#36   Port Adelaide

Age: 26yr 7mth Games: 85 Born: Mar 07, 1993
Height: 194cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A hamstring injury sidelined him for the entire second half of 2016, but had a worry-free summer and will return to back six.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Surname sounds like a dance move. Forced to play on taller Tippett and did that job superbly. 7
2 Frem Completely nullified Cam McCarthy out of the game. 7
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Bris Solid in defence and rebounded well when it came his way. 5
7 WCE Cost his team a goal late in the third term with a terrible turnover kicking across gaols where Mark Le Cras duly accepted. 5
8 GCS Followed Wright and kept him very quiet. Long left boot important rebounding from defence. 6
9 Bye.
10 Geel Had job on Hawkins and despite being under-sized did the job pretty well given he kept him to one goal. 6
11 Haw Never under any pressure given pressure up the field shielded him from getting caught one-out. 4
12 Ess One of a few Port defenders towelled up. Had an absolute nightmare and couldn’t do anything right. 2
13 Bris Marked any ill directed kick which ventured into the Power backline. 6
14 Coll Had the job on Moore and was able to keep him out of the game until the final. Solid and steady. 6
15 Knee.
16 WCE Defended well. Barely touched the ball though. 5
17 SANFL Responded to rare SANFL demotion with eight rebound 50s but with only eight touches, couldn’t quite snap his form slump. -
18 SANFL Didn’t get a heap of it but didn’t put a foot wrong in defence either. -
19 StK In trouble with the hard running Bruce early 4
20 Adel Pushed forward in the last term to kick his first AFL goal in his 84th game 3
21 Hip.
22 SANFL Provided dash, rebound and smarts in Magpies backline as well as a swag of intercept marks. -
23 SANFL Only eight touches, not enough to bang down the Power selection door. Has endured a chequered 2017. -
EF Hip.

2016 Season

1 StK Held the champion Nick Riewoldt to just two goals. Good effort. 6
2 Adel First Jenkins then Walker had the better of him. 4
3 Ess Kept Brown goalless, that is all you can ask from your best defender. 6
4 GWS Even battle with Patton. Rebounded out the backline five times and took 14 marks. 5
5 Geel Hawkins monstered him at times and not equipped for that role. Held up OK given weight of ball against. 4
6 Rich Big task on Riewoldt and did a fine job to keep the Tiger mostly under wraps. 6
7 Bris Gave Schache a lesson of what to expect from key experienced defenders. 7
8 Carl Started in Casboult then went to Rowe when the Blue was injured. Competed hard in one-on-ones. 5
9 WCE Outgunned by Kennedy. 3
10 Melb Big job on Hogan and was let off the hook by the big Dee’s inaccuracy. 3
11 Hamstring.
12 Hamstring.
13 Hamstring.
14 Hamstring.
15 Hamstring.
16 Hamstring.
17 Hamstring.
18 Hamstring.
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 Hamstring.
22 Hamstring.
23 Hip.

2015 Season

1 Frem Solid game that included six rebound 50s. 5
2 Syd Struggled to keep up with Franklin. 4
3 NM Kept Waite scoreless and linked well in second half from defence. 7
4 Haw Struggled with lateral movement of Gunston. 5
5 Adel Great tussle with Lynch. 5
6 WCE Port’s best rebounding defender with six rebounds from defensive 50. 6
7 Bris Take credit for keeping McStay goalless. 6
8 Rich 12 marks in defence, reads the play as well as any defender. 7
9 Melb Drifted across defence well after Pedersen moved further up the ground. 6
10 WB Like Carlile, rotated between Minson and Boyd, rarely threatened. 6
11 Geel Had Walker covered then injured thigh in second half and that slowed him. 5
12 Carl Henderson troubled him at times but among the Power’s better defenders. 6
14 Syd Shaky at times one-on-one but did some good things in space from half back. 6
15 Coll Nullified Cloke. 7
16 Adel Just beaten by Walker with his three goals. 6
17 Ess Troubled by Hooker early, but made a good contest. 5
18 StK Kept the mercurial Bruce to one goal, and that was after the final siren. 7
19 WB Given a runaround by Stringer who was electric in attack. 3
20 GWS Did the job on Patton, restricting him to one goal. 7
21 Haw Big job on Roughead and stuck his task manfully in defence. 6
22 GCS Read the play well to take intercept marks in defence. 6
23 Frem Great tussle with Dockers young gun Taberner. 6

2014 Season

1 Carl Did superbly well on Waite apart from five-minute burst in third. 7
2 Adel Great as the last man in defence and repelled many Crows attacks. 6
3 NM Not a bad game for the youngster down in defence under a lot of pressure. 5
4 Bris Subbed out of the game after blanketing Paine. 7
5 Hamstring.
6 Geel Did a superb job on Bartel early and later got off chain to provide run. 6
7 GWS Tried hard against his old team, including a team-high six one-percenters. 5
8 Frem His courage to take risks with the ball from defence crucial to the win. 6
10 Haw Had the tough job on Gunston and came off second best. 5
11 Melb Had his hands full with Pedersen. Took some nice marks but wasn’t a big factor. 4
12 StK Had the tough task marking Riewoldt and came off second best. 3
13 Syd Battled hard down back against Swans talls. Not the worst. 5
14 WB Intercepted many Bulldog forward entries. 7
15 Adel Kept Jenkins to one goal. 7
16 Ess Started as full back on Daniher and kept him goalless. 6
17 Rich Took Riewoldt and stuck to his task admirably. Kicking was good out of defence. 6
18 Melb Stood tall in defence keeping Dawes goalless despite being outmuscled at times. 6
19 Coll Found the going tough at times but kept on battling as a key back. 6
20 Syd Took honours over Franklin in an awesome display of defending. 8
21 GCS Gave away height to opponents, but battled hard and did his job. 5
22 Carl Took Waite to the cleaners. 6
23 Frem Troubled by Taberner early but tightened up. 5
EF Rich Good duel with Gordon restricting him to two goals. 6
SF Frem Went to Pavlich when he wandered up the ground. Played his role well. 7
PF Haw Had Gunston and Roughead and was beaten a few times. Knocked out late. 4
GF -

2013 Season

1 SANFL 12 touches and four rebounds in defence for Sturt. -
2 SANFL Quiet game in defence for Sturt. Just five touches. -
3 Hip.
4 SANFL Just the six touches and had his hands full. -
5 SANFL Had minimal impact in Sturt's defeat. -
6 SANFL Quiet game, guesting for Port's reserves due to Sturt's bye. -
7 SANFL Bye. -
8 SANFL Never stopped trying in Sturt’s under-siege backline. -
9 SANFL Superb down back for Sturt, his best SANFL game yet. -
10 WB One of Port’s better performers. Won the ball well and kept Stringer out of the game. 7
12 GWS Did well against his old team. Long left boot was important driving the ball forward. 6
13 Syd Another find for Port Adelaide in 2013 and was serviceable in defence. 5
14 Coll Has slotted in well in defence nullifying Lynch’s influence. 6
15 Ess Dirty day down back, then shifted forward with no improvement. Subbed out. 3
16 SANFL Responded to AFL axe positively, gathering 20 touches. -
17 SANFL Had a fine game in defence, albeit in comprehensive losing cause. -
18 Senior emergency.
19 Cheekbone.
20 Fractured cheekbone.
21 Cheekbone.
22 Cheekbone.
23 Carl Returned to the side and played his part in defence on Casboult. 5
QF Senior emergency.
EF Senior emergency.

2012 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Syd Tears into packs and showed a bit. 4
2 NM Defender will learn from a day when he found himself against monsters. 3
3 WCE Kept Darling under check and his left foot out of defence was handy. 7
4 Adel Rebounded the footy out of defence on five occasions. 5
5 WB Should look to take his second half into next week. 4
6 Carl Got shown up one-on-one a couple of times but showed courage. 4
10 NEAFL One of the better Giants performers in loss. -
12 NEAFL One of the Giants better performers in loss to Thunder. -
13 Melb Grabbed a team-high 27 and attacked the ball with vigour. Good effort. 7
14 NEAFL Shut down Matt Spangher and defended stoutly. -
15 NEAFL Played OK but a bit under his normal level. -
17 NEAFL One of the Giants strong contributors. Played his role well. -
18 NEAFL Had his hands full but stuck to the task admirably. -
19 NEAFL Good game deep in defence. -
20 GCS Another late inclusion and did OK. 4
21 NEAFL Did an admirable job on Belconnen’s key forwards. -
23 NM Another who found his feet late and showed good defensive signs. 4