Age: 31yr 6mth Games: 8 Born: Dec 02, 1987
Height: 189cm Weight: 83kg Position: DEF/MID
Dream Team Profile

2013 Digest:   Another who was delisted then re-attached to the list via the rookie draft. Failed to play a game last year after undergoing two hip operations that interrupted the early part of his pre-season. Played in a practice match for North Ballarat last week.

2013 NAB Cup:   Played for North Ballarat at the weekend and will need to work way back through VFL.

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 North Ballarat didn’t play.
2 VFL Played as a small forward and did well at stages. -
3 VFL Tried hard for the Roosters in loss to Casey. -
4 Ill.
5 VFL Ran with Melksham but couldn't restrict his impact. -
6 VFL Booted three early up forward. Shutdown after that. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Played a number of roles. 25 touches, amongst best. -
9 VFL OK across half forward with 17 disposals in Roosters loss. -
10 VFL Worked hard across half forward and applied good pressure. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Got the Roosters back into the game. Ended with three big goals. -
13 Didn’t play for North Ballarat.
14 VFL Played at both ends and didn’t have the impact he is accustomed to. -
15 VFL Used at both ends and was a solid contributor. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Just the 13 possessions rotating through midfield. -
18 VFL Provided a contest at half forward and kicked a goal. Fair. -
19 VFL Kicked three goals roaming across half forward. -
20 VFL Quiet for long periods but tried hard. -
21 VFL Patchy outing. 13 possessions and a goal. -
22 VFL Quiet game across half forward. -
23 -

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 VFL Ended up with 23 possessions and a goal. -
2 VFL Rebounded well at times and looked to break the lines. -
3 VFL Worked into the game but didn’t have a great influence. -
4 VFL Had 23 possessions and kicked a goal. -
5 VFL 25 possessions through the midfield and off half back. -
7 VFL OK game without being a standout. -
8 VFL Improved outing. Used the ball well and linked up. -
10 VFL Had 17 touches as a link man in the Roosters’ midfield. -
12 VFL Strong outing for the Roosters off half back. Two goals. -
13 VFL Big day with 26 possessions, seven tackles and a goal. -
14 VFL Did well off half back to claim 21 touches. -
15 VFL Provided plenty of run with 25 possessions. -
16 VFL 24 possessions and two key goals. Big game. -
17 VFL Just fair at half back. -
19 VFL Had a good first half but quiet after half time. -
20 VFL Good in patches but needed to involved himself more. -
22 VFL Ran hard off half back to have 15 possessions. -