#23   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 5mth Games: 154 Born: Mar 26, 1991
Height: 195cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   After a career-best season in 2016 was left out of the first two JLT games due to training standards. The spotlight is on him.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Chipped in with occasional run in the ruck but wasn't a big factor and looked to need the run. 5
2 Carl Came to the fore in the final term when team needed him with strong work in ruck and drifting forward. Key touches. 6
3 Geel Threatened at times to be the match winner with two goals from the ruck, but tired in final term and Cats got on top. 7
4 Frem Two strong marks and goals out of the square, but too often drifted high up the ground and was out of position. Tried though. 6
5 Rich Forced to ruck for much of the game again and was brave against Nankervis, but again ran out of petrol tickets late. 6
6 Ess Excellent in attack with stints in the ruck. Booted four goals and showed a cool head when others were losing theirs. 8
7 Haw A wet lettuce was more ferocious than him at times. Five kicks and one goal just not enough from so-called star. 3
8 Adel Didn’t trouble the scoresheet and didn’t have to with his teammates on song but what he did provide was a contest every time. 5
9 NM On a day team needed him to stand up he was horrid. Four kicks for the day and hated having to ruck against Goldstein. 2
10 GCS Barely sighted in first hour, then came to life. Played part in the win, but needs to be more assertive. 5
11 Bye.
12 Coll Hands had to be stronger on occasions, but kicked two pressure-packed second half goals. 6
13 WB Helped break the game open in the first half and ended with three goals. Sat out last 20 minutes with hamstring tightness. 7
14 Hamstring.
15 Hamstring.
16 Hamstring.
17 Hamstring.
18 Port Horror day in game 150. Fumbled early mark and that seemed to sap his confidence. Needed to compete stronger. 2
19 NM Lacked intensity in attack when he had to step up. Nowhere near his best after return from injury. 2
20 GWS Poor first half then lifted a touch. Some of his ‘chases’ were ordinary though. 4
21 VFL Got plenty of the ball after being dropped with 22 possessions. Just the one goal though and no tackles. -
22 VFL Just the one goal, but did some encouraging things after being dropped. -
23 Coll Back from a stint in the magoos and was lively in front half. Went into ruck at stages. Took nine marks. 6

2016 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GWS One of the few Dees to contribute throughout each quarter. Big final term proved vital. 7
2 Ess Lacked urgency and intensity aside from mark and goal. Back to form that made him a whipping boy. 2
3 NM Strong bounce-back game after a slowish start. Should have taken shot in final term though. 6
4 Coll Four goals in first half proved vital and while faded out of game his contribution was pivotal. 7
5 Rich Three goals a handy night. Finding ways to get dangerous more and uses the ball so well. 7
6 StK Dempster made sure his impact was restricted to two goals. 4
7 GCS The ball just did not seem to fall for him tonight and he failed to hit the scoreboard. 4
8 WB Horrible first half netted four disposals then responded with a strong second half. Good effort. 6
9 Bris Took 10 marks – including a hanger and even spent time in the ruck to relieve Gawn. 6
10 Port Gave O’Shea a bit to think about roaming in front half. One of the Dees few winners. 7
11 Haw Used body well early and spent time in ruck. Smart goal in third term and tried all day. 6
12 Coll Kicked two goals and looked dangerous on occasions without starring. 5
13 Syd Clean pick-ups a feature and a strong performer in conditions not really suited to him. Did well. 7
15 Adel Spent time at both ends and excellent in the air and on ground. Three goals good reward. 8
16 Frem Three first-term goals but then quietened and spent time behind the ball. Set up win. 7
17 StK Started very well and showed class in middle when in ruck. Hurt ankle and had quiet second half. 5
18 WCE Struggled to get involved until the second half and unusually inaccurate. 4
19 GCS Stood out with his class and composure in attack and defence. The matchwinner. 8
20 Haw Steady all day and importantly hurt Hawks with every touch. Three goals. 8
21 Port Clutch goal in the last term to finally sniff out the Power resistance. 5
22 Carl Copped a heavy knock in first term and struggled to have impact. Missed a sitter in third term. 4
23 Geel After a great year he produced a poor game. Had to be moved to get a kick. 2

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GCS Had some moments but overall a big reason the Dees won. Huge work-rate. 7
2 GWS Good workrate but supply diminished in second half. 5
3 Adel A game he would like to forget in a hurry. 3
4 Rich Second-guessed himself with attack on ball in first half. Improved after main break. 4
5 Frem Used at both ends but wasn’t able to get anything going. Intensity better though. 3
6 Syd Sub. At least was clean with ball when he came on. 2
7 VFL Responded well with 24 touches, eight marks. -
8 WB Chipped in on the odd occasion but wasn’t a huge factor. 5
9 Port Mainly played down back. Up and down afternoon. 4
10 Coll Only six touches after half time when game was on the line. One goal. 5
11 StK One of Dees best in first three quarters but another to get yips late. 6
12 Geel His finest four-quarter effort? Never ruffled and took the hits when required. 7
14 WCE Solid night again. Got hands on ball and generally made right decision. 7
15 Ess Serviceable. Used ball well but needed more creativity forward of centre. 6
16 Bris Quieter day but used ball well when required. 5
17 StK Dropping back into defence had plenty of the footy in second then ordinary. 4
18 Coll Best game he’s played for the season. Had a big impact everywhere. 8
19 NM No tackles, five effective disposals. Typical day. 2
20 WB Hot and cold. Good work undone by lack of urgency and some poor turnovers. 4
21 Carl Better in second half but lacked physical presence as loose in defence at times. 5
22 Frem Kicked a goal but little contribution from there. 4
23 VFL -

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Gathered possessions at will in free-running role. 6
2 WCE No intensity for much of the day. This is his biggest fault. 3
3 GWS Started on wing. Couple of goals in third term surge. 5
4 Carl Two goals but it was type of game in which he could have imposed himself. 5
5 GCS Again lacked physicality, even when opposed to Harbrow and Broughton. Woeful. 2
6 Syd Confidence shot. Lacked intensity at the contest and only five kicks. 2
7 Adel Used his pace to burn past Reilly for an impressive goal. 6
8 WB Composed in possession and showed a bit of grunt when required. Better. 5
9 Rich Critics will fall away after three goals, 11 marks. The Watts we want to see. 7
11 Port Huge first half but ran out of steam after main break. A step forward nonetheless. 6
12 Coll Intensity was good early, but then ran in circles and lacked decisiveness. 4
13 Ess Finished with two goals and was handy at half forward. Another step forward. 6
14 NM Showed good composure with ball in hand, but needed to be hard in a few aerial duels. 6
15 WB Did well with ball in hand other than two shanks – one a sitter. Baby steps. 6
16 Frem Ended with 0.2 and didn’t really have an influence on the game. 4
17 Geel Four contested possessions indicative of another insipid display. 2
18 Port Unsighted until a mighty third term (14 disp and a goal) then Cornes went to him. 6
19 Bris Did some nice work at stoppages but failed to impact contest when required. 3
20 Haw A liability down back in first half. Slight better in second, but it was a low base. 2
21 GWS Apart from an early snap goal, again had minimal impact and cruised through. 3
22 WCE Struggling to win contests against players half his size. Not a good sign under Roos. 4
23 NM Did well defensively and got his own ball. Best game in many weeks. 7
QF -
SF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port Unable to get into the game at half back. Intensity was questionable at times. 3
2 Ess Subbed out after having no impact both back and forward. Dirty night. 2
3 Senior emergency.
4 GWS Paid Townsend no respect and shown up at times. Don’t be fooled by stats. 3
5 Bris Good with ball in hand, but second efforts lamentable. Went forward for two goals. 5
6 Hamstring.
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Frem Kicked the first goal and showed some aggression but then reverted back to type. 4
10 Haw Kicked a goal and played with intensity early but tackle efforts late were poor. 5
11 Coll Started really well with his attack on the ball but then frozen out. 4
13 StK At CHF gave Saints problems at times. Also time at CHB and ruck. OK. 6
14 WB Took game by scruff of the neck with four goals. Two crucial marks late. 8
15 Syd Kicked two goals but shaded by rookie-listed Rampe in the end. 5
16 Geel Had one kick and laid one of his teams 106 tackles. Gave zilch. 1
17 Bris Used up forward and had stints in the ruck. Did well but didn’t hit the scoreboard. 6
18 NM Started forward then went back but had no impact on the contest. 2
19 GWS Kicked two early goals but then dropped his intensity to the level of his teammates. 4
20 GCS Slow start but kicked two goals and was strangely used as spare in defence late. 5
21 Frem Mainly a spare down back and delivered ball well, but not great for his education. 5
22 Adel The good: he kicked two goals, the bad: his body language is fragile. 6
23 WB Didn’t look like missing in front of big sticks with game-high four goals. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris If club wants him to play like a ruck rover then he was OK. 5
2 WCE Took two contested marks and went into the middle. 5
3 Rich First half OK (10 disp.) then drifted right out of game after main break. 4
4 WB Took a few marks but spilt some and didn’t have a major say. 4
5 StK Given a job on Fisher and outgunned early then moved. 3
6 VFL Kicked four goals and intensity was a bit better. -
7 VFL Had 22 touches but drifted in and out. Just fair. -
8 Syd Melbourne’s best by far and seems to have found niche as a spare in defence. 8
9 Carl Used down back again and mostly good without starring. 6
10 Ess Excellent game in defence and read the game very well. 7
11 Coll Deployed down back and OK but one-on-one stuff still needs work. 5
13 GWS Steady and solid across half back. Might have found his niche. 7
14 Bris Started on Brown and was overmatched. Not his best day. 4
15 Rich Defence definitely his go. Starting to look more composed in tight situations. 6
21 GWS Subbed into the game in the third term, a fit-again Watts showed good signs. 4
22 Adel Spent most of the night in defence but floated forward to kick a late goal. 6
23 Frem No space in defence and only 12 disposals. 4