#15   Western Bulldogs

Age: 27yr 7mth Games: 42 Born: Nov 02, 1991
Height: 200cm Weight: 106kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Would have been No.1 ruckman in Round 1 after Roughead injury, but ankle injury at training in February has him a 50/50 proposition.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ankle.
2 Syd Hammered in ruck by Naismith and looked rusty in terms of ball handling. Did have seven inside-50s. 4
3 Frem Beaten in the ruck by Sandilands but most players are. 4
4 NM Took ruck to Preuss/Goldstein. Great effort after being forced to ruck solo after early injury to Tom Boyd. 7
5 Bris Beaten in the ruck by Martin and while he battled hard it wasn’t his day. Seven effective disposals. 2
6 Ankle.
7 VFL Combined with English to dominate the ruck opposed to Chol. 35 hitouts and 17 touches. -
8 VFL Battled hard enough in the ruck with 12 touches, 11 hitouts and a goal. Took some good marks. -
9 VFL Combined with Roughead and English to decimate Cats big men. 32 hitouts and a goal. -
10 VFL Took most of the ruck duties and was very good with 32 hitouts and 15 possessions. -
11 Bye.
12 VFL Even battle in the ruck with Leuenberger. Had 40 hitouts and kicked a goal. -
13 VFL Dominant figure in the ruck against Spencer and King. 54 hitouts and a nice goal. -
14 NM Came in to take No. 1 ruck role and battled manfully. Mark and goal in first term a highlight of a workmanlike effort. 6
15 WCE Had Vardy covered in ruck contests (47 taps) and fought strongly at ground level. 7
16 Abdomen.
17 Abdomen.
18 Abdomen.
19 Abdomen.
20 Abdomen.
21 Abdomen.
22 VFL Had the better of the ruck battle with Draper. 25 hitouts and a goal. -
23 Haw Strong mark and goal early in contest. If there’s an Elvis impersonation night coming up he’d be a sure bet. 3

2016 Season

1 Ankle.
2 Ankle.
3 VFL One goal but didn’t set the world alight in the ruck. Importantly got through. -
4 VFL Rucked against Maric and found the going tough. Still chance for a recall. -
5 Bris Back in team and started forward but shared ruck time with Roughead. Steady. 5
6 NM Lead ruck. Copped a corkie in second term, but returned to fray. 5
7 Adel Did well in the ruck and at least matched Jacobs. Making life hard for Minson to get back in. 5
8 Melb Rucked against Gawn and did well to nullify him. Real win for the team. 6
9 GWS Did some good things in the ruck with 23 hit-outs and decent up forward. 5
10 Coll Lead ruck at start. Good in early stages, but Grundy had the edge overall. 5
11 WCE Two goals proved crucial in a tight game and took the honours clearly from Naitanui. 6
12 Port Tag teamed with Jordan Roughead to dominate the hit-outs. 6
13 Geel Rotated through the ruck but had little impact at stoppages or when in attack. 4
15 VFL 42 hit-outs, four clearances and two contested marks. Battled hard. -
16 Didn’t play for Footscray VFL.
17 Injured.
18 Foot.
19 Foot.
20 Foot.
21 Foot.
22 VFL Had 22 hit-outs and took three contested marks. Played his role. -
23 VFL Two hit-outs and day was done after a head knock. -
EF VFL Shared ruck duties wit Minson against Jamar and played a bit forward. OK. -
SF VFL Nine marks (three contested) and 17 hit-outs. Plenty of game time in ruck. -
PF VFL Two goals from five marks and took a turn in the ruck. Helped break game open. -
GF Senior emergency.

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL 29 hitouts opposed to Hale. Got the better of the matchup. -
4 VFL Dominated in the ruck. 22 hitouts and four big goals. -
5 VFL Didn’t have the impact required in ruck or forward. -
6 VFL Bye. -
7 VFL Not in great form at present. Simpson had his measure. -
8 VFL Dominated in the ruck with 52 hitouts. 21 possessions too. -
9 VFL Rucked well and pressed forward for two goals. -
10 VFL Wasn’t able to have the impact he’d hope to have. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL 30 hitouts and a goal but quiet around the ground. -
13 VFL Struggled to have an impact opposed to Holmes/Hickey. -
14 VFL Strong ruck display with 16 possessions and 44 telling hitouts. -
15 VFL Good game in ruck and attack. Two goals and 39 hitouts. -
16 Geel Struggled to combat Blicavs’ mobility and in the end subbed out. 4
17 Coll Took on both Grundy and Witts and held his own in ruck. 6
18 Ess Won ruck battle over Giles. Got into good spots but marks didn’t stick. 5
19 Port Worked hard against Lobbe and Ryder and gave good service to his mids. 6
20 Melb Gave away inches to Gawn but played a good followers game reading taps. 6
21 WCE Couldn’t compete with Naitanui. 3
22 Thigh.
23 Thigh.
EF VFL Lowered colors in ruck to Giles. Poor outing. -

2014 Season

1 WCE Looked right out of his depth forward or ruck. Struggled big time. 1
2 PM Rucked and spent time in attack. Solid game. -
3 VFL Played both in the ruck and up forward. Did well. -
4 Didn’t play for Footscray VFL.
5 VFL Rucked well and got a bit of footy around the ground. -
6 Adel Monstered Hartigan early then was barely sighted and ultimately subbed out. 3
7 VFL Competed hard against Wallace to give Dogs first use. -
8 VFL Just the one goal but very good in ruck and tackled hard. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Had 56 hitouts against undersized Coburg rucks. Dominant. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Dominated ruck (41 hitouts) and marked well around ground. -
13 VFL Did well in the ruck again with 34 hitouts and a goal. -
14 VFL Combined with Cordy to get the better of Brodie Grundy. -
15 VFL Dominated the ruck and had 25 touches at ground level. Super. -
16 VFL Dominated the ruck with a huge 58 hitouts, six marks. -
17 Senior emergency.
18 VFL Gave midfielders first use with 59 hitouts in big win. -
19 Haw Took a couple of good grabs and kicked two goals. Powerful type. 5
20 StK Strong hands and helped out in ruck without having big stats. 4
21 NM Disappointing around the ground and didn’t take a mark. 1
22 Syd Outpointed by Pyke in ruck. Subbed out with head knock in second term. 1
23 GWS Rotated through ruck from front half. No real impact in either role. 2
QF -
SF VFL 37 hitouts and a goal as the Dogs’ double-teamed Port’s ruck. -
PF VFL Smashed Lowden in the ruck to give Dogs’ the impetus. -
GF -

2013 Season

1 VFL Rotated in the ruck and was just fair. -
2 VFL Bye. -
3 Rich Late inclusion for Cordy and had no impact on the game. 2
4 VFL Battled hard after disappointing in seniors last week. -
5 VFL Worked hard but windy conditions didn’t suit. -
6 VFL Battled hard but dropped multiple marks. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Best big man on the ground in tight win over Frankston. -
9 VFL Influential display in the ruck. Gave Seagulls first use. -
10 VFL Among the Seagulls’ best again in the ruck. Competed hard. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Did well again in the ruck and pushed forward for a goal. -
13 VFL Spent time both forward and in the ruck. OK without starring. -
14 VFL Dominated the hitouts and competed hard around the ground. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 VFL Strong in the ruck and took a few telling contested marks. -
17 VFL Toiled hard in the ruck in less than favorable conditions. -
18 VFL Controlled the ruck and had sticky hands in marking contests. -
19 Syd Big youngster began brilliantly with two goals. A prospect. 4
20 Carl Started deep forward and crashed a few packs without clunking any marks. 4
21 Adel Four goals and kick-started side with two early ones. Handy contribution. 7
22 Bris Missed couple of chances in front of goal that could have made a difference. 2
23 Melb Beaten by McDonald, but could’ve kicked four goals. Impressive finish to season. 5
QF VFL Sat out the second half after a heavy collision. -

2012 Season

1 VFL Good showing again. Progressing well. -
3 VFL Rucked well and competed hard around the ground. -
4 VFL Strong game controlling the ruck. -
5 VFL Battled hard in the ruck to give onballers first use. -
6 VFL Beaten in the ruck on a dirty day for the Seagulls -
12 VFL Returned to the side, was the Seagulls best in the ruck. -
13 Bris Battled hard and didn’t look too bad at times. Something to work with. 4
14 Ess Shows some promising signs as a back-up big man. 3
15 Frem Subbed out after having no impact on the big ground. 3
17 VFL Added a goal and competed fairly well. -
18 VFL Tried hard but the wet weather made it a tough day. -
19 NM Deployed deep forward and ruck but didn’t get into the game at all. 2
20 Rich Really struggled whether it was up forward or in ruck then subbed off. 2
21 VFL Dominated the ruck. Impressive effort. -
22 Geel Grabbed a couple of nice marks but generally well held by Taylor. 3
23 Bris Last quarter goal gave him a pass mark. 5