#4   Sydney Swans

Age: 28yr 4mth Games: 194 Born: Feb 24, 1991
Height: 181cm Weight: 76kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of the game’s unheralded superstars and ticked over well through summer. Can take his game to another level again.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Metres gained (214) down on what he can produce and had no real impact in a positive for the team. 4
2 WB Impact down for the star playmaker. Only 14 effective disposals and didn’t hit the scoreboard. 5
3 Coll Better night for the star Swan. Still not at brutal best but nine tackles, and six clearances indicates high work-rate. 7
4 WCE Well contained in first half again. Got more of the ball in second half, but still lacking normal impact. 6
5 GWS After good start he dropped away later in first half. Lifted but then copped cork thigh just on three q time. 5
6 Carl Tried super hard but not everything he is doing is coming off; 25 disposals, six tackles, four clearances and a goal. 6
7 Bris Still lacking penetration in his kicking, but did lots of grunt work and tackling was very good. 7
8 NM One of the prime movers in the first half and was only slowed by a big knee to the guts in third term. 7
9 StK Looked a bit sore at one stage but was irrepressible in midfield and Saints couldn’t stop him. 8
10 Haw Copped a knock but soldiered on and was a key contributor as the Swans made their charge. 7
11 Bye.
12 WB Busier than a one-armed paperboy and clearly among the team’s best. Relentless effort all night was palpable. 8
13 Rich Quiet first half then got going late. Grabbed seven disposals in final term when the game was there to be won. 6
14 Ess Had 29 possessions and kicked a key goal around the corner. Played his part. 7
15 Melb Unusually quiet night in midfield battle. Just the 16 touches. 4
16 GCS Did some great work in the middle when the game was there to be won, solid performance as usual. 7
17 GWS Another slow starter in the middle, but tackling pressure was immense as the game went on (nine tackles). 7
18 StK Constant output around the field. Put imprint on game early and was effective. 7
19 Haw Shows a lot about his quality that a 20 disposal performance can be seen on the lower end of his scale. 5
20 Geel Provided some zest to the midfield effort; 21 disposals, four clearances, two goals and six score involvements. 7
21 Frem Busier than a fish market on Good Friday. 8
22 Adel Big first term with nine disposals when the Sydney midfield was all over the Crows. 7
23 Hip.
EF Ess Playmaker roamed all over the show to gather 21 possessions, six tackles and three clearances. 8
SF Geel Ran like a frightened farmer all night to gather 27 possessions but did not have an inside-50. 6

2016 Season

1 Coll Won the ball well when game was there to be won. Dazed by high hit and sat out final term. 6
2 Carl A typical Hannebery game. Ran hard, showed courage and used it well. 8
3 GWS Brilliant at the centre bounces and around stoppages with seven clearances. 8
4 Adel Leading possession winner in the game, and pushed forward late for a crucial goal. 8
5 WCE Had a big start to the game and maintained input all the way through. 7
6 Bris Big effort although high possession count was trumped by his opponent Zorko. 8
7 Ess Another impressive outing. Gave the forwards plenty of supply with seven inside-50s. 6
8 Rich Classy finish for early goal and put nose to the grindstone all night. Swans’ best. 8
9 Haw Shiel seemed to have task of tracking him in first term, but he was irrepressible. 8
10 NM Had purple patch in second term to get Swans rolling. Continued fine form in midfield. 8
11 GCS In and under at the contest and kept finding the footy. 8
12 GWS One of few Swans to produce a four-quarter performance. Superb in tight and had six clearances. 7
13 Melb Kept chugging away to finish with good numbers –17 tackles! 7
15 WB Non-stop burrowing for the ball in middle but conceded unnecessary 50m penalty. 7
16 Geel Five clearances, five tackles and some huge gut running a feature of strong effort. 7
17 Haw A shade off the pace throughout, despite a lot of gut running. 5
18 Carl Work-rate was good over the four quarters, but ball use could’ve been a lot better. 5
19 Frem Dominated. Had 41 touches and kicked a goal. 8
20 Port Tagged by Ebert but the Port man was unable to quell his influence. Super again. 8
21 StK Good first half then everywhere as Swans ran away. 7
22 NM All class. Strong on both the inside and outside, and kicked two brilliant set-shot goals. 8
23 Rich Strong contributor after a slow start. Five inside-50s, four clearances. 7
QF GWS In everything early in tight. Ended with 31 possessions but not as incisive going forward. 7
SF Adel Head to head with Sloane and took the points in a ding-dong battle. 7
PF Geel Went with Dangerfield early then ran more free. Good contributor on the night. 7
GF WB Worked hard but effectiveness down and injured in final term. One clearance. 5

2015 Season

1 Ess Untiring midfielder who kept plugging away. 6
2 Port Set the tone early with a bone-crunching bump on Broadbent. 8
3 GWS Won Brett Kirk Medal with seven clearances and 15 contested possessions. 8
4 Frem Tough. Smashed early but still had 31 possessions. 8
5 WB Close to Swans’ best with 13 inside-50s and 10 tackles. Relished contest. 9
6 Melb Tagged by Cross and not his biggest night. Six tackles, three clearances. 6
7 Geel Seven inside-50s, four clearances and 12 CPs makes for a handy night. 8
8 Haw Huge effort. Seven clearances, three inside-50s and great ball use a feature. 8
9 Carl Curnow did a reasonable job on him but got going after half time. 7
10 GCS Blistering start and went on with the job. Big numbers. 8
11 NM Tagged well by Jacobs but able to have an influence despite heavy knock. 6
13 Rich Great numbers after penning new contract. Worked hard again. 7
14 Port Huge game. Won the footy and used it well — gut running throughout. 8
15 Bris Had it on a string in second term (14 disp) and ended among best. 8
16 Haw Sydney’s best. Six clearances, five inside-50s and 13 CPs. 7
17 WCE Quiet one. Mustered one inside-50 and two clearances. Disappointing. 3
18 Adel Everywhere with 40 touches and was at his best both inside and outside packs. 8
19 Geel Not his best effort. One inside-50, two clearances and six tackles. 5
20 Coll Strong game in midfield despite heavy knock to ribs at one stage. 7
21 GWS Shutdown by Bugg in midfield. A rare quiet one. 5
22 StK Unstoppable around the ground and knocked up winning touches. 8
23 GCS Did enough. Eight clearances and seven inside-50s kept him involved. 7
QF Frem Huge game highlighted by a mountain of work helping out the defence. 8
SF NM Tagged by Jacobs. Held to lowest kick tally (six) of the season. Tried valiantly. 6

2014 Season

1 GWS Tackled hard but not a big game. 4
2 Coll A vast improvement from the All-Australian, back near to his best. 7
3 Adel Quiet match by his usual high standards. 5
4 NM All-Australian last year, his lack of form is unquestionably a concern. 4
5 Frem Under-fire for some below-par form, he roared back in some style. 8
6 Melb Joined the possession party and a factor forward of centre. 7
7 Bris Mopped-up in last term with 12 touches although only modest influence. 7
8 Haw Monster night headlined by nine inside-50s, 14 cont poss and sealing goal. 9
9 Ess Kept burrowing in to play a string role. MRP will look at hit on Hurley however. 6
11 Geel Snuck up to 30 disposals and added eight inside-50s. 7
12 GCS Continued his strong form with another big afternoon. 7
13 Port Very well tagged by Cornes and wasn’t able to have any real impact. Injured ankle. 4
14 Ankle.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Port First game back after a long layoff with injury and will be better for the run. 4
21 StK Good battle with Weller but came out on top. 6
22 WB Jong couldn’t stop him early and was shifted. Kept on keeping on. 7
23 Rich Four games back from injury, back to his best at just the right time. 8
QF Frem Worked hard early and built from there. Really good midfield game. 7
SF -
PF NM Set up teammate and won the footy when required. Great two-way player. 7
GF Haw Possession tally belies his influence, which was negligible for the most part. 3

2013 Season

1 GWS Quietly went about collecting a handy tally of touches. Played a role. 6
2 GCS Started slowly but worked his way into the game well. 6
3 NM Always dangerous and had great work ethic. 7
4 Geel Tough effort. Copped some knocks but kept fighting – 13 contested poss. 8
5 StK Looked unlikely to start after hits previous week but starred in third term. Won medal. 8
6 Bris Big numbers again and seems to be getting better with each passing week. 8
7 Haw Won a bit of ball but had limited impact on flow of the game. 4
8 Frem Kicked a career-best four goals to easily claim his duel with Crowley. 8
9 Coll Yet another brilliant game with goals thrown in as well. 8
10 Ess Hocking subdued him in first half but he finished strongly. 6
11 Adel Had 28 touches to half time and seemed to be everywhere. 8
13 Port Had his colours lowered by the rejuvenated Cornes. 4
14 Carl Kept on trucking in midfield with plenty of contested touches (13). Solid effort. 6
15 Melb Did some good things and won 13 cont poss and had four clearances. 7
16 GWS Had Scully until the Giant left the field. Came into the game then in a big way. 7
17 WCE Couldn’t do more for his team, rarely wasted a possession. 9
18 Rich Made his usual contribution but Conca didn’t let him dictate terms. 6
19 WB Cross kept tabs on him but he came into it from second term. 5
20 Coll Appeared to hurt a shoulder and copped an elbow to the face in a tough old night. 5
21 StK Kept within reasonable bounds by Curren. 4
22 Geel Went to Selwood for a period in third term and did pretty well despite knee injury. 6
23 Knee.
QF Haw Matched on I. Smith. Quiet first half and didn’t have usual impact. 3
SF Carl Torched tag Armfield in a sizzling display of gut running – 7 clearances, 15 cont poss. 9
PF Frem Three effective disposals in first half then lifted slightly, but was disappointing. 4

2012 Season

1 GWS Only 10 disposals but will get better after injury interrupted pre-season. 3
2 Frem Came on to replace O’Keefe in third quarter and made presence felt. 4
3 Port Leading possession winner on ground with 36, including five clearances. 8
4 NM Down on previous week and only flashed in an out of play. 4
5 Haw One of many midfielders who excelled in second half. 7
6 Adel One of the Swans’ hardest workers and excellent in tight situations. 6
7 Rich Ran hard and won the ball well but used it poorly at times. 5
8 Melb Tremendous efforts around the packs and a driving force for the match. 7
9 StK OK without dominating. Tackled well and made few mistakes. 6
10 WB 35 touches, six inside 50s, five clearances – clearly one of the Swans’ best. 8
11 Ess Was doing well til he copped a heavy hit in third term and was subbed off. 5
13 Geel Got a few cheapies and when it was tough inside he struggled. 5
14 GWS Another impressive game from the consistent young midfielder. 7
15 Bris Slightly down on usual output in middle, but still contributed to the cause. 5
16 WCE Collected 42 possessions and won four clearances. Great game. 8
17 StK Stats looked better than his influence. 5
18 GCS Put his body on the line as per usual across a variety of roles. 5
19 Carl Started on Scotland. Creative with handball. 7
20 Coll The midfielder was down on his recent form and didn’t have his usual impact. 3
21 WB Used the ball well and ended with two goals – didn’t have an inside-50. 7
22 Haw Had 10 hard-ball-gets in a tough, inside effort. 7
23 Geel Quiet one. Only one clearance, one inside-50 and no goals. 4
QF Adel In everything early and kept it up all day. 7
PF Coll Kept the pressure on Pie midfield with a gritty effort. Ball use a highlight. 7
GF Haw Key in the midfield with 15 contested possessions, five tackles and a goal. 8