#16   St Kilda

Age: 26yr 4mth Games: 114 Born: Feb 24, 1993
Height: 184cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   As a consistent performer nearing 100 games he is a cornerstone player on wing or half back. Highly respected leader.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Looked to hurt his arm at one stage in a clash with teammate, but battled on. 5
2 WCE Lost control of Gaff. Had 20 touches but Gaff had 36 on the wing. 5
3 Bris Had 23 touches and six marks, but wasn’t overly noticeable on a wing and at half back. 6
4 Coll Safe and steady, a constant source of quality rebound from half back. 32 possessions. 8
5 Geel One goal but disposal at times was off the mark. One goal and six tackles but not huge in influencing flow of the contest. 6
6 Haw Opened up on wing opposed to Smith. Won truckloads of ball and used it well mostly. Good contribution. 7
7 GWS Steady performance highlighted by a goal, five tackles and some strong run in a fast-paced game. 7
8 Carl Continues to get the job. Controlled his wing and provided enormous run. Great by foot. 8
9 Syd Concussed in first quarter and was ruled out of the game. 1
10 WB Showed how much the Saints missed him last week and was a constant worker off the wing. 7
11 Bye.
12 Adel Reasonable performance in a losing midfield with six inside-50’s and six tackles. 6
13 NM Only Ross was a better performed Saint and he continued a good year. 7
14 GCS Kicked a couple of very nice goals in a workmanlike display on the wing. 5
15 Frem One of the team’s leading ball winners and was busy. 6
16 Rich A few early errors, but then reliable. Was always on the move and is genuine stalwart of the side. 7
17 Ess Never stopped running and was one of the better performed Saints. 5
18 Syd Steady game included a nice goal. 5
19 Port Kicking was some times errant, but that was due to conditions. 6
20 WCE Kicked trademark booming goal in high quality effort typical of his reliability. 7
21 Melb Used the ball well overall and had 20 touches, but was super noticeable. 5
22 NM Productive and creative force off the wing and had a solid game. 7
23 Rich Back end of the year struggles continued. Hardly sighted and when he was he made some howlers. 2

2016 Season

1 Port Had the run-with role on Boak and won that battle keeping the Port skipper very quiet in first half. 7
2 WB Kicked a goal and did some handy work but one of many Saints to lower colors. 5
3 Coll Delivery first class and pressured Magpies all day. Team-high eight inside-50s and three score assists. 8
4 Haw Won plenty of ball on a wing and at half back. Used it well mostly but had a few clangers. 6
5 GWS Output is always constant, and kept pumping inside 50. Disposal sometimes down. 7
6 Melb Now an accomplished and consistent contributor every week. Freakish soccer goal. 6
7 NM Never lets Saints down and again gave a quality display. 6
8 WCE Battled along to little avail in midfield. 4
9 Ess Solid game and applied strong tackle pressure. 6
10 Frem Started well and like many went out of it in second term, but finished on strongly. 5
11 Adel Tried hard as ever but couldn’t stem the tide. 4
12 Carl Consistent over four quarters with gritty, hard-edged game. 6
14 Geel Consistent, hard at it and capped the day with two nice goals. 6
15 GCS An oasis of consistency in amidst his team’s topsy turvy approach. 5
16 Ess Remarkably consistent on the wing and never eased the output. 6
17 Melb Model of consistency on the wing and half back. 6
18 WB Provided constant drive, hit targets and applied endless pressure. Unsung player. 7
19 NM Had a rare off night and couldn’t contain Gibson in the wing. 3
20 Carl Bounced back hard after rare down game a week earlier. Used ball very well. 8
21 Syd One of the few Saints to carry the early form into the second half. 7
22 Rich Matched against Houli on wing from start. Toiled hard all day. 6
23 Bris High quality game and won a lot of the ball all over the field. 7

2015 Season

1 GWS Given free-ranging role in defence. Good at times. 5
2 GCS Prime mover early when game up for grabs. Has become a stalwart. 8
3 Coll Strong ballwinner but occasional clangers like kicking to man on mark. 5
4 Carl Stuck close in tagging Murphy but Blues skipper still got hands on ball. 3
5 Ess Solid and hard-edged worker. 6
6 WB Slow decision making in first half saw him caught too many times. Better second half. 5
7 Adel Five tackles and 18 uncontested possessions on the wing. 6
8 WCE Goes about job without fanfare and ensured Hurn not a factor 6
9 Bris Solid worker even when others were trailing behind early. 6
10 Haw Solid game without anything exceptional. 4
11 Melb Worked hard and consistently and was one of Saints’ best. 7
13 WB Very strong hands and worked effectively off half back. 7
14 Ess Has become a consistent footballer who always plays his part. 7
15 GWS Initially lined up on Scully and worked strongly. 6
16 Rich Another consistent and no-frills game down back. 5
17 Melb Toiled hard and kicked nice goal on the run. 6
18 Port Strong season continued and is a bulwark of the team. 6
19 Frem Good in defence and on wing in pressure situations. 7
20 NM Again had a solid game from defence. 6
21 Geel Usual solid contribution running from defence and kicked big goal. 6
22 Syd Most consistent player on the list. Kept going all day. 6
23 WCE Solid again in defence. 5

2014 Season

1 Melb Did his bit around the field. 5
2 GWS Got his hands on it a lot and generally used ball to good effect. 6
3 WCE Worked hard and ran well. Disposal still needs work. 5
4 Adel Kicking accuracy is sub-par and marred his game. 3
5 Ess On Stanton and had to work hard. 5
6 Bris Started well and worked hard. 5
7 Haw Tried hard but little impact on game. 3
8 Carl Needs to use ball better. 4
9 GCS Covered a lot of ground off half-back. 5
11 Coll One of his best games for Saints and worked extremely hard at half back. 6
12 Port Offered more stout resistance down back. 6
13 Geel Despite covering ground didn’t have a great influence. 3
14 WCE Becoming a consistent performer at this level. 6
15 Rich Not very prominent. 3
16 Carl Lined up on wing. Ran hard. 5
17 NM Did a couple of things but down overall. 3
18 Frem Picked up Morabito and had an excellent game. Kicking efficiency improved. 7
19 GCS Won plenty of ball and usage was much better than it has been. 6
20 WB Strong game and kicking was better. 5
21 Syd A good game and is reaching a good level of consistency. 6
22 Rich Matched on Ellis early. Reasonable game. 5
23 Adel Won a fair bit of the footy on Betts. 5
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 GCS Had a dozen touches but will need to do more. 4
2 Rich In everything early with eight touches first term, but kicking lacks penetration. 4
3 GWS Injured early and subbed off after good start on Scully. 1
4 Jaw.
5 Jaw.
6 Coll Surprise late inclusion for Hayes. Strong return after broken jaw. 5
7 Carl Matched on important Simpson and did well. Was a bit fumbly late. 6
8 Adel Very good early on and kept ticking over. 6
9 WB Not a great input but had a few nice touches. 3
10 NM Had negating forward role on Atley. Struggled. 3
11 WCE Went with Embley and did a strong job. His best game at this level. 6
13 Melb Again was busy running off half back. 5
14 Rich Tried hard and did a reasonable job on King 3
15 Frem Solid worker. 5
16 Carl Matched on Gibbs and did effective job. 5
17 Port Did a solid job on Monfries. 5
18 Geel Did what he could and best of the younger generation. Plenty to work with. 6
19 Ill.
20 Haw OK game and did his bit. 5
21 Syd On Bolton initially and was a handy performer if unspectacular. 5
22 GCS Solid game. 5
23 Shoulder.

2012 Season

1 VFL OK at half back. -
2 GCS On debut looked polished and competent in first half. 4
3 WB Another encouraging display by the fleet-footed youngster. 6
4 Frem Good second quarter but subbed off at three-quarter time. 4
6 VFL Composed effort mostly. -
7 VFL One of the Zebras best. Composed under pressure. -
10 Rich Matched on King initially. Had trouble adjusting to tempo after weeks in VFL. 4
11 GCS Chased the ball well and showed some good signs. 4
16 VFL Kicked two goals drifting forward. OK game. -
19 VFL Did well on return from injury at half back. -
20 VFL Chipped in with three goals. Best game in some time. -
21 VFL Stuck to his defensive task well. A chance for a recall. -
22 GWS Impressive start and looks a player. 6
23 Carl Sub spent time in defence after coming in second half. 3