Age: 29yr 3mth Games: 102 Born: Mar 28, 1990
Height: 203cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Won’t be seen til mid season after another surgery on the knee he injured in the gym in December.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Knee.
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2016 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WB Hurt knee at first centre bounce and appeared hampered thereafter. Roughead had his measure. 3
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Carl Didn’t do enough Failed to take a mark. 3
6 Adel Worked well in tandem with Griffin. 5
7 WAFL Just going in the ruck with 11 touches, 33 hit-outs. -
8 Haw Back-up ruckman won taps but didn’t do much around the ground. 3
9 Rich Struggled through the game looking sore. The weather didn’t help him either. 3
10 WAFL Dominated ruck with 19 touches, five marks, 39 hit outs. -
11 WAFL Good outing in the ruck with 17 touches, 37 hit outs, one goal. -
12 Bris Fairly quiet. 3
13 Port Didn’t use the ball well but gave the team supply in the ruck. 5
14 Coll Lead ruckman. Fumbled at times early and a non factor in the game. 3
16 WAFL Battled hard in the ruck for 16 disposals, 59 hit outs. -
17 WAFL Just the eight possessions and 32 hit outs in the ruck. -
18 GCS OK in the ruck but ineffective when resting forward. 4
19 Syd Got his hands to the ball but Sydney’s easy clearances hurt. 5
20 WCE Had no impact. 2
21 Adel Didn’t do enough against an inexperienced opponent. 3
22 GWS Typical non influential afternoon. Rotated through the middle and up forward. 4
23 WAFL Battled hard in the ruck for 20 touches, six marks, 25 hit outs. -

2015 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Port Laid an amazing final term tackle. Two contested marks also highlights. 7
2 Geel Deployed forward but thrashed by Taylor. Hurt knee late in game. 1
3 WCE Allayed fears over his knee and took some strong marks. Two goals too. 7
4 Syd Took some big marks and kicked a goal. Bobbed up at key times. 6
5 Melb Used forward and OK. Needs to hold marks that come his way. 5
6 Ess One goal and rucked well. One tap to Walters for a goal was sublime. 6
7 WB Marked strongly twice in opening term then impact waned. 5
8 NM Found it tough against Goldstein. 4
9 Adel Invisible despite his 12 hit-outs. 1
10 Rich Forced down back after Johnson injury. Battled hard in unfamiliar role. 4
11 WAFL Strong response to being dropped with 17 touches, 34 hit outs, two goals. -
12 WAFL Bye. -
13 WAFL Terrific with 21 disposals, 36 hit outs and a goal. -
14 Bris Kicked a goal and could have had another. Competed hard. 5
15 Haw No impact in attack and spelled Sandilands to moderate effect. 4
16 WAFL Strong showing with 17 touches, nine marks, 18 hit outs and two goals. -
17 WAFL Some good signs in 13 disposals, 36 hit outs and two goals. -
18 WAFL Bye. -
19 Senior emergency.
20 WAFL Just the nine touches, 26 hit outs and a goal. Not enough for recall. -
21 WAFL Was having good game with 15 touches, 17 hit outs before nasty concussion. -
22 Concussion.
23 Port Failed to impress selectors heading into the pointy end of the season. 4
QF Syd Provided ruck support to Sandilands. Modest stats but played his part. 3
PF -

2014 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Knee.
2 WAFL 13 touches, 30 hitouts and a goal playing mostly in ruck. -
3 WAFL Worked hard for 15 touches, 38 hit outs and a goal. -
4 Ess Rotated between attack and the ruck to support Sandilands. Took 11 marks. 7
5 Syd Backed Sandilands up in the ruck but didn't do a lot else. 4
6 NM Spent most of the night in attack and struggled to have an impact opposed to Grima. 3
7 WCE Kicked a great long goal wheeling around on his right foot, dangerous all day. 8
8 Port Kicked three goals and looked dangerous as a forward. 6
9 Geel Helped keep pressure on in the ruck and looked OK around ground. 5
11 WB Maybe his best game. The Dogs couldn’t run with him and his marking was a key. 7
12 Adel Very much a supporting role but did what he had to. 4
13 Rich Two marks and a goal but not a whole lot else rotating ruck/forward. 4
14 Bris Support ruck had 18 hit-outs and did his bit around ground. 5
15 WCE Quiet game giving quick relief to Sandilands in the ruck and resting forward. 2
16 Melb Spent more time in the ruck, but also pushed forward for two goals. Nice effort. 6
17 GWS Chimed in with a goal, four marks, 10 contested possessions, six clearances. 7
18 StK With no Sandilands became No.1 ruck and competed solidly. 4
19 Carl Bobbed up all over the field for nine marks. Good game. 6
20 Geel Horrible. Taylor destroyed him when up forward and struggled in the ruck. 2
21 Haw A good back-up for Sandilands, 15 hit -outs and 13 touches. 6
22 Bris Help set up the Dockers’ 47-point half-time lead. Then faded. 5
23 Port Relished bigger workload in ruck as Sandilands nursed. 4
QF Syd Nowhere near the impact required as a ruckman or forward. 4
SF Port Spelled Sandilands in ruck but didn’t have a big impact. 3
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Foot.
2 NEAFL Bye. -
3 Calf.
4 Calf.
5 Calf.
6 Calf.
7 Calf.
8 Syd Outpointed Mumford and broke even with Pyke in an admirable performance. 7
9 Melb Showed great athleticism and ability to get involved around the ground. 5
10 Adel Stood up well against Jacobs with 29 hit-outs and kicked a goal. 5
12 Bris Broke even with Leuenberger in ruck duels. 5
13 NM Worked really hard as main ruck against Goldstein. Good around ground. 6
14 Geel Couple of nice marks and won 10 contested possessions. Battled hard. 5
15 StK Did majority of ruck work as Sandilands eased back in. Not a big day. 3
16 WCE Low-key job as support ruck. 4
17 Rich Continues to grow as a player. Rucked well and involved at ground level. 7
18 Adel Provided ruck support to Sandilands and chipped in with a goal resting forward. 6
19 Carl Provided ruck relief for Sandilands and spent time up forward. OK. 4
20 GWS Athleticism a factor against Giles and iced game with running goal late. 7
21 Melb Took over ruck after Sandilands injury and was superb. Much improved player. 7
22 Port Didn’t mind taking on the lead ruck role again and also kicked a couple of goal. 6
23 Rested.
QF Geel Kept pressure on in ruck with seven hit-outs to advantage. That was his job. 4
PF Syd Provided great relief for Sandilands – 19 hitouts, and was handy around the ground. 5
GF Haw Didn’t impact in ruck and offered very little around the ground. Subbed out. 2

2012 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Geel Kicked two goals after playing more as a forward than ruckman. 5
2 Syd Looked lively over the first quarter and made his presence felt in the air. 5
3 Bris Kicked a goal and contested well in attack. 5
4 StK Kicked a couple of goals and did his bit as a back-up ruckman. 6
5 Carl Matched up on Jamison initially. Nice goal but otherwise quiet. 3
6 GCS Looked dangerous in the air and kicked a goal. 5
7 Port Kicked four behinds including two posters. Could have dominated. 6
8 Haw Kicked a goal and tackled OK but not a big influence. 3
9 WCE Struggled. Made errors early and while he kicked a goal, had a day to forget. 3
10 Adel Struggled. Couldn’t get himself into the match. 2
12 WAFL Had 26 disposals, eight marks, 18 hit outs and 1.4. -
13 Ess Booted two goals and performed well in the ruck. 6
14 Coll Used forward predominantly but didn’t get enough footy. 2
15 WAFL Nine touches and 30 hit outs for East Perth. -
16 WAFL Struggled in ruck and up forward for East Perth. -
17 GWS Did okay in the ruck, kicked a goal and had five inside 50s. 5
18 WAFL 24 disposals, 11 marks, 17 hit outs and a goal. -
20 WAFL 16 touches, 15 hit outs and a goal for East Perth. -
21 WAFL Terrific for East Perth with 22 touches and 30 hit outs. -
22 NM Came into side for Pavlich, performed adequately. Huge mark deserved goal. 4
23 WAFL Just eight touches and 27 hit outs for East Perth. -
SF Adel Came into side, but wasn’t able to have a big say. 3