Age: 27yr 9mth Games: 63 Born: Sep 17, 1991
Height: 200cm Weight: 101kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Missed JLT opener after battling with a groin but hobbled off against Port with a corked calf. Needs to step up to support Riewoldt.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Played as second forward but struggled for large parts. New year but seems more of same. 3
2 Coll Speccy in second term but head hit ground after a similar attempt in third. Pretty much summed up his night. 2
3 Concussion.
4 Concussion.
5 VFL Copped another head knock early on and sat out the rest of the game. -
6 Concussion.
7 Concussion.
8 Concussion.
9 Concussion.
10 Concussion.
11 Concussion.
12 Concussion.
13 Concussion.
14 Concussion.
15 Concussion.
16 Concussion.
17 VFL Crashed some packs, took a couple of contested grabs and managed to kick two goals in a half. -
18 VFL Injured his shoulder in the second quarter. -
19 Shoulder.
20 Shoulder.
21 Shoulder.
22 Shoulder.
23 VFL Second game back from injury and booted two goals. Encouraging effort. -
QF VFL Took five marks and kicked two goals. Would still be in selectors thoughts. -
SF VFL Couldn’t sniff it when he was out there. Just two touches. -
PF VFL Booted three goals and was a handful for the Borough defenders. Lacked composure late. -
GF -

2016 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Wore a helmet after NAB Challenge knock as second ruck. Didn’t impact the scoreboard. 4
2 Coll Minimal impact in attack and ruck. Gets hands to marks, but rarely plucks them. 2
3 VFL Gave away a few early frees then injured his ankle in the third term. -
4 Ankle.
5 VFL Took a few strong marks and found a bit of the ball. Confidence booster. -
6 VFL Did well in attack and spent short bursts in the ruck where he was OK. -
7 Haw Couldn’t make his mark on the game.and needs to impose himself. 3
8 Syd Big finish to first half with two goals. Hag leg issue in third term but starred late. Match-winner. 8
9 Frem Kicked a goal. It was a tough night for forwards. 3
10 Ess Rotated ruck/forward. Worked hard but only six kicks. Ruck work only so-so. 4
11 NM Hadn’t done much up to the point when he badly injured his ankle in third term. 2
12 GCS Two goals and strong hands in marking contests – including a hanger. Ruckwork was handy too. 7
14 Ill.
15 Port Struggled up forward but went into the ruck after half time. 5
16 WB Grabbed a few towering marks and ended with one goal. OK without starring. 5
17 Ess One of his best games with 12 marks, many contested. Had Hartley’s measure; tthree goals. 8
18 Haw Grabbed a couple of nice marks but wasn’t a huge factor across the game. 4
19 Groin.
20 Coll Struggled to get into the game. Three marks, three kicks. 3
21 Groin.
22 Groin.
23 Groin.

2015 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Did his bit as an alternative marking target to Riewoldt. 5
2 WB Just one goal but looked likely at times. Improved work rate to last season. 5
3 Bris Cut up Maguire, kicking two goals and taking 10 marks. 7
4 Melb Some very good, some bad. Goalkicking remains an issue. Injured calf. 5
5 Calf.
6 NM Subbed out late first term after concussion in collision with Thomas. 1
7 Concussion.
8 Port One goal but little else from the tall forward. 4
9 Ess Tired after bright start where he took six first-half marks. Presented well. 6
10 Frem He and Vickery were forward talls and he was effective when needed. 5
12 WCE Not a major factor. 3
13 Syd Scoreless in attack but competed hard in the air wit Richards his man. 4
14 GWS Injured shoulder early and hampered then subbed out in third term. 2
15 Shoulder.
16 Shoulder.
17 Frem Kicked 0.2 with Pearce his opponent. Tigers needed more. 4
18 Finger.
19 Finger.
20 Finger.
21 Finger.
22 Finger.
23 Finger.
EF NM Couldn’t get into game and missed a few shots before being subbed. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 GCS Did OK up forward until subbed out. Probably should have been kept on. 4
2 Carl Made one defensive howler early but nice goal made up for it and took crucial marks. Improver. 6
3 WB Poor first half but lifted greatly. Lack of flexibility caused clanger in final term 4
4 Coll No impact up forward. Maxwell read the game much better. 2
5 Bris OK on Lisle in attack and gives food for thought. 4
6 Haw Kept to a quiet day by Lake. 3
7 VFL Excellent in tough conditions in attack with four goals. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 Melb Kicked three points. Wasted his chances. 3
10 GWS Kicked two goals and took some strong marks opposed to Gilham. OK. 6
11 Ess One mark, four kicks and no goals the type of effort that will return him to VFL. 1
12 NM Horror night for second week running then subbed out. Likely to face the axe. 1
13 VFL Played both in the ruck and attack. OK. -
14 Hip.
15 Hip.
16 VFL Just seven possessions and a goal. Quiet day. -
17 VFL Quiet day but took some good marks. -
18 VFL Prominent early and took some strong grabs. -
19 GWS Failed to grab opportunity with both hands in Vickery’s absence. 12 touches. 4
20 Ess Took eight marks and provided a presence from centre half forward. 6
21 Adel Produced a magnificent long goal from 60 metres in the first term. 4
22 StK Took a few big marks and helped in the ruck . Capped it with two goals. 5
23 Syd Prominent in Richmond's strong start to the game, he couldn't maintain it. 5
EF Port Hombsch was his master all day. Managed three marks and one goal. 3
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Few nervous moments early on and he will need to lift. 2
2 VFL Played down back was OK without being a standout. -
3 VFL Named in the Tigers’ best but an up and down day. -
4 Heel.
5 VFL Just fair in defence. Needs to lift. -
6 VFL Played forward and was in and out. Rucked a bit late. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Started forward but shifted back due to Werribee’s dominance. Fair. -
9 VFL Played at both ends. After a few ordinary weeks, showed a bit. -
10 VFL Kicked a goal. Had some good moments but he can do more. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 Struggled to get into the game up forward. Disappointing.
13 VFL No real impact again and looks a player devoid of confidence. -
14 Didn’t play for Coburg.
15 VFL Disappointing game again. In a real rut. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Improved showing and displayed greater intensity. -
18 VFL No real impact after a heavy collision. -
19 Concussion.
20 Concussion.
21 VFL Took eight marks and kicked two goals. A lone hand up front. -
22 VFL Kicked a goal and competed hard in the front half. -
23 -

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

2 VFL Fulfilled a number of roles in defence. Impressive at times. -
4 VFL Toiled hard in defence. Not the worst. -
5 VFL Copped a heavy knock and didn’t play the second half. -
6 VFL No impact and left the ground in the second half. -
8 VFL Got through his first game back without incident. -
9 Haw Provided exactly what coach required – a contest down back. 5
10 StK Big unit who competed well with Koschitzke. 6
11 Frem Didn’t hit the same heights as last week. 3
12 GWS Team-high game time but didn’t set the world on fire. 4
14 Adel Given the tough task of standing Kurt Tippett and was good. 5
15 Melb Didn’t set the world on fire and subbed off for final quarter. 3
19 Bris Subbed out at three quarter time after having little impact. 4
20 WB Used down back and some of his defensive stuff OK but nothing offensively. 3
21 Frem Got knocked out in the first term and went to hospital. 2