Jonathon CEGLAR

#18   Hawthorn

Age: 28yr 4mth Games: 51 Born: Feb 14, 1991
Height: 204cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Still some time away as he rehabs from ACL surgery last August. Won’t be sighted until late in the season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Knee.
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2016 Season

1 Back.
2 WCE Started deep in attack and provided a presence. Copped head knock and went off with blood rule. 5
3 WB Last quarter goal telling but didn’t offer a lot around the ground. 4
4 StK Combined well with McEvoy to get the better of Hickey. Two goals important in end result. 6
5 Adel Worked well in tandem with McEvoy against Jacobs. 5
6 GWS Shared ruck duties with McEvoy and went forward. Missed a shot and not a big factor. 4
7 Rich Shared ruck equally with McEvoy. Started in attack on McIntosh and presented well. 5
8 Frem Won majority of ruck hit-outs but needed to have bigger impact around field. . 4
9 Syd Started as lead ruckman but outpointed by Tippett early. 4
10 Bris Impressive display in the ruck with 32 hit-outs and six clearances. 6
11 Melb Rucked and pressed forward. Just shaded by Gawn but battled manfully. 5
13 NM Shouldered the ruck contest workload and was honest against Goldstein. 5
14 GCS Ruck/forward who took a couple of nice marks but missed chances to covert – 1.2 5
16 Port Worked well in tandem with McEvoy to double-team Trengove. 6
17 Syd Beaten in the ruck but still offered something for the team. Three marks, one goal. 4
18 Rich Took seven marks, worked hard both ways and was a key player. 7
19 Carl Big mark and goal late sealed the contest. Played his role in the ruck. 5
20 Melb Two first-half goals then got monstered by Gawn. Two marks for the day. 4
21 NM One goal only highlight from a quiet game. One mark, two kicks. 2
22 WCE Wrecked his knee late in the third term and needs a reconstruction. 4
23 Knee.
QF Knee.
SF Knee.

2015 Season

1 Geel Great effort as back-up ruckman. Had four clearances and took four marks. 5
2 Ess Won the ruck duel and got around ground well. Improving player. 6
3 WB Good in ruck and has a lot to offer. 6
4 Port The dominant ruckman on the ground, winning 31 hit-outs. 6
5 NM Beaten in ruck duels but went forward to kick two handy goals. 6
6 GWS Rucked well but lost the battle to Mumford. 4
7 Melb Shared ruck duties with Hale and even pressed forward. Very good. 7
8 Syd No. 1 ruck mantle and worked into game. Injured in final minutes. 5
9 GCS Starting ruckman who shared load with hale in conditions that didn’t suit. 5
10 StK Mobile and active against Longer and shared honours. 5
12 Adel Played in tandem with Hale, pushed forward for a goal in third term. 5
13 Ess Marked the ball well and got into dangerous spots. Missed a sitter set shot. 6
14 Coll Didn’t do much around ground. 3
15 VFL Important in the ruck with 40 hitouts and a goal in wet. -
16 VFL Strong ruck showing with 35 hitouts and two goals. -
17 Didn’t play for Box Hill.
18 VFL Had the better of the ruck battle against youngster Ivan Soldo. -
19 WCE Subbed at three-quarter time. Rucked well but the team needed run. 5
20 Back.
21 Back.
22 Back.
23 VFL Shaded by Minson in ruck but kicked three key goals. -
QF VFL Bye. -
SF Ill.
PF VFL Rucked most of day. Barely touched ball around ground. -
GF -

2014 Season

1 Box Hill didn’t play.
2 Rucked strongly against Williamstown.
3 Frem Came in as late replacement for McEvoy. Quiet early but kept working. 2
4 GCS Had 19 taps and did a bit around ground. Worthy stand-in. 4
5 VFL Controlled the ruck against two undersized opponents. -
6 VFL Controlled the ruck for the Hawks. -
7 VFL Dominated the ruck with 49 hitouts. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Got the points in the ruck opposed to Maric and Stephenson. -
10 Port Playing his fifth senior game and looks comfortable at the elite level. 5
11 GWS Rucked well and took a couple of nice marks. Shouldered load in final term. 4
12 WCE Solid in the ruck. Held his own against quality opposition. 5
13 Carl Two goals and eight hit-outs to advantage must have pleased coaching staff. 6
14 Coll Up for the fight against his old side. Competed well in the ruck and kicked a goal. 7
15 GCS A revelation in third quarter with his work around ground and had 37 taps. 7
16 NM Much quieter day this week, although he lifted late. 4
17 Adel Worked well in tandem with Ben McEvoy and rested up forward for two goals. 6
18 Syd Subbed out after limited disposals as the first ruck. 2
19 VFL Good battle with Grundy. Did more of the pair around ground. -
20 VFL Rucked well against Frankston talls. Going well. -
21 VFL Rotated through the ruck to end with 34 hitouts. -
22 Geel Bobbed up with a goal in the final term. Did what coach wanted as back-up ruck. 4
23 Coll Might have done enough to keep McEvoy out for finals. 5
QF Geel Came off bench to aid Hale in ruck. Not big numbers but competed hard. 4
SF -
PF Port Started on bench and divvied up ruck duties against Lobbe. 3
GF -

2013 Season

1 PM Did fairly well in the ruck but dropped a few marks. -
2 VFL Had 13 possessions and 28 hitouts against Port Melbourne. -
3 VFL Did well in the ruck. Tap work was impressive. -
4 VFL Along with Lowden, completely dominated the ruck. -
5 VFL Battled hard against Stephenson. Good experience. -
6 VFL Did well in the ruck rotating with Lowden. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Shared ruck duties with Lowden and wore down Spencer. -
9 VFL Improved outing in the ruck. Nice tap-work to Hawks mids. -
10 VFL Struggled in the ruck, but imposing when resting forward. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Found the conditions tough. Limited impact. -
13 VFL Competed hard in the ruck against Daw and Currie. -
14 Bris Ex-Magpie showed some positive signs in ruck debut. 4
15 VFL Hip. -
16 Hip.
17 VFL Battled hard against Warnock and can hold is head high. -
18 VFL Competed hard in the ruck against Skipper. 38 hitouts. -
19 Rich Late inclusion. Kicked one goal but struggled in ruck and subbed out. 2
20 VFL Did well against Hille in the ruck to give Hawks first use. -
21 VFL Solid in the ruck (17 hitouts), but unsighted around the ground. -
22 Rested.
23 VFL Good contributor with 24 hitouts and a goal in the ruck. -
SF VFL Excelled in both the ruck and as a deep tall marking option. Two goals. -
PF VFL Combined well with Lowden to wear down West in the ruck – 24 hitouts. -

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 VFL Showed a bit in the ruck. One to watch. -
2 VFL Ruck fairly well and had some touches around the ground. -
3 VFL Did well against Warnock. Still developing his craft. -
5 VFL Continued his development. OK. -
7 VFL Combined well with Witts to thwart the Port midfield. -
8 VFL Provided a tall target forward without kicking a goal. -
10 VFL Kicked three goals starting forward. Fair in the ruck. -
11 VFL Rucked and played key position. Took a few strong grabs. -
13 VFL Rotated through the ruck and battled a bit. -
14 VFL Presented well up forward and gave the Pies an option. -
15 VFL Rotated between the ruck and forward. Good effort. -
16 VFL Didn’t have his best game but tried hard. -
19 VFL Just OK in the ruck but did well up forward. -
20 VFL OK when in the ruck. Kicked two goals up forward. -
21 VFL Played key position with brief spurts in ruck. -
22 VFL Did well at times supporting Witts. -