#20   Sydney Swans

Age: 27yr 6mth Games: 120 Born: Dec 27, 1991
Height: 196cm Weight: 99kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Returned in second JLT outing against GWS and was OK at stages. Having missed so much footy he won’t be rushed.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Three first-half goals had him set to steal Buddy's thunder. Then reality kicked in and he struggled after the main break. 4
2 WB Six goals, including three in opening term was an equal career best. Take goal total to nine from two matches. 8
3 Coll Ball never got to him in first term. First disposal came at 12-minute mark of second term and well beaten by his brother Ben. 1
4 WCE Struggled to find the ball in attack early, then spent time in ruck and was okay. Only managed one late major. 4
5 GWS Shifted out of attack to shore up defence to try and staunch the flow. Marked OK and wasn’t the worst. 6
6 Carl Used a lot in the ruck after half time but failed to provide the spark. No goals from six kicks not enough for experienced player. 3
7 Bris Quiet in attack despite Swans dominance. Goalless and only a couple of marks. 3
8 NM Started well with opening goal and marked strongly all night in attack and also when dropping back in defence to block Brown. 7
9 StK Didn’t take many marks in attack but helped out in defence. 5
10 Haw Suffered a heavy knock in the second term and played little part thereafter. 1
11 Concussion.
12 WB Key forward missed a set shot that was easier than a late night radio quiz. Nailed two third-term goals that were crucial. Strong. 7
13 Rich Presented well and gave something to the effort in what was a great battle against Astbury. Two goals, 15 disposals. 6
14 Ess Big first half opposed to Hurley, but didn’t make Bombers pay on scoreboard. Took nine marks. 6
15 Melb Marked well throughout – took eight marks (three contested). Did his bit. 6
16 GCS The big man was barely sighted with a modest return of 1 goal and 10 touches, not his night. 4
17 GWS Looked like he was in concrete boots at stages. Only three disposals and no goals. Does not do enough. 2
18 Groin.
19 Groin.
20 Geel Key forward wreaked havoc early with a couple of goals that got side off a flyer. Quieter after that but handy enough. 7
21 Frem Floated in and out but presented well as a key forward. Moved into defence when the game was cooked. 5
22 Adel Two goals from three attempts was just enough to keep the Swans in front at the end. 5
23 Carl Pulled down nine marks and was a decent foil for Franklin up forward. Only the one goal. 6
EF Ess Played third foil behind Sinclair and Franklin. Didn’t kick a goal from 12 possessions. 4
SF Geel Looked as confused as a cow on astro turf at times. Was back and forward all night without any influence. 5

2016 Season

1 Hamstring.
2 Hamstring.
3 Hamstring.
4 Hamstring.
5 Hamstring.
6 Hamstring.
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 NEAFL Got through first game back but will need time to get match fitness. Rusty. -
11 NEAFL Just six touches and a goal but conditions were favourable on return. -
12 NEAFL Serviceable in front half before injuring his calf. Finished with two goals and had five inside-50s. -
13 Calf.
14 Calf.
15 Calf.
16 Calf.
17 Calf.
18 Calf.
19 Calf.
20 Calf.
21 Achilles.
22 Achilles.
23 Achilles.
QF Achilles.
SF Achilles.
PF Achilles.
GF Achilles.

2015 Season

1 Ess Rarely sighted. Moved up to wing in third term. Game lacked energy. 2
2 Port Struggling as either the third tall in defence or up forward. 4
3 GWS Deployed down back and OK but seven effective disposals suggests work to do. 4
4 Frem The best story for Sydney. Took 11 marks. Big second half. 7
5 Calf.
6 Melb Won 11 contested possessions, six tackles and two inside-50s. 6
7 Geel Floated all over the place but stats modest and not a big impact. 3
8 Haw Played forward for nine marks and two goals. Handy return. 6
9 Carl Kept Henderson under wraps all night and that was his priority. 7
10 GCS Mainly used as ruck back-up, and was quiet. 2
11 NM Struggled to get into the contest and had a quiet one. Three marks. 3
13 Rich Spent time in ruck and down back. Gave Swans a bit in following role. 6
14 Port Thrown forward and responded with three first-half goals. Crucial contribution. 6
15 Bris Had the job on McStay/Bourke and did that well. Played a key role. 6
16 Haw Non factor in first half and ditto second. Is he up to it against good opposition? 2
17 WCE Missed two easy chances in first quarter and never recovered. Struggled. 3
18 Adel Lever didn’t let him have a big say when switched onto him. 3
19 Geel Again failed when team desperately needed him to stand up. No goals. 2
20 Coll In attack spent most of his time on his brother. Kicked a couple of goals. 5
21 GWS Just the one goal but moved well around ground and presented nicely. 6
22 StK Marked strongly on Fisher and confidence was up. 7
23 GCS Butchered three set shots at goal then jagged a couple. Took 10 marks. 6
QF Frem One early goal but injured hamstring in second term and subbed out. 2
SF Hamstring.

2014 Season

1 GWS Began in sparkling form then dropped off the radar. Wet weather didn’t help. 3
2 Coll Looked on early with some good grabs but kicked a costly 1.3. 4
3 Achilles.
4 Achilles.
5 Achilles.
6 Achilles.
7 Bris Well below par. 3
8 Haw Used back and forward without huge success. Did grab two contested marks. 4
9 Ess Used at both ends and couldn’t really get into the game. 4
11 Geel Didn’t kick a goal but played his role pushing up the ground. 5
12 GCS Too tall for McKenzie and was back to some good form with three goals. 6
13 Port Unable to replicate last week’s form. Goalless. 4
14 Rich Chimed in with a couple of goals and moved around attack. Solid. 5
15 GWS Used again in a variety of roles, had a very quiet night. 4
16 WCE Worked up the ground to provide a target and is slowly finding form. 6
17 Carl Pivotal to the Swans' third-quarter surge in a breakout game. 7
18 Haw Looked more assured down back and spent time relieving Pyke in ruck. Fair. 4
19 Ess Not influential in attack. 2
20 Port Struggled up forward and as the second ruckman. 3
21 StK Despite opportunities was hardly noticed. 1
22 Hip.
23 Rich Pushed into defence after Richmond's hot start, he did a solid job. 5
QF Frem Pushed up the ground and then went to the backline late. 5
SF -
PF NM Started brilliantly and looked dangerous but subbed out after injuring knee. 3
GF Haw Had to go into defence but struggled. Injured in knee in second half. 2

2013 Season

1 GWS Two third-quarter goals a highlight but reasonably well held by Davis. 5
2 GCS Took four marks but failed to register a shot on goal in a quiet afternoon. 4
3 NM Dropped a couple of marks, which detracted from overall display. 3
4 Geel Kicked one goal but form has to be a concern for the coach. 3
5 StK Gilbert had the better of him and he continues to struggle for form. 3
6 Bris Much better with three goals and took some good marks. 6
7 Haw One possession forward of centre in first half then thrown down back. Horrible. 2
8 Frem Again bereft of confidence, 11 marks – including the game-saver – will do wonders. 5
9 Coll Held by his brother. Treated for quad trouble in third term then subbed off. 5
10 Quad.
11 Quad.
12 Quad.
13 Quad.
14 Quad.
15 Melb Injured quad in first term as season goes from bad to worse. 1
16 Quad.
17 Quad.
18 Quad.
19 Quad.
20 Quad.
21 Quad.
22 Quad.
23 Quad.
QF Quad.
SF Quad.

2012 Season

1 GWS Started brightly and worked hard but didn’t kick a goal – six marks. 6
2 Frem Started brilliantly, but struggled after heavy hit late in second quarter. 6
3 Port Got to plenty of marking contests without clunking too many. 4
4 NM Struggled to get into game and faces burden of being double-teamed. 3
5 Haw Quiet game. Errant kicking for goal is becoming a major concern. 3
6 Adel Took a couple of marks but appears to be carrying an injury. 3
7 Rich Had a shocker. Soundly beaten by Grimes and Rance. Only five touches. 1
8 Melb Looked to have regained touch over the second half with several good marks. 5
9 StK Two goals but impact limited by Gilbert. 3
10 WB Used across the ground, Reid took a step forward after a quiet month. 4
11 Ess Started in great touch and could have had three goals in opening term. 4
13 Geel Kicked two goals but only took two marks and was well held by Lonergan. 4
14 GWS his confidence continues to rise, two goals for the fifth straight week. 5
15 Bris Took a giant leap in his development, taking six marks and kicking six goals. 7
16 WCE Booted three goals and was a constant threat. 6
17 StK Gwilt was well on top of him apart from important late goal. 3
18 GCS Subbed out in first quarter and played no part. 1
21 WB Roughead had the better of the match-up. Only took one mark. 2
22 Haw Grabbed three marks and kicked two goals. Still not at early season best. 4
QF Adel Not a big game. 3
PF Coll Tarrant had his measure and will need to loft next week for side to win. 2
GF Haw Competed hard all day. Only three marks but kicked a goal and gave a target. 5