#18   Sydney Swans

Age: 29yr 9mth Games: 65 Born: Sep 23, 1989
Height: 200cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Worked back from a knee injury suffered last season and saw action against GWS. Interesting to see where he starts.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 NEAFL Rotated between the ruck and attack. Kicked two goals and had 14 hitouts. Handy outing. -
3 Coll If you didn’t know he was No. 18 wouldn’t have known he was out there. Dropped marks and failed to provide a presence. 1
4 WCE Shouldered most of the ruck duties and had a tough time opposed to Giles and Vardy. Tried, but not his best. 5
5 GWS Toiled away in the ruck but Mumford dominated knockouts. 3
6 Carl Got into some good spots up forward back failed to finish his work, both in the air or in front of goal. 5
7 Bris Shared ruck time with Naismith, then rested forward. A bit off his tucker with his touch. 5
8 NM Had his hands full early as lead ruck against Goldstein, and wasn’t able to greatly impact game. 4
9 StK Shaded by Longer in hitouts, but did more around the ground. 5
10 Haw Fired up early, but had to do better at times opposed to McEvoy. Gradually improved, but a bit off his best. 4
11 Bye.
12 WB Second ruckman didn’t set the world on fire but was sighted enough to be of some support to the team. 4
13 Rich Struggled. Got caught with the ball on a few occasions but did have eight hit-outs to advantage. 3
14 Ess Combined with Naismith and was fair at best in the ruck and attack. 4
15 NEAFL Rucked well and was too big and strong in attack. Kicked 3.3. -
16 NEAFL Rucked, but then also went forward. Booted five goals – too big and strong. -
17 Senior emergency.
18 StK Dominant first half with his marking and kicked three goals in first hour then finished with career best five. 8
19 Haw 17 hit outs in the ruck, had a solid outing. 5
20 Geel Rucked for most of the night and handy in great battle with Smith.. Grabbed 17 disposals and eight inside-50s. 5
21 Frem Some of his tap ruck work was terrific. Comfortable day at the office. 6
22 Adel Was reasonable in the ruck but not existent around the ground. 4
23 Carl Battled well after appearing to his leg in the second term. 17 disposals, six marks and 22 hit outs was ok. 6
EF Ess Took Hurley to the cleaners in what was a fine performance. Nine marks (four contested) and three goals. 8
SF Geel If he fell out of the boat he’d miss the water. He was as bad as a father’s day handkerchief. 1

2016 Season

1 Coll OK start to life at new club but was outdone by Tippett in ruck. Missed a few chances in attack. 4
2 Carl Excellent game by the former Eagle: 17 touches and three goals. Ran Blues ragged. 8
3 GWS Provided Tippett with good support in the ruck. 4
4 Foot.
5 WCE Started well with a goal but after that very quiet against old side. 3
6 Bris Struggled in the wet conditions and only 16 hit-outs. Not his day. 4
7 Ess Helped Tippett out in the ruck and was a good option up forward despite kicking 1.4. 5
8 Rich Played second fiddle in the ruck to Tippett and not really a factor overall. 3
9 Haw Not a big factor as second ruckman. 3
10 NM Worked his way into ruck to relieve Tippett and was handy in attack providing a tall target. 5
11 GCS Booted a nice goal and adapted to the conditions OK. 4
12 GWS Had to ruck early after Tippett went down and competed hard on Mumford. 5
13 Melb Competed hard in ruck against Gawn to help nullify his impact. 4
15 WB Shouldered main ruck responsibility and was OK to an extent. 4
16 Geel Able to force a nil-all draw in the ruck which was a win for the Swans. 4
17 Haw Towering mark and goal in third term was a highlight. Helped team around stoppages. 5
18 Carl Limited impact in forward half and rotating in the ruck. 3
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.
QF Knee.
SF Knee.
PF -
GF Knee.

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Thumb.
2 Thumb.
3 WAFL First game of year and had 20 touches and 10 hit outs. -
4 WAFL Solid in new defensive role with 16 possessions and did his job. -
5 GWS Good as a the second ruckman. Took seven marks too. 5
6 Port Worked brilliantly in tandem with Naitanui. 7
7 GCS 19 hitouts and a goal to play solid supporting role. 5
8 StK Handy support ruck to Naitanui who had a strong workload and did well. 5
9 Geel Two goals and some nice marks ensured he gets another crack next week. 5
10 NM Gave a chop-out in the ruck but offered little around the ground. 2
11 Ess Helped Naitanui to monster Carlisle. Kicked a goal too. 6
12 Rich Injury problems early. 2
14 Melb Rotated through ruck after starting forward. Handy. 5
15 Adel Did his job as the back-up ruckman. 4
16 Coll Good job of supporting ruckwork of Naitanui. 6
17 Syd Back-up ruck option was superb. Won plenty of ball and was a creative force. 7
18 GCS Good effort in the ruck and forward, and did quite well. 6
19 Knee.
20 Frem Marked well and kicked a goal. Beaten in the ruck. 5
21 WB Rucked well and kicked two goals to give the Dogs problems. 6
22 Adel Poor performance, mostly around the ground, but did OK in ruck. 3
23 StK Damaging in the air with some strong grabs. 6
QF Haw Key player in first term when game was at its hottest. 5
PF NM Gave Naitanui a chop out and was handy. Four inside-50s. 6
GF Haw Will never want to see the game tape again. Subbed out after a horror. 1

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Copped poke in eye in second term but returned. Looks a likely type. 4
2 Melb Did well in the ruck and imposing in the air drifting into attack. 6
3 StK The extra big man in attack and contributed in ruck. 4
4 Senior emergency.
5 WAFL Good in the ruck with 20 touches, nine marks, 27 hit outs. -
6 WAFL Good game with 20 touches, nine marks, 25 hit outs, two goals. -
7 WAFL Good game with 17 touches, eight marks, 23 hit outs, two goals. -
8 WAFL Had 16 touches, seven marks and a goal despite sore ankle. -
9 WAFL Bye. -
10 WAFL Bye. -
11 WAFL Started well in the ruck. Plenty of hitouts and touches. -
12 WAFL Outstanding with 21 touches, 13 marks, 17 hit outs, six goals. -
13 WAFL Good again with 21 touches, eight marks, 20 hit outs, two goals. -
14 WAFL Good again with 21 touches, eight marks, 22 hit outs, two goals. -
15 WAFL Bye. -
16 Senior emergency.
17 Bris Struggling when subbed out in third term. 4
18 WAFL Terrific with 23 touches, 35 hit outs and a goal. -
19 WAFL Strong showing with 24 touches, 10 marks, 34 hit outs and a goal. -
20 WAFL 15 possessions, 29 hit outs and a goal in the ruck. -
21 Senior emergency.
22 WAFL Solid with 12 touches, eight marks, 18 hit outs and a goal. -
23 WAFL 17 disposals, six marks and 17 hit outs. -
QF WAFL Worked hard for 17 touches, nine marks and 26 hit outs. -
SF -
PF WAFL Conditions didn’t suit but tried hard with 11 touches, 31 hit outs -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Dominated ruck with 40 hitouts against West Perth. -
2 Haw Big first game ruck missed one goal but kicked another. Tried hard as support to COX. 4
3 Melb A real surprise packet. An aerial threat up forward with two goals and good support for Cox. 6
4 Carl Got his hands to lots of balls but nothing stuck. Missed to gimme goals. 3
5 Port Won plenty of contested marks but couldn’t convert any of his shots on goal. 6
6 WB Subbed off for Naitanui, but made a contribution as secondary ruck. 4
7 WAFL Bye. -
8 Injured.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 WAFL 10 touches, 28 hit outs and a goal in first game back for Subiaco. -
14 WAFL Bye. -
15 WAFL Just 10 touches and 24 hit outs for Subiaco. -
16 WAFL 18 touches, 29 hit outs and a goal with Subiaco. -
17 Didn’t play for Subiaco.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.