#3   Richmond

Age: 27yr 0mth Games: 118 Born: Oct 12, 1992
Height: 175cm Weight: 81kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Richmond’s boom recruit had end-of-season knee surgery but has completed most of the training and hit the ground running.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Gun recruit contributed as club would have hoped - 28 disposals, one goal and six clearances. 8
2 Coll Puts himself in all the right places, although lack of a yard of pace meant he often kicked under pressure and missed targets. 5
3 WCE The human meatball was outclassed in the mid against smarter mids today. Disappointing outing. 4
4 Bris Had 19 disposals by three-quarter time when he had done most of his work around the packs which included two scoring assists. 6
5 Melb Stats look reasonable but really struggled. Form has dropped away significantly from strong debut effort. 4
6 Adel Didn’t impose himself in the game, when Richmond was crying out for leader to step up around the stoppages Prestia went missing. 4
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 GWS Rusty after a few weeks out. Made some errors and needed to lift. 4
10 Ess Won the ball well 22x disposals) but hold your breath when he gets it. Could throw a stick at the ground and miss. 5
11 NM Won plenty of pill, ran hard, moved the ball forward at every opportunity and was always an option. 8
12 Bye.
13 Syd Clean with ball in hand and showed zip that was missing earlier in the year. Good effort. 7
14 Carl Started on a wing, but was unsighted for long periods until having a few nice late involvements. 5
15 Port Injured a finger late in the third term but proved his worth in the midfield with five clearances. 6
16 StK Invisible in first half but he wasn't Robinson Crusoe. At least won a share of the footy in final hour. 4
17 Bris Head to head with Zorko and took the points comfortably. His best game in yellow and black and capped off with a goal. 7
18 GWS Won the ball pretty well but again his disposal was questionable. Five inside-50s and three clearances. 6
19 Soreness.
20 Haw Huge effort from the former Sun. Did the business with 31 possessions, seven clearances and four inside-50s. 8
21 Geel Found plenty of the ball – especially early – but his disposals weren’t punishing. Worked hard with a team high 9 tackles. 7
22 Frem Picked up plenty of the ball and laid seven tackles. 7
23 StK Key midfielder ran hard and was rewarded by winning 23 disposals, seven clearances and four inside-50s. 7
QF Geel Chugged away in the middle for 31 disposals (15 effective disposals) and added five clearances, six tackles. 7
PF GWS Very good early on in midfield. Only went at 43 percent by foot, but his workrate and zip was very good. 7
GF Adel Like he has all season provided drive from the engine room. Four clearances, one goal and four inside-50s. 8

2016 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Ess Showed no sign of rustiness after interrupted pre-season. Will only improve. 7
2 Frem Found space and his ability to push forward was really important. 6
3 Carl Suffered a shoulder injury early on but soldiered on to be a contributor. 5
4 Bris Troubled by a shoulder injury? Stats overstate his worth. 6
5 Shoulder.
6 Geel Battled hard and at least won half his disposals forward of the centre. Laid team-high nine tackles. 5
7 Melb Battled through soreness and faded in the second half. 6
8 GWS Among Gold Coast’s best – won a lot of his own ball and had five clearances. 7
9 Adel Worked tirelessly, amassing 31 possessions. 7
10 WCE Had heaps of the ball but very little impact with it. 6
11 Syd Had a big second half and finished with some big numbers. Efficiency poor though. 7
12 Rich Battled hard alongside Ablett. Five clearances, three inside-50s and five tackles. 6
14 Haw Five effective disposals in the first half and mirrored that in second. Struggled. 4
15 StK Spent large portions in attack and helped himself to a couple of goals. 6
16 Bris Racked up plenty of the footy and made six tackles. 7
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2015 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Melb Suns’ best. Had six inside-50s and won 16 contested possessions. 8
2 StK Kept working tirelessly and showed up many around him. 7
3 Geel Among Suns best with six inside-50s, six tackles and 19 contested possessions. 8
4 GWS Numbers were good – 28 touches, but wasn’t able to break GWS midfield ascendancy. 6
5 Bris Kept accumulating the footy and booted a sensational goal. 7
6 Adel Tried his heart out and finished with seven clearances. 8
7 WCE Ran the game out. Had 27 touches and 11 clearances. Tried hard. 6
8 Coll Copped a knock to the knee early and battled on although hampered. 4
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Knee.
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2014 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Rich An injury interrupted pre-season didn’t hamper his form. Starred in the middle. 8
2 Frem Hard worker all the way through. 6
3 Bris Got plenty of the footy and got the footy at both ends of the ground. 8
4 Haw Worked hard against the tide. 6
5 Melb Kept midfield wheels turning with six clearances and five inside-50s. 7
6 GWS Consistent four-quarter performer. 7
7 NM In everything early and was one of the driving forces in the Suns midfield. 7
9 StK Ball of energy in midfield who never relented. 7
10 WB Continued his fine season in the middle and picked up the slack with Gazza held. 8
11 Adel Six clearances, eight inside inside-50’s and two goals for the midfield dynamo. 8
12 Syd Continued his strong season in midfield. A non-stop worker. 7
13 WCE Brilliant early as he continued in cracking form and was team’s best midfielder. 8
14 Geel Workrate was enormous all night. Four inside-50s and six tackles to boot. 8
15 Haw A lot quieter than recent games but still did a few things. 5
16 Coll Another Sun who started slowly before running out strongly. 6
17 WB Didn’t have the numbers he has had most of the year but was a solid contributor. 6
18 Bris Acting captain tried his heart out but had few teammates who followed. 6
19 StK Burnt off Weller and a consistent positive factor in the middle. 7
20 Carl Genuinely subdued throughout. Carrazzo wore him. 5
21 Port Worked into the game and was one of only a few who ran it out well. 6
22 Ess Dangerous around the footy all day and work-rate was huge. Two goals. 8
23 WCE Team-high five inside-50s, 12 contested possessions and eight clearances. 8
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 StK Has fined down and looked really good. 6
2 Syd The tough midfielder spent time on Hannebery and helped get his team moving. 6
3 Hip.
4 Port Got through return from injury unscathed. 4
5 GWS Busy all day. 5
6 Frem Did a superb job on Pearce, but found wanting when on Walters. 5
7 Melb Did a super job of winning his own ball in tagging role on N. Jones. Strong effort. 7
8 WB Showing the benefits of a big pre-season as involved all over the place. 7
9 Haw Had 18 possessions to half time and second only to Ablett as Suns’ best. 7
10 Geel Had 12 tackles, 10 cont poss, four inside-50s and five clearances to be in best. 8
11 NM Rotated between midfield and defence and got plenty of the footy. 7
12 Ess Had Goddard and struggled to contain him. Got a bit of the ball himself though. 5
14 Adel Dominated from go to whoa. Two goals and 42 possessions. Massive. 10
15 Bris Started brilliantly with a nine disposal opening term. Couldn’t sustain presence. 6
16 Rich Continued to find the ball in close and in space. Having a good year. 7
17 Coll A little bit quieter than previous weeks but still a valuable contributor. 5
18 Hamstring.
19 WCE Had 20 touches by half time then tapered. 7
20 Melb Never stopped running and only cramped in final term because of limited rotations. 7
21 Port Continues to lead from the front in and around stoppages, had five inside 50s. 7
22 StK Provided steady drive all day. 6
23 GWS Impressive year capped off with a superb performance. 8

2012 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Adel Kicked a goal and gathered 19 possessions. Has worked on fitness. 6
2 StK At least had some dash about him and didn’t stop trying – 19 possessions. 6
3 Ess Pumped the ball inside 50 and tackled hard all night. 7
4 Bris Had 19 disposals, but hard to remember any of them with clarity. 4
5 NM Strong in the clinches and laid 5 tackles but didn’t get much of the ball. 4
6 Frem Big first quarter (11 possessions) set the tone for the night. 7
7 GWS Kept battling away in midfield and finished with 26 possessions and 11 tackles. 7
8 WB Strong start and ended up with a goal. 6
9 Port Not his best game. Cassisi took the points. 5
15 Geel Subbed on second term and did well: three inside-50s, three clearances. 5
16 Rich Not his most prolific day in the middle but good when needed. 5
17 Bris Was a little wasteful with the footy but ran hard all night. 6
18 Syd Won plenty of hard ball and ran hard for four quarters. 6
19 Melb Only one kick before copped injury in first term and his day was done. 1