 39 touches although not as damaging as some teammates. 7

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Haw Got under skin of Mitchell and made him pay on scoreboard with three goals. 8
2 Suspended.
3 GCS Comfortably Brisbane’s best with three goals along with 35 touches. 8
4 Port Lions’ best player with a whopping 14 tackles and seven clearances. 8
5 Rich Always in and at it. Very good second half. 7
6 StK Quietened by Curren. 5
7 Syd Sluggish start due to illness. Fired-up late. Gutsy effort. 7
8 Ess Prolific ball winner who led strongly in the middle. 7
9 Ill.
10 Ill.
11 Carl Took the game up to the Blues and won a heap of the ball. 8
12 WB Tagged by Wallis but was still able to have an impact in the middle. 6
13 GWS Lost out in tussle with Shiel and looked frustrated at times. 5
14 Frem Never stopped boring in and contesting – 45 disp. Crowley went to him late. 9
15 NM Did best work when Lions were under pressure in first and final terms. 7
16 Rich Racked up 17 contested possessions, 10 tackles and six inside-50s. 8
17 Suspended.
18 GCS Continued his outstanding season with a superb four-quarter performance. 9
19 Melb Big numbers but didn’t have a massive impact until dying stages. 6
20 Adel Had a game high 40 touches but could stamp influence on game. 8
21 Coll Teammates continually fed him ball. Interestingly did not have an inside-50. 7
22 Frem Huge game with 45 touches (26 touches at half time). Standout for Lions. 8
23 Ill.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WB Came into game in second term and was only Lion midfielder to fire. 6
2 Adel His inefficiency with the ball marred his solid performance. 6
3 GCS Kicked a clever soccer goal in the last quarter to top off a good night. 6
4 NM Battled manfully to collect a swag of possessions. 7
5 Melb Unobtrusive effort. Not his most damaging game, but big numbers again. 7
6 Syd Lacked his usual impact in battle with Jack. 5
7 WCE Brisbane’s best player with 34 disposals, many of which were won in tight. 8
8 Ess Battled hard and only inaccuracy (0.3) dampened his impact. 6
9 Carl Started on bench yet still equal second in Lions disposals. 7
10 Quad.
11 Quad.
12 Frem Started in attack and kept at it all day. 6
13 Geel T Hunt kept him under wraps for a lot of the game but got busy late. 6
14 Haw Kept working hard on Burgoyne and wasn’t the worst. 5
15 GCS Typical unassuming performance with 23 touches. 6
16 NM Big second half and a major part of Lions’ comeback. 8
17 Melb Went head to head with Sylvia and worked hard both ways. Got the points in the end. 7
18 Port Won a game-high 10 clearances despite heavy attention from the opposition. 8
19 StK Prolific ball winner all night and was Lions best. 8
20 Rich Had a consistent physical presence in the match but had few friends. 7
21 GWS Good second quarter and also complemented Black well in the scrimmages. 7
22 WB Another excellent strong game across four quarters. 8
23 Geel Huge game. Knocked up getting the ball and a force all night. 8

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Melb Kicked two first-half goals and another early in the third to go with 22 disp. 7
2 Carl Much quieter than week one and never a factor that worried the Blues. 4
3 Frem Tackled well and won the hard ball. 7
4 GCS Won Marcus Ashcroft Medal. Got better as game wore on. 8
5 Geel Racked up 32 disposals. But 18 ineffective. Could not fault effort. 6
6 Ess Well down on his usual output. Only eight kicks in his 21 possessions. 4
7 Coll Among the best again. Quiet achiever. 6
8 GWS Capped off big game with three straight goals in last quarter. 8
9 NM Slow starter. Looked to hurt knee but instant recovery. 6
10 WCE Had 10 hard-ball gets and was the link man through the middle. 7
12 Haw Very quiet first half but sparked up in second half. 6
13 WB Is he the most unobtrusive player in the game. In everything...again. Huge. 9
14 Melb Another big game on the stats sheet with 29 touches. Good in traffic. 7
15 Syd Had 27 possessions and six clearances to be a productive player. 6
16 StK Solid game without dominating. 5
17 GCS Kicked the goal to give Lions the lead deep in last quarter. Very good. 7
18 WCE At his best when the team was battling. But quiet in the first half. 5
19 Rich Kept in check after having 15 possessions to half time. Kicked two goals. 7
20 Carl Not as prolific as he has been and missed targets with regularity. 5
21 Adel Blunder in last quarter cost a goal but came back with one of his own. 6
22 Port Started up forward but didn’t manage to kick a goal. 6
23 WB Hunted the forward line with limited success. 5