Fletcher ROBERTS

#18   Western Bulldogs

Age: 26yr 0mth Games: 48 Born: Jun 03, 1993
Height: 196cm Weight: 92kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of the more unlikely premiership heroes of recent years but will have greater responsibility in 2017 in defence.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Coll Old-style defender's game. High spoil to kick ratio. 3
2 Syd Spent time opposed to Franklin and that was a tough ask. Unassuming type who just plays his part without fuss. 3
3 Frem Played on the Freo talls. Did a pretty good job without standing out. 4
4 NM Defensively had hands full but stuck to task pretty well. One mark late thwarted Roo forward foray. 4
5 Bris Hipwood caused him all sorts of problems early then started to get on top. Handy without starring. 5
6 GWS Had Patton/Cameron at times and battled to hold them when Giants had momentum. Plays his role but doesn’t give much else. 4
7 Rich Started at centre half back then went to Riewoldt after Tiger had kicked three. Stuck to his job. 5
8 WCE Worked hard in defence against the West Coast big men. 5
9 VFL Wasn’t a standout, but did a few handy things in defensive half. -
10 VFL Did what was required in the back half. 16 possessions and nine marks. -
11 Bye.
12 Syd Opposed to Reid, who constantly beat him in the air. Had a rough night. 3
13 VFL Copped a knock in the second term and played no further part. -
14 VFL Did well down back and looks ready for a senior return if required. -
15 Going well until leaving the field.
16 Adel Tex Walker was too clever for him, leading him away from the contest and was beaten one on one when it mattered. 4
17 VFL Went at a percent 100 per cent with his 16 disposals. -
18 VFL One of the Doggies better performers with 25 disposals. -
19 VFL Had 13 disposals and battled hard in losing effort. -
20 VFL Played a bit forward and bobbed up with two vital goals in the end result. -
21 VFL Bye. -
22 VFL Took eight marks in the back half and was okay without starring. -
23 VFL Tried hard down back and was one of the better Dogs. -

2016 Season

1 Played in VFL trial against Essendon.
2 Played in VFL trial against Werribee.
3 VFL Did senior call-up chances no harm with a steady effort down back. -
4 Didn’t play for Footscray.
5 VFL Rated as one of the Dogs’ best with a fine defensive effort. -
6 NM Found himself in bother when Petrie fired in third quarter. 3
7 Adel Well beaten by Jenkins. Not sure he stays in the team for clash against Demons. 1
8 Melb Thrown task on Hogan and while under-sized he did well in the end. Keep his place? 4
9 GWS Pretty solid in his defensive role on Lobb, especially in the first half. 4
10 Coll Hardly noticed down back. 3
11 WCE One kick for the match. Probably looks the weak link of the defence at this stage. 2
12 Port Battled manfully on Charlie Dixon, spoiling many marking contests. 5
13 Geel Negated Kersten but provided little in terms of attack from the back half. 4
15 VFL Stout down back. Four rebound 50s and used the footy pretty well. -
16 Rich Defensively OK but offered next to nothing as an attacking option. 2
17 GCS Night to forget. Well beaten by Lynch. 2
18 StK Started on Bruce then outpaced by Riewoldt. Trailed behind. 3
19 Geel Took Hawkins and did a reasonable job. Career progress is painfully slow. 4
20 NM Picked up resting ruckmen Goldstein and Daw. Did all required in the job. 6
21 Coll Began in big job on Moore and had problems containing him, but battled on. 4
22 Ess Spent most of time on Daniher and was troubled by height and marking. 4
23 Frem Tried hard. Took two contested marks. 5
EF VFL Responded in fine style to AFL axing with a very good effort in defence. -
SF VFL Defender was never under pressure and enjoyed a trouble free day. -
PF GWS In defence he copped an early whack to nose. Did the job on Cameron. 7
GF Syd Lined up on Tippett and played low-key role against resting talls. 4

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Competed well down back but wasn’t his best outing. -
4 VFL Beat his opponent in defence. Composed performance. -
5 Syd Did a few good things down back and provided a nice third tall option. 4
6 StK Kept Bruce to one goal but wasn’t a factor going forward. 4
7 Frem Taberner was on fire early but fought back well. 5
8 Melb Used down back with a brief run up forward. Certainly not the worst. 4
9 GWS Had big job on Cameron and did everything right first half. 6
10 Port Restricted Schulz to two goals. 6
12 Bris Picked up resting big men. Low key game. 3
13 StK Valuable lessons from playing on Riewoldt who blew him up late. 2
14 Carl Kept Henderson to just one goal. Good effort. 6
15 GCS Shifted to Lynch after starting on Dixon. Grew in confidence as game went on. 5
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 VFL Rough day in defence. -
21 VFL Quiet game in back half. -
22 VFL Defended fairly well under pressure in intense final term. -
23 Bris Disposal count low but accounted for McStay. 6
EF Adel Mixed bag. Looked out of his depth at times. 3

2014 Season

1 PM Played mostly in attack and presented well. -
2 PM Used more as a defender this week. Just fair. -
3 VFL OK in defence but didn’t have a lot to do. -
4 VFL Competed hard but was beaten in a few contests. -
5 VFL Defended well and provided a bit of run from the back half. -
6 VFL Defended strongly and was rarely beaten in the air. -
7 VFL Among the Dogs best in defence. Coming along well. -
8 Melb Given a crack in defence and did OK. Will relish the experience. 3
10 GCS Did a good job on Day despite his lack of experience. A bright light. 6
11 Frem Didn’t see much action and got subbed out. 3
12 VFL Impressed again down back. Senior experience helped him. -
13 VFL Solid enough down back in win over Port. -
14 VFL Defended fairly well apart from one howler. -
15 Melb Late inclusion for Tutt and played a solid role down back and even in ruck late. 5
16 VFL Wasn’t a day for talls but did his job down back. -
17 VFL Did the job required down back. -
18 VFL Wasn’t extended a great deal down back. -
19 VFL Did well again. Developing nicely as a key position player. -
20 VFL Spoilt well down back and did his job well. -
21 VFL Got the better of an underdone and rusty Jesse Hogan. -
22 VFL Kicked 60m goal after siren to win the game. 17 touches. -
23 GWS Defended very well on Boyd but provided little rebound. 5
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Williamstown reserves didn’t play.
2 VFL Chipped in with a goal and presented well. -
3 VFL Booted three goals in the Seagulls reserves. -
4 VFL Gave a nice target up forward. Kicked two goals. -
5 VFL Competed strongly but not his best outing. -
6 VFL Contributed well. Competed strongly in the air. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Influential throughout. Great athleticism and workrate. -
9 Quad.
10 Quad.
11 Quad.
12 Quad.
13 Quad.
14 VFL Kicked three goals in first game back in VFL reserves. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 VFL Kicked three goals in Williamstown reserves win. -
17 VFL Worked hard but wasn’t able to have any impact on the game. -
18 VFL Impressive game down back after starting forward. Rarely beaten. -
19 VFL Chipped in with two goals to play his part. -
20 VFL Did well at both ends of the ground. Plenty to work with. -
21 Didn’t play for Williamstown.
22 VFL Chipped in with a goal and had some good moments. -
23 VFL Tried hard but was overwhelmed in the final quarter in defence. -
QF VFL Just the 11 touches and two marks in win over Port Melbourne. -
SF VFL Kicked two goals and competed hard but supply was poor. -

2012 Season

1 VFL Had a big final quarter in defence. -
2 VFL Played a few different roles and continues to impress. -
5 VFL OK in defence and cut off quite a few Tiger attacks. -
6 VFL Had a go but was bumped off the ball a bit. -
8 VFL OK this week. Didn’t give his opponent as much room. -
10 VFL Moved onto Gumbleton and did a good job. -
11 VFL OK game without being a star. Did what was needed. -
12 VFL Showed a bit in the last quarter. -
14 VFL Defended fairly well and made some timely spoils. -
15 VFL Not his best game but did a few nice things. -
17 VFL Did some good things when needed. -
18 VFL Solid effort repelling Port’s forward thrusts. -
20 Rich Latest of late inclusions for Grant who at least showed something. 2
21 Syd Certainly not the worst. Has the size and plenty to work with. 4
23 VFL Continues to develop his game. OK. -
QF VFL Impressed again. Looks a player of the future. -
SF VFL Three goals to be the one shining light up forward. -