#28   Essendon

Age: 28yr 12mth Games: 40 Born: Aug 28, 1990
Height: 196cm Weight: 95kg Position:

2017 Digest:   With key players returning he faces a task to hold his spot in the best 22 despite playing 21 games last season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 Carl Great battle with Silvagni. Played his role to best of ability and kept Silvagni off the scoresheet. 5
4 Adel Andy Otten started well but Brown broke even for the rest of the match. 5
5 Coll Took Moore/Cox and played an effective spoiling role while giving some drive. 6
6 Melb Stationed down back. Dropped a few marks that the Dees capitalised on. One of the few to use the ball well though. 5
7 Ankle.
8 Ankle.
9 Ankle.
10 Ankle.
11 Ankle.
12 Ankle.
13 Ankle.
14 VFL Worked into the game to be an influential performer after half time. Good return. -
15 VFL Worked into the game after a sluggish start to have an impact. -
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 VFL Steady game in Bombers win. 16 possessions and five marks. -
23 VFL Okay down back without setting the world on fire against former club. -
EF -

2016 Season

1 GCS Under siege in defence, but stood tall. 5
2 Melb Two goals and four inside-50s kept him involved but not a massive day. 4
3 Port Had no impact on the game, well beaten by Hombsch. 2
4 Geel Couldn’t get into the game at all but did take team’s only contested mark. One goal. 3
5 Coll Led well in the forward half, but was wasteful in front of goal kicking 1.3. 4
6 Carl Two goals and presented well. Just love to see him have a breakout game. 5
7 Syd Presented well in the forward line and always made a contest, taking nine marks. 6
8 NM Couldn’t get into the game at all despite working hard. Didn’t have a shot at goal. 2
9 StK Marked strongly and booted four goals. Has earned his keep this year. 6
10 Rich Two goals but for most of the night beaten by Astbury, who took 11 marks. 3
11 Frem Quiet. Just one shot for goal. 3
12 Haw Took good contested marks down forward and kept working hard all through. 5
13 GWS Kicked 2.4 and missed some sitters. Wasted chanced hurt the team. 4
15 WCE Gave the team a target. Kept competing. 6
16 StK Pitted against Dempster initially and tried hard without huge impact. 4
17 Rich Started forward and mostly ineffective then went back and steadied the Bombers to a degree. 5
18 Bris Missed a few crucial shots that would have added to Bomber momentum. Just fair. 4
19 Groin.
20 Geel Used down back and racked up uncontested stats at will. Used ball well. 6
21 GCS Started forward then went back and superb in intercepting role. Swung in attack in final term. 7
22 WB Started in attack then went to defence. Tradesmanlike effort across four quarters. 5
23 Carl A steady and reliable performance defensively. Used it well on the way out. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Two of three goals in final term. Grew in confidence as game wore on. 6
2 Bris Quiet day with Lisle wearing him. Only had three kicks and no goals. 2
3 Coll Struggled big time against Keeffe and subbed out in third term. 2
4 Ankle.
5 VFL Kicked three goals but drifted in and out of the game. -
6 VFL Wayward day in front of goal with 2.6 -
7 VFL Kicked two goals and showed improved physicality. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Kicked two goals. Dangerous at times but needs to do more. -
10 Shoulder.
11 VFL Bye. -
12 Shoulder.
13 VFL Spent time at both ends. Better down back as loose man. -
14 VFL Battled hard for the Cats to be among their best. -
15 VFL Dominated in defence in sloppy conditions. Smart player. -
16 VFL One of Geelong’s few winners in defence. -
17 VFL Good early in attack, but was frozen out in second half. -
18 VFL Roamed up from half forward to give a target. Two goals. -
19 VFL The main man in attack with 4.3 from nine marks. -
20 VFL Held to just one goal by Joel Tippett. -
21 VFL Just the one goal but provided a marking target. -
22 VFL Two goals and presented well in front half. -
23 Bris Floated in and out for five marks and a late goal. Not sure he holds his spot. 5
QF -
SF NM Got into some handy spots at times but not enough to be a major player. 4
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 VFL Superb down back with 34 possessions. Starred. -
2 NM Tarrant kicked two on him and subbed out after conceded second goal. 3
3 VFL Battled hard in defence against bigger opponents. OK. -
4 VFL Just fair down back. -
5 VFL Drifted down to kick a goal. Defended fairly well. -
6 VFL OK down back before being moved forward late. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Kicked four goals and was a constant danger for the Cats. -
9 Port Used forward and OK early then petered out after half time. 3
10 GCS Disappointing with only two marks and subbed out in third term. 2
11 GWS Played down back and went to Cameron in parts and had trouble on him. 4
13 VFL Kept Galea scoreless all day and pushed forward for a goal. -
14 VFL Another best afield showing down back. Provided great rebound. -
15 VFL Another strong game down back. Growing with each week. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Started well but had a quiet patch in the middle of the game. -
18 StK Played best game for the club. Defended and rebounded well (10 marks). 7
19 VFL Another strong game down back. Helped blanket Hogan. -
20 VFL Got better as the game wore on at centre half back. -
21 VFL Lowered his colors for one of the rare times this season. -
22 VFL Kicked three final-quarter goals to end with four. Good again. -
23 VFL Strong again down back. Took some good marks and used ball well. -
SF VFL OK for the first three quarters and then had big final term. -
PF VFL Struggled. Complete lack of intensity down back. -

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 VFL Kicked two goals and worked hard from deep forward. -
2 Haw Only came on in final minutes to play in defence. One kick. 1
3 VFL Kicked five goals and presented well all game. -
4 VFL Kicked three goals playing deep forward. -
5 VFL Was simply on fire with nine goals. Defenders were hapless. -
6 Melb Beaten by McDonald and might find himself back in the VFL. 2
7 Adel Quiet up forward. 2
10 VFL Kicked two goals but a few misses late were costly. -
11 VFL Kicked three goals and presented well throughout. -
13 VFL Used in defence this week and showed some composure. -
14 VFL Another good showing at half back. Smart player. -
15 GCS Kicked first goal and added another but not enough to guarantee his spot. 5
16 VFL Instrumental in defence, collecting 25 disposals. -
18 VFL Very good again in defence. May have found a home. -
19 VFL Continues his good form since moving to defence. -
20 VFL Started back but went forward late and played a big role. -
21 VFL Not his most influential game down back. OK though. -
22 VFL Started forward but moved back. OK without starring. -
23 VFL Played up forward and was held to just one goal. -
EF VFL Improved game after a quiet outing last week. -
SF VFL Kicked three goals up forward to play his role. -
PF VFL Kicked two goals but never really had a big impact on the game. -