#18   St Kilda

Age: 26yr 1mth Games: 61 Born: May 12, 1993
Height: 202cm Weight: 105kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Going very well in the ruck. Fitter than last year when he was coming off shoulder reco.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Good even duel with Bellchambers when in the ruck. Looks in better form already than what he showed last year. -
5 Geel Drew even with Smith but neither had a huge say in the contest. One kick and eight hit-outs to advantage. 5
6 Haw Poor defensively on McEvoy at stages but competed in ruck to win hitout duel. All disposals were handballs. 5
7 GWS Took the battle to Mumford in a pleasing effort. Faded as game dragged on but his effort should not underestimated. 6
8 Carl Won the hit outs but was smashed by Kruezer around the ground. Failed to take a mark. 3
9 Syd Had the numbers in overall hit-outs but didn’t make a big impact around the ground. 4
10 WB With 55 hitouts dominated the ruck duels and also worked hard in packs. 7
11 Bye.
12 Adel Toiled bravery in ruck against Sam Jacobs, sharing the honours. 5
13 NM Never gave up but Goldstein was far more effective in all departments of the ruck duel. 4
14 GCS Battled on but the bigger Witts had the edge. 3
15 Frem Good job in the ruck which gave St Kilda a clearance advantage. 6
16 Rich Thoroughly towelled up Nankervis in the ruck and kicked a rare goal. 7
17 Hamstring.
18 Syd Lion hearted effort in ruck and gave his midfielders chances if they could capitalise. 6
19 Port Battled hard in ruck but lowered his colours to the in-form Ryder. 4
20 WCE Dominated ruck duels with 51 hit-outs. Uncompromising display 7
21 Melb Got the better of Gawn in the ruck and frustrated the Demons big man. Tired a bit late. 8
22 NM Stood his ground against big North rucks and won the most hit-outs of anybody on the field. 6
23 Rich Probably Saints’ best. Gave great effort throughout and one of few to play consistently; 12 disposals. 7

2016 Season

1 Shoulder.
2 Played in VFL trial against Williamstown.
3 VFL Took the majority of the taps in ruck. Had 28 hit-outs and was OK without starring. -
4 VFL. Bye. -
5 VFL Had 17 hitouts in rucks stints and pushed forward for a goal. -
6 VFL OK, but didn’t dominate in ruck and resting in attack. -
7 VFL OK in the ruck without dominating against Witts. Steady. -
8 VFL Ordinary outing opposed to Spencer in ruck. Smacked in hit-outs. -
9 VFL The best of the Zebras’ rucks with 32 hit-outs but quiet around ground. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 Concussion.
12 Concussion.
13 Concussion.
14 Concussion.
15 Concussion.
16 VFL Couldn’t influence the game up forward and in the ruck. -
17 VFL Dominated in the ruck with 60 hit-outs, but failed to take a single mark. -
18 VFL Rucked and played as a loose behind the play. Marked well at times. -
19 Didn’t play for Sandringham.
20 VFL Had 20 hitouts as main ruckman, but failed to take a single mark. -
21 VFL Worked hard in ruck and around the ground opposed to Pittonet. -
22 VFL Had 21 hitouts, but recorded just four handballs. -
23 VFL Lowered colors to Preuss in ruck battle. Struggling. -

2015 Season

1 GWS Outmuscled by Mumford but never stopped trying in ruck. 5
2 GCS Smith slaughtered him in ruck duels early but he persisted and became a key. 6
3 Coll Not much difference in hit-outs but Grundy much better around ground. 4
4 Carl Held sway in ruck duels and one of better Saints. 7
5 Ess Won ruck duels but not a big factor around the ground. 5
6 WB Gave onballers first use in ruck contests against Cordy. Big mark late to settle game. 7
7 Adel Made his presence felt and made Jacobs work hard all game. 5
8 WCE Had to work hard against the athletic Naitanui but stuck to his guns. 5
9 Bris Battled in unsuitable conditions and although beaten didn’t concede ground. 4
10 Haw Usual grinding game in ruck. 5
11 Melb Honest and workmanlike in ruck battle with Gawn. 6
13 WB Clear-cut best ruckman on the ground 6
14 Ess Terrific game both in ruck contests and taking more marks around ground. 7
15 GWS Dominated ruck duels and OK around ground. Reported for striking. 6
16 Rich Beaten overall by Tiger ruck duet. 4
17 Melb Had to work against Gawn and Saints struggled when he was off in second. 5
18 Port Quiet even before he copped a heavy knock and was subbed off at half time. 3
19 Soreness.
20 NM Couldn’t counter Goldstein, the competition’s in-form ruckman. 3
21 Shoulder.
22 Shoulder.
23 Shoulder.

2014 Season

1 PM Rucked in tandem with Holmes and played forward. OK. -
2 PM Started late due to being an emergency for Saints but was dominant. -
3 Senior emergency.
4 Adel Youngster came in for injured Hickey. Beaten by Jacobs in ruck but good signs. 5
5 VFL Didn’t have things all his own way against Wallace. Just fair. -
6 VFL Beaten in the ruck by Gawn and Fitzpatrick. -
7 Haw Coach saw some upside in his game but needs to do more. 3
8 Carl Not enough of the ball early. Asserted himself in second quarter but tailed off. 3
9 GCS Won most hit-outs of anyone, but input around ground was minimal. 3
11 Coll Should have made more of playing against fellow young ruck. OK in hit-outs. 3
12 Port Well beaten by Lobbe who dominated the hit-outs. 3
13 Geel Outmuscled and out-rucked by Simpson. 2
14 WCE Didn’t let Naitanui dominate, which was a plus. 4
15 Rich Showed willingness to work hard and tackled strongly. Held own in ruck. 6
16 Carl Strove hard in contests with Warnock. 5
17 VFL OK in ruck but continues to struggle to find ball at ground level. -
18 Frem Back in for injured Hickey and jousted well with Clarke. 5
19 GCS Clear winner in ruck and had one of his best games for Saints. 6
20 WB Minson shaded him in ruck but showed a few good signs. 4
21 Syd Beaten in ruck and had little impact around the field. 3
22 Rich Competed solidly with Maric and prepared to lay tackles. 4
23 Adel Not his greatest day and outpointed by Jacobs before being subbed off. 2
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WB OK in ruck contests but had minimal impact around field. 6
2 NEAFL Dominated ruck, great physical presence all day. -
3 NEAFL Controlled ruck, good tap work, kicked a goal. -
4 Senior emergency.
5 Melb Rucked in tandem with Leuenberger. Gave away a few silly frees early. OK. 5
6 Syd Spent a lot of time forward with minimal impact. Just OK in the ruck. 4
7 NEAFL Bye. -
8 Rested.
9 NEAFL Big game. Won a stack of hitouts and was monumental in the last quarter. -
10 Coll As lead ruck couldn’t match Jolly’s strength. 3
12 NEAFL Won a lot of hit outs and was a real physical presence. -
13 Rested.
14 NEAFL Dominated hit outs, and was a big physical presence. -
15 NEAFL Dominant game in the ruck. -
16 NEAFL Dominated hit outs, could win more disposals. -
17 Injured.
18 NEAFL Bye. -
19 NEAFL Dominated ruck, solid around the ground. -
20 NEAFL Best afield with 31 touches, nine tackles, two goals. -
21 NEAFL Lots of hitouts, marked well around the ground -
22 NEAFL Bye. -
23 NEAFL Serviceable effort carrying the rucking load. -
SF NEAFL Rucked fairly well and pressed forward to kick a goal. 40 hitouts. -
PF NEAFL Solid in ruck, but was lacking around the ground. -

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Strong showing but was reported in the second term. -
2 NEAFL Rotated through the ruck. Solid effort. -
3 Frem Had to ruck against Sandilands for most of the game. Tough debut. 4
4 NEAFL Rucked well and spent time forward. -
5 NEAFL Solid game in the ruck. Battled hard in the wet. -
6 Ess Tried hard in the aerials battles early but was completely overwhelmed. 1
7 Coll Competed well in the ruck. Still gaining confidence at ground level 5
8 GWS Worked hard but did not impose himself on the game. 5
9 NM Lead ruckman at start. Won his share of taps until last quarter. 4
12 NEAFL Rucked fairly but looked a bit proppy late. -
14 NEAFL Gave the Lions onballers first use from the opening bounce. -
15 NEAFL OK against White in the ruck. -
16 NEAFL Copped a heavy knock to the head but all is OK. -
18 NEAFL Worked hard in the ruck. Tap work was good. -
21 NEAFL Rucked fairly well and got his hands on the ball a bit. -
22 NEAFL Controlled the ruck in win over Southport. -
23 NEAFL Shaded Tyrell in the ruck giving onballers first use. -
SF NEAFL Battled hard in the ruck. Just shaded but effort huge. -