#19   North Melbourne

Age: 28yr 11mth Games: 117 Born: Jul 15, 1990
Height: 188cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Ankle/foot injuries have set playmaker a real challenge to make Round 1 given lack of match practice.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 Ankle.
4 Ankle.
5 Ankle.
6 Ankle.
7 Ankle.
8 Ankle.
9 Ankle.
10 Ankle.
11 Ankle.
12 Ankle.
13 VFL Ankle. -
14 VFL Up and down game, but finished off strong enough. -
15 VFL Returned from injury and got better as the game wore on. -
16 Ankle.
17 VFL Finished the day on the bench with his boots off. Lacked usual composure in defence and was used forward at times. -
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.

2016 Season

1 Adel Played across half back. Stats modest but did help to quell Betts after half time. 5
2 Bris Useful effort at times in the back half. 5
3 Melb Up and down day in the back half. Wasn’t a big factor driving forward. 5
4 Frem Ended with 12 marks in the back half to go with 25 possessions. Important interceptor and outlet. 7
5 GCS Did nothing wrong and went about his business with minimum of fuss. 4
6 WB Injured foot early and off at quarter time but came back. 5
7 Ankle.
8 Ankle.
9 Ankle.
10 Syd One kick in the opening half and seven for game. Hardly noticed him. Poor night. 3
11 Rich Doing OK until he hurt his ankle early in last quarter and had to be helped off. 4
12 Ankle.
13 Ankle.
14 Ankle.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 VFL Managed through game on return from injury. Looks a few weeks off. -
22 Didn’t play for Werribee.
23 Soreness.
EF Ankle.

2015 Season

1 Adel Won plenty of footy across wing and half forward. 5
2 Bris Returned as late inclusion. Did his bit. 4
3 Port Gave run off half back and backed himself to leave man. OK. 5
4 Geel Rebounded brilliantly and relished the space afforded to him by the Cats. 8
5 Haw Had Breust (four goals) but was the best Roo rebounding out of defence. 6
6 Rich Tagged by Morris in first half but got off chain to be a factor after the break. 7
7 Ess Not as productive as previous weeks at half back. 5
8 Frem One of the few players to get the ball in the first half. 5
9 Coll Competed well at half back but drifted from game in second half. 5
10 WCE Found a bit of ball across the back half and used it short to advantage. 6
11 Syd One glaring error cost a goal at a crucial time. Battled hard throughout. 6
12 GWS Had hands full at times with Palmer but got a bit of ball. 5
14 GCS Not the worst, worked hard at both ends. 6
15 Geel Quietly went about his business. Used ball effectively every time he got it. 7
16 Ess Didn’t see much of the Sherrin, but neither did his opponent Ambrose. 4
17 Bris Kept Adcock quiet while also being a linkman out of defence. 5
18 Carl Strong perfomer in the back half and won his fair share of ball. 7
19 Melb Matched to Garlett and able to restrict him to one goal. 7
20 StK Solid game on Minchington and won ball in defence. 6
21 Frem Important job on Walters who was too elusive. Crucial run off half back late. 5
22 WB Had the task on Dickson who got away for a couple of goals. 4
23 Knee.
EF Rich Used ball well and defended solidly when required. Reliable perfomer now. 6
SF Syd Defender played lock-down and antagonising game. 5
PF WCE Used in defence and competed hard for most of night. 7

2014 Season

1 Ess On Fletcher and not influential. 3
2 Senior emergency.
3 VFL Improved game. Played in the midfield and up forward. OK. -
4 VFL Big numbers with 31 possessions in a welcome return to form. -
5 Senior emergency.
6 VFL One of the Tigers best with 27 possessions and 10 marks. -
7 VFL Ran hard from defence to end with 28 disposals. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 Bris On Raines. Missed easiest goal of day, but put his head over the ball. 6
10 Geel Used predominantly across half back and OK without setting play up. 5
11 VFL Bye. -
12 Rich Late inclusion did what he had down back without starring. 5
13 VFL 20 disp after returning from Adelaide as senior emergency. -
14 VFL Big outing with 26 disposals, nine marks in a variety of roles. -
15 VFL Did his job down back against Coburg forwards. Good rebound. -
16 Haw Tight checking game on Breust in vital match-up. 7
17 StK Very good running off half back and worked hard to set up. 7
18 Carl One Roo who played at his best level. 6
19 Geel Had task on Bartel at times and OK in that role. Tried hard at half back. 6
20 GWS Solid enough in defence after Lamb gave him some issues early. 5
21 WB Picked up Grant at the start and dictated terms. 6
22 Adel Worked diligently in defence to end with 18 touches. 6
23 Melb Kent troubled him in defence and needed to be a bit tighter. 4
EF Ess Huge when game was there to be won. Enhanced reputation. 7
SF Geel Started on Stokes and gave valuable run out of defence. 7
PF Syd Forced to play on the much bigger Reid. Battled hard but under siege. 6
GF -

2013 Season

1 Coll Not a great impact on the game. 4
2 Knee.
3 Syd Sub came on in third term and had a few touches. 2
4 Bris Happy to snap a goal in last quarter.. 5
5 Haw Tagged Birchall as defensive option. 4
6 Port Playing as defensive forward kicked one goal and tagged Stevenson. 4
7 WB Started at half forward on Johannissen. 4
8 WCE Negating forward on Hurn. Opened with big goal. 4
9 Adel Sub. On third term and missed a late chance to seal the game. 1
10 StK Chipped in for brilliant goal in second term, but otherwise quiet. 3
11 GCS Went in hard and got plenty of contested footy. 5
13 Frem Lost out to De Boer, but kept on battling hard. 3
14 VFL Hardly sighted in first VFL game of the season. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 VFL Had 14 touches and kicked a goal from a wing. OK. -
17 VFL Struggling terribly at the moment. Just 14 possessions. -
18 Senior emergency.
19 Geel Used as a defender most of the night and spent time on Johnson. Handy. 6
20 Adel Tried hard for four quarters. 5
21 Ess Heavy knock in opening minutes but then had plenty of score involvements. 7
22 Haw Moved nicely. Will be kicking himself for two poor misses at goal in last quarter. 5
23 Coll Injured leg and subbed out in the third term after having little influence. 1

2012 Season

1 Ess Defender’s major input was in first half. 6
2 GWS Did a pretty good job on dangerous Hampton. 7
3 Geel Did a fine job to keep Johnson goalless in a key win for his team. 8
4 Syd Little impact on game and gave the Roos little run. 4
5 GCS Had little impact on the game. 3
6 WCE Won the ball at both ends and kicked a goal. 5
7 WB Used in defence and solid enough. Laid six tackles and had three rebound 50s. 5
9 Bris Dangerous in attack where he ran hard. Had a good return of four goals. 6
10 Haw Kicked three goals and continues to make a name as a classy half forward. 6
12 GCS A little wasteful with the football. 4
13 Adel An 11-possession third term deserved praise. 6
14 StK Did a solid job of nullifying Goddard in an often heated battle. 6
15 WCE Not a big factor. 4
16 Carl Low key in defensive role. 5
17 Rich Quietly went about producing a solid display in defence. 6
18 Melb One of the key players who set up the win, but faded in second half. 6
19 WB Went onto Dickson early and kept him to one goal in a good blanket job. 6
20 Ess Won a lot of the ball and never stopped running. 8
21 Coll Combined well with Thompson and McMahon. 5
22 Frem Matched up on De Boer. OK without big input. 5
EF WCE Swan against the tide without success. Never creative or decisive. 3