#27   St Kilda

Age: 27yr 0mth Games: 89 Born: Jun 08, 1992
Height: 197cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Seven goal effort in JLT was important in showing his marking touch was right. Covers plenty of ground.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Couldn't get into contest and only kicked a belated goal 3
2 WCE Booted two goals and provided headaches for the Eagles inside 50. 7
3 Bris Radar was off again until a late snap over his shoulder. Marking the ball well, but couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. 4
4 Coll Caused a few issues for Pie defenders in first half (2.1) and made five strong tackles. 5
5 Geel One goal and couple of misses in a quiet day with Lonergan mainly on his hammer; 11 disposals in total 3
6 Haw Booted three goals but only a handful of touches. Miss from the goalsquare in final term the worst you’ll see in years. 6
7 GWS Struggles continue. One effective disposal in first half and three in second. Importantly one of those was a goal in final term. 3
8 Carl Bobbed up with two important goals but genuinely well contained by Rowe. 4
9 VFL Just the one goal and well held by Jones. -
10 VFL Scoreless in attack, but wasn’t given many opportunities. -
11 VFL Booted four first-halg goals, then frozen out by the Magpie defence. -
12 Adel Kicked a goal in each quarter to be the only multiple goal kicker for the Saints 7
13 NM Stats weren't big but covered plenty of kilometres and made contests. Kicked booming goal. 5
14 GCS Marking was sure, but kicking for goal left a lot to be desired. 5
15 Frem Kicked key goals in the final term. Finished with three for the day. 6
16 Rich Peerless workrate and running, but scoreline of 2.5 was a negative. 6
17 Ess Ran hard as usual and tried to inject some spark into the ruck. 4
18 Syd Ball didn't come down much so his three goals was a solid night. Booted one monster goal. 5
19 Port Ran and worked extremely hard to make contests but the scoreline of 0.3 will haunt him 5
20 WCE Huge tank enabled him to cover a lot of ground and he marked strongly. Again his kicking for goal left a lot to be desired. 5
21 Melb Quiet game in attack with just the one major. Took a great hanger in the third term. 3
22 NM Ran hard, jumped high and finished with 3.3 . Should have been more. 6
23 Rich Dangerous on occasions in second half but for most part Rance had his measure. One goal. 4

2016 Season

1 Port Two goals from limited opportunities, and went into the ruck when Hickey rested. 5
2 WB Held to one goal, but missed a few gettable shots with four behinds. Not his best return. 4
3 Coll Presented well. Seven marks (three contested) and two goals. Stats modest but still impacted. 6
4 Haw Did his bit with two goals in absorbing battle with Frawley. Brought ball to ground well. 5
5 GWS Battled hard in attack on experienced Patfull and kicked a couple. 5
6 Melb Didn’t have a say early. But came into it from third term to finish with three. 4
7 NM Kicked a couple of goals but found it hard work on Thompson. 4
8 WCE Limited chances, but missed a couple of easy opportunities. 3
9 Ess Didn’t kick his first goal til just before half time, but finished with five. Clicked. 7
10 Frem Unsighted early and missed a couple of gettable goals but ended with two. 4
11 Adel Kicked a couple of goals but well held. 3
12 Carl Kept presenting and ran himself to a standstill. 4
14 Geel Worked hard against Henderson and also took share of ruck work. Lots of mileage. 5
15 GCS Couldn’t make an impression and only goal came late. 2
16 Ess Had trouble getting in position for marks, but received poor service. 3
17 Melb Sparked up when he relieved Hickey on the ball and improved across the game. 4
18 WB No questioning his endeavour but needs to hold marks and kick goals. 4
19 NM Puts in unquestioned effort, but just fraction off getting rewards. 4
20 Carl Like Riewoldt comparatively quiet early but never dropped his head. Four goals. 7
21 Syd Plenty of hard work in attack without reward. Extra time in ruck due to Hickey injury. 4
22 Rich On Grimes he started strongly but missed shots at goal. 4
23 Bris Marked strongly and ran hard to finish with three goals. 5

2015 Season

1 GWS Prepared to launch into packs and took a screamer. Squared with Bugg. 5
2 GCS Started deep in attack with Riewoldt up field. Strong marking brought six goals. 8
3 Coll Two goals from very limited opportunities. 3
4 Carl On Rowe he tried hard to generate something but supply was limited. 4
5 Ess Strong marking held sway over Hooker then limited by Hurley. Five goals. 7
6 WB Just the one goal but worked hard for little result in front half. 5
7 Adel The big improver of the season, five goals from six attempts. 8
8 WCE Schofield stuck close to him, but he still bagged two and contested. 5
9 Bris Couldn’t get into it for most of day but booted important goal late. 2
10 Haw Strong marking gave Lake trouble and should have had more than two goals. 6
11 Melb Tightly tracked by Dunn and kicked only one goal. 3
13 WB Provided target and marked strongly in attack for three goals. 7
14 Ess Bagged five goals against Essendon for second time this year. Excellent. 7
15 GWS Unable to get into game at all in first half but then worked hard. 4
16 Rich Grimes kept him under tight check, but he fought back late. 3
17 Melb Flat in first half and just one goal for the day. Struggling in recent weeks. 2
18 Port On Hombsch and still in a form trough with solitary goal coming after final siren. 3
19 Frem Continued a flat spot in form but again snagged a late goal. 3
20 NM Only two goals on Thompson and one of those was in junk-time. 3
21 Geel Got back to something his early season touch with three goals. 6
22 Syd Not sighted in first half and had a dirty day. 1
23 WCE Found it hard against McGovern. Kicked a couple but ended up in defence. 3

2014 Season

1 PM Spent time in defence as well as the ruck. Did well. -
2 PM Played a strong game in defence. -
3 VFL Quality effort in defence. Should make Saints debut soon. -
4 Senior emergency.
5 Ess Began on Daniher in first game for Saints and did his job. 6
6 Bris Matched on McGuane and did a good job. 5
7 VFL OK down back with 11 disposals and six marks. -
8 Carl Matched with Casboult and spoiled well early. 4
9 GCS Faced a demanding role on Dixon but was competitive. 5
11 Coll Started on White then later went to Cloke after Delaney was injured. 3
12 Port Worked hard on dangerous Schulz but couldn’t contain him. 3
13 Geel Started on Walker and didn’t stem the tide. 3
14 VFL 14 touches and six marks in defence. OK without starring. -
15 VFL Workrate will have pleased the coaching staff. -
16 VFL Kicked 2.4 as a marking forward. Took some nice marks. -
17 VFL Played in attack again and did well. Kicked 2.3 from 10 marks. -
18 Frem In new role as a forward and height and speed kept ball in to complete his role. 4
19 GCS Contested hard, booted three goals and showed progress in attack. 6
20 WB Subbed off second term with injury. 2
21 Shin.
22 Shin.
23 Shin.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 NEAFL Did a few good things. Not a major influence though. -
2 NEAFL Solid down back in loss to Brisbane. -
3 NEAFL Solid in defence. Marked well at times. -
4 NEAFL Used in a few different roles. OK without starring. -
5 NEAFL Best for the Giants in big win. Pushing hard. -
6 Ess Showed some good signs forward and back. Likely type. Nice goal late. 5
7 Adel Started OK then had trouble with Jenkins and Lynch. 3
8 Haw Couldn’t stop Roughead in Hawks forward half. 3
9 WCE Taught some valuable lessons in a match-up with Darling. 4
10 Carl Played key back – Solid. 5
11 Geel Celebrated 21st birthday with a solid effort down back. Looks a player. 5
12 Port Matched up on Westhoff and competed hard, but needs to find a right foot. 4
14 Senior emergency.
15 NEAFL Solid effort in defence then copped a corkie late. -
16 NEAFL Matched up on Towers. Did fairly well despite the Swan kicking three. -
17 Ess Matched up with Crameri, he showed more signs of his improvement this year. 5
18 Coll Had the job on Reid and competed hard but ultimately beaten on the night. 4
19 Melb Competed hard in defence and tackled well opposed to Watts. 6
20 Frem Battled hard and it was a great experience but outclassed at this stage. 3
21 NEAFL Did well down back despite the amount of inside 50s Brisbane had. -
22 NEAFL Really good early playing a strong game in defence. -
23 NEAFL Competed hard in the air in defence but was overwhelmed. -

2012 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

2 NEAFL One of the Giants best in their loss to Brisbane. -
3 NEAFL Held down key defensive role, probably the best for GWS. -
4 NEAFL Played a solid defensive game for the Giants. -
5 WB Late inclusion. Kicked the first goal and did a few good things. 4
12 NEAFL OK at times. Had a few good moments. -
13 NEAFL Second game back from injury. OK without starring. -
14 NEAFL OK at times but was quiet for long periods. -
15 NEAFL Did well opposed to Josh Fraser and kicked a goal. -
16 NEAFL OK in patches in Giants win. -
17 Frem Showed plenty. Took strong marks, kicked a goal and looked dangerous. 6
18 Coll Had his hands full with Dawes, but used the ball well when he had it. 6
19 NEAFL Contributed well early but drifted in and out. -
21 NEAFL Put in a fine display on his home ground. -