#43   Western Bulldogs

Age: 28yr 6mth Games: 34 Born: Dec 13, 1990
Height: 194cm Weight: 99kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The key forward went down with an ACL injury last year and is working hard to be back on deck by mid-season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 VFL Back with a bang booting six goals in a match-winning effort in attack. -
8 WCE Terrific return from injury with three goals and 10 marks. 7
9 Geel Had Lonergan for company and ended night with two goals from six kicks. Not a huge night. 4
10 VFL Despite Dogs dominance, struggled to get into the game alongside Cloke. -
11 Bye.
12 VFL Not one of his better outings in attack. Couldn’t take a trick. -
13 VFL Took six marks in attack and kicked a goal, but wasn’t over influential. -
14 NM One goal in first half from limited opportunities. Ended night with two so offered something to the cause. 5
15 WCE A presence with two first-half goals and a handful of strong marks. Does look the part at centre half forward. 7
16 Adel One goal from four shots at goal, could have been a big night, 5
17 Carl Couldn’t get into the game at all playing forward with the odd stint in the ruck; six possessions. 2
18 GCS Played with aggression and marked strongly all night. Early incident with Lynch will be looked at by the MRP. 7
19 Suspended.
20 Bris Too big and strong for Lions defence, but wayward kicking let him down. Finished with three goals from seven scoring shots. 6
21 GWS One goal came from mark in second quarter and fluffed a chance late. Four marks. 3
22 Suspended.
23 Suspended.

2016 Season

1 Played in VFL trial against Essendon.
2 Played in VFL trial against Werribee.
3 VFL Couldn’t get into the game to any great degree up forward. Quiet. -
4 VFL Snagged two first quarter goals then didn’t hit the scoreboard again. Tried hard. -
5 VFL Kicked three goals in something of a minor return to form up forward. -
6 VFL One goal from limited opportunities but didn’t put name up in lights. -
7 Adel Three goals in first match of the year was a stylish return. Provided a target. 6
8 Melb Three first-half goals were a highlight. Five contested marks and 11 in total. Playing well. 7
9 Suspended.
10 Coll Big bloke gave structure and form to the attack 6
11 WCE Two first-quarter goals then only seven more possessions for the game. 5
12 Port Finished with four goals, his three in the first term were exemplary. 7
13 Geel Just six touches, two marks and a goal on a dirty night in attack. 2
15 Syd Put his big frame into the action and contributed. 4
16 Rich Two goals, including a key one in final term when game on line. Five marks. 6
17 GCS Provided a strong marking target inside attacking 50. Kicking for goal was poor with 1.4. 6
18 StK Helped off in third with knee injury then wrecked it half an hour later. Needs reco. 2
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.
EF Knee.
SF Knee.
PF Knee.
GF Knee.

2015 Season

1 WCE Second-quarter goal a highlight but subbed out at three-quarter time. 2
2 -
3 VFL Used body well at times in attack. Kicked two goals. -
4 VFL Provided a presence and kicked four opportunistic goals. -
5 VFL Had a purple patch in third term to end with three goals. -
6 VFL Bye. -
7 VFL Booted two goals but isn’t in great touch at present. -
8 VFL Dominated up forward in second half party. Five goals. -
9 Late withdrawal.
10 VFL Struggled to get into the game in blustery conditions. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Just 10 possessions and goal, but took some good marks. -
13 VFL Strong presence in attack with five goals and 11 marks. -
14 Carl Competed hard in front half without the reward on the scoreboard. 5
15 GCS Provided a strong presence in attack. Early goals kept team in game. 6
16 Geel Taylor was his master for most of the day but did have his moments. One goal. 4
17 Coll Just one goal but provided a presence in attack. 5
18 Ess Carlisle had his measure for most of the day. Five marks, no goals. 3
19 Port All four goals came in last term after just seven touches in three quarters. 5
20 Melb Provided a get out option deep and ended with two goals. 5
21 WCE Two goals but should have been more. Lost contests to Elliot Yeo. 5
22 NM Minimal influence first half and only marginally better later. 2
23 Bris Kicked three goals and troublesome for Lions defence. 7
EF Adel Well beaten by Talia in first half but fired up in third quarter. 3

2014 Season

1 PM Being used down back and showed a bit at times. -
2 PM Impressed down back with his physicality. -
3 VFL Did well when required down back. -
4 VFL OK down back but didn’t give much going forward. -
5 VFL Presented strongly in the front half. Marked well at times. -
6 VFL Presented well and kicked a few goals. -
7 VFL Tried hard but made some errors which were costly. -
8 VFL Imposing in attack with four goals and 10 marks. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Provided a strong marking target in attack and ended with four goals. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Just three marks in attack, but gave a strong contest. Three goals. -
13 VFL Kicked three goals and presented well in attack. -
14 VFL Booted another four goals and had a real presence in attack. -
15 VFL Marked well at times, but conditions didn’t favor him. -
16 Geel Horror game for a key forward to debuted. Zero marks and two kicks. 1
17 GCS Couldn’t shrug Thompson but kicked his first league goal. 3
18 Ess One mark and goal but well beaten by Hooker. Had a run in the ruck. 2
19 VFL Kicked two goals and was a strong target up front. -
20 VFL Not big numbers but provided a presence. -
21 VFL Kicked three goals and provided a strong target in attack. -
22 Ankle.
23 VFL Provided a forward target with Cordy in ruck. -
QF -
SF VFL Made the most of his touches with three handy goals. -
PF VFL Chipped in with two goals and had the better of Schoenmakers. -
GF -

2013 Season

1 VFL Kicked two goals and gave a strong contest up front. -
2 VFL Bye. -
3 VFL Named best in Williamstown reserves huge win. -
4 Didn’t play for Williamstown.
5 VFL No real impact on a windy night in Cranbourne. -
6 Suspended.
7 VFL Suspended. -
8 Suspended.
9 VFL Played in the Williamstown reserves after suspension. Fair. -
10 VFL Used as a key defender and competed strongly but is a way off. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Didn’t play for Williamstown. -
13 VFL Used in defence again and had an up and down game. -
14 VFL Looked good as a key defender. Something to build on. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 VFL Got through first game back in VFL reserves. -
21 VFL Did fairly well in the contests, but wasn’t a big factor. -
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2012 Season

1 VFL Quiet game for the most part. -
2 VFL Couldn’t get into the game at all up forward. -
3 VFL Booted a few goals but had minimal impact. -
4 VFL Kicked a goal but was relatively quiet. -
5 VFL Kicked a couple of goals including the last. Better. -
6 VFL No impact at all up forward. -
8 VFL Kicked a goal and provided a big body. Still developing. -
10 VFL Booted four goals. Missed a few late that proved costly. -
11 VFL Tried hard but things didn’t go his way. -
15 VFL Struggled to get into the game. -