Michael TALIA


Age: 26yr 4mth Games: 32 Born: Feb 11, 1993
Height: 192cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Foot injury and club suspension sidelined him for most of first year. Has a few in front of him now, so the battle is on.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 -
2 NEAFL Another who found life difficult against the Brisbane forwards. Tried hard but wasn't his best. -
3 NEAFL Just fair in defence. Made a few mistakes that Southport capitalised on. -
4 NEAFL Bye. -
5 NEAFL A fine performer in defence. Did a good job shutting down Giants forwards and won lots of his own ball. -
6 Senior emergency.
7 NEAFL Just fair down back. Needs to get a wriggle on, or his career will be over. -
8 NEAFL Excellent down back. Gave little away and even pushed forward for a rare goal. -
9 NEAFL Played his role in defence. 12 possessions, but Uni forwards weren't able to impact the game. -
10 NEAFL Blanketed the Swans forwards and was a rebounding threat all day. 10 rebounds to go with 29 touches. -
11 Bye.
12 NEAFL Controlled the back half well and found himself winning more and more of the ball. -
13 NEAFL Did what was required in back half without much fuss. -
14 NEAFL Did what was required mostly down back, but has a tough road ahead to force his way in. -
15 NEAFL Steady game in the defensive half in big win over the Demons. -
16 NEAFL Had 24 touches patrolling the back half. Did his bit. -
17 NEAFL Was fairly attacking with the ball in hand but mixed his good moments with bad ones. -
18 NEAFL Little influence in the grand scheme of the massive win. -
19 Bye.
20 NEAFL Had hands full throughout in an under fire defensive half. -
21 NEAFL Allowed to roam up the ground to win a lot of the ball from the back half. -
22 NEAFL Bobbed up with a goal and even spent time in the ruck. -
23 NEAFL Bye. -
EF NEAFL Fair in what may be his final game in Swans colors. -
SF -

2016 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Coll Settled in well enough in the back half and teamed well with Grundy on Cloke/Moore. 7
2 Foot.
3 Foot.
4 Foot.
5 Foot.
6 Foot.
7 Foot.
8 Foot.
9 Foot.
10 Foot.
11 Foot.
12 Foot.
13 Foot.
14 Foot.
15 Foot.
16 Foot.
17 Foot.
18 Foot.
19 Foot.
20 Foot.
21 Foot.
22 Foot.
23 Suspended.
QF Suspended.
SF Suspended.
PF Foot.
GF Foot.

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Did a fine job on the dangerous Kennedy, which was pivotal to the victory. 8
2 Rich Claimed second scalp in as many weeks by taking Riewoldt to the cleaners. 7
3 Haw Had the hardest job of all on Roughead. Stuck to it and won a share of footy. 5
4 Adel Matched up on Walker and did his job. 5
5 Syd Had job on Franklin (three goals) but he did a reasonable job. 6
6 StK Excelled down back apart from being run down once. Decent work. 6
7 Frem Had job on Pavlich and will have learned a bit from playing on a champ. 4
8 Melb Handy. Not the player you want with ball in hand under pressure. 4
9 VFL OK down back after being dropped from seniors. -
10 VFL Marked well down back but made some bad turnovers. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Did his job down back curtailing Tiger forwards. -
13 VFL Had turns on McCartin and Brown and was solid enough. -
14 VFL Did a solid defensive job on Blues’ tall forwards. -
15 GCS Moved forward late and was a factor with marking and competitiveness. Two goals. 6
16 VFL Did well in defence. 21 touches and competed hard. -
17 Coll Late inclusion for Roughead and got job on White. Solid effort. 5
18 Ess Up and down. Mixed good defensive stuff with poor offensive work. 4
19 Port Nine marks and one of several defenders who stood tall and beat his opponent. 7
20 Melb Had Dawes but had lots of aerial support. OK in one-on-ones. 7
21 WCE Had his hands full as West Coast’s forwards ran wild. 4
22 Ankle.
23 VFL Battled a bit down back without great support. -
EF VFL Drifted down for a goal but had hands full in defence. -

2014 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 PM Solid in defence against Richmond VFL. -
2 PM Did his job fairly well in defence. -
3 VFL Got better as the game wore on the defence. -
4 VFL Marked strongly in defence. Copped a head knock, which ended his day. -
5 Carl Lined up on Casboult. Neither had a big say. 3
6 Adel Had his hands full with Jenkins who ended with 3.3. 4
7 Ess Nice battle with Daniher. They broke even. 5
8 VFL Defended well and got a bit of ball down back. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Rarely lost a one-on-one down back and gave some drive. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Solid enough down back in close win over Dolphins. -
13 VFL Just the eight touches but was solid down back. -
14 VFL Did what was required down back in big win. -
15 VFL OK down back but was iffy in a few contests. Can improve. -
16 VFL Did what was required at half back. -
17 VFL Pressed forward for a rare goal and had 20 touches. -
18 VFL Solid down back in big win over Essendon. -
19 VFL Stood tall down back and repelled plenty of attacks. -
20 VFL Defended well in the air and got a bit of ball. -
21 VFL Defended well against Casey talls. -
22 VFL Competed hard down back against Tiger talls. OK. -
23 VFL Did his job without much fuss down back against Willy. -
QF -
SF VFL Defended fairly well for most of the afternoon. -
PF VFL Starred down back. 16 touches and didn’t give an inch. -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 VFL Sturdy effort in the back half. One to watch. -
2 VFL Bye. -
3 VFL Spoilt well and competed strongly. Solid effort. -
4 VFL Controlled the backline under pressure. Cool performance. -
5 Jaw.
6 Jaw.
7 Jaw.
8 VFL Rarely lost a contest in defence in first game back. -
9 VFL Didn’t have a great deal to do down back due to Willy’s dominance. -
10 Port Found plenty of ball opposed to Butcher and kept the Port forward quite. 7
12 Coll Picked up Lynch and other resting talls. Won a fair share of ball. 6
13 Rich Troubled by A. Edwards, but found a bit of footy himself. Kicking still needs work. 5
14 Melb Team-high six intercept possessions. Fine prospect. 6
15 GWS Universally acclaimed as best player on the ground. Excellent. 8
16 Ess Handy defensively but until kicking improves he will keep turning the ball over. 4
17 Haw Started well in defence, mopped up everything but can butcher the pill. 5
18 WCE Had task on Darling and took the fight up to the Eagle match-winner. 6
19 Syd Picked up resting rucks Pyke and Mumford. Battled away but beaten. 4
20 Soreness.
21 VFL Solid enough in Williamstown big win over North Ballarat. -
22 VFL Defended stoutly all day. Led the backline in spoils. -
23 VFL Competed strongly down back and never gave an inch. Solid. -
SF VFL Not his best game this year. Beaten too often in defence. -

2012 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 VFL Solid game at centre half back. -
3 VFL Nice effort in defence. Read the play well. -
4 VFL Stood strong when required down back. -
5 VFL Defended fairly well and read the play better than most. -
6 VFL Competed fairly well but was beaten. -
8 VFL Competed strongly and barely lost a contest in the air. -
10 VFL Beaten early and had a few different opponents. -
14 VFL Had the better of Edwards and showed plenty of potential. -
15 VFL Continues to develop as a key defender. -
17 VFL Had his hands full down back. -
18 VFL Held Burstin goalless and defended resolutely. -
19 NM Kicked early goal to delight of teammates. Injured leg in final term. 3
20 Rich Found the going tough down back but will learn plenty from the outing. 4
22 Geel Battled away down back on Podsiadly/Walker. Didn’t back down at all. 5
23 Bris Outclassed by Brown. 4
QF VFL Played well in defence. Smothered his opponent. -
SF VFL One of Seagulls’ best in negating Port’s key forwards. -