Matt DEA

#49   Essendon

Age: 27yr 10mth Games: 58 Born: Oct 13, 1991
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Former Tiger back flanker retained for a second season after solid contribution as a top-up player. Trained well and in mix.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Had 16 touches at half back and was fair at best. -
5 VFL Mopped up very well down back with 23 possessions in big win over Collingwood. -
6 Melb In for Ambrose and wasn’t really a factor in the back half. 17 touches, but no real impact. 4
7 Frem Under pressure in defence but did a job which allowed Hurley to get loose. 4
8 Geel Handy effort. One great courageous effort typified the effort of the team throughout the night. 6
9 WCE Excellent effort in defence on Darling. The Eagle was wayward, but Dea did his job. 6
10 Rich Third tall defender playing against old side. Battled away and not disgraced – 13 disposals. 4
11 Senior emergency.
12 VFL Worked diligently in the back half against good opposition. 22 possessions, six rebounds. -
13 Bye.
14 VFL Did well across half back against a strong opposition. -
15 VFL Did well down back under pressure. 18 possessions. -
16 Didn’t play for Essendon VFL.
17 VFL A depth player at best. Unspectacular game. -
18 VFL Did a few nice things with his 17 touches. Nine tackles highlighted his effort and application. -
19 Senior emergency.
20 VFL Bye. -
21 Adel Good game as he worked hard down back. 5
22 VFL Defended well when required for the Bombers in tight win. -
23 VFL One of the Bombers best in defence. Stands tall, no matter the opponent. -
EF -

2016 Season

1 GCS Looked good in defence, and was efficient with his possessions. 6
2 Melb Defensively stout spending time on Watts among others. Found his share of ball. 6
3 Port Reasonable in defence considering how often the footy was pumped in. 6
4 Geel Battled hard in back half and won his share of one-on-ones. Doing his job well for the coach. 5
5 Coll Found it tough in the backline playing on a range of opponents. 2
6 Carl Took White and had him covered early then went to variety of opponents. OK. 4
7 Syd Got himself in the right positions and didn’t waste many of his 18 disposals. 4
8 NM Plugged away in defence and did some good things. Getting better with more game time. 6
9 StK The biggest winner as a top-up seizing his chance. Has resurrected AFL career as a defender. 7
10 Rich Did well in defence and used the ball well when he got it. Getting better each week. 6
11 Frem Found it tough in defence. 4
12 Haw Another honest game down back and continues to impress. 6
13 Late withdrawal.
15 WCE Worked hard in defence. Maintained his good form. 6
16 StK Assured defender who again turned in a consistent and hard performance. 5
17 Rich Did well against former club in defence despite being caught a few times in traffic. 6
18 Bris Gave away inches to opponents at times but was handy enough across half back. 5
19 Adel Tried his hardest to contain Betts, did have some nice moments. 6
20 Geel Struggled to get into the game but defensively handy enough down back. 4
21 GCS Gave away inches to Day but battled hard. Took a ripper one-hander in defence. 5
22 WB Troubled by Dickson early but fought back later on. 5
23 Carl Prolific and steady across half back. Classy by hand and foot. Big game. 8

2015 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Hamstring.
2 Hamstring.
3 VFL Just six touches in limited game time back from injury. -
4 VFL Wasn’t asked to do a great deal in defence. 16 disposals. -
5 VFL OK at half back. 21 possessions, six marks. -
6 VFL Controlled the half back line and provided great drive. -
7 VFL Slightly down on recent weeks but solid enough. -
8 VFL Richmond’s best in loss to Casey. 21 possessions. -
9 VFL Solid game at half back but didn’t star. -
10 Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.
11 Bye.
12 VFL Solid as always in defensive half. Took nine marks. -
13 VFL Not as prominent as usual across half back. -
14 VFL Controlled the half back line to keep Roosters’ at bay. -
15 Injured.
16 VFL Impassable in defence with 35 touches and 12 marks. -
17 VFL Restrained at half back and couldn’t get into game. -
18 VFL Dependable as always at half back. -
19 VFL Bye. -
20 VFL Steady in defence with 27 touches. -
21 Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.
22 VFL Big outing again with 31 touches, four inside 50s. -
23 -
EF -

2014 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 PM Played across half back and got a bit of ball. -
2 Hand.
3 Hand.
4 Hand.
5 Hand.
6 Hand.
7 VFL Worked his way into the game. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL 26 possessions in defence and pressed his claims. -
10 GWS OK on return to senior lineup at half back. 5
11 Ess Under the pump down back. 4
12 NM Certainly not the worst. Not huge stats but what he did showed some poise. 4
13 Frem Battled hard across half back. Certainly not the worst but hardly starred. 4
14 Syd Got caught with the ball a couple of times early. Quiet and subbed off in third term. 2
15 StK No impact and subbed off in third term. 2
16 Bris Defensively put on solid pressure and tried to work off when he could. 5
17 VFL Stood tall late to snuff out any Geelong hopes. -
18 VFL Opposed to Daniel Connors and tried hard but was shaded. -
19 VFL OK at half back without starring. -
20 VFL Defended well and provided a bit of drive. -
21 VFL Mopped up at half back but could have been more incisive. -
22 VFL Not his best afternoon with 16 touches. -
23 Senior emergency.
QF -
EF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 PM Gave good run off half back and marshaled the troops. -
2 VFL Improved game across half back. Directed traffic. -
3 VFL OK at half back in a besieged defence. -
4 VFL Creative in the second half off half back. Rested early. -
5 VFL Solid game drifting across half back. Composed under pressure. -
6 VFL Creative game again at half back pushing forward. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 Melb Only a handful of touches down back. Will he hold his spot? 3
9 VFL One of the Tigers best in loss. Used the ball well. -
10 WCE Defensively solid all night. Like so many teammates just did his job. 5
12 Calf.
13 VFL Back from injury and was solid across half back. 18 disposals. -
14 Senior emergency.
15 NM Shadowed Wells early before moving to half back to help stem the bleeding. 4
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Solid effort across half back. Sturdy under pressure. -
18 VFL Injured his shoulder after a good start. Sat out rest of the game. -
19 Shoulder.
20 VFL Composed effort at half back. Played his part. -
21 VFL Battled hard at half back with 26 possessions. -
22 VFL Gathered 28 touches in at half back to try to lift the side. -
23 -
QF Senior emergency.
EF Senior emergency.

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 VFL Played a solid enough game down back. -
2 VFL Another solid outing. Pressing for a senior spot. -
4 VFL Easily the Tigers best. Pushing hard for a call up. -
5 WCE Courageous attack on footy in third term inspiring. Only two handballs. 2
6 Port Even contributor over four quarters. 4
7 Syd Chased and harassed well but had little impact. 4
8 Ess Came on to stand Davey. Little input. 3
9 Haw Did a few good things down back Vision and poise improving all the time. 5
11 Frem One of the better defenders on the day in a solid effort. 7
12 GWS Unobtrusive effort down back but kept battling all the same. 4
14 Adel Read the play coming from the back half well. 5
15 Melb Did what he had to without much fuss from the back half. 4
16 GCS Had Day early and despite giving up size did a good job. 6
17 NM Developing defender who despite low numbers did a reasonable job. 4
18 Carl Went to Betts at start which was big assignment. 3
20 VFL One of the few Tigers winners in loss to Frankston. -
22 Ess Good commitment at the ball and showed a bit. 5
23 Port Had Brett Ebert in parts and OK apart from brief period in third. 5